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Instantly hire a team of designers, UX writers, video editors, animators, and a dedicated account manager to scale content creation for product marketing and enablement

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Our Story

After spending 6 years as content creators for software tools – creating online schools, and YouTube channels, and helping large enterprises like EY, PwC, and Amazon with analytics software tools, We started Content Beta to help companies produce engaging media content that converts and retains users.

Since founding the company in 2020, we had one goal – how can we help software companies scale product-specific creatives to drive conversions and product adoption. Traditional agencies are expensive and freelancers are off skiing. We’ve built a platform where a team of designers, UX writers, video editors, animators, and creative directors can create your content on time, and on the budget without any hassles.

Exec Team


Rish Bhandari

Founder and CEO

Rishabh Pugalia

Founder and Creative Director


Zaid Ahmed



Yogita Agrawal

Creative Director


Abhishek Sharma

Head of Customer Success


Our company prioritizes experience above all else

Emphasize creating designs that are true to the purpose, values, and personality of the brand or product. Avoid imitation and stay consistent across all touchpoints and platforms.

Promoting genuine and honest behavior and communication with customers and within the company. This value encourages employees to be true to themselves and to embrace their individuality, while also fostering a culture of trust and openness. By embracing authenticity, we create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported, leading to better collaboration, creativity, and overall job satisfaction.

Create a culture of innovation, speed, and agility that allows the team to quickly respond to new challenges and opportunities

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