Going Viral 20 Marketing Videos with Insane Reach

Going Viral: 20 Marketing Videos with Insane Reach

Written by Rishabh
Written by Rishabh

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, an on-demand creative video and design team for Tech & SaaS companies.

If you are constantly refreshing posts hoping your new video will go viral, this blog offers key insights.

Viral marketing videos have become an essential tool for B2B marketers. It quickly expands the audience reach and brand awareness. When done right, it increases conversions on a small budget.

This is the age of the attention economy. User engagement and watch time are standards of content effectiveness. For viral video marketing, you need content that captures micro-moments and increases CTRs. This leads to three questions to consider when creating great marketing videos:

  • Is your business ready to go viral?
  • Is simply going viral sufficient, i.e. is it generating revenue?
  • What makes a video go viral? (Hint: It’s not just memes and funny fails.)

In this blog, we will discuss the above three questions in the context of video marketing.

Sandvine’s 2023 Global Internet Phenomena report states – video usage grew 24% in 2022. It equates to 65% of all internet traffic. It shows that Global internet traffic rose 23%. It is mainly because of video streaming, ads, and gaming apps.

Viral videos are high-ROI assets that help SEO, get leads, and push ads. In short, viral video ads are a full-blown marketing campaign. High levels of audience retention contribute to the campaign’s success. The success of a viral marketing video in B2B depends on –

  • A strong narrative,
  • Trending visuals,
  • Thought-provoking or myth-busting ideas, or
  • Sometimes it is just satire comedy involving roleplay

Viral marketing videos enable B2B marketers to reach decision-makers effectively. One key aim of a viral marketing video is to encourage user engagement and social sharing.
We have added tips and examples in this article to help you plan viral marketing videos for your business.

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What are Viral Marketing videos?

Viral video marketing is a strategy that leverages social media. It helps reach a brand’s message beyond its initial audience. These videos bring out strong emotional responses, like humor, nostalgia, or inspiration.

These emotions create a “ripple effect”. They encourage viewers to share them within their networks. Social media sharing helps Viral ads to spread a brand’s message and increase conversions.

The ripple effect of organic sharing can help reach millions in a short span. Algorithms also favor such videos due to their shareability.

For B2B marketers, this is a great tool. It increases the chance of word-of-mouth marketing along with brand awareness and conversions.

Social media platforms like TikTok can help you achieve virality easily. They aren’t just for Gen Z and B2C / D2C brands. TikTok’s short-form videos offer a unique way to showcase your brand. You can share quick tips, and provide behind-the-scenes looks at your business.

For a comprehensive guide on how to use TikTok videos for B2B marketing, check out this article.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Viral - Does it actually mean more conversions?

Going viral can increase your conversion rates. But simply attracting viral traffic isn’t sufficient if your site isn’t optimized for conversion. It’s not just about impressions and views. The goal is to leverage them to increase sales and ROI. Remember, followers don’t always mean increased sales.

Analyzing the metrics and KPIs of your viral marketing videos is important. It helps you understand their impact and optimize future campaigns.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Viral

Advantages Disadvantages
A viral video ad can make a brand well-known overnight. The attention and hype are often short-lived.
Lower cost compared to traditional ads. Virality doesn't guarantee a predictable audience.
Increased traffic to your website. Risk of negative publicity, and high traffic doesn't always translate to more sales.
Higher social shares and visibility Resources are required to manage increased visibility.

Virality provides high views and impressions. But don’t always result in revenue or long-term engagement. Viral marketing videos can be shared across multiple platforms. They help in amplifying the message without extra ad spend.

To get results, you need to create videos that prompt viewers to take action. This involves creating content according to your target audience. You need to address their needs and show how your product or service provides a solution.

A viral video ad can give you more exposure than a large commercial at a fraction of the price. In the B2B space, purchase decisions need more thought and research. Viral videos can simplify complex topics and make your message memorable.

To create a marketing strategy through video ads, check out 25 Top Video Ads That’ll Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy.

What makes a video go viral?

