Why Explainer Videos Are Effective For B2B

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Rishabh Pugalia

May 9, 2024


Most marketing content like blogs, infographics, and website copy require high attention levels from the reader to get the message across. But modern viewers quickly lose interest in static text and complex paragraphs.

A report by Deloitte said that “millennial and Gen Z binge watchers report watching an average of six episodes, or five hours of content, in a single sitting”.

This means you don’t have to limit yourself to short content to get your brand message across. The important thing is to produce content that isn’t dull or boring. It should instead hook your target audience, prompting them to consider your value proposition.

This is where SaaS explainer videos come in. An average explainer video is just 1-3 minutes long – a perfect length to keep modern audiences hooked before their attention starts wandering. But there’s more to it than the length of these videos that make them so effective for B2B SaaS.

If you want to make more engaging explainer videos, you need to think about these points:

  • Can AI-generated voice overs, mimicking famous celebrities, play a role in explainer videos for added personalization?
  • Can TikTok-style, user-generated explainer videos be as effective for B2B audiences as it is for B2C audiences?
  • Can using multi-language subtitles for localisation help you make better explainer videos?

With this, now let’s understand why explainer videos are so effective.

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    Why are Explainer Videos so Effective?

    Online videos and explainer videos are definitely effective in B2B but a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

    Some B2B product explainer videos are fairly straightforward. But in most product explainer videos, there’s a bit of humor involved. This works well for SaaS companies and those targeting consumers directly (B2C).

    There are several reasons why explainer videos work well, especially for B2B SaaS companies:

    1. Simplify complex concepts

    Many B2B SaaS products and services are complex, advanced, and technical in nature.This level of complexity can make it hard to understand key benefits and, as a result, turn away potential customers.

    Explainer videos simplify complex SaaS offerings by using easy-to-understand language, relatable comparisons, and clear visual examples. This makes the value proposition much clearer as well as interesting to prospects.

    2. Demonstrate benefits

    Explainer videos allow B2B SaaS companies to demonstrate exactly how their product or platform works through animations and simulated software walkthroughs.

    Rather than just describing capabilities, they can actually show viewers key features and functionality in an interesting way. This brings an abstract SaaS offering to life.

    3. Improve memory recall

    Studies show that video improves memory recall and long-term retention of information far better than text communications.

    B2B buyers will grasp and recollect that company’s pitch much more clearly compared to reviewing documents or brochures.

    4. Get attention fast

    Viewers decide very quickly if they will stick with a video or move on to something else.

    Animated explainer videos are designed specifically to capture attention from the first few seconds with vibrant illustrations and motion.

    This absorption factor brings valuable leads into the sales funnel.

    5. Enhance SEO

    Video has substantial SEO advantages, increasing findability in search results pages. Explainer videos posted natively on a site, social media channels or video platforms can increase visitors and rankings.

    They also provide content that site visitors will spend meaningful time with, lowering bounce rates. For B2B SaaS firms, this can generate more quality traffic.

    6. Scale globally

    One huge benefit of explainer videos for SaaS firms is scalability. Once produced, explainer videos can be leveraged globally across geographies and languages to increase brand consistency.

    Explainer videos can be translated into multiple languages via subtitles. This allows B2B SaaS companies to reuse the videos when expanding globally. Adding cultural customizations helps localize messaging in a cost-effective way.

    7. High shareability

    Explainer videos are highly shareable across social media platforms and professional networks. Unlike pamphlets or ebooks, short animated videos are easy to pass along via email, Slack, Twitter or LinkedIn.

    The entertaining, animated format compels viewers to share with peers who may also find it useful. This way, a single explainer video can reach thousands through social sharing, acting as a cost-efficient lead generation driver.

    8. Reduces customer support

    Explainer videos directly answer many basic “how to” questions customers may have, before they ever reach out to your support team. For example, an animated video could demonstrate exactly how to set up two-factor authentication or connect to your APIs step-by-step.

    Users could watch the short explainer and solve simple issues themselves without creating a ticket. Self-service through explainer videos can reduce support costs and free support agents for complex issues.

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    Most people will watch a 1 to 2-minute video rather than read a value proposition. Explainer videos are very effective for that.

    These videos empower prospects by providing useful information to guide their own discovery process. When prospects voluntarily spend time understanding an offering, the brand naturally resonates deeper in their minds.

    This helps buyers choose those solutions later when considering purchase. For these reasons, every B2B SaaS firm should consider adding explainer videos into their go-to-market toolkit.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The key elements of a successful B2B SaaS explainer video are:

    • Clear and concise messaging
    • Engaging and relevant visuals
    • Compelling storytelling
    • Focus on customer benefits
    • Strong call-to-action

    The best platforms to share B2B SaaS explainer videos are LinkedIn, YouTube, company websites, and email newsletters.

    Some common mistakes to avoid when creating B2B SaaS explainer videos are:

    • Overly technical language
    • Too long or short duration
    • Neglecting target audience’s needs
    • Poor video or sound quality
    • Lack of a clear call-to-action

    Metrics that should be used to measure the success of a B2B SaaS explainer video are:

    • Viewer engagement rates
    • Video completion rates
    • Lead generation metrics
    • Website traffic increase
    • Social media shares and comments

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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