The Best 14 Agencies for B2B Saas Explainer Videos

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14 Agencies for B2B SaaS Explainer Videos
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    Explainer videos, in just a couple of minutes, can explain your complete product to your customer, its value, and a lot more and do it creatively as well making them especially valuable for B2B brands.

    Explainers are indeed the best option over just text and images as here’s why:

    Creative content >> Boring Videos

    Explaining the advantages of B2B products or services today are being taken over by creative and engaging videos that convey the B2B brand’s essential thoughts and products.

    Engagement is key

    The seriousness of B2B enterprises is changed into engaging visuals, characters, and liveliness that inspire watcher steadfastness, upgrade client commitment, drive ROI, and assist your brand to shine.

    Complex concepts made easy

    Explainer videos have taken on a global meaning for communicating complex corporate concepts, explaining complex procedures, and educating customers.

    Now that you are hooked on the power of an animated explainer videos for your product, one must understand that a video can not just be of extreme value, but can sometimes be useless as well.

    Well of course it does depend on a lot of factors but to be brief, they should be interesting and should cover all aspects of your product that you would like to show viewers coming over to your website.

    While you might have a clear understanding of your value proposition, you should also have at hand, a creative, experienced video partner who can help you execute your ideas best.

    What is the purpose of a SaaS explainer video?

    The purpose of a SaaS explainer video is to position your product or service in front of your target audience, while also educating them on its features. If you are new in the industry, this would be an excellent way to get your name out there. It provides clarity to customers who might be unsure about whether or not they want your SaaS software or service.

    Explainer videos give potential customers all the information they need in one place, including how it works and how much it costs.

    It explains your business in a fun and engaging way so that visitors will be more likely to buy your product or service.

    Here are some benefits of using an explainer video:

    • Helps build trust by showing people what you do
    • Gets viewers interested in understanding your product
    • Keeps viewers engaged with your content, often for longer periods of time

    How long should the SaaS explainer video be?

    There are many different factors that determine the length of the video. The first factor is the type of video. Whether a video is a tutorial, a walkthrough, or a product demonstration will affect the length of the video. Another factor that affects how long a SaaS explainer video can be, is its focus.

    While a general guideline is that explainer videos should be between 60 and 90 seconds long, If it’s focusing on explaining what the software does and how it works then it probably shouldn’t be more than 3-5 minutes long and if you’re trying to show off features and functions in order to demonstrate why people should buy it, then you might want to have 15-20 minute videos.

    There are several factors that will go into determining how long your video. The length of a SaaS explainer video depends on how much information needs to be conveyed and how fast you want your audience to consume your content. It also depends on how complicated your SaaS is. If you have a sophisticated SaaS, it might take more than two minutes to explain things.

    When it comes to explainer videos, they have a certain formula that they follow, just like any other SaaS video Production. It’s something any high-quality explainer video companies use.

    The formula consists of the following:
    Introduction: Including things such as company description and what the company does. The idea behind b2b video production is to get your brand out there and let people know.

    Problem: Your explainer video agency should know how to Include the problem and showcase the pain point in a relatable way.

    Solution: Your product demo video agency should be an expert in presenting the solution and how it will fix their problem. This is another basic thing to keep your eye out for when working with b2b video production, especially if it is remote video production.

    Call to action: Showing them where they should go next. Direct your users towards an action after watching the video rather than just let them figure out the steps after.

    Best 14 agencies for B2B Saas Explainer Videos

    The best agencies for B2B Saas Explainer Videos are those that have a strong understanding of what makes a good video, and can help their customers with every aspect of their video production. They understand the importance of video production for both marketing and sales, and make sure to provide their clients with high-quality videos that will help them grow their business.

    The Sandwich team led by Adam Lisagor is known famously for their extremely engaging videos with amazing storylines. Experience, innovation, and high-quality production are what they provide. They’ve worked with over 400 brands since 2009
    • Industry – SaaS, Merchandise, Automobile, Travel/Tourism
    • Type of Video – Live Action Videos with high-end motion graphics (TV Spots, Explainers, Testimonials, Animations, Documentaries, they do it all.)
    • Starting Cost – $10,000+

    Content Beta helps B2B SaaS brands by converting their boring product docs to engaging product demos and how-to’s and need absolutely no hand-holding along the way. They are on a budget, work with short timelines, and a notable performer in the industry given that they are fairly younger in the industry. They’ve worked with over 20 brands since 2020 and are also well known for SaaS video marketing.