Virality is not just about memes and funny content. Many viral marketing videos were accidental successes. But most are a result of careful planning, data analysis, and strategic execution.

Great marketing videos strike the right balance between social and practical value. They connect with your audience’s feelings and tell a compelling story.

Although there’s no set formula, several factors can help your video go viral. The most viral videos of all time in the B2B space have used a range of elements to achieve virality.

Here are 10 features that you can incorporate into your videos to create your viral content:

1. Social Relevance

A touch of humor can help a video go viral. But it must be relevant to trending industry topics or pain points. Create the best marketing videos that can both educate and entertain potential clients.

2. Narrative Strength

A good storyline will make your video memorable and easier to share. increasing its chances of being favored by algorithms.

Creative storytelling is often found in viral marketing videos. They humanize a B2B brand and make it relatable and memorable to potential clients.

3. Emotional Appeal

Emotional storytelling with the right brand messaging gets shared more. They also help with the engagement metrics – “likes” and “comments” which help the algorithm. The most viral videos of all time often connect with universal emotions or experiences.

4. Algorithm-Friendly Metrics

Initial performance metrics like click-through rates (CTRs) and watch time help the algorithm. Good reach, likes, comments, and shares can also help make a video go viral. Analytics for viral marketing videos provide invaluable insights. It helps you understand audience engagement and content effectiveness for B2B campaigns.

These analytics tools help B2B and SaaS companies generate more leads. To explore the top 10 video analytics tools for B2B SaaS in 2023, visit this article.

5. Strategic Timing

Release your video when you know your target audience is active. Sharing during industry events or product launches helps maximize impressions. Use trending search keywords and connect them to the video to improve search engine rankings.

6. Quality and Contextual Value

A high-quality video with actionable insights increases watch time and shareability. It can help with the “Ripple effect” which is an important metric in viral marketing.

Investing in high-quality production for your viral marketing videos can give long-term benefits. However, even low-fidelity (lo-fi) videos can achieve viral status in a B2B context.

Here are a few more points from “The Science Behind Viral Video” by Dr. Brent Coker from the University of Melbourne. In the article, he concentrates on the psychological context of virality in videos.

7. Self-intensification

Videos that make the person who reshares the video look like an expert or knowledgeable are more likely to be shared. This can be done by providing practical information, busting myths, and offering industry updates.

8. Negative to Positive emotional switch

Top viral videos are known for evoking intense emotions. Shifting rapidly from a negative to a positive feeling can increase this intensity. For example: You could share a success story starting with the challenges you faced.

9. Affinity

Content that resonates on a personal level gets more watch time, and engagement metrics- “likes”, “comments”, and “shares”.

For example: focus on significant industry moments, profiles of influential business leaders, or discussions about common sector challenges.

10. Frisson

Exciting videos go viral by triggering survival instincts or emotions of urgency. In B2B, urgent solutions or new tech can spark a similar “must-share” urge.

In the competitive sector of B2B marketing, growth hacking techniques can give you an increase in impressions and conversions. From customer onboarding to SEO, videos can drive growth in multiple areas. For an ultimate list of video growth hacks, check out this article.

Viral Video Creation: Content Beta's Specialized Tips for B2B Success

When planning a B2B campaign, considering the elements that make viral marketing videos successful can offer a unique advantage in capturing your audience’s attention. Here are a few ways to create viral content:

1. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

ASMR audio or videos induce sensations that are said to move from the head down the body. Recent viral videos have started using these features to leverage sensory experiences and hook viewers.

Pro tip – Use it to demonstrate product features and create interactive stress-reducing content that stands out.

2. Incorporate Power Words

Use compelling words like “best”, “strategy”, or “ROI” in your B2B video titles to attract attention and improve click-through rates. It leverages FOMO to your advantage.

3. Engage in the first few seconds

Hook your target audience within the first 5-7 seconds with an eye-catching visual or interesting narration.

4. Raise Curiosity

Don’t disclose the entire value proposition in the title. Prompt a question to create interest and make viewers want to learn more. It is often a strategy behind the success of top viral videos.

