Which Tools Do You Need To Create SaaS Video Tutorials?

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Rishabh Pugalia

June 7, 2024


SaaS companies have turned to video tutorials to guide their users. The creation of these tutorials isn’t as straightforward. From understanding the software’s intricacies to ensuring the tutorial is engaging, a lot goes into it.

Creating impactful SaaS video tutorials isn’t just about the tools; it’s about understanding your audience’s pain points, understanding these challenges, and presenting a solution.

A recent 2023 report by Videate states that 93% of B2B SaaS marketers said video was critical to customer acquisition and retention.

This brings us to consider three points:

  • Why are some SaaS video tutorials more effective than others?
  • In what ways can video tutorials improve the user experience for SaaS platforms?
  • Are there potential pitfalls SaaS companies should know when creating video tutorials?

This article discusses the tools necessary to create compelling SaaS video tutorials that connect with your B2B audience. It will help you guide them seamlessly through your sales funnel.

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    What is a SaaS Video Tutorial?

    In B2B marketing, a SaaS video tutorial is a simple demonstration of software features. It’s a strategic asset designed to guide potential clients through a product’s usability and capabilities, showing how it can solve their specific challenges.

    The effectiveness of a video depends on clarity of presentation, understanding of the audience’s needs, and the relevance of the content.

    From an SEO perspective, these tutorials can drive organic traffic, while in SaaS advertising campaigns, they can serve as compelling content to convert leads.

    A well-created SaaS video tutorial bridges the gap between a product’s technicalities and its practical applications. This makes it essential for SaaS lead generation and funnel optimization.

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    Top Tools to Create SaaS Video Tutorials

    Here are 17 platforms and the tools top SaaS brands have used, from hosting services to editing software:

    1. Kissflow

    • About:¬†A renowned platform for workflow automation, Kissflow streamlines business processes for optimal efficiency.
    • Content Development:¬†Google Ecosystem and Loom
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Thinkific
    • Editing Software:¬†NA
    • Physical Device:¬†NA
    • Content Beta played a pivotal role in¬†launching a course¬†for Kissflow, showcasing our expertise in content development and strategy.

    2. Braze

    • About:¬†Specializing in customer engagement, Braze offers dynamic marketing solutions for personalized experiences.
    • Content Development:¬†Webflow
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Skilljar
    • Editing Software:¬†Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    3. Tracegains

    • About:¬†Catering to the supply chain sector, TraceGains offers comprehensive management solutions for enhanced transparency.
    • Content Development:¬†Techsmith, MmHmm, Learning Glass
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†NA
    • Editing Software:¬†Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Captivate, acrobat, etc.), Audacity
    • Physical Device:¬†Sony a7ii Camera

    4. Techsmith

    • About:¬†TechSmith screen capture software and solutions are perfect for creating and sharing images and videos for better training, tutorials, lessons, etc.
    • Content Development:¬†TechSmith and Snagit
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†NA
    • Editing Software:¬†Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, Camtasia
    • Physical Device:
      • A variety of Cameras ‚Äď Canon D5, Panasonic G5, Sony A6400 (16mm lens)
      • Various microphones: Blue Yeti Microphone, Audio-Technica AT875R, Behringer mixers.
      • A variety of lights: RGB LED Photography Lighting Pixel 2 Packs, Kino Flo Diva-lite LED 20 DMX

    5. Datarobot

    • About:¬†The World‚Äôs only trusted enterprise AI platform combined with an AI-native strategic success team to help customers rapidly turn data into value.
    • Content Development:¬†Articulate Rise
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Skilljar
    • Editing Software:¬†Adobe Creative Cloud, Camtasia
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    6. Heap Analytics

    • About:¬†A data-driven platform, Heap Analytics provides in-depth insights to optimize user engagement and conversions.
    • Content Development:¬†NA
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Skilljar
    • Editing Software:¬†Camtasia
    • Physical Device: Blue Yeti mics

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    7. Asana

    • About:¬†Asana stands out as a task management tool, ensuring teams collaborate efficiently and meet project milestones.
    • Content Development:¬†Techsmith, Articulate 360
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Skilljar
    • Editing Software:¬†Camtasia
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    8. Bloomreach

    • About:¬†Revolutionizing the digital experience, Bloomreach offers platforms that personalize and enhance online interactions.
    • Content Development:¬†NA
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Skilljar
    • Editing Software:¬†NA
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    9. Miro