    • Industry – B2B SaaS
    • Type of Video – 2D animation videos and motion graphics (Product Demo’s, How-To Videos, and Academy Videos)
    • Starting Cost – $500+
    Explain Ninja can be noticed by its minimal concepts, clean color palettes, and elegant designs. They are innovative with artwork in their videos. They’ve worked with over 30 brands since 2020
    • Industry – B2B, B2C, and video games.
    • Type of Video – 2D and 3D animation videos (Explainer Videos)
    • Average Cost – $5,000+
    The Explainify team makes videos easy on the eyes with minimal colors and sophisticated design elements. Solopreneurs to Fortune 500 brands, they have videos for everyone. They’ve worked with over 350 brands since 2011
    • Industry – Education, Software, Product, Real Estate
    • Type of Video – 2D and 3D animation videos (Explainer Videos, Product Videos, PR Videos, Sales Videos, Brand Videos, Landing Page Videos.)
    • Average Cost – $10,000+

    See how ManyChat, Rudderstack, Drift, and 15 other B2B SaaS have converted product docs into software videos.

    Demo Duck started in 2011, working with explainers, and eventually moved ahead to do adverts, testimonials, and even songs. They are known for their unique handcrafted animations. They’ve worked with over 300 brands since 2011
    • Industry – SaaS, Tech, Healthcare, Video games.
    • Type of Video – 2D animation and Live action videos (Explainer Videos, commercial Ads, Educational Videos, Animated Ads)
    • Average Cost – $5,000+
    Commotion Engine is a multiple award-winning agency, highly acclaimed by and is meant for organizations with complex messages. They work in almost any industry that you can think of and provide the highest quality animations. They’ve worked with over 400 brands since 2011
    • Industry – Healthcare, Logistics, Finance, SaaS
    • Type of Video – 2D and 3D animation and Mix Media Videos (Explainer Videos, marketing videos, Promo Videos, Educational Videos, Brand Videos, Content Marketing Videos)
    • Average Cost – $5,000+

    See how ManyChat, Rudderstack, Drift, and 15 other B2B SaaS have converted product docs into software videos.

    They have a really innovative in-house team that handles all kinds of 2D animations. They are known to be really creative down to the smallest elements be it the video itself, the art, the transitions, all of it. They’ve worked with over 200 brands since 2011
    • Industry – Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, Information Technology, Marketing, and Advertising.
    • Type of Video – 2D and 3D animation and Mix Media Videos (Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, How-To Videos, Internal Videos, Commercial Ads.)
    • Average Cost – $10,000+
    They showcase complex ideas showcased quickly in a fun and engaging way. They deliver with short timelines and use brilliant visual colors and art to make any story look amazing. They’ve worked with over 50 brands since 2010
    • Industry – Telecom, Non-Profit, Health, Tech, Marketing, Television
    • Type of Video – 2D animated videos (Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, How-To Videos, Internal Videos, Commercial Ads.)
    • Average Cost – $5,000+

    Convert your product docs into product demos in < 10 days

    They specialize in complete custom builds as per the requirements. No templates. They work with short timelines and create impactful and innovative videos. They’ve worked with over 500 brands since 2016
    • Industry – Education, Tech, Finance, F&B
    • Type of Video – 2D animation videos (Explainer Videos, Animated Video, Whiteboard Video, 3D Animation Videos, Tutorial Videos.)
    • Average Cost – $1,000+
    From entertainment to sharing formal ideas, the Explainly team does wonders with their animation work. Another interesting feature of Explainly would be that ownership of all digital assets created for your video will be given to you and shared with you. They’ve worked with over 50 brands since 2018
    • Industry – Software, Educational Videos, Product videos, Real estate, fintech, Healthcare, Retail, Cybersecurity, Non-Profit
    • Type of Video – 2D and 3D animation, Mixed media, and live-action Videos (Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, Product videos, Real estate)
    • Average Cost – $10,000+

    See how ManyChat, Rudderstack, Drift, and 15 other B2B SaaS have converted product docs into software videos.

