7 Video Testimonials from leading B2B SaaS Companies

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June 11, 2024


When it comes to SaaS, building trust is crucial. Potential customers need to know that your product delivers on its promises before they are willing to purchase. One of the most effective ways to build that trust is through testimonial videos.

But what makes a great remote testimonial video?

According to Research by Content Beta –

  • 62% of testimonial videos don’t use visual effects.
  • 76% of testimonial videos fail to include a call to action.

Think about how many leads are being missed!

It’s not just about creating any video, but an effective testimonial video with elements like:

  1. The video should focus on the customer and their story rather than solely promoting the product or service.
  2. Choosing customers who can speak authentically and truthfully about their experience is important.
  3. It’s important to keep the video concise and appealing so that viewers don’t lose interest.

By implementing these strategies in their testimonial videos, top B2B companies have effectively built trust with potential customers.

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    What are Video Testimonials?

    Video testimonials are used to show the experiences and benefits of products and services. They are video endorsements or reviews recorded by customers or clients from a remote location.

    Remote video testimonials offer a more personal approach than written reviews. It allows viewers to see and hear genuine opinions from real people.

    Unlike traditional video testimonials that are recorded in a studio or on-site, remote video testimonials can be recorded from anywhere in the world. It makes them a convenient and cost-effective way to gather customer feedback.

    Additionally, B2B customer testimonial videos can provide valuable insights into how customers use the product or service and what benefits they have gained from it. Video testimonials should be authentic and capture the emotional impact of using a particular product or service.

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    How B2B Companies Can Use Video Testimonials?

    Video testimonials done remotely can be a powerful marketing tool for B2B companies. Here are some ways in which they can be used:

    1. Social Proof

    Remote video testimonials can be used as social proof on a company’s website or social media channels. By showcasing real-life customers who have had positive experiences with the product or service, potential customers can see firsthand how the product has helped others achieve their goals.

    This can help build trust and credibility with prospective customers who may be hesitant about making a purchase.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    2. Content Marketing

    Remote video testimonials can also be used in content marketing. By incorporating these client testimonial videos into your company’s blog posts, social media posts, and website content, you can provide valuable insights to potential customers about how your product or service has benefited others.

    This type of content also helps establish credibility and authority within your industry by showcasing real-life examples of successful customer experiences.

    3. Sales Enablement

    Sales teams often struggle to win prospects and close deals due to the lack of trust between the two parties. However, remote video testimonials from satisfied customers can break down these barriers quickly and easily.

    These videos provide social proof that your product or service is worth investing in, reassuring potential clients that they are making the right choice.

    By incorporating remote video testimonials into their sales enablement strategies, B2B companies can provide their sales representatives with valuable content. It can help them overcome objections and win over potential clients.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI. See video examples.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    7 Best SaaS Testimonial Video Examples to Learn How to Build Trust

    In the B2B SaaS industry, testimonials are crucial to any marketing strategy. They provide social proof that your product or service is worth investing in and can help drive potential customers toward purchasing.

    What better way to highlight your company’s success than through remote video testimonials?

    We have compiled 7 video testimonials from top B2B SaaS companies showing the power of testimonials in how their products have helped businesses succeed. In each testimonial, you will hear directly from satisfied customers who have seen real results from implementing these solutions.

    From cloud-based collaboration tools to data analytics platforms, these video testimonials cover a range of industries. They highlight the versatility and effectiveness of modern B2B SaaS solutions. So get ready to be inspired by the success stories of these top performers in the industry.

    1. Census

    What Makes this Remote Video Testimonial Effective?

    A. Narrative Structure:

    The video follows a clear narrative structure. It starts with the problem faced by Crossbeam, followed by the solution provided by Census, and ends with the results achieved by using Census. This structure helps viewers to understand the context and the impact of Census more effectively.

    B. Real-Life Examples:

    The video shows real-life examples of how Crossbeam used Census to solve their problem. It helps viewers to connect with the story and visualize how Census can benefit their own business.

    C. Emotional Appeal:

    The video uses emotional appeal to create an impact on the viewers. The testimonials given by Crossbeam’s team members are real and heartfelt. It helps to build trust and credibility in the viewer’s mind.

    Overall, these elements help to create an effective video testimonial that clearly portrays the benefits of the Census.

    2. Algolia

    What Makes this Remote Video Testimonial Effective?

    A. Storytelling Approach:

    In this remote video testimonial, Algolia demonstrates how Jack Williams Tire achieved success with the help of its services. The video stands out due to its effective storytelling.

    B. Authenticity:

    The video features real people from Jack Williams Tire who talk about their experience with Algolia’s services. This adds authenticity to the video and helps viewers connect with the story.

    C. Impactful Metrics:

    The video highlights specific KPIs that Jack Williams Tire was able to improve with Algolia’s services. This helps viewers understand the tangible benefits of using Algolia.

    Overall, Algolia’s remote video testimonial effectively displays the success story of Jack Williams Tire and points out the benefits of using Algolia’s services.

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    3. Arrows

    What Makes this Remote Video Testimonial Effective?

    A. Emotion:

    The video captures the emotions of satisfied customers who express their happiness with Arrow’s services. This emotional connection helps viewers relate to the experiences of the customers and builds trust with the brand.

    B. Authenticity:

    The customers in the video are real people who have experienced Arrow’s services first-hand. Their honest feedback adds credibility to the brand and helps potential customers make informed decisions.

