How Much Does Video Production Cost?

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June 18, 2024

How Much Does Video Production Cost

Before creating videos, it is important to consider the costs involved. A clear cost breakdown helps in justifying the budget and understanding where the money will be spent. It helps you spend your money in the right places without wasting it, make informed decisions, and maximize the ROI.

According to Socialpilot, video investments will grow to $92.253 billion by 2024, with 93% of marketers embracing them for higher interaction and ROI. This highlights that there is a growing demand for video production.

Now you might be thinking,

  • How does investing in video production lead to clear advantages for a company’s marketing approach?
  • What unexpected expenses often catch people off guard in the video production process?
  • What are effective strategies for controlling costs during the video production process?

Below, you will find clear details on the cost breakdown – let’s have a look.

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    Video Production Cost Breakdown

    Before deciding the cost of video production, it’s important to understand the breakdown. This is because video production can involve lengthy and complex processes. There are several stages in video production, each of which affects the overall cost of video production.

    Video production fees depend on various factors such as:

    • Complexity of the project
    • Quality of production
    • Experience level of the production team
    • Duration of video

    Having a video production pricing sheet helps you understand the costs involved. To get a clear picture of video production cost, let’s break down the costs associated with each stage of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production.

    1. Pre-Production

    A well-executed pre-production stage helps reduce the overall costs associated with revisions and reshoots.

    a. Scriptwriting

    For writing a script, the cost will depend on the word count, length of the video script, number of drafts, and revisions.

    b. Storyboarding

    The cost depends on the number of storyboard frames, the complexity of the video, and the video style.

    c. Project Management

    Costing depends on the time required for planning, the project manager’s expertise, and involvement throughout the process.

    d. Filming Location Scouting

    The cost depends on the number of locations needed, the travel involved, permits and fees required, and the time spent scouting locations.

    2. Production

    These are the costs/expenses during the actual filming, as well as video production services pricing.

    a. On-Screen Talent

    The cost depends upon the number of actors required, their expertise, experience level, and number of hours they work.

    b. Production Crew

    Costing depends on the number of crew members, their roles, experience levels, and the project’s duration.

    c. Equipment

    Costs vary based on the type and quality of equipment needed, the duration of the shoot, and whether the equipment is rented or owned.

    d. Filming

    The cost is influenced by the number of filming days, the scale of production, the complexity of the filming process, etc

    e. Set Design and Props

    Costs depend on the complexity and scale of the sets, the materials used, and the labor required for design and construction. (applicable only for live-action shoots).

    f. Software

    The cost depends on the specific software required, licensing fees, and the duration of use.

    g. Animation

    The cost of animation depends on style (2D, 3D, motion graphics), complexity, the length of the animated sequences, and the skills and experience of the animators involved.

    3. Post-Production

    These are costs involved in the latter stages of video production.

    a. Editing

    The video editing rates vary based on the length of the footage, the complexity of the edits, the special effects added, the software, and the equipment used.

    b. Visual Assets

    Cost depends on the number of visual assets needed, whether they are custom-made or sourced from stock libraries or AI-generated, and any licensing fees involved.

    c. Sound Design and Music

    Costing is based on the need for custom music or sound effects, the use of licensed music, and the expertise of the sound designers.

    d. Color Grading

    This depends on the length of the footage, the desired quality, and the style of the color grading.

    e. Voice-Over Recording

    It depends on the length of the script, the experience of the voice-over artist, or if the audio is AI-generated.

    4. Additional Costs

    It’s important to remember that there might be extra costs, so it is better to have flexibility in the budget for unexpected expenses.

    a. Revisions and Feedback

    The cost depends on the number of revisions requested, the complexity of the changes, and the time required.

    b. Additional elements

    For advanced video production, there are additional factors that contribute to the increased cost. These include:

    1. Mixed Media Editing
    2. Premium VFX
    3. Detail-oriented and customized for target audience scripting
    4. On-Location Shooting
    5. 3D Animations

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    How Much Does Video Production Cost?

    Video production costs depend on various factors such as project complexity, video duration, video style, production team (in-house or outsourced), revisions required, etc. Additionally, the choice between animation and live-action filming can significantly impact video production prices.

