Types of B2B Testimonials and How SaaS Companies can use Them to Drive Sales

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Types of B2B Testimonials and How SaaS Companies can use Them to Drive Sales

As a B2B SaaS company, your marketing team is always looking for new ways to drive sales and increase brand awareness. And what better way to do that than with customer testimonials?

Can B2B testimonials improve B2B SaaS sales?

The answer is a big ‘Yes’. In fact, there are many types of B2B testimonials SaaS companies can use to improve sales. These include customer support videos like remote video testimonials, product demo videos, user experience videos, and success stories.

Product demo videos are great for showcasing the features and benefits of a product and how the product can benefit potential customers’ business.

User experience videos help demonstrate how an existing customer uses the product. This can help to convince potential customers that the product is worth investing in.

Success stories demonstrate how a B2B SaaS has helped another business achieve success.

As you can see, every type of B2B testimonial has its benefits.

As far as numbers are concerned, this Forbes data reveals that marketing professionals believe that video converts better than other mediums by 70%.

In this guide, we will examine different types of B2B testimonials that SaaS businesses can use to showcase their product or service and convince potential customers to invest in it.

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What are B2B SaaS video testimonials and what do they entail?

A client video testimonial is a short video clip that shows a customer talking about their experience with the company’s product or service.

They are an excellent way to show your customers how you helped them, and to give them the opportunity to share their story.

B2B SaaS customer video testimonials are a powerful way to showcase the success of your product or service. By featuring customers who have had success with your product in the video testimonial, you can build trust and credibility with potential buyers.

There are many different types of B2B testimonials, but not all of them are created equal. In this section, we’ll take a look at the five different types of customer testimonials and how each one can be used to drive sales.

Type 1: The Approver

This type of customer testimonial is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a testimonial from a customer who tried your product or service and had a positive experience.

These B2B testimonials are powerful because they come from real customers who have firsthand experience with your product or service. They can speak to the efficacy of your product or service and why it worked for them.

Type 2: The Cynic

This type of customer testimonial is from customers who tried your product or service and found that their specific needs were not met. It need not imply that your product is inferior.

These B2B testimonials can be just as powerful as the first type, but in a different way. They show that you’re not afraid to put your product or service out there and let customers give their honest feedback, even if it’s negative.

Type 3: The Influencer

This type of customer testimonial comes from an expert in your industry who has tried your product or service and approved of it.

Naturally, these B2B testimonials carry a lot of weight because they come from someone who is knowledgeable about your industry and has seen your product or service in action. They can speak to the quality of your product or service and why it’s worth their stamp of approval.

Type 4: The Good samaritan

This type of customer testimonial is from a customer who feels you deserve a positive review.

These B2B testimonials are powerful because they show that your product or service is so good that it attracts unsolicited B2B testimonials.

Type 5: The Skeptic-turned-believer

This type of customer testimonial is from a customer who was skeptical of your product or service at first but is now a believer.

These B2B testimonials are powerful because they show that your product or service can win over even the most skeptical of customers. They’re a great way to show that your product or service is worth its weight in gold.

Now that you know the different types of customer testimonials, it’s time to put them to good use. Start collecting testimonials from your happy customers and using them to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Your marketing team will thank you for it!

What are different types of B2B SaaS Video Testimonials?

Let’s talk about the different types of B2B SaaS customer testimonial videos that can help you market your product and drive sales.

1. Founder’s Testimonial

A founder testimonial is a type of B2B testimonial where the founder of the company talks about their experience with the product and what it means to them.

How to use the Founder’s Testimonial to drive B2B SaaS sales?

A Founder’s testimonial is a type of business testimonial video that can be used to promote and sell B2B SaaS products. A video testimonial from a successful founder or CEO can help to legitimize the product and increase sales.

To create a powerful Founder’s testimonial, it is important to find someone who is well-known in the industry and has experience using the product.

It is also helpful to find someone who can share specific examples of how the product has helped them achieve their goals. It is important to be sensitive when selecting a testimonial, as not all founders are comfortable sharing their story publicly.

By using the Founder’s Testimonial as part of B2B SaaS sales strategy, companies can increase legitimacy and conversions by driving awareness of their products among influential leaders in their industry.

Look at this example of a remote video testimonial Content Beta received from the Founder & CEO of ScaleX.ai:


2. Remote Video Testimonial

Remote video testimonials are a good way to get video testimonials from people who live far away from you, or don’t have the time for an in-person meeting. This can be especially useful for companies that operate in many different countries.

