How Content Beta Helped Xactly Educate and Engage Customers at Lighting Fast Speed?




Generate awareness in a product through video

Educate and engage potential customers and help them understand how the product will solve their problems.


Resources and Bandwidth

Xactly has a rockstar team that can handle any challenge thrown at them. But as is with most SaaS, Xactly has a lean team. And with ever growing competition, things can start to pile up. While Xactly knew exactly how their video should look like, they were looking for someone that could bring that vision to life.

Perfecting onboarding

The company wanted to invest in their main features and stand out from the competition by showcasing them to the public. And by highlighting key product features and benefits, they hoped that their prospects could better understand how their product could solve problems.



Developing studio quality product demo videos with multiple cuts to use in various channels. These had to be demo videos with real product screenshots that are animated; professional voiceover and stock music


We took product screenshots and a video script along with a deadline of 3 days.

We also made sure that it took minimal effort from their part. Our expert instructional designers worked out an amazing storyboard while the editing team worked through motion graphics, animations, and video editing that was developed especially for user retention and product adoption.


At the end of work with Xactly, we produced a stack of videos capable of helping a lead convert into a customer and then some more that received a lot of praise from Xactly for being able to achieve its objectives.

Here are a few other videos we created for Xactly.


Xactly Corporation is a pure-play, SaaS company that provides cloud-based enterprise software and services. They offer tools like Xactly Forecasting, Xactly Incent, Xactly Alignstar to allow for sales performance management, sales effectiveness, sales compensation, and employee engagement.


Sales Management Software


Xactly has been able to drive demo requests through videos that communicate not just the features but a solution to the problems of their prospects.

Content Beta