    Epipheo uses smart storytelling formats to convey its message. Given their experience over the last 12 years, they have a very streamlined process making it simple to understand and the process smooth. They’ve worked with over 2000 brands since 2009
    • Industry – SaaS, Finance, Tech, Cybersecurity, Pharma, and Healthcare.
    • Type of Video – 2D and 3D animation Videos (Explainer Videos, Social video ads, Testimonial Videos, Case studies.)
    • Average Cost – $10,000+
    Webdew is in one solution to handle your complete campaign, be it with explainer videos, lead generation, prospecting, and strategies from an ROI perspective. They have worked with all types of brands. From startups to Fortune 500 brands. They’ve worked on over 1000 videos since 2016
    • Industry – Software, SaaS
    • Type of Video -Infographics, 2D Animation, and whiteboard animation. (Website design, marketing strategy, Hubspot strategy, Explainer Videos)
    • Average Cost – $10,000+

    Convert your product docs into product demos in < 10 days

    Early Light Media is known for its premium class production and usually emotionally engaging videos. They have a lot of award-winning films as well. They’ve worked with over 30 major brands since 2013
    • Industry – Non-Profit, Healthcare, Travel
    • Type of Video – Live action and 3D animation (Explainer Videos, Documentaries, Commercials.)
    • Average Cost – $10,000+
    What a story is all about short deadlines, being on a budget, and simple and engaging storylines. They have a lot of experience working with brands of all industries and geographies. They’ve worked with over 300 brands since 2015
    • Industry – Healthcare, Finance, SaaS, Education, Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, FMCG
    • Type of Video – 2D animation and live-action Videos (Explainer Videos, Product Demos, Corporate Videos, Commercial Ads.)
    • Average Cost – $1,000+

    As you can see, explainer videos can be of different kinds, and you should have clarity on what you want out of your video before really picking an agency. On Budget and quick results? High production or live-action?

    While explainer videos can be made by any company, they are often outsourced to SaaS video production agencies that specialize in this type of work. The best explainer video agency will have expertise in creating high-quality SaaS videos that are engaging and easy to understand for the target audience.

    B2B explainer video production is a niche skill set that not just any agency would have. For this, you would require to research well on the best product demo video agency out there and pick the best fit.

    The top explainer video companies remember to balance it out when it comes to SaaS video production, they need to focus on your customer as well.

    You will have a far higher chance of reaching your target audience if you are more familiar with them. Understanding your ideal customer, their pain points, and solutions you provide that could benefit them can help you make your explainer video more relevant and targeted, hence affecting the ROI.

    Now that you’ve seen so much about explainers and feel inspired to add some of these cool features to your explainer video, click here to have a chat with us and we’d be happy to help!

    Ready to get started?

    Avoid spending long hours in Explainer video production and fix customer churn today!


    A SaaS explainer video is a short and informative video that explains what SaaS is and how it can help businesses. It usually focuses on the benefits of using the software. They can be used for branding purposes and as an introduction to your product or service.

    A lot of companies today use SaaS explainer videos because they’re engaging, easy to produce, and cost-effective.

    The explainer video pricing for a 1-minute SaaS explainer video can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 based on what model you select.

    Some average explainer video costs are:
    Hybrid Agency such as Content Beta or Rocketwheel – Starts at $500 – $3500
    Traditional Video Production Agency – Starts at $2k/video
    In-House Production – Starts at $15-18k/month
    Freelancer Services – Starts at $2K/video

    To make a SaaS video,

    1. Make a detailed outline of what each of your videos would cover. Use cases, best practices, examples, or anything else they need to include.
    2. Identify an agency that is the best fit for your company. SaaS focused agencies are ContentBeta, etc.
    3. Ensure that your script and design is perfect. Make a script with visual cues. Remember to have a rough idea of how you want the final output to turn out.
    4. Production -Now comes the heavy lifting. Your Agency will involve their team to create your video as per your requirement and ensure that you notice the tiniest of details when getting your video made.
    5. Deploy – After a few revisions you will reach a video you love. Now take this and distribute it across your planned marketing channels, your website and everywhere for everyone to see!

    Here is the list of best agencies for B2B SAAS explainer video creation:

    • Explain Ninja
    • Content Beta
    • Explainify
    • Demo Duck
    • Commotion Engine
    • YumYum Videos
    • Next Day Animations
    • CRFT Video
    • Explainly

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