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Ritesh Patel
Ritesh Patel
Co-founder at
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Our product is quite technical (we solved day 2 Kubernetes problems) and I was uncomfortable getting an external agency to create a product demo video. Content Beta seemed to have done a lot of work with SaaS and they quickly understood the product value prop and how it works. We were hoping that the video would generate a lot of demo calls and it has exceeded our expectations.

Another good thing - we hardly spend time hand holding them on our product. No zoom calls. They just took product demo account credentials, product docs, and created action-focused product demos. Literally, they knew our product.

Struggling to convert trial users?

Not able to convince your audience why they cannot live without your product?

You’re trying a lot of things to make your customers ❤️ your SaaS but you aren’t getting the results you want

Email Drip Campaigns

Landing Pages

Product Docs

Blog posts

Onboarding Software

Live Zoom Calls

Because what you really need to focus on is giving your audience their 'aha' moment faster

84% SaaS Founders say product onboarding & adoption / decreasing time to value as a key driver of investment in training content (Skilljar 2020 report)

We help SaaS drive product adoption through Education

Increase LTV & Reduce Churn with Consistent and Comprehensive Customer Training

Product Demo
Communicate the true value of your product and drive 10X more engagement with videos
Shorten Sales Cycle
How-to Content
Make your product self-service with How-to articles with videos. Save customer's time
Make Product Self-serve
Onboarding Videos
On-brand and action-focused Product tours and Courses to turn your clients into ‘badass users’
Improve Trial Conversions
Matthew Holman
Matthew Holman
Marketing Director at
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We submitted a how-to article about how to set up free shipping on your Shopify account - and they turned it into an amazing video! We have increased our trial to paid conversions. The most important thing to me is that we are adding more value to our knowledge base. It's great!!
Rabeea Anwaar
Rabeea Anwaar
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Content Beta helped us convert knowledgebase article to video tutorial. We now have fewer customer tickets and shorter onboarding calls

Kudos to the Content Beta Team


No one on your team can change how your customers
look at you. That’s why clients hire us.

We’re a team of instructional designers, scriptwriters, marketers, video editors, content analysts, copywriters, storyboarders and have spent years experimenting and mastering the process. 

We know our stuff. We know your product is niche. We have capabilities and processes to get smart at your product and your market so that you don’t have spend a time at content creation

Improved Traffic to Lead Conversion for a Cloud Telephony SaaS

We’ve helped a cloud telephony SaaS company to website visitor to lead conversion by 44% within 5 weeks with Product Demo Videos

Cut down onboarding time for a Big Four

We’ve cut down onboarding time from 16 hours to 2.5 hours for a Big Four by creating training videos around their analytics software

Find out how we can help you reduce your churn and drive better engagement from marketing with product videos

Shorter Sales Cycles

Faster onboarding

Higher trial to paid conversions

Reduced support tickets