Use Instagram Story Videos for Business Growth

With over 500 million daily users scrolling through a constant stream of bite-sized content, businesses can’t afford to ignore this viral form of engagement.

  • How can you translate your often complex products or services into the short, eye-catching format of Instagram Stories for business?
  • With many B2B brands still focused on platforms like LinkedIn, could Instagram Stories provide a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to audience reach and brand perception?

The rise of advanced AI features for content optimization and automated captioning is transforming how we engage with digital content and can offer Instagram story ideas for business. Additionally, Augmented Reality (AR) could change product interaction in Stories, offering easy try-ons and immersive brand experiences.


What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. These Stories appear at the top of your Instagram feed, separate from your regular posts.

They are designed to be quick, spontaneous, and visually attractive, with a full-screen vertical format optimized for smartphones making Instagram Stories for business a valuable way to connect with customers more authentically.

Why Should You Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories for business will help you to:

Gather Audience Insights: Polls, quizzes, and question stickers let you learn more about your followers’ pain points, interests, and opinions, directly guiding your future content strategy. It is great for business Instagram Story Ideas

Showcase Company Culture: Highlight your values, team dynamic, and work environment to attract high-quality employees and create a deeper connection with future leads.


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5 Kickass Instagram Story Features for Business Growth

With so many benefits of Instagram Stories, it’s clear why businesses of all sizes are utilizing this impactful feature. Here are some features of Instagram Stories for business:

1. Swipe up

Allows you to link to external websites, products, etc, directly from your stories. Useful for driving traffic and sales.

Why it’s valuable: Seamlessly drives traffic to your website, blog, landing pages, e-commerce platforms, or other important online destinations.

2. Quiz Sticker

A fun way to engage the audience. Let viewers answer a multiple-choice or true/false question in your story. See the results of who got it right/wrong. Good for contests, giveaways, and involving your audience.

Why it’s valuable: Improves engagement as followers love testing their knowledge, building a sense of community, plus allows you to learn insights about your audience’s preferences. These simple Instagram Story tips for businesses effectively create engagement and content.

3. Emoji Slider Stickers

Add an interactive slider that viewers can move to react to your story content. The position of the slider shows a different emoji. Good for getting quick feedback and opinions.

Why it’s valuable: It’s an efficient way to assess sentiment toward products, concepts, or brand messages. Plus, it’s highly interactive and visually interesting.

4. Questions Stickers

Allow followers to reply to a question you ask in your story. You can then reshare responses. Creates engagement and content.

Why it’s valuable: Generates conversation, lets you gather direct insights from your audience, and provides valuable content inspiration for future Stories or posts.

5. Poll Stickers

Polls are a fantastic feature to increase engagement and gather insights. Here’s a valuable tip for Instagram Stories for business: Let you poll your audience with two answer options. Viewers can vote and see real-time results. Useful for market research, voting contests, etc.

Why it’s valuable: Incredibly easy to create, drives instant engagement, and lets you quickly gather opinions from your audience on various topics.

Top 10 Instagram Story Videos Examples for Business Growth

Here are the top 10 best Instagram stories for businesses:

1. Slack

How they used Instagram Story Video: This video highlights the stats that Slack has been able to achieve in terms of providing benefits to its users.

As the Instagram story for business moves ahead, we see the number of likes and appreciation for this SaaS increasing, in turn encouraging the viewer to try out the product. The branding, color scheme, and style are consistent and prominent and hold high recall value for the viewer.

2. Dribbble

How they used Instagram Story Video: Dribbble has cleverly integrated a customer success/ case study with upbeat music and animations on its Instagram story.

The effective testimonial depicts product designer Jai, of Zillow group, as she highlights the benefits of Dribbble. This immediately helps in building faith in the customer about the credibility of the brand. This strategy makes it a perfect example of how to effectively use Instagram Stories for business.

3. Shopify

How they used Instagram Story Video: Spotify has used the Link tool on Instagram stories to make an interactive video to highlight an upcoming event they want to promote.

The details of the Google Meet event to learn about the Shopify platform are listed as well as the link to register. This Instagram reel with photo is interesting and shows happy users interacting with the SaaS, aiming to educate and improve platform usage.

4. InVision App

How they used Instagram Story Video: This Instagram video shows animated features of InvisionApp coming together and intriguing the user about the SaaS. They are provided with the See More option which is a Swipe Up link.

When the viewer clicks on it, they will be connected to a landing page that explains this product in detail to the potential leads.

5. IBM

How they used Instagram Story Video: Here, we see the Chief AI Officer of IBM interact with the potential leads of the brand. In this series of Instagram story videos, which effectively demonstrate how to use Instagram Stories for business he goes on to talk about IBM, the company, its goals and motives, and the benefits it seeks to provide for its users. This video helps in instantly building trust and brand credibility.

