Which tools do you need to create SaaS video tutorials?

A SaaS academy is when a business provides training courses for technology professionals. They are training programs that teach individuals how to build software-as-a-service businesses.

One of the biggest benefits of these academies is that they are tailored to suit the needs of their customers. This means that they will only offer courses in areas where customers are interested, but also provide courses on topics such as marketing and sales.

The top reason why these academies have gained so much popularity is because most companies are moving to SaaS platforms. This has led to a significant increase in the number of employees who need to know how to use these new technologies.

They provide these courses as an alternative or addition to traditional college education for people who want to switch careers or refresh their skillsets. SaaS academies come in all shapes and sizes catering to different audiences with varying needs.

SaaS Academies use multiple tools for Content Development, Hosting, Editing, Recording.

Here’s what the top SaaS brands use for creating best SaaS Tutorials:

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What is a SaaS Video tutorial?

Saas Video tutorials are focused on educating and training a customer on a specific skill on a particular topic related to the usage of a series of features of a SaaS product or service. They are used by companies to impart knowledge in the onboarding journey of the user and are pivotal in improving product adoption and increasing customer retention.

A good Saas video tutorial series is structured and relevant to the task at hand, has clear learning objectives, and puts dedicated emphasis on the feature being explained.

Such initiatives show that the company is passionate about customer service, it is willing to establish solid communication which is based on flexibility and patience, which is crucial in establishing faith in the product. This further leads to building credibility around the brand and loyalty to the customer.

3 Steps to focus on while creating SaaS Video Tutorials to Onboard your customers

Keep the focus on the customer, not the product

The SaaS video tutorial does not need to pivot around the product or the brand entirely, for it to educate the customer. Customers primarily care about their pain points and the money they have invested in the product and therefore putting real-life examples can go a long distance and convince them of the benefits and generate interest in them to learn how to onboard and adapt to the product better.

Make the customer see the features through the lens of the benefit

The benefit is the primary reason that a user is trying out your SaaS product or service. The features, big or small, do not matter as much as it matters to solve what your customers are struggling with.

It is therefore important to focus on the combination of one feature and one need at a time, to highlight the benefit in the best possible way to make the product adoption journey as happy and smooth as possible for the new user.

Get the spirit of the video right

Make sure the video is wholesome and interesting. A dull video, which only focuses on listing out instruction-after-instruction, is going to get nowhere with the viewers. Their interest will plateau out and they will stop engaging with the video, and soon with the product itself. Happy and warm instructors can create a big difference in a technical, instructional video.

The use of the right motion graphics, typography, styling, elements, brand colors, and images can help in explaining not just the product better but leaving the customer satisfied with the assistance provided by the company.

Here’s what the top SaaS brands use for creating the best SaaS Tutorials:

  • About: A simple, optimal, and efficient platform to manage and track all of your work
  • Content Development: Google ecosystem and Loom
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Thinkific
  • Editing Software: NA
  • Physical Device: NA
  • About: Forge customer connections and drive growth with our data-driven, cross-channel solution
  • Content Development: Webflow
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Skilljar
  • Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia
  • Physical Device: NA
Tracegains Academy is a top SaaS brands used for creating the best SaaS Videos Tutorials
  • About: TraceGains delivers cloud-based supplier compliance, quality, and innovation solutions to food, beverage, and dietary supplements companies
  • Content Development: Techsmith, MmHmm, Learning Glass
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): NA
  • Editing Software: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Captivate, acrobat, etc), Audacity
  • Physical Device: Sony a7ii Camera

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  • About: TechSmith screen capture software and solutions are perfect for anyone who wants to create and share images and videos for better training, tutorials, lesson etc.
  • Content Development: TechSmith and Snagit
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): NA
  • Editing Software: Canva, Adobe Creative Suite, Camtasia
  • Physical Device:
    • A variety of Cameras – Canon D5, Panasonic G5, Sony A6400 (16mm lens)
    • A variety of microphones: Blue Yeti Microphone, Audio-Technica AT875R, Behringer mixers.
    • A variety of lights: RBG LED Photography Lighting Pixel 2 Packs, Keno Flow Diva-lite LED 20 DMX
Data Robot Academy is one of many good software available in the market for SaaS Video Tutorials
  • About: World’s only trusted enterprise AI platform combined with an AI-native strategic success team to help customers rapidly turn data into value.
  • Content Development: Articulate Rise
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Skilljar
  • Editing Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Camtasia
  • Physical Device: NA
  • About: Heap is an analytics platform that helps product, marketing, and customer success teams craft exceptional digital experiences that convert and retain users.
  • Content Development: NA
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Skilljar
  • Editing Software: Camtasia
  • Physical Device: Blue Yeti mics
Asana Academy SaaS Video Tutorials Editing
  • About: On a mission to enable the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.
  • Content Development: Techsmith, Articulate 360
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Skilljar
  • Editing Software: Camtasia
  • Physical Device: NA
  • About: Bloomreach infuses the customer experience with limitless relevance, personalization, and value
  • Content Development: NA
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Skilljar
  • Editing Software: NA
  • Physical Device: NA

