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Project Duration


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Introduction: About Xactly Corp

Xactly Corp offers enterprise-level SaaS solutions for managing sales performance, enhancing sales effectiveness, streamlining sales compensation, and boosting employee engagement. For example:

  • ICM (Incentive Compensation Management) – is designed to replace outdated spreadsheets and legacy compensation systems.
  • SPM (Sales Performance Management) – is designed to optimize sales performance and assist in revenue growth.

Here are some quick stats to understand the scale of their operations –

  • Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States
  • Market Cap (Nov 2023): $500 million

Here is how it solves its clients’ business challenges –

Matt Sheppard

Global Sales Compensation Operations and Systems, Linkedin

❝At this scale and stage of our business, it would be nearly impossible to do strategic sales planning without the agility that Xactly provides.❞

Business Context

Team: Xactly PMM team


  • Generate awareness and interest in its various products.
  • Run demand-gen campaigns by educating potential customers on issues related to unifying, automating, and executing sales planning activities – roster, territory, quota, and credit assignments.


  • Pipeline of multiple product launches for GTM
  • Inadequate in-house marketing support due to simultaneous launches
  • The need for a faster turnaround for adequate and timely market impact
  • Consistency in messaging to align with their ICP
  • Strict adherence to Brand Guidelines

You can check out the suite of their products here: they have a dozen plus products.

Content Beta’s Solution

Content Beta isn’t just a team of designers and video editors. Our focus on SaaS and B2B businesses allows us to think like a Product Marketing Manager.

Over 18 months, we executed a strategic plan that involved 12 product video projects.

Phase 1 - Understanding the client’s world

  • Alignment with ICP problems: We studied the user personas, including CFOs, VPs, Directors of Finance (FP&A), Controllers, and Accounting professionals. We researched extensively on user issues to ensure we could align the product’s USPs with solving those problems.
  • Study past data and patterns: We analyzed previous content and social media signals to understand what historically succeeded in engagement.
  • Brand Guidelines: At Content Beta, we take Brand Guidelines seriously, thoroughly study them, and conduct internal training for all. The focus is on attention to detail.

Phase 2 - Production

  • Full-stack Video Team Expertise: Content Beta managed all areas of video production, including scriptwriting, screen recording, storyboarding, UI animation, video edits, and kinetic typography. At Content Beta, you speak with one Project Manager to share your brief, eliminating the need to coordinate with five different specialists.
  • Brand Consistency: We maintained a consistent brand voice across all videos, using varied accent colors for different product lines.
  • Animating Simplified UI to Tell a Story: To easily demonstrate complex workflows, we utilized Figma design files to create simplified UI screens for videos. We then added motion animation to various UI elements to transform technical details into a narrative.
  • Strategic CTAs: CTAs were strategically placed to guide viewers from awareness to consideration – aimed at improving conversion rates.
Here is a 90-second explainer video for Xactly Co-Pilot:

Business Impact

We work with 120+ SaaS and Software tech companies. Our team has extensive experience in understanding the challenges of SaaS and Software Tech companies – what works and what doesn’t. We could share micro-level details on the latest storytelling trends, GTM messaging, and best-suited ideas for visualization.

What does this mean for any clients working with us? Minimum hand-holding throughout the project duration.

The deliverables were beyond what an in-house team could handle – both in terms of quality and quantity within the given time frame + no lead time. The projects started as soon as the brief was shared with Content Beta.

While traditional creative agencies take 35 to 40 days to turn around video projects, Content Beta could deliver the same in < 10 days.

Discuss your content needs for GTM & feature launches with us and the monthly content calendar.

Kate Sigg

Director, Product Marketing, Xactly Corp

❝Content Beta maximized creative output by building product Videos that couldn’t be created in-house.❞

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