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20+ Event Assets Produced

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Truckstop is a leader in transportation technology and freight matching solutions. With Truckstop, brokers can post loads and carriers can search for available loads in real-time.

Truckstop offers logistics solutions for transportation professionals through load planning, transportation management, real-time rates, and negotiation tools, as well as the largest industry credit reporting entity helping industry professionals find trusted freight partners.


New Plymouth, Idaho, United States



Revenue (Apr 2019)

$1 billion

❝ We have worked with Content Beta for various design and video projects, and I must say, their expertise is truly unmatched. They excel in creating a wide range of content, from whitepapers and ad creatives to PPTs and product and event videos. No matter what kind of project you have in mind, Content Beta can bring it to life with exceptional quality.❞
Katie Scaggs
Senior Designer


Truckstop Marketing team


🡪 Support In-house designer with additional capacity
🡪 The video capabilities and Figma support were key for us.
🡪 Create marketing assets for in-person events
🡪 Create videos and decks for internal use


Evaluated other options like Design Pickle, Penji and Superside. They fell short on video or were overpriced.

🡪 Strict adherence to Brand Guidelines
🡪 Other options couldn’t give quick enough turnaround for time-sensitive events
🡪 Inadequate in-house marketing support due to simultaneous projects
🡪 Consistency in messaging to align with their ICP

Content Beta isn’t just a team of designers and video editors. Our focus on B2B tech businesses allows us to think like a Product Marketing Manager.

1. Supporting Event Marketing Team

Initially, Content Beta created all kinds of content assets, from tshirt designs to full width banners, to help Truckstop revamp their on-ground presence and leave a mark on the industry professionals meeting them at these events.


2. Supporting Marketing Team

Social media helps keep a brand recall high but is often neglected by B2B SaaS companies. Content Beta helped Truckstop craft giveaways and product videos to keep engagement with their ICP at an all-time high. Even websites can use a creative hand with section redesigns, or an ad would need a rework to optimise for conversions. All of which was taken care of by Content Beta.

3. Creative help with various internal projects

Truckstop has various products like Rate Insights, SaferWatch and Carrier Assure. All of which need assets like one-pagers for their partners, sales decks or even presentations for internal use. Content Beta prides itself on delivering high quality output at lightning fast speed.

We work with 120+ SaaS and Software tech companies. Our team has extensive experience in understanding the challenges of SaaS and Software Tech companies – what works and what doesn’t. We could share micro-level details on the latest storytelling trends, GTM messaging, and best-suited ideas for visualization.

What does this mean for any clients working with us? Minimum hand-holding throughout the subscription duration.

The deliverables were beyond what an in-house team could handle – both in terms of quality and quantity within the given time frame + no lead time. The projects start as soon as the brief is shared with Content Beta.

While traditional creative agencies take 10 to 40 days to turn around projects, Content Beta could deliver the same in < 2 days.

Discuss your content needs for creative needs and design subscription with us and the monthly content calendar.

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Content Beta’s Creative-as-a-service provides you with a dedicated team of vetted designers, motion artists, and video editors for a flat monthly fee. No hiring. No contracts. No hassle. Get a 1-2 day turnaround on small projects.

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