5 Best Video Marketing Case Studies from 2020 to 2024

The world has changed a lot since 2020 – remote working, shorter attention span, short-form videos, buyer journey becoming non-linear, and rapid development of AI tools. Keep your strategy up to date.

That is why we chose successful examples of recent video marketing case studies – from 2020 till 2024.


5 Best Video Marketing Case Studies

Let’s take a look –

1. Koncert

Title: BAI Security Customer Success Story – Koncert

Duration: 2:53 minutes

This video marketing case study is produced remotely by Content Beta.

2. Amplitude

Title: Customer Stories: Square

Duration: 1:30 minutes

3. Confluent

Title: Why Instacart Chose Confluent for Data Streaming | Customer Story

Duration: 3:54 minutes

4. Cloudways

Title: How Cloudways Helps Bigfork Achieve More !!!

Duration: 2:16 minutes

5. Omnisend

Title: Your Success Is Our Success: Celebrating The Achievements Of Our Amazing Customers!

Duration: 1:02 minutes

Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Video Case Study

Here’s a breakdown of strategies you could use to create a strong marketing video case study –

1. Focus on showing real results and ROI

The most compelling case studies highlight specific performance metrics and business impact, like the 743K pounds generated by Ava Estell at a 21% conversion rate. Quantify outcomes.

2. Leverage UGC (user generated content)

User videos and testimonials feel authentic and build trust, as seen in the GoPro and Apolla examples. Involve real customers telling their stories.

3. Personalize the viewer experience

Create an emotive narrative that viewers relate to, with scenarios reflecting their pain points like Dollar Shave Club does through humor.

4. Educate throughout the customer journey

Offer value for viewers at every stage, whether learning about solutions as Ahrefs does via explainer videos or evaluating products through Apollo’s embedded shoppable videos.

5. Entertain and engage for retention

Produce creative videos people want to watch in full, such as GoPro’s extreme sports edits. Gimmicks like Coca-Cola’s celebrity partnerships also captivate audiences.

6. Encourage activations and interactivity

Add direct response mechanisms into videos and campaigns such as Peloton’s usage challenges, to spur measurable actions.


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As AI tools continue to develop, they’re likely to play an even greater role in creating successful video marketing campaigns. Studying these case studies is a smart move to make sure your own video strategy keeps up with the changing consumer behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Start by identifying a success story with clear results. Outline your story, focusing on the problem, solution, and outcomes. Connect with your audience through emotions. Capture B-roll of your customers showing the benefits. Hire a creative video editor or use DIY tools to combine all of these.

Include the customer’s challenge, your solution, and the results. Adding customer testimonials or B-rolls of customers using your product adds authenticity and impact.

Budgets vary widely, from DIY with a smartphone to hiring professionals. Factors include research, script, recording, voiceover, animation complexity, video editing, etc. Plan based on your quality expectations and resources. Check out high-touch services from UpWork/Fiverr or low-touch Creative as a Service (CaaS) subscription providers.

Finding willing participants and product users, storytelling, and aligning the case study with brand messaging are common challenges. If you have the right creative design and video production partner, you can scale up operations and repurpose the content to maximize your investment.

Yes, B2B focuses on ROI, long-term relationships, and different stages of the buyer journey, while B2C highlights customer experience and immediate benefits (ad conversions).

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