How Much Does Video Editing Cost?

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June 5, 2024


The aim of good video editing is to add value. But, how much does video editing cost? The answer to this is fairly simple and obvious – it depends.

In any creative process, cost represents the investment – an input. Value reflects the return – an outcome. In the process of looking at video editing rates, the focus should center on getting good editing quality.

Good editing improves the long-term usefulness and applications of assets which helps in increasing their value. For instance, better editing enables you to reuse and repurpose content.

Brand videos can be used for both prospects as well as new customers and employees. Long-form videos can be broken into shorter clips for social feeds. Animations and motion graphics can come together as video templates for product launch, advertising, or corporate communication.

This is why, to measure the quality of video editing, we look at how the editing makes the story better and helps connect with people who are watching.

Now let’s see what factors the video editing cost depends upon:

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    Factors Impacting Video Editor Cost

    Several key factors impact video editing cost, they include:

    1. Length and Complexity of the Video

    Editing time is longer for extended footage. Videos with numerous scenes and transitions demand extra time and effort. This contributes to an increase in video editing rates.

    2. Quality of the Raw Footage

    The quality of the initial footage affects editing. Good quality, well-lit footage eases the process. But, footage with poor lighting or bad audio needs more correction time and effort. Therefore, leading to more costs.

    3. Type of Editing Required

    Basic editing, such as trimming clips and adding simple transitions, is straightforward and affordable. Advanced tasks, like creating animations and syncing audio-video sources, are more complex. Hence, they lead to higher video editing rates.

    4. Turnaround Time

    Rapid turnarounds for urgent projects increase video editing rates due to overtime and extra resources. Therefore, quicker completion times result in higher fees for quicker service.

    5. Experience and Expertise of the Editor

    Editors with a proven track record and specific skills typically charge higher fees because of their expertise. Editors specializing in particular video types might also have higher video editing rates due to their niche skills.

    6. Additional Elements

    Using special elements such as motion graphics, special effects, licensed music tracks, professional voiceovers, or subtitles can increase the project’s complexity and cost.

    7. Revisions and Feedback Process

    Revision count and feedback complexity greatly affect costs, as each revision adds time and effort. A project with a clear scope and few revisions is cheaper than one with a changing brief.

    8. Scope of the Project

    A wider project scope, like editing multiple videos or various content types, impacts costs. Different content needs diverse editing techniques, which adds complexity and costs.

    9. Software Tools Used

    The use of advanced software can impact editing costs. High-end tools like Adobe Premiere Pro enhance quality but are costly; whereas AI tools like Descript and Synthesia can streamline processes for certain editing tasks. Hence, they potentially reduce costs.

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    How Much Does Video Editing Cost?

    The cost of video editing can vary widely based on factors as discussed in the above section. But here’s a general overview of what the video editing cost can look like:

    1. Basic Editing: This includes simple cuts, basic transitions, and adding titles. The video editing rates for this type can range from $10 to $30 per hour.
    2. Professional Editing: For more advanced needs like color correction, special effects, and sophisticated transitions, professional editors may charge from $30 to $70 to even $100 per hour.
    3. High-End or Specialized Editing: This includes high-end commercial, cinematic, or specialized work, like 3D animation or visual effects. Video editing rates can be $100 to $300 per hour or more.

    For project-based pricing:

    • Short Projects: For small projects like a simple promotional video or a YouTube vlog, video editing rates can range from $100 to $500.
    • Medium Projects: For corporate videos or more involved YouTube content, the range might be $500 to $2,000.
    • Large or Complex Projects: For extensive projects like a short film or a complex commercial, costs can range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more.
    Editing Type Project Description Hourly Rate
    Basic Editing Basic video editing, logging and curating raw footage, performing basic color adjustments, and incorporating music and sounds. $10 - $30
    Professional Editing More refined montage with animated lower thirds and simple motion graphics, advanced color grading, use of licensed music and stock footage, and the use of high-quality transitions. $30 - $100
    Specialized Editing Multicamera editing, intricate animation work, storytelling expertise, exceptional production value, advanced coloring, and video direction. $100 - $300+

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Video Editing Rates Per Minute

    Video editing costs depend on how skilled the editor is and how long the work takes.

    A 1 minute video editing cost is different from hourly editing costs. On average, video editing rates per minute starts at $1.25 and can go up to $10 or more. This translates to an average hourly rate for video to be about $75, for an hour of final edited footage.

    This is the rate of final edited footage which means 1 minute or one hour of edited video would cost this amount. These video editing rates are just for basic editing which can include removing retakes, fumbles, silences + audio enhancement.

    The video editing price can change depending on where you are in the world. If the video needs more fancy editing, it could cost more. Keep in mind that these are just rough ideas.

    The real video editing rates per video might be different for each video project because of special requirements, customisations, or the factors talked about earlier.

    Freelancer vs. Video Editing Company

    When you need to choose between a freelancer and a video editing company, think about:

    • what your project needs,
    • how much money you can spend,
    • how big or complex your project is.

    Freelancers are usually cheaper and more flexible. As a result, their video editing price per video is usually lower.

    They are great for small projects or when you want something quick. They talk with you directly and can quickly change things if needed. But, they might not have lots of tools and can be occupied with other projects too.

    Video editing companies have a team of people who know a lot and have better tools.

    This is good for big or hard projects. They make sure the work is done well and on time, but their video editing pricing is more.

    So, if your project is small or you don’t have much money, a freelancer might be better. But if your project is big or needs special skills, a company is a good choice. Think about what your project needs, how soon you need it, and your budget to decide.

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    Numerous factors contribute to the video editing fees. These include how hard the project is, how experienced the editor is, how long the video is, how quickly you need it done, and what tools the editor uses.

    The video editing charges are more than just the time and tools used. It also shows how creative and skilled the editor is.

    Paying for good video editing is worth it, whether it’s for fun or work. It makes your video better and more effective.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The factors impacting the cost of editing are:

    • Complexity of the project
    • Editor’s experience and skill level
    • Length of the final video and amount of raw footage
    • Required turnaround time
    • Additional elements

    The average cost of video editing per minute starts at $1.25 and can go up to $10 or more.

    Additional Fees in Video Editing:

    • Licensing fees for music or stock footage.
    • Special effects or custom animations.
    • Color correction or advanced audio editing.
    • Costs for revisions beyond the agreed number.

    More complex projects (advanced effects, high-quality graphics, extensive color grading) require more time and skill, leading to higher costs.

    Rush editing services are typically more expensive due to the need for prioritizing the project and working faster, often involving overtime.

    The typical turnaround time generally ranges from a few days to several weeks, depending on the project’s length and complexity. Simple edits can be quicker, while complex projects take longer.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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