    • About:¬†Miro is a visual collaboration tool, transforming the way teams brainstorm, plan, and visualize projects.
    • Content Development:¬†Hubspot, Zoom, Looker for data & Wistia for hosting
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Thought industries
    • Editing Software:¬†Camtasia & Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Physical Device:¬†Blue Yeti mics

    10. CanduAI

    • About:¬†Focusing on user interface, CanduAI provides tools that elevate the design and functionality of digital platforms.
    • Content Development:¬†Wistia‚Äôs Soapbox
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†NA
    • Editing Software:¬†NA
    • Physical Device:¬†Blue Yeti mics

    11. AgriWebb

    • About:¬†Dedicated to the agricultural sector, AgriWebb offers farm management solutions for modern-day farming challenges.
    • Content Development:¬†Wistia‚Äôs Soapbox
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Northpass
    • Editing Software:¬†NA
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    12. Thinkific

    • About:¬†A leader in online course platforms, Thinkific empowers educators to design, launch, and monetize their courses.
    • Content Development:¬†Screenflow, Typeform, Zapier, Mixpanel
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Thinkific
    • Editing Software:¬†Camtasia
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    13. MoEngage

    • About:¬†Specializing in mobile marketing, MoEngage delivers targeted campaigns to engage and retain users effectively.
    • Content Development:¬†Wistia‚Äôs Soapbox
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Northpass
    • Editing Software:¬†Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
    • Physical Device:¬†Sony a6400

    14. Cloudinary

    • About:¬†A digital asset management solution, Cloudinary streamlines the storage, optimization, and delivery of multimedia content.
    • Content Development:¬†Descript, VS Code, Github
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Thought industries
    • Editing Software:¬†Camtasia
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    15. Marble

    • About:¬†Pioneering in geolocation services, Marble offers solutions that enhance location-based functionalities and analytics.
    • Content Development:¬†Loom, Synthesia
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Marble LMS
    • Editing Software:¬†Canva, Figma
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

    16. Cloudradial

    • About:¬†Created for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), CloudRadial boosts client engagement and streamlines service delivery.
    • Content Development:¬†NA
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Northpass
    • Editing Software:¬†Camtasia
    • Physical Device:¬†Blue Yeti mics

    17. Engaging Networks

    • About:¬†Catering to nonprofits, Engaging Networks provides tools to boost campaigns, fundraising, and supporter engagement.
    • Content Development:¬†Zapier
    • Hosting Service (LMS Platform):¬†Thinkific
    • Editing Software:¬†Camtasia, Photopea, Unsplash, Elgato Stream Deck, Happyscribe, ShuttlePro V2
    • Physical Device:¬†NA

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    Advantages of Creating SaaS Video Tutorials

    SaaS video tutorials showcase a brand’s commitment to its customers. These tutorials encourage community engagement, address common queries, and reduce the need for extensive support teams.

    SaaS video tutorials have the following advantages:

    • Increase Engagement:¬†They hold the viewer‚Äôs attention, explaining complex processes in digestible chunks.
    • Improve Onboarding:¬†They help¬†onboarding new customers¬†who can quickly grasp software functionalities, reducing the learning curve.
    • Drive Conversions:¬†Prospects get a clear picture of the software‚Äôs value proposition, encouraging them to purchase.
    • Support SEO Efforts:¬†Video content can improve website dwell time, signaling search engines about the site‚Äôs value.

    What Do the Top SaaS Brands Use for Creating the Best SaaS Tutorials?

    Leading SaaS companies understand that a video tutorial is more than just a visual guide‚ÄĒit reflects the brand. They invest in top-tier tools that offer a blend of¬†product usability¬†and advanced features.

    They also ensure that the final output aligns with their brand ethos and effectively communicates the software’s benefits. When producing the video, it’s important to keep it straightforward and address frequent user concerns, along with updating tutorials to match software updates.

    Here are the tools you require when creating SaaS tutorials:

    1. Professional Video Editing Software

    Advanced tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to ensure their tutorials are polished and professional.

    2. Screen Recording Tools

    Software like Camtasia or ScreenFlow allows brands to record detailed on-screen actions, making it easier for viewers to follow along.

    3. Scripted Narratives

    Before recording, a well-researched and scripted narrative ensures the tutorial is structured, concise, and covers all essential points.

    4. High-Quality Graphics and Animations

    You can use tools like Vyond or Canva to create eye-catching visuals that complement the tutorial content.

