6 Types of Video Testimonials You Must Know

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June 11, 2024


Video content is gaining popularity in digital marketing. According to Forbes, marketing professionals believe that videos do 70% better job at convincing people than other types of media. Hence, Video testimonials have secured a prominent place in the B2B marketing industry.

Video testimonials display real customers talking about their real experiences with your products or services. They are a great way to showcase what your product does and how it can help potential customers. It increases brand awareness, trust, and credibility.

You might be wondering –

  • What are the different types of video testimonials?
  • Which type of video testimonial would work best for my business?
  • How different types of video testimonials can market your products and increases sales?

We’re going to answer these questions in this guide.

We’re going to talk about six types of video testimonials that can help any business. We’ll give you a simple rundown of each type and how it can drive sales. Our aim is to help you figure out which type of video testimonial is the best fit for your business.

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    Types of Video Testimonials You Must Know

    Let’s talk about the different types of video testimonials – how they can help you market your product/service and drive sales.

    1. Founder’s Testimonial

    A founder’s testimonial is a type of B2B video testimonial. The founder of the company talks about their experience with the product or service, attesting to its quality, performance, or value.

    As the person who built the company, the founder is often seen as a credible source of information and their endorsement can be highly persuasive.

    How do Founder’s Testimonials drive B2B SaaS sales?

    • A founder’s testimonial helps to build trust and credibility. People often trust the words of someone who is heavily invested in and knowledgeable.
    • To create an impactful Founder’s testimonial, it’s crucial to select someone who is well-recognized in the industry and has personal experience with the product.
    • The chosen individual should be able to share specific instances of how the product has facilitated them in reaching their goals.
    • It can create an emotional connection with potential customers by sharing personal stories or motivations behind the brand.
    • It can serve as powerful social proof, demonstrating that the product or service is tried, tested, and trusted.
    • Sensitivity is key when selecting a testimonial – not all founders may be comfortable with sharing their stories publicly.

    Look at this example of a remote video testimonial Content Beta received from the Founder & CEO of

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    2. Remote Video Testimonial

    A remote video testimonial is a type of video testimonial that is remotely recorded. This is a good way to get video testimonials from people who live far away or don’t have the time for an in-person meeting. This is especially useful for companies that operate in many different countries.

    These testimonials add authenticity and personal touch to a review. Viewers can see and hear directly from satisfied customers. It can build trust and credibility in the product or service. Additionally, they are convenient and cost-effective to record.

    How does Remote Video Testimonials drive B2B SaaS sales?

    • They show the benefits of your product and build trust.
    • They highlight the features of your product in a more visual way which can make it easier for customers to understand how your product can help them.
    • They show off your company’s culture and brand values, which is why companies like Buffer and Hubspot have embraced them as part of their marketing strategy.
    • They help increase your conversion rates.
    • They help customers get to know your company and the people behind it better.

    Watch this example remote video testimonial for Content Beta. This customer testimonial video from Lawcus’s Ms. Arianna Gonzalez demonstrates how B2B testimonials can effectively address customers’ questions:

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    3. Customer video testimonials

    A customer video testimonial is one of the types of video testimonials where a satisfied customer speaks about their positive experiences with a company’s product or service. It’s a form of social proof that’s designed to build trust with potential customers or clients.

    The most common objection from prospects, when they hear about the product, is

    • they don’t have a problem
    • they don’t have the budget.

    It’s important to show them that they do have a problem and it’s only going to get worse if they don’t take action now.

    This is a large segment that can help you increases your sales if you can somehow convince them. The best way is by using customer stories that talk about how your product has helped a customer in the past.

    How do Customer Video Testimonials drive B2B SaaS sales?

    • Customer testimonial videos are more credible than written reviews as they provide a more personal and engaging testimonial.
    • They show prospects that your product is a solution for their problems and it will work for them too.
    • They demonstrate the product value proposition without having to talk about features or stats or anything like that.
    • They can be used as client video testimonials because prospects like hearing from others who have had success with your product.

    Watch this B2B testimonial example where Dropbox CIO about how they connected their global offices and brought their teams together with Zoom.

    4. Case Study

    A case study is among the types of video testimonials that gives an in-depth look at how a product or service has helped a customer or group of customers. It’s a real-life example of how a company’s offering has solved a problem or met a need for a client.

    Case studies are similar to customer stories, but they go beyond simple testimonials to show potential customers a relatable situation where a company’s product or service has been of significant value. They also go into more detail about the results that were achieved.

    How do Case Studies drive B2B sales?