6. Mailchimp

How they used Instagram Story Video: Mailchimp is known to be notoriously clever with the use of its Instagram page. Quizzes, Swipe Up Links, Emoji Sliders- they use everything possible to interact with their customers on a daily basis.

This video story here is a simple piece of content but has an interactive factor- with the poll asking about A/B testing for email campaigning. This Instagram video, a great Instagram Story idea for business, will help provide important feedback to Mailchimp on improving their services.

7. Google

How they used Instagram Story Video: Google has been known to create quizzes that are interactive and engaging and still provide ample data for the company to analyze and improve upon.

It demonstrates a savvy use of interactive Instagram Stories for business. This quiz not only talks about Google and highlights its clear branding visible in the video story, but it will also help educate the customer about the product’s password feature.

8. Grammarly

How they used Instagram Story Video: With the help of graphic GIFs, Grammarly has converted this story into an interactive video that will lead traffic to its website.

This Instagram story video is a smart example of applying Instagram Stories for business, is about the blog that the viewer can access by swiping up to understand tips for better writing. It will also establish Grammarly’s authority in this area when it comes to writing, proficiency, language, and grammar, solidifying its place amongst the competitors.

9. Dash Hudson

How they used Instagram Story Video: This post here is a simple video story that helps in creating awareness about Dash Hudson’s webinar quickly and efficiently, to a large demographic of people.

The story involves a simple image and upbeat music, and yet it will prove to be a great reminder for anybody who is interested in this brand’s event.

10. Airtable

How they used Instagram Story Video: Airtable has incorporated what is known as a Company video into its Instagram story. This video takes the viewer on a tour through the company’s office and gives insight into its workings, the employees, and the environment.

This helps in establishing credibility and trust with the viewer and aids in building a more personal relationship which will later lead to loyalty for the brand.

One can increase sales and drive website traffic with these actionable Instagram Story ideas for business.

Instagram Stories Specs

Here below are the Instagram story specs:

  • Dimensions: 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • Minimum width: 500 pixels
  • Video length: Up to 15 seconds
  • Accepted file types: MP4, MOV, or GIF
  • Image file types: JPG and PNG
  • Image size: Up to 30 MB
  • Video format: AAC audio, 3500 kbps bitrate, 30 frames per second (fps)

How to Create Instagram Stories?

From behind-the-scenes glimpses to product launches, these Instagram Stories ideas for business will help you connect with your audience.

Creating Instagram Stories for business can be quite easy once you get the hang of it. Here are a few steps on how to create Instagram stories for business:

Step 1: Access the Story Camera

  • Home Screen: Tap the “+” icon in the top-left corner of your feed (beside your profile picture)
  • Swipe Right: Swipe right anywhere on your Instagram feed to directly access the camera.

Step 2: Capture or Upload Content

  • Take a New Photo/Video: Tap the middle circle button to capture a photo or hold it down to record a video (up to 15 seconds).
  • Upload Existing Media: Tap the gallery icon (bottom left) to select a photo or video from your phone’s camera roll.

Step 3: Get Creative with Editing Tools

  • Text: Tap the “Aa” icon to add text, and play with fonts, colors, and backgrounds.
  • Stickers: Search for relevant stickers for GIFs, polls, quizzes, countdowns, locations, and more.
  • Filters: Swipe left and right to apply different filters or AR effects.
  • Music: Add a relevant track from Instagram’s music library for extra impact.
  • Draw: Use the drawing tool to highlight, scribble, or just be playful.

Step 4: Share Your Story

  • Your Story: To share with all your followers, tap “Your Story” at the bottom.
  • Close Friends: Choose the “Close Friends” option to share only with a select group.
  • Direct Message: Tap “Send to” to share with specific individuals or groups.

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Instagram Stories for business, with their dynamic format and interactive elements, are a modern marketer’s best friend. Experiment with the features outlined above, be bold. and monitor your results.

Remember, consistency is key with using Instagram Stories for business. Even small glimpses into your brand can have a massive impact when presented regularly.

With their power and the accessibility of creative tools, there’s never been a better time to leverage Instagram Stories as an important channel for business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For Instagram Story videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, product demos, user-generated content, and interactive polls or quizzes work best to drive business growth.

Engaging Instagram Story videos are created by keeping them short and concise, utilizing eye-catching visuals, adding interactive elements like polls or questions, incorporating on-brand graphics and text overlays, and posting consistently to maintain audience interest.

Instagram Stories appear at the top of the feed, encouraging more casual, spontaneous content, while Instagram Feed video ads are permanent, allowing for more polished, promotional content tailored to a broader audience.

Recommended tools or apps for creating professional-looking Instagram Story videos include Adobe Spark, Canva, InShot, and Mojo. Some AI-powered tools like Lumen5, Kapwing, Pictory, and VEED.IO can also help with creating good quality Instagram story videos.

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