Maximize Engagement: 15 Prime Video CTA Examples

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May 16, 2024


You have invested in high-quality video content, SEO, and ad campaigns. Yet, your conversion rates are not satisfying enough. Could your ineffective video CTA strategy be the reason?

For a B2B marketer, CTA videos serve as the bridge between engaging content and actionable outcomes. It turns passive viewers into active participants in your sales funnel.

When it comes to Video Calls-to-Action, these are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • Are your video CTAs just a decorative afterthought?
  • Are your video CTAs building emotional ties with your audience?
  • Could your video CTAs be the missing link in your conversion optimization strategy?

According to a 2019 study by Saleslion, video CTAs can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Integrating a video CTA strategy is a necessity for maximizing conversions and engagement.

This blog provides actionable insights for your video CTAs, ensuring customer engagement and conversions.

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    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    What is video CTA?

    A Video Call to Action (CTA) encourages viewers to take a specific action. It could be clicking a link, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing. In B2B video marketing, a well-placed Call to action is important to convert viewers into leads.

    CTA videos leverage visual and auditory elements to engage viewers and guide them toward the next step in the conversion funnel.

    Below are a few reasons why video CTAs are better than Text-based CTAs:

    Feature Video CTAs Text-based CTAs
    Engagement Level High (Visual + Auditory) Moderate (Visual only)
    Interactivity Can include clickable buttons within the video Usually, a hyperlink or button
    Emotional Impact Strong (due to visuals and sound) Moderate
    Versatility It can be embedded in video platforms, websites, and social media Mostly used on websites and emails
    Cost Generally higher due to video production Lower
    Conversion Potential Generally higher due to increased engagement Varies, but generally lower than Video CTAs
    SEO Benefits Can improve video SEO when used effectively Can improve page SEO

    What are the different types of video CTA?

    Including a CTA video into your marketing strategy increases your conversion rates. Marketers primarily use three types of video CTAs to convince their audience: Verbal CTAs, Text CTAs, and Button CTAs.

    1. Verbal CTA

    Verbal CTAs use a spokesperson or voice-over to direct viewers to take action. It’s effective when the speaker’s credibility aligns with the audience’s needs.

    2. On-Screen Text CTA

    Text CTAs display on-screen instructions, ideal for highlighting specific details like promo codes, making them straightforward for decision-makers.

    3. CTA Buttons

    Button CTAs are interactive elements within the video, guiding viewers to immediate actions crucial for direct engagements.

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    Video CTA Words & Phrases

    Below is a table on some Video CTA words and phrases.

    Note: Most of these CTAs can overlap in more than one category.

    Category CTAs User Intent
    • "Subscribe Now"
    • "Join Us Today"
    • "Learn More"
    • "Get Started Today"
    These CTAs are designed to prompt users to take immediate action.
    KISS approach (Keep It Simple Stupid)
    • “The Challenge” and “The Solution”
    • “Contact Us”
    • “Subscribe”
    • “Play Video”
    The intent here is to offer straightforward and easy-to-understand calls to action.
    Educational Content
    • "Discover How"
    • "Learn More Here"
    • "Explore Our Guide"
    • "Watch Our Tutorial"
    These CTAs aim to promote knowledge and understanding among users.
    • "Secure your data” or “Risk a breach”
    • “Subscribe To The Blog” or “No Thanks, My Marketing is Strong”
    The goal is to nudge users towards a decision by highlighting the negative outcomes of inaction.
    • "Claim Your Free Gift"
    • "Download for Free"
    • "Sign Up for Free"
    • "Free Trial Available"
    These CTAs attract users with offers that have no cost.
    Fear Of Missing Out
    • "Last Chance"
    • "Limited Offer"
    • "Exclusive Access"
    • "Act Now"
    Paired with a time or number of people it is valid for.
    For Example:
    • “Valid For First 100 bookings”
    • “Valid Till 15th May 2023”
    The intent is to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity for the user.
    Event Promotion
    • "Register Now"
    • "Save Your Spot"
    • "Join Our Event"
    • "Attend Our Webinar"
    • "Register Now"
    • "Save Your Spot"
    • "Join Our Event"
    • "Attend Our Webinar"
    Product Showcasing
    • "See the Features"
    • "View Demo"
    • "Explore Our Products"
    • "Check Our New Release"
    The aim is to highlight the benefits of products to the user.
    Alternate Engagement
    • “See It In Action” or “Take a Virtual Tour”
    • “Take a Tour” or “Watch Video”
    • “View Features” or “Experience a Feature Walkthrough”
    These CTAs offer alternative ways for users to engage with the product or service.
    Community Building
    • "Join Our Community"
    • "Become a Member"
    • "Connect with Peers"
    • "Engage with Our Team"
    These CTAs are designed to encourage a sense of community and belonging among users.
    Feedback and Surveys
    • "Give Your Feedback"
    • "Take Our Survey"
    • "Share Your Thoughts"
    • "Help Us Improve"
    The intent is to ask for opinions and suggestions from users.
    Social Sharing
    • "Share This Video"
    • "Follow Us on Social Media"
    • "Join the Conversation"
    • "Spread the Word"
    These CTAs encourage users to share content and follow on social platforms.
    Promotional Offers
    • "Grab Your Discount"
    • "Use This Coupon"
    • "Special Offer Inside"
    • "Exclusive Deal for You"
    The aim is to attract users with special deals and offers.
    Brand Engagement
    • "Discover Our Story"
    • "Explore Our Brand"
    • "Learn About Our Values"
    • "Meet Our Team"
    These CTAs promote brand awareness and loyalty among users.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    15 strong video CTA examples

