"Teach, Don’t Sell"

–  A wise marketer

About us

Welcome to Content Beta Studio.  Founded by Rishabh Pugalia and I as an extension to our course design practice for PwC, EY, Amazon and Wallmart in India. We were deeply inspired by “Teach, Don’t Sell” philosophy and our passion to create engaging video courses drove us to start this business.

We’re young team of instructional designers, tech experts, marketers, video producers, Subject matter experts and want to change change how marketing funnels and customer education is done.

We help software companies by helping them create video courses around their product to nurture there leads, build thought leadership and drive conversions

We help marketers in three ways:

  1. Create custom video courses and integrate with your product to position themselves as a thought leader or a niche expert in their domain. 
  2. Re-purpose content by converting Webinar, blogs, eBooks to micro videos optimized for viral reach and re-sharability
  3. Convert KB Articles into engaging onboarding videos to improve product adoption and convert trial users

We hope you enjoy our solutions as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Rishabh Bhandari

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Before Content Beta, we've designed video courses for these companies