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  • About: Cloud-based collaboration tool for small to midsize businesses.
  • Content Development: Hubspot, Zoom, Looker for data & Wistia for hosting
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Thought industries
  • Editing Software: Camtasia & Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Physical Device: Blue Yeti mics
  • About: Candu is the first native web builder for your product
  • Content Development: Wistia’s Soapbox
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): NA
  • Editing Software: NA
  • Physical Device: Blue Yeti mics
  • About: Farm management software that works the way you do, capture every mob and paddock record on the go, offline
  • Content Development: Wistia’s Soapbox
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Northpass
  • Editing Software: NA
  • Physical Device: NA
Thinkific academy is very useful to Create, market, and sell your own online courses along with SaaS video tutorials
  • About: Create, market, and sell your own online courses
  • Content Development: Screenflow, Typeform, Zapier, Mixpanel
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Thinkific
  • Editing Software: Camtasia
  • Physical Device: NA
  • About: Learn the science of customer-engagement-led growth.
  • Content Development: Wistia’s Soapbox
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Northpass
  • Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Physical Device: Sony a6400
  • About: Cloudinary’s training program and portal for new and seasoned users.
  • Content Development: Descript, VS Code, Github
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Thought industries
  • Editing Software: Camtasia
  • Physical Device: NA
  • About: Learn more about how to create an online Academy powered by Marble
  • Content Development: Loom, Synthesia
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Marble LMS
  • Editing Software: Canva, Figma
  • Physical Device: NA
  • About: CloudRadial delivers the complete set of tools you need to bring order out of the chaos of service delivery.
  • Content Development: NA
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Northpass
  • Editing Software: Camtasia
  • Physical Device: Blue Yeti mics
  • About: Engaging Networks provides you with innovative online fundraising and campaigning tools to help you raise more money and win more campaigns
  • Content Development: Zapier
  • Hosting Service (LMS Platform): Thinkific
  • Editing Software: Camtasia, Photopea, Unsplash, Elgato Stream Deck, Happyscribe, ShuttlePro V2
  • Physical Device: NA

5 Best Softwares to create Professional-looking SaaS Video Tutorials

Software Price USPs Capterra Video Type
Camtasia $249, 30-day free trial - Offers Camtasia Packages that provides templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts, favorites, etc. in a single file
- Wide variety of editing features for screen recording options, transitions, annotations, templates, themes, etc.
4.6 Video tutorials, Meeting recordings, Training videos, Video lessons, Webinar recordings, Onboarding videos, Instructional videos, Explainer videos, Presentation recordings, etc.
iSpring Suite $770/year, 30-day free trial - Provides Tech support - Wide variety of editing features for audio, video, graphics, transitions, annotations, etc. 4.6 Training video, Instructional video, Video lectures, Onboarding videos, Lessons, Screen recordings, Webinar recordings
Snagit $49, 15-day free trial - The video can be shared on a large range of applications like Slack, Gmail, TechSmith Screencast, TechSmith Camtasia, etc. - Allows Panoramic scrolling capture, provides animated GIFs, Cloud Library, annotations, exhaustive editing tools, template library, etc. 4.8 Employee Training videos, Customer Education videos, Enterprise videos, Onboarding videos, Higher Education videos
Moovly $24-49/month, Free trial - Can create different types of video styles: footage-based videos, motion graphics, cartoon, doodle, etc. - Large voice over library - Provide gallery of professional looking templates 4.1 Training video, HR video, Branded video, Business video, Onboarding videos, Explainer video, Promo video, Sales video, Video ads
ScreenFlow Starts at $149 -Provides Media Processing & Workflow Automation, Wirecast and ScreenFlow, Telestream Cloud Services, Enterprise Capture and Streaming, Virtual Events and Video Hosting - Powerful video editing tools, professional animations and motions graphics, built in stock media library, etc. 4.8 Customer and employee training videos, online higher education videos, Onboarding videos, Sales and marketing videos

Key Advantages of creating SaaS Video Tutorials

  1. SaaS video tutorials act as proof that the company cares about its customers and therefore create goodwill for the brand.
  2. It gives a chance for the company to focus on every single feature, aspect, and up-gradation of the software to explain it in the way of their choosing to the customer.
  3. SaaS video tutorials aid in educating the customer which in turn boosts customer growth.
  4. These video tutorials help in creating a community that can engage, bond, and discuss the features of the product through sharing the videos.
  5. SaaS video tutorials provide a channel for the brand to address the most asked questions and doubts about SaaS.
  6. Saas video tutorials help in assisting and focusing on the customer needs thereby reducing tickets and the money and resources that go into putting a full product support team into place.
  7. These tutorials re-enforce the benefits of the product to the customers and motivate them to stick with the brand and product.

FAQs about Saas Video Tutorials

Camtasia, iSpring, Snagit, and ScreenFlow are the most popular softwares when it comes to making well-rounded and efficient SaaS video tutorials to help new customers with the process of onboarding.

A few steps involved in making and optimizing SaaS video tutorials involve selecting a series of topics focusing on different features of the SaaS, selecting the type of video style you want to create, working and reworking on the script and storyboarding, recording in-house or outsourcing the production, hosting, marketing and promoting at various social media platforms and landing pages, and keeping an eye on the analytics to make changes.

Apart from selecting the topics that need to be covered, the focus has to be on answering the frequently asked questions and doubts about the SaaS, explaining the features of the product on the UI itself to generate familiarity and comfort in the viewer, and to provide a feedback loop when they can ask more doubts and get assistance with their support needs.

Some great tips for creating an efficient SaaS video tutorial is to practice video editing on the software chosen, rehearsals before recording the tutorial, keeping the task as simple and concise as possible, focusing on the viewers, editing of any unnecessary material that makes the video long and boring, and in-house testing and voting to understand what works.


There are many factors that can affect the choice of SaaS tools that a company chooses for their academy. Some important factors include how long it will take to train employees on these tools, how much time it takes to maintain these tools, and how much resources it will take in terms of man power and money.

But there are also less tangible factors like how happy employees are with these tools and how productive they feel when using them. So maybe this would help you think carefully and make an educated choice for your Academy!

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