Product Demo Analysis of

Top 100+ SAAS Companies

Product Demo videos play a pivotal role in making or breaking your SAAS product. Content Beta analyzed Product demo videos of 100+ SAAS companies and comprehended that a lot of them still haven’t mastered the art of onboarding and are in dire need of improvement.

Eventually by understanding where few of the top SAAS companies went wrong, you know the areas of improvement.


Feel free to use these statistics in any commercial or non-commercial capacity. If you use them, we require a link to Content Beta.

TL;DR Humor is hard
TL;DR Opportunities being missed out
TL;DR More opportunities being missed out

How we did it  

We did a very careful observation of over 100 different SAAS products and noted every possible observation about them.



What did we learn?

We observed that different video styles and their combinations were used to create these demo videos.

Different styles of Video
Different styles of Video

What should you do?

If you really want to make the process easy for users, try to make videos that revolve strictly around its UI.

It is best to go for video styles such as motion graphics and live actions which keep the users engaged till the end.


What did we learn?

It was seen that female voiceovers outnumbered male voice overs. Only around 2.6% of videos had both the voiceovers whilst 6% had none.

Male or Female Voiceover?
Male or Female Voiceover?

TIP: When in doubt, use female voice-overs.


To dig deeper into this, we also did a careful analysis of the type of voiceover in the demo videos.

Benefits of including a Voiceover in the Product demo video:

  • A good voice leaves a long lasting impression
  • Helps in brand remembrance
  • Increases user engagement
  • Humanizes the brand
  • Attract users
  • Helps your brand stand out from the competition.


What did we do?

To make the analysis more interesting, we also noted if these videos include a humour element or not.

How to use Humor in Video Marketing?
How to use Humor in Video Marketing?

It was analyzed that only around 34.5% of videos were humorous.



How long should a marketing video be?

It was analyzed that the average length of a Product demo video was 2 minutes and 27

seconds which can be the ideal length for a marketing video.

Cloudbees was quite close to the ideal length 🙂

During the analysis, we observed that when the video reaches more than 2 minutes in duration, the curiosity to watch the complete video drops so the views.

What should you do?

  • The shorter, the better – This technique can help save both time and money in the production process.
  • Get quickly to the point – Try to introduce your company as soon as possible in the first five to ten seconds. So in case a viewer skips some part of the video, they’ll still understand what your video is about.


Majorly the User Interface of these videos were based on either or a combination of three script types namely Conversational UI, Instructional UI or elaborated in the form of a story (Storytelling).

How to write a script for a video
How to write a script for a video

It is always better to decide the script of the video before shooting it.

What should you do?

  • Keep the video simple, users don’t want their experience to be interrupted with complicated information.
  • Keep it relevant; the video must teach a user immediately about something they want to do else it won’t grab their attention.
  • Helps in creating long term Brand remembrance


What did we learn?

We analyzed that more than 50% of demo videos included a Call-to-action either in the form of a Call out, product link, website, screen display or a combination of these.

How to use Call to action in Marketing video
How to use Call to action in Marketing video



It is best to include a Product link at the end of the video; which can be an immediate action towards lead conversion.

What should you do?

  • Do not ignore the CTA – it is MUST to add Call-to-action in your videos.
  • Embrace different types of CTAs.
  • Do not be too pushy and use the right CTA at the right moment – ask viewers to subscribe/sign up.
  • Make your CTA easy to click – e.g. use call out with a product link.

Coda has incorporated a CTA as a Call out and a product link (Sign up link) at the end of the video.


We were shocked to know that around 84.5% videos had no end slide added.

How do you add an end slide to a video?
How do you add an end slide to a video?

Adding an end slide or an end screen helps in increasing the views and must be added.

What should you do?

  • It is best to add a Call-to-action in an end slide such as a clickable Product link.
  • Relevant product demo videos/explainer videos can be added which further keep the user engaged and increases the chance of lead to conversion.


What did we do?

It took us hours to carefully listen to the background music of all the videos and sort into different varieties of music.

How to Pick the Right Background Music for your video?
How to Pick the Right Background Music for your video?

What should you do?

  • Background Music complements the video production and must be used.
  • The type of background music should be carefully selected and should gel with the content, style and script of the video.
  • It also helps in brand remembrance for a long time.


We found that some of the videos have some very amazing sound effects added along with beautiful User Interface, motion graphics and animation. The action sound effects included click sounds, keyboard typing sound, bell sound, pop sound, swipe sound, scroll sound etcetera.

What are those sound effects that get your videos noticed?
What are those sound effects that get your videos noticed?

However, we found that action sound effects have limitations to its usage and do not gel with videos based on Conversational or Instructional UI that have real person voiceover.

TIP: Action sound effects are good to add where appropriate and must be chosen wisely as per the script and video style used. They best go along with animation and motion graphics based videos.


Some useful statistics and key takeaways from the analysis are:

  • Motion Graphics + UI is the most used video style by some of the top SAAS companies (19%).
  • Maximum demo videos had a female voiceover than male and most of them included voices of real actors.
  • Even some of the top SAAS companies missed out on using CTA in their demo videos.
  • Maximum demo videos revolved around using Instructional UI in their script and so does Content Beta 🙂
  • Electronic beats were the most preferred background music by most SAAS.
  • Average length of Product Demo Video: 2 minutes 28 seconds.
  • More than eighty percent demo videos had missing end slides.
  • Only 34.5% brands included humor in the demo video.
  • Around 72.4% videos had no action sound effects whilst only 27.6% had sound effects added.

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