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❝ Cut our time both for support tickets and the onboarding process. Our product stickiness has increased! ❞

Kalyan Chakravarthy

Head of Product Enablement

❝ We have less people asking us questions and we see 33% higher free-to-paid conversions. ❞

Arianna Gonzalez

Growth Strategist

❝ When we played product explainer video, the first prospect who saw it, bought our platform. ❞

Chad Burmeister


❝ Content beta has been amazing at creating creatives exactly how we’ve envisioned them even though they weren’t fully thought out. ❞

Peyton Walbeck

Head of Marketing

❝ We see people booking more demos with the product video developed by Content Beta.❞

Andy Karuza

Head of Marketing


Video ads are used to advertise a product, service, or brand on various platforms (like social media). They are designed to engage viewers and drive action. The goal? To convert viewers into customers.

Video ads work as pre-roll ads by playing before a video, mid-roll ads by appearing in the middle, or post-roll ads by appearing at the end. Native video ads are integrated into the platform’s regular content.

Video ads can be used across various platforms and mediums – Television, online streaming services, social media platforms, video-on-demand platforms, mobile apps, websites, email marketing, etc.

Video ads combine visual imagery with sound, creating a multisensory experience. It leads to higher conversion rates, increase signups or sales as well as boosts retention of the message.

While there’s no foolproof formula for a viral video, they tend to have some common elements, such as videos that evoke strong emotions (humor, inspiration, etc.), relatable or innovative content, videos on current events or trends, etc.

The video ad should align with the brand and target the right audience. Even if it doesn’t go viral, it can still be successful in its marketing objectives.

The ideal length for your video ads depends on the platform, the message, your audience’s preferences, and the goal of the ad. It should be at most 60 seconds, but ideally, within 15-30 seconds.

Video ad production costs can be anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 or higher, depending on the length and style of the video ad. Various platforms have different pricing models to run ads as well.

We DON’T need your time in explaining how your product works. We have tried and tested process for knowledge transfer. All we need is your product docs or loom video and demo account credentials.

By character animation, telling a story using animated characters like buildings, trees, people, etc. We don’t believe in creating animated videos for B2B audience. They all look same and makes us look less unique. Our philosophy is telling a story using your product.

We animate your product’s UI screens or codes or the output they generate to tell a story.

All of our content is made from scratch and you have full legal ownership of the files as soon as we deliver them to you. However, ownership to illustrations, vector files, stock videos, and images belong to third party and have license to use without crediting the creator.

We shoot for video delivery within 8-12 days. The two things that hold up delivery are

  1. How well-defined is the scope of the project
  2. The number of iterations of feedback given to our editors (it is best to give a large amount of feedback in the first or second iteration as opposed to many small points of feedback over many iterations).

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Content Beta’s Creative-as-a-service provides you with a dedicated team of vetted designers, motion artists, and video editors for a flat monthly fee. No hiring. No contracts. No hassle. Get a 1-2 day turnaround on small projects. 

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