    5. Interactive Elements

    Some brands incorporate quizzes, clickable links, or interactive segments within their tutorials to increase engagement and retention.

    6. Feedback Loops

    Top brands often gather feedback on their tutorials, using platforms like UserTesting or direct audience surveys to refine and improve their content continuously.

    7. Hosting Platforms

    Once created, brands use hosting platforms like Wistia, Vimeo or YouTube, or to host and share their tutorials, ensuring they effectively reach their target audience.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    5 Best Software to Create Professional-looking SaaS Video Tutorials

    Video-making platforms offer tools that improve video quality. With them, creators achieve clear visuals and synchronized audio. The right platform makes a difference.

    Here are the 5 best software to create professional videos for your SaaS tutorials:

    1. Camtasia

    Renowned for its user-friendly interface, it’s ideal for beginners and professionals.


    • High-Resolution Screen Capture
    • Camera Capture
    • Microphone & System Audio Capture
    • Cursor Effects
    • Templates & Assets
    • Behaviors
    • Cursor Spotlight

    Pricing: Paid with a free trial

    2. Adobe Premiere Pro

    A powerhouse in video editing, it offers advanced features for polished tutorials.


    • Multi-Camera Editing
    • VR Editing
    • Color Correction & Grading
    • Audio Editing & Restoration
    • Motion Graphics Templates
    • Dynamic Link with After Effects
    • Auto Reframe
    • Lumetri Color Tools
    • Essential Sound Panel
    • Integration with Adobe Stock

    Pricing: Paid with a free trial

    3. Filmora

    With many built-in assets, creating engaging tutorials is effortless.


    • Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface
    • Advanced Text Editing
    • Tilt-Shift
    • Mosaic (Blurring)
    • Audio Mixer
    • Split Screen
    • 3D Lut
    • Video Stabilization
    • Screen Recording
    • Audio Separation
    • Scene Detection
    • Video and Audio Transitions
    • Green Screen (Chroma Key)
    • GIF Support
    • Social Media Export

    Pricing: Freemium

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    4. ScreenFlow

    Specifically for Mac users, it generates high-quality screen recordings.


    • Capture Ideas On Screen
    • Professional video creator tool
    • Effects tools such as text, annotations, and effects
    • Comprehensive editor for visual effects and audio
    • Customizable Recording with Screen Drawing Tool
    • External Device Recording Support
    • Multiple Monitor Recording
    • Lag-free Game Recording
    • Automated Caption Support
    • Comprehensive Audio Editing

    Pricing: Freemium

    5. Vyond

    For those looking to infuse animations in their tutorials, Vyond is the go-to tool.


    • Create characters to fit any context.
    • Modern casual settings and whiteboard animations.
    • Instantly create videos or animated GIFs with Vyond Go.
    • Edit in Vyond Studio.
    • Host on any LMS or video hosting service.
    • Import into courseware authoring tools for interactions.
    • Flexible pricing and plans for cost control.
    • Improves business productivity and outcomes.
    • Saves time and money compared to traditional video production service.
    • Easy to use and cost-effective.
    • Provides resources, training options, and an active customer community.

    Pricing: Paid with a free 14-day trial

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    Businesses often face the challenge of effectively demonstrating their software’s capabilities to potential clients. At Content Beta, we recognize this and offer customized solutions to communicate intricate software functionalities as real-world functions.

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    Why choose us?

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    SaaS video tutorials bridge complex software features and real-world use. Using the right tools is vital for effective tutorials. Professional video software and interactive elements are key because they ensure tutorials educate users and connect with the audience.

    As top SaaS brands have demonstrated, a well-executed video tutorial is more than just a demonstration. It’s a potent marketing asset that can drive conversions, improve onboarding, and increase brand reputation.

    In SaaS video tutorials, the key lies in understanding your audience’s needs and delivering value at every step.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The best software for SaaS video tutorials include Camtasia, iSpring, Snagit, and ScreenFlow.

    You can make online training videos for SaaS topics, decide the video style, refine the script, record, host, promote on social platforms, and monitor analytics for improvements.

    In a SaaS tutorial video, it is essential to cover key topics, address common questions, demonstrate product features on the UI, and offer a feedback channel for further queries.

    Make your SaaS tutorial video stand out by mastering your editing software. Rehearse before recording, keep content concise, prioritize viewers, remove filler content, and test internally for feedback.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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