5. Loop for Engagement

For B2B audiences, consider looped videos with unpredictable starts and endings to maximize user engagement and prolong watch time.

10 Remarkable Viral Marketing Video Examples

Evaluating the best marketing videos from competitors can provide valuable insights into industry trends and customer preferences. These can help you create videos with chances of going viral

Here are 10 recent viral videos with analysis of the strategies:

1. MrWhoseTheBoss - “My WORST Tech Purchases”

Attribute Details
Title “My WORST Tech Purchases”
Duration 13 mins 1 second
No. of views 3.1 M (within 8 days)
Approach The use of the power word “worst” in the title induces curiosity. It is a compilation video with multiple elements throughout the duration to keep the audience hooked.
Visual elements
  • special effects,
  • funny memes,
  • GIFs,
  • motion texts,
  • changing backgrounds,
  • stock videos
Audio elements
  • voiceover,
  • special sound effects
USP if any Special lighting effects

2. Marques Brownlee - “The World’s Largest iPhone Has a Secret”

Attribute Details
Title The World’s Largest iPhone Has a Secret
Duration 54 seconds
No. of views 17 M (within 3 months)
Approach Used FOMO in the title with secret and raised curiosity on the world’s largest iPhone. The video is made with a casual approach to make it relatable and easy-going.
Visual elements The use of clips like multiple people carrying the iPhone and using a ladder to execute it makes it interesting to viewers.
Audio elements Voiceover
USP if any Subtitles in other language

3. EspacioNX - “POV: They just added AI Robots to power slap”

Attribute Details
Title POV: They just added AI robots to power slap 💀🤣
Duration 20 seconds
No. of views 137 M (within 3 months)
Approach The video used emoticons in the POV title. The content shows a comedic battle on man vs. machine and makes it highly shareable and engaging. It induces emotions of surprise.
Visual elements
  • AI vs. Human scene attracts attention
  • Text effects
Audio elements
  • Voiceover
  • Applause
USP if any This relates to the conspiracy theory of AI taking over humans.

4. Glozmo - “Keep your car looking great”

Attribute Details
Title Keep your car looking great
Duration 55 seconds
No. of views 356 M (within 3 months)
Approach The video advertised car-cleaning wipes and sprays. They started the video with a DIY-style car painting video and wiped it all clean at the end with their sprays and wipes.
Visual elements
  • DIY,
  • ASMR
Audio elements
  • ASMR
USP if any Hooked the audience with DIY and ASMR and ended that with a plot twist. Made it shareable and interactive.

5. JuTOS TV - “Nutella Chocolate Bucket Dipping”

Attribute Details
Title Nutella Chocolate bucket dipping
Duration 15 seconds
No. of views 394 M (within 2 months)
Approach Used sensory allure, popular ingredients, and trending audio
Visual elements
  • DIY,
  • ASMR
Audio elements Trending audio
USP if any Hooked the audience with ASMR and engaged till the end of the short video causing it to be seen in a loop.

6. Liekick - “Happy Speed - Kickspeed”

Attribute Details
Title Happy Time - Kickspeed
Duration 18 seconds
No. of views 9.7 M (8 months)
Approach The video advertised the footwear brand with the unconventional transformation of sneakers to skates. It makes the audience hook into the video in the first few seconds.
Visual elements Interesting hook of transforming the shoes.
Audio elements Social media trending sounds
USP if any -

7. Joshua Chang - “Airpods comparison: Which one is right for you?”

Attribute Details
Title Airpods Comparison: Which One is Right For You?
Duration 8 minutes, 39 seconds
No. of views 5.4 M (within 1 year)
Approach Minimalistic, focused, no-nonsense approach, offering viewers a straightforward comparison of AirPods options. Its minimalistic style adds credibility, meeting a specific consumer need effectively.
Visual elements
  • Minimalistic
  • Plain background
  • No effects used.
Audio elements
  • Voiceover
  • ASMR
USP if any Direct focus on products with no distractions