    Case studies are a powerful content marketing tool that B2B SaaS businesses can use to:

    • Show their expertise in a particular domain and help convince potential customers about the quality of their product.
    • Display the ROI of your product or service. This information can be helpful for potential buyers who want to know what they’re getting themselves into before they make a purchase.

    Case studies are often written by the person who had the experience (i.e., the customer) but they can also be written from an objective third-party perspective (i.e., an account manager).

    But keep in mind that you should decide what you want to achieve with your case study. This should be aligned with the goals of your company and it should also be realistic.

    This video course created for Kissflow by Content Beta demonstrates how a useful course can meet with success even if the product is nuanced and costs USD550. The entire course was delivered in 8 weeks! Click here to read the case study. The testimonial from their Product Enablement Manager helps reinforce Content Beta’s reputation in the field of B2B SaaS video production.

    5. Animation Testimonial Video

    An animation testimonial video is one of the most popular types of video testimonials that uses animated graphics and voiceover narration to share a customer’s positive experiences. It often presents a customer’s journey, including their initial problem, how they discovered and used the product or service, and the results they experienced.

    Animated video testimonials can be an engaging and easy-to-understand way to convey a customer’s positive experience. They’re especially useful for complex products or services where animation can help simplify and visualize the benefits.

    How do Animated Video Testimonials drive B2B sales?

    • Animated testimonials are visually engaging, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.
    • Animation simplifies complex ideas, increasing customer understanding and confidence, leading to more sales.
    • Animated content is highly shareable, expanding reach and attracting potential customers.
    • Animation is cost-effective and feasible for businesses without live-action resources.
    • Animated videos evoke emotions, creating connections with the brand and influencing purchasing decisions.

    Watch this B2B Animated Testimonial Video for M&M Financial Consulting

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    6. Brand Videos

    A brand video is another type of video testimonial that combines the elements of storytelling, company values, and customer testimonials to improve a company’s brand image. This kind of video focuses on promoting the brand rather than a specific product or service.

    It can be used for many purposes like attracting potential customers, showcasing products and services, educating prospects about how it works or highlighting customer success stories.

    How do Brand Videos help drive B2B SaaS sales?

    Whether you want to promote your business on social media or attract viewers on YouTube, short and sweet brand videos are just what you need. They can be used:

    • To show the different features of your product to help prospective customers understand what your product offers and why it’s worth buying.
    • As testimonials to talk about a company’s mission, history, value proposition, and features that help capture the attention of your target audience.
    • To educate potential customers about the benefits of your service or highlight the success stories of your customers.

    Here is a good example from Microsoft about AI for Accessibility:

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    In conclusion, understanding and utilizing different types of video testimonials can significantly enhance your brand’s trustworthiness and appeal. All the types of testimonial videos serve a unique purpose.

    By leveraging these six types, you can create a more winning and comprehensive picture of your company’s offerings. Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, these testimonial videos can play a crucial role in connecting with your audience, showcasing real-life success stories, and ultimately driving your business growth.

    With a clear strategy and a focus on authenticity, your testimonial videos can become some of your most effective marketing tools. So, start planning your testimonial video strategy today, and let your satisfied customers do the talking!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    B2B testimonials are positive reviews from clients or customers about a product or service they’ve used.

    They boost sales by enhancing credibility, influencing peers, mitigating risk, validating product benefits, and improving SEO. They’re effective because they provide real-world validation, which promotes trust among potential buyers.

    Customer support videos like –


    • Product Demos/Product Marketing Videos: Show your product in action, explaining features and benefits.
    • Case Studies: Deep dive into successful customer stories, with concrete data and results.
    • Thought Leadership Videos: Share industry insights to position your brand as an expert

    Live B2B testimonials are real-time reviews given by businesses about a product or service. They are often conducted during webinars, live events, or live-streamed interviews.

    They provide immediate and interactive social proof, giving potential customers a chance to ask questions and engage directly with the testimonial-giver. It enhances credibility and trust.

    Remote video testimonials are reviews given by customers via digital platforms. It can be recorded from their own locations.


    Remote video testimonials enable businesses to capture and share positive feedback from anywhere in the world.

    Other types of testimonials include –


    • Quote Testimonials: Simple, short quotes from satisfied customers.
    • Social Media Testimonials: Positive comments or reviews shared on social platforms.
    • Audio Testimonials: Customer experiences explored in an audio format.
    • Peer Testimonials: Reviews from well-respected industry leaders or experts.
    • Case Study Testimonials: Detailed accounts of how a product or service solved a specific problem.
    • Influencer Testimonials: Endorsements from influential figures in your industry

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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