    The animation requires less production costs as you don’t need to rent locations or pay actors. Instead, you hire animators and use software. With live-action filming, you have to pay for locations, actors, and sets, so it’s usually more expensive.

    Here is a video production cost estimator for common video content types:

    Video Type Basic High-end
    Explainer Videos $2000 - $5000 $5000 - $15000
    Testimonial Videos $1000 - $5000 $3000 - $5000
    Product Demo Videos $2500 - $6000 $6000 - $12000
    Training Videos $1000 - $3500 per minute $3500 - $8000 per minute

    Video Production Cost per Minute

    Video production cost per minute is around $1000 to $5000. This applies to simple animation and basic live-action videos.

    The average cost of video production per minute for advanced productions ranges upwards of $10,000. These include – illustrated character animations, high-quality motion graphics, and editing.

    Here is an estimate of video production cost per minute. It is based on video production quality: In-House Video Production, Freelancers, and Video Production Agency

    Video Production Type Description Cost per minute
    In-house Video Production Service Internal creative teams work on all stages of production, from ideation to post-production. $1000 - $3000
    Freelance Video Production Service Individual creators work on a one-off or contractual basis. $1000 - $5000
    Basic Video Production Service Basic video with minimal editing and graphics. $3500 - $8000
    High-end Video Production Service Elaborate editing, animations, music, and professional filming. $10,000 - $30,000+

    What Services Do Video Production Companies Offer?

    Video production companies offer a range of services to meet the diverse needs of businesses. They aim to ensure high-quality video content that caters to the target audience. These services are provided across the entire production process i.e. from initial planning to final distribution.

    1. Planning and Strategization

    Video production companies and clients discuss the brief, type of video, and ICPs. Production companies give their suggestions and provide an estimate for the video production fees.

    2. Pre-Production

    This stage includes finalizing scripts and creating storyboards. It includes visually planning out the sequence of shots in your video. It helps in making decisions related to locations, characters, design, and equipment. You can refer to our video pre-production checklist, if needed.

    3. Production

    For live-action videos, production companies arrange a proper location, build the set (props, backgrounds), and shoot the video with actors, production crew, etc. Whereas for animation videos, they create character & environment designs, add animations, screen recordings, etc.

    4. Post-Production

    Post-production includes video editing, color grading, adding visual effects, adding music and voiceovers, adding subtitles, text, etc. Production companies also make any necessary edits & revisions based on your feedback. You can refer to our video post-production checklist, if needed.

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    Investing in quality videos is essential to connect with your audience and achieve marketing goals. As you plan your next budget for video production pricing, understand the costs for different types of content. Knowing expenses and cost breakdowns helps you use your resources wisely.

    When making videos, you can choose between doing it in-house, hiring a production company, or working with a freelancer. Each has its pros and cons, like cost and expertise. Choose what suits your needs and budget best.

    Lastly, it’s important to remember that video production costs will always develop on a variety of factors, as discussed above.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Video production costs are influenced by several factors including:

    • the length of the video,
    • complexity of the script and storyboard,
    • the location(s) of the shoot,
    • the expertise of the cast and crew required,
    • equipments needed,
    • set design,
    • post-production work, such as editing and special effects
    • any licensing fees for music or other copyrighted material

    Yes, there can be hidden costs in video production, such as:

    • unexpected overtime for the crew,
    • additional equipment rentals due to unforeseen needs,
    • post-production revisions,
    • costs associated with securing rights or licenses for music, footage, and special effects.

    Yes, different types of videos have different cost structures. For example,

    • Commercials often have a higher cost per minute due to their high production values and the need to deliver a message succinctly.
    • Educational and corporate videos might have lower costs if they require less specialized talent and fewer locations.

    The cost difference between DIY and professional video production can be significant.

    • DIY production might save on labor costs but can incur higher costs due to the need for equipment purchase or rental and potentially lower quality results that might not meet objectives, leading to rework.
    • Professional production, while initially more expensive, leverages expertise and equipment that can ensure a high-quality product that meets goals effectively, potentially offering better value for the investment.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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