    Overall, the Arrows video testimonial is a great example of how B2B SaaS companies can use storytelling to connect with their audience and build brand loyalty.

    4. Sendoso

    What Makes this Remote Video Testimonial Effective?

    A. Authenticity:

    The video features real Sendoso users sharing their genuine experiences with the platform. This adds credibility to the video and makes it more relatable to the audience.

    B. Emotion:

    The users in the video share how Sendoso has helped them succeed in their roles, which evokes emotion and helps viewers connect with the message.

    C. Storytelling:

    The video is structured around the story of how Sendoso has helped these users achieve their goals. This makes the video more memorable.

    Overall, this video effectively shows how Sendoso can help marketers and salespeople succeed, using a combination of authenticity, emotion, visuals, and storytelling.

    5. CloudNexa

    What Makes this Remote Video Testimonial Effective?

    A. Introduction:

    The video starts with Kevin Livelsberger introducing himself and his company, establishing credibility.

    B. Problem:

    Kevin explains his company’s difficulty with multiple data and how the clarity was lacking in implementing the best solution.

    C. Solution:

    He then talks about how Cloudnexa helped him solve all the vulnerabilities and helped them reach 100% compliance.

    D. Features:

    Kevin highlights the key features of Cloudnexa that helped him achieve his goals.

    E. Results:

    Finally, Kevin shares the positive results he achieved through Cloudnexa, including 3 new contracts that resulted in good revenue.

    Overall, the video effectively displays the benefits of using Cloudnexa for the aws platform. It also demonstrates the platform’s ability to solve real-world problems for businesses.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    6. Gainsight

    What Makes this Remote Video Testimonial Effective?

    A. Authenticity:

    In this video, Olive shares their experience with Gainsight Essentials. The video features real customers sharing their experiences with the product, which adds authenticity to the story.

    B. Visual Appeal:

    The visuals are engaging and dynamic, with animations and text overlays used to emphasize key points.

    Overall, this video is a great example of how to effectively tell a customer story and showcase the value of a B2B SaaS product.

    7. Zoom

    What Makes this Remote Video Testimonial Effective?

    A. Visuals:

    The video features interesting visuals that help to hold the viewer’s attention. The visuals include footage of Zoom’s interface, people using Zoom, and Zoom’s features.

    B. Elements:

    The video employs a storytelling element that helps to convey the message effectively. The video features customer stories that explain how Zoom has helped them to connect with their teams, partners, and fans.

    Overall, this video is presented in a way that is relatable to the viewer, which helps to make the video more personal.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    Future of Remote Video Testimonials in B2B Marketing

    In recent years, remote video production has become increasingly popular in B2B marketing strategies. These videos serve as strong assets, allowing companies to feature their products or services through the lens of satisfied customers.

    As technology advances, the future of B2B video testimonials in B2B marketing is looking bright. We will discuss emerging trends and predictions for the future of video testimonials in B2B marketing.

    1. Emerging Trends

    One of the emerging trends in remote video testimonials is personalized video messages. With the rise of remote work and virtual events, companies are finding new ways to connect with their customers.

    Personalized video messages allow companies to connect more intimately with their customers and build stronger relationships.

    Another trend is the use of micro-videos or short form videos. These short, bite-sized videos are ideal for sharing on social media platforms and are perfect for capturing the attention of potential customers.

    2. Predictions

    As technology advances, we expect to see even more innovative uses of remote video testimonials in B2B SaaS marketing.

    • One prediction is the increased use of interactive videos. It allows customers to engage with the content, provide feedback, and create a more immersive experience.
    • Another prediction is using virtual and augmented reality in B2B video testimonials. These technologies can create a more realistic experience for customers, allowing them to visualize and interact with products or services in a new way.
    • Current AI tools like GPT, Claude, and Bard can help write better scripts focusing on what customers like most about a product or service. These AI tools can also create subtitles or translations, edit, etc., and speed up the testimonial video creation process much faster in the future.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.


    Video testimonials are a great way for B2B companies to gain credibility and trust from their potential customers. They can be produced relatively quickly, cost-efficiently, and with minimal disruption to the customer.

    The 7 examples highlighted in this blog show that various B2B companies have successfully used remote video testimonials in their marketing strategy. By learning from these examples, other businesses can apply similar strategies to promote their products and services.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Remote video testimonials have several advantages over text testimonials:


    • Engagement: Videos are generally more entertaining and helps to gain attention better than text. It increases the chance of message retention.
    • Authenticity: Seeing and hearing real customers share their experiences adds authenticity and emotional depth.
    • Visual Element: Videos can use visuals, animations, and other graphics to highlight key points and make complex information more digestible.
    • Accessibility: Videos cater to different learning styles. They are more accessible for individuals who have difficulties reading text.

    The key factors To make a great B2B SaaS remote testimonial video are:


    • Selecting Client: Choose a satisfied customer who can passionately express your product’s advantages.
    • Preparations: send them the interview questions or a testimonial template beforehand.
    • Recording: Ensure high-quality filming with a good camera, microphone, and lighting.
    • Keep It Short: Aim for a 2-3 minute video to maintain viewer interest.
    • Post-Production: Ensure clear audio and appropriate graphics or text.
    • Call to Action: Direct viewers to a specific action.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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