    Take inspiration from these call to action ideas from the list of 15 compelling video CTAs examples:

    1. Subtle CTA Neil Patel

    Action Phrase: “Subscribe”

    CTA Type: Customer Engagement

    Video Type: Podcast video

    Strategy: The contrast color button subtly hints to subscribe without voicing it out. It sounds less pushy, and the gif which is used creates a subtle message to subscribe—the use of sound effects to induce ASMR.

    In video CTA examples, brands cleverly place the call to action within the first 30 seconds, like in this video.

    2. Customer-oriented CTA- Envato Elements

    Action Phrase: “Get Unlimited Downloads”

    CTA Type: Lead Generation CTA

    Video Type: User-generated Video Ad

    Strategy: At the end of the video, a bold button shows the value proposition of getting unlimited downloads.

    Incorporating a customer-oriented marketing call to action can increase engagement and conversion as the needs and interests of the customer are directly addressed.

    3. Driving immediate purchase- istock

    Action Phrase: “View plans and pricing”

    CTA Type: Simple button embedded in a video on the website

    Video Type: Website video

    Strategy: This is a website video call to action example. It has high-quality videos playing in the background with the button encouraging visitors to the sales funnel.

    4. Customer Engagement with humor - Boostsauce Podcast (by Klient Boost)

    Action Phrase: “Subscribe to get more Sauce.”

    CTA Type: Bold CTA button after the video.

    Video Type: Podcast

    Strategy: The subscribe button is MOST used in YouTube call to action. In this video podcast episode “Boost sauce”, they added a CTA that aligns with their branding and adds more humor than plain old “subscribe”.

    5. Redirection to site: NHS England workforce

    Action Phrase: “Find out more at Specialty training.hee.nhs.UK”

    CTA Type: Informational

    Video Type: Animated video

    Strategy: One of the most commonly used video CTA examples information sites use is asking viewers to “Click the link below to learn more.”. In this video, the Website address is in bold text and provides information on what the page contains.

    6. Clarifying Tagline and Direct Conversion- Grammarly

    Action Phrase: “Download Grammarly”

    CTA Type: Direct conversion

    Video Type: Video ad

    Strategy: Directly leads to their purchase plan, which has a free program. The two taglines come one after the other, reinforcing the CTA. The taglines help to communicate their value proposition clearly and concisely.

    7. Reassuring Tagline- Cengage learning

    Action Phrase: “Let’s Connect”

    CTA Type: Lead Generation

    Video Type: Explainer video

    Strategy: Unlike general video CTA examples like “Contact us”, this video encourages the audience to contact them with a reassuring line: “We are here for you”.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    8. Value proposition : Cengage

    Action Phrase: “Search Now”

    CTA Type: Direct Conversion

    Video type: Video ad

    Strategy: One convincing call to action example in a marketing video is using a tagline to clarify the value proposition. Cengage used a bold and contrast “search now” text with the sentence “Buy Direct, Pay Less”, which hints at savings.

    9. Value proposition: Payoneer

    Action Phrase: “Get Started Today”

    CTA Type: Direct conversion

    Video Type: Explainer video

    Strategy: Attractive button text with the tagline “work global. feel local” enhances the value proposition.

    10. Relationship Building with ASMR sound effects- Hostinger

    Action Phrase: “Subscribe”

    CTA Type: Relationship building

    Video Type: Tutorial video

    Strategy: Verbal CTA with an invitation to maximize the viewer’s website potential. It is a subtle invitation in a casual and friendly manner.

    Some relationship-building Video CTA examples can also encourage micro-interactions, like asking viewers to “like” or “Leave a comment below.”

    11. Value proposition - Elementor

    Action Phrase: “Try it now”

    CTA Type: Direct Conversion

    Video Type: Explainer video

    Strategy: Directs to their pricing page with a free version of the offering. Uses the word “try” to make it sound less intimidating and uses “now” to create urgency.

