YouTube Analysis of Top 30 SAAS 

Where do you go when you want to learn something?

What do you do when you are stuck using software?

What do the current customers say about something you want to buy?


You go to Youtube


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Have you ever wondered which type of videos do you need to put out?

We analyzed Youtube channels of Top 30 SAAS and came up with some very interesting figures that will boggle your mind. This analysis will help you know what type of videos are working and which ones you should create.

What did we do?

We analyzed the top 3 most viewed videos on the youtube channels of 30 top SAAS brands and noticed details such as most viewed video composition and average video duration of these most viewed videos. We also measured community engagement on the pages to see if brands respond to user queries and even recorded how many of them include the trending youtube shorts.

Key Findings

Most viewed videos composition

We got to see a variety of videos on the pages such as:

  • Brand video
  • Customer video
  • Evergreen Education
  • Product training
  • Product demo/Product explainer

In case you want to create/revamp your company youtube channel. This is a good mix you can follow.

We found that Product Demo/Product Explainer videos are being Most Viewed on youtube. More than 50% of SAAS brands have created amazing demo videos that are getting the most searches.

Average video duration

We also individually analyzed the average duration of the videos from these most viewed videos. Here’s what we found:

  • Product Demo/Product Explainer (Under 2 minutes)
    The average length for a product demo was 1 minute 71 seconds so it is best to create your demo video under 2 minutes in duration.
  • Customer Video (3 to 4 minutes)
    The average length for a customer video was 3 minutes 93 seconds so it is best to create a Customer video between 3 to 4 minutes in duration.
  • Product training (upto 3 minutes)
    The average length for a product training was 2 minutes 41 seconds so it is best to create a Product training video under 3 minutes.
  • Evergreen education (6 to 10 minutes)
    The average length for Educational videos was 9 minutes 8 seconds so it is best to create Educational videos between 6 to 10 minutes in duration.
  • Brand video (under 1 minute)
    The average length for a Brand video was 58 seconds so it is best to create a Brand video under 1 minute in duration.
More than 50% videos included a Call-to-action (CTA). Never miss out on this.

Monthly Views

To dig deeper into the analysis, we even measured recent monthly views of each youtube page.

Salesforce reached views as huge as 98 million in a month followed by Clickup at 82 million. Shocking isn’t it!

Maximum views

Apart from monthly views, we also tried to measure the Maximum views.

Dropbox won the space over its competitors with 42.8 million views.

Monthly Publishes

Along with page views on the youtube channels, we calculated recent video releases (within three months) to figure out how many videos these SAAS companies are posting in real time and the final figures were a bolt from the blue.

Jotform published around 177 videos in the last three months, which means an average of nearly 60 videos a month; followed by Canva (111 videos).

Can you believe that!

Community Engagement

Community Engagement plays an important role. We also analyzed if these videos had community engagement or not. If brands actually responded to the user queries posted over comments.

We found that more than 60% SAAS actively participated in Community Engagement.

More than 50% videos included a Call-to-action (CTA). Never miss out on this.

Yeah, it’s good to learn from somebody’s learning. It just takes a while to respond but amplifies the strength of relationships with customers.

You must invest in Community engagement to strengthen customer relationships, build trust and grow your business. Plus you also get to know to what extent customers are actually using your product.

Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts are short form videos gaining high popularity these days. We investigated if all or few of top SAAS have used the trending shorts to increase the page views and brand reach.

More than 70% of brands did not include youtube shorts on their pages yet.
Here are few benefits of YT shorts:

  • Shorts do not expire and help in growing awareness on youtube.
  • Reaches a bigger audience as users quickly scroll through mobile phones.
  • Provide a funnel to the long content.

Key takeaway:

If you have not tried youtube shorts yet, now is the right time to invest.

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