About Content Beta: Culture, Values & Team

Content Beta is a Customer Education Video Company. We help SaaS to onboard, engage, and retain users with studio-quality product demos and training videos

Born in 2020. This is an extension to our Learning & Development training and consulting practice for PwC, EY, Amazon, and Walmart in India.


Back in 2015, we created video tutorials for enterprise products (Microsoft PowerBI, Alteryx, KNIME, etc). We’ve also had YouTube channels (250K+ subscribers). There is something which we knew & I thought that could be our core competency. We knew how to make software easy to learn and use.

As we learned more about SaaS, we were deeply inspired by the “Teach, Don’t Just Sell” philosophy (that’s the only way to increase LTV and grow the business) and our passion to create engaging customer training

We’re a remote team of instructional designers, scriptwriters, marketers, video editors, content analysts, copywriters, and storyboarders who’ve spent years experimenting with and mastering the process. We think that you don’t need to be tethered to an office to produce great work.

Our Values

Urgency and Focus

Dedication to Excellence

Customer-first attitude

Understand Product


Meet our core team

Rishabh Pugalia

Founder and Head of Content

Brian Childs


Tyler Foster


Content Beta in numbers

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We help SaaS drive product adoption through Education

Educate your customers without the hassles of media production

Onboarding Videos
On-brand and action-focused Product training content and Courses to turn your clients into ‘badass users’
Improve Trial Conversions
Product Demos
Show your product features, tell user stories and communicate the true value of your product with videos
Shorten Sales Cycle
Product Marketing
Explain your software features quickly, concisely, and powerfully to build hype around upcoming launches
Drive Engagement
Content Beta - Video Production Agency for SaaS and Software Business