    12. Information on New features: Zoom

    Action Phrase: “Explore More”

    CTA Type: Informational

    Video Type: Product Launch

    Strategy: Encourages people to know more about the new features of AI. This type of marketing call to action informs potential customers of the audience. It is mainly used at the top of the sales funnel.

    13. Subtle and welcoming CTA - Canva

    Action Phrase: “Ready to keep going?”

    CTA Type: Verbal and subtle CTA

    Video type: Product Demo

    Strategy: Video CTA examples can also be non-obvious; some videos use hints in the voiceover to make their point.

    Canva welcomes the audience as if they have already signed up; it builds a relationship with the viewer and then subtly asks for “ready to keep going” to drive them to the website.

    14. Evernote

    Action Phrase: “Find your productivity happy place.”

    CTA Type: Direct conversion

    Video type: A product demo

    Strategy: Communicates an emotion and assures their app is for productivity.

    15. Epipheo

    Action Phrase: “View Services”

    CTA Type: Direct Conversion

    Video type: Animated website video

    Strategy: An interactive button redirecting to the landing page. The text, along with the button, enhances the value proposition.

    These call to action ideas in the video CTA examples can help you identify which resonates most with your audience and can help you improve conversion rates. Incorporating a CTA video into your marketing strategy can provide a dynamic touchpoint and a memorable way to guide users towards conversion. 

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    How to write a good call to action?- Tips and Tricks by Content Beta.

    Video CTA are not one-size-fits-all. They should be created to fit the brand’s voice and message. Here are some best practices to write a good CTA.

    1. Use Customer-Centric Language

    Make your CTA about the customer, not just the product. For example, instead of saying, “Get a Demo,” say, “Show Me How It Works.”

    2. Highlight Risk-Free Engagement

    If your service offers a free trial or a money-back guarantee, clear that in the CTA. This reduces the perceived risk and encourages clicks.

    3. Appeal to Emotional Triggers

    Among the most compelling call to action marketing examples relate to your target audience’s desires or pain points. For instance, “Build Your Business Empire” could be more appealing than “Start Now”. 

    4. Invite, don't sell

    Be friendly and approachable. A CTA like “Let’s Talk” can be more inviting than a straightforward “Contact Us.”

    5. Convey Enthusiasm with Urgency

    Sometimes, a simple exclamation mark can excite your CTA. For example, “Get Started Now!” or “Get access instantly”.

    6. Highlight Immediate Benefits

    These video CTA examples show the result of the action that needs to be taken. If there’s something accessible or instantly beneficial, make it known. “Get Free Report” can be more enticing than “Download.”

    7. Use Casual Language

    Sometimes, less formal language like “Give it a Try” can be more persuasive than “Start Your Free Trial.

    8. Visual Cues

    Positioning your CTA alongside videos can make it more clickable.

    9. Be Unique and Fun

    Some of the best video CTA examples also use humor to attract the audience, encourage action, and stand out.

    10. Minimize Friction

    The easier you make it for the user to take action, the better. For example, allowing users to log in with existing social media accounts can increase conversions.

    11. Solve a Problem

    Your CTA should offer a solution to a potential customer’s problem. For example, a cybersecurity firm can use “Secure My Network Now”.

    12. Relevant placement in the sales funnel

    Positioning the CTA video correctly within the sales funnel ensures that the call to action is targeted to viewers at the right stage of their buyer’s journey.

    A CTA video integrates motion and sound. It captures attention and drives users to take desired actions more effectively than static CTAs.

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    In the ever-competitive B2B industry, mastering the art of Video CTAs is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. From the type of CTA to its placement, every detail matters in converting a viewer into a lead and, eventually, a customer.

    As we’ve seen, the most effective CTAs speak directly to the customer’s needs, minimize friction, and offer immediate value. Marketers can gather insights to craft effective calls to action by examining various video CTA examples.

    Whether you’re using verbal, text, or button CTAs, the key is to align them with your brand’s voice and your audience’s pain points. Whether you want to improve customer engagement or drive sales, a well-designed call to action video can make all the difference in your conversion rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    CTA is important in video content because:

    • Encourages viewer behavior.
    • Drives engagement and conversions.
    • Maximizes ROI.

    You can have multiple CTAs, but consider the following points:

    • Not more than 2-3 so you don’t overwhelm viewers.
    • Each CTA should serve a specific purpose.
    • Align CTAs with the viewer’s stage in the customer journey.

    Here are the points for how long your CTAs should last on the screen:

    • 5-7 seconds is a good rule.
    • Long enough to read and understand.
    • Avoid being too short or too long.

    Video CTAs are more engaging than text or images. They offer complex storytelling in concise messages and make the CTAs more compelling.

    Common mistakes to avoid when creating a video CTA are:

    • Avoid unrelatable CTAs.
    • Don’t place it too early or late in the video.
    • Align with video content and funnel stage.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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