8. Tanner Colson: “How to make good espresso”

Attribute Details
Title How to Make Good Espresso
Duration 46 seconds
No. of views 5.4 M (with 1 year)
Approach The video used an educational approach to demonstrate the difference between good-quality and bad-quality coffee. By making this comparison, it not only informed viewers but also subtly marketed the brand's own high-quality coffee.
Visual elements
  • Close-up video inducing ASMR,
  • Subtitles
Audio elements
  • Voiceover
  • ASMR
USP if any The close-up shots of the coffee-making process served as the video's USP. These visuals created an immersive, almost tactile, experience for the viewer.
It captures the textures and richness of the brew, thus elevating the brand's message about quality.

9. Driven Diaries: “Steering wheel simulator 🤗🪀(Subscribe)”

Attribute Details
Title Steering Wheel Simulator 🤗🪀(Subscribe)
Duration 11 seconds
No. of views 5.4 M (within 2 months)
Approach The video's approach is to highlight the simulation between the child's toy steering wheel and the adult's real one, which creates a funny and adorable narrative in a short period.
Visual elements Frequent changes of shots to keep viewers hooked.
Audio elements Funny childlike music
USP if any The music complements the on-screen action and adds an extra layer of humor and relatability. The music helps in engaging the audience emotionally, making them more likely to share it.

10. TD Bricks: “Cursed Lego Pieces”

Attribute Details
Title CURSED LEGO pieces
Duration 9 minutes 25 seconds
No. of views 36 M (1 year)
Approach The video talks about various "cursed" Lego pieces and shares their eerie backstories, offering both entertainment and education. This approach raises curiosity and attracts a wide audience of Lego enthusiasts to people interested in mysteries
Visual elements
  • Special effects
  • Cutouts
  • Frequent changes in background
Audio elements
  • Voiceover
  • Special effect sounds
USP if any The video targets Lego enthusiasts as well as mystery lovers. The use of sounds generating emotions of mystery as well as humor attracts a wider audience.

Gain insights into what drives maximum reach and impressions from these YouTube viral videos. Marketing viral video-making involves a deep understanding of your target audience’s interests and pain points.

Along with YouTube video ads, Twitter video ads offer specific targeting options and engagement metrics. They are ideal for reaching a professional audience. Effective Twitter video ads can increase brand recognition and drive conversions. Check out our article on an in-depth look at the top 10 best SaaS Twitter video ads of all time.

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To maximize ROI, B2B companies are turning to viral marketing videos over traditional advertising due to cost-effectiveness. As discussed in this blog, the potential rewards are immense—from brand exposure to tangible ROI.

Viral ads help dive into untapped markets and start interactions with potential audiences. The key lies in creating content that not only catches attention but also drives action. Those millions of views should translate into meaningful business outcomes.

For B2B marketers, the aim is to balance emotional resonance with practical value. Key performance indicators, such as click-through rates, watch time, and conversions, need to be taken into account.

The above YouTube viral examples appeal to diverse audiences. They use various engagement techniques like ASMR and emotional storytelling.

The tips, strategies, and examples shared in this blog are your guide to using virality for long-term success in your business. Make virality work for you, turn views into leads, leads into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They are a cost-effective method to create brand awareness. In this strategy, businesses rely on their target audience to share the ad campaigns, amplifying the message through organic reach.

Focusing on emotional storytelling, social relevance, and shareability can increase your video’s chances of going viral. There is no guaranteed formula, but factors like timing, sounds, and interactive elements play a vital role.

Yes, viral video marketing can be effective for B2B companies when done correctly. Urgent problem-solving or innovative tech videos with social relevance can trigger a ‘must-share’ emotion in viewers.

Metrics such as views, shares, likes, comments, and conversion rates help measure success. Track how the video is contributing to your business goals with tools like Google Analytics.

The cost depends on factors like production quality, length, and marketing expenses. A high-range video can cost anywhere around $1000-$50,000.

Not all viral videos require a large budget; some low-cost videos have gone viral due to their creativity and emotional impact. In that case, it could start at around $100 which is the price of your smartphone and equipment.

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