6 Types of Instructional Videos for eLearning

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July 4, 2024

6 Types of Instructional Videos for eLearning

You are a Customer Education Manager. You are tasked with creating an eLearning course to onboard new users. How do you select the right mix of videos? Remember, it should keep the learners engaged and show key information.
Business professionals want more than basic information. They seek practical solutions, valuable expertise, and experience. We can use various types of instructional videos to meet their needs. This will help us build better relationships and sell more.
Let’s think about some questions:

  • How can we use interactive elements in instructional videos to increase active learning?
  • What tools or platforms help create interactive instructional video content?
  • What factors should be when selecting the right format for an eLearning video?

So, what are these different types of instructional videos, and when should you use them?

In this blog, I’ll explain 6 key categories with examples. You can use them to create eLearning courses that connect with your audience.

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    What is an Instructional Video?

    An instructional video is designed to teach viewers how to do a task or explain a subject, process, or concept. These videos often feature animations, graphics, and on-screen annotations. It helps to highlight and make the information more focused and digestible.

    There are various types of instructional videos. They are visual tools that use a combination of visual effects, text, and audio to engage the audience. It helps to deliver information in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

    6 Types of Instructional Videos

    Here below are the 6 different types of instructional videos and some instructional video examples:

    1. Explainer Videos

    These types of instructional videos are short, engaging videos. It simplifies complex topics, products, or services.

    SaaS explainer videos often use animation, graphics, and storytelling techniques to make information easy to understand. Partnering with an animated explainer video company ensures that these videos are engaging and effective.

    USP: Communicate complex information to a broad audience in a quick and effective way

    Funnel Stage: Top of the funnel (awareness)


    • Introduce your product or service,
    • Explain its value proposition,
    • Create brand awareness

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    2. Tutorial Videos

    This type of instructional video uses step-by-step guides to show how to complete a specific task or use a product. Some tutorial video examples include software training, DIY projects, or educational purposes.

    USP: Provide clear, concise instructions that viewers can easily follow along with.

    Funnel Stage: Middle of the funnel (consideration and decision)

    Usage: Demonstrate –

    • How to use your product or service,
    • Overcome common challenges,
    • Provide customer support.

    3. Training Videos

    These types of instructional videos educate employees on specific skills or tasks. Employee training videos can be used for education and development.

    USP: Deliver standardized training content in a consistent and accessible format.

    Funnel Stage: This is not directly related to the marketing funnel. But, it is essential for employee development and customer satisfaction.


    • Onboard new employees,
    • Provide training,
    • Meet industry regulations.

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    4. Micro Training Videos

    Micro training videos cover a single topic or concept. These types of instructional videos are short and focused.

    They are ideal for learners with short attention spans or those who prefer to learn in bite-sized modules.

    USP: Break down complex topics into manageable pieces for easy consumption.

    Funnel Stage: Middle of the funnel (consideration and decision).


    • Deliver quick tips, refreshers,
    • Updates on specific features or processes.

    5. Screencasts Videos

    These types of instructional videos use recordings of computer screens. These recordings are often paired with voiceovers.

    These screen recording videos are commonly used for online courses or webinars.

    USP: Show viewers exactly how to perform tasks on a computer or navigate software.

    Funnel Stage: Middle of the funnel (consideration and decision).


    • Demonstrate software features,
    • Present data or research findings,
    • Deliver webinars and online courses.

    6. Lecture Videos

    These types of instructional videos use recordings of lectures given by experts. This type of tutorial video can be used for professional development or to share knowledge with a wider audience, showcasing the strengths of training video production.

    USP: Provide access to high-quality educational content from anywhere in the world.

    Funnel Stage: Middle of the funnel (consideration).

    Usage: Share –

    • Expert knowledge,
    • Insights,
    • Thought leadership

    Some instructional video ideas that could be added to the above types of instructional video are:

    • Animated infographics,
    • Virtual tours, and
    • Interactive videos.

    These would help further improve the engagement and interactivity of the videos.

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    There are many different types of business videos, and new ones are constantly being created. By asking the right questions and trying new things, we can make instructional videos that are fun and helpful for everyone.

    Whether it’s a quick tip or a deep dive into a subject, instructional videos can make learning easier and more interesting. Various types of instructional videos ensure there’s a format to suit every learner.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The best practices for creating engaging instructional videos are:

    • Keeping the videos short and focused on a single topic,
    • Using clear and concise language,
    • Incorporate visuals like animations or graphics to reinforce concepts,
    • Add interactive elements like quizzes or polls to keep learners engaged.

    Yes, there are several free tools available, such as -

    • OBS Studio for screen recording,
    • DaVinci Resolve for video editing, and
    • Canva for creating graphics and animations.

    Many online platforms also offer free plans with basic features.

    You can measure the effectiveness of your instructional videos by tracking metrics. It includes view completion rates, quiz scores, and learner feedback.

    Then, survey learners after they complete the video. Gather qualitative data on their experience and learning outcomes.

    Some of the most common types of instructional videos used in elearning are -

    • microlearning videos (short, focused lessons),
    • screencasts (recordings of computer screens),
    • animated explainer videos.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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