They are useful to convince potential customers about what satisfied customers think about a product or service.

Here is how they help drive sales:

  • They showcase the benefits of your product and build trust because customer testimonial videos are more believable than written reviews.
  • They highlight the features of your product in a more visual way which can make it easier for customers to understand how your product can help them.
  • They show off your company’s culture and brand values, which is why companies like Buffer and Hubspot have embraced them as part of their marketing strategy.
  • They help increase your conversion rates.
  • They help customers get to know your company, and the people behind it, better.

Watch this example remote video testimonial for Content Beta. This customer testimonial video from Lawcus’s Ms. Arianna Gonzalez demonstrates how B2B testimonials can effectively address customers’ questions:


3. Customer Stories

The most common objection from prospects when they hear about the product is that they don’t have a problem or they don’t have the budget. It’s important to show them that they do have a problem and it’s only going to get worse if they don’t take action now.

This is a large segment that can help you boost your sales if you can somehow convince them.

The best way to drive B2B sales is by using customer stories that talk about how your product has helped a customer in the past. These videos feature a customer telling their story about how they used your product or service to achieve success.

So, what other benefits do they offer?

  • They show prospects that your product is a solution for their problems and it will work for them too.
  • They demonstrate the value of your product, without having to talk about features or stats or anything like that.
  • They can be used as client video testimonials, because prospects like hearing from others who have had success with your product.

Watch this B2B testimonial example where Dropbox CIO about how they connected their global offices and brought their teams together with Zoom.


4. Case Studies

A case study is a detailed report of an individual or organization’s experience with a particular product, service or process.

Case studies are similar to customer stories, but they go into more detail about the results that were achieved.

How do case studies drive B2B sales?

Case studies are a powerful content marketing tool that B2B SaaS businesses can use to:

  • Showcase their expertise in a particular domain and help convince potential customers about the quality of their product.
  • Showcase the ROI of your product or service. This information can be helpful for potential buyers who want to know what they’re getting themselves into before they make a purchase.

Case studies are often written by the person who had the experience (i.e., the customer) but they can also be written from an objective third-party perspective (i.e., an account manager).

But keep in mind that you should decide what you want to achieve with your case study. This should be aligned with the goals of your company and it should also be realistic.

This video course created for Kissflow by Content Beta demonstrates how a useful course can meet with success even if the product is nuanced and costs USD550. The entire course was delivered in 8 weeks! The testimonial from their Product Enablement Manager helps reinforce Content Beta’s reputation in the field of B2B SaaS video production.

5. Brand Videos

A brand video is a short, high-quality video that tells the story of a company and its products in an engaging way.

It can be used for many purposes like attracting potential customers, showcasing products and services, educating prospects about how it works or highlighting customer success stories.

How do brand videos help drive B2B SaaS sales?

Whether you want to promote your business on social media or attract viewers on YouTube, short and sweet brand videos are just what you need. They can be used:

  • To showcase the different features of your product to help prospective customers understand what your product offers and why it’s worth buying.
  • As testimonials to talk about a company’s mission, history, value proposition and features that help capture the attention of your target audience.
  • To educate potential customers about the benefits of your service or highlight the success stories of your customers.

Here is a good example from Microsoft about AI for Accessibility:


What are the Top 5 Tips for Successfully Leveraging a B2B SaaS customer testimonial video to increase sales?

When it comes to B2B SaaS customer testimonial videos, there are a few things you can do to ensure they are successful in driving sales. Here are the top 5 tips for effective B2B SaaS customer video testimonials:

  1. Make sure the testimonial is relevant to your target audience. If your target audience is small businesses, for example, make sure the testimonial comes from a small business owner who talks about how your software has helped them grow their business.
  2. Keep the testimonial concise. No one wants to watch a 10-minute video when they could be reading an article or doing something else. Aim for 1-2 minutes at most.
  3. Focus on the benefits of your software rather than features.
  4. Have the person talk about how your product has helped them solve a problem or accomplish something they couldn’t do before.
  5. If you could convince your clients to record a screencast of their computer while they are using your product, that would be like the icing on the cake.

What other benefits, apart from boost to sales, do B2B SaaS Customer Video Testimonials provide?

Video testimonials are not only a great way to boost sales, but they can also provide other benefits for businesses. For example, video testimonials can be used to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

They can also be used to show off a company’s products or services in a real-world setting, which can help potential customers better understand what the company has to offer.

In addition, video testimonials can be used as a form of social proof. When potential customers see that others have had positive experiences with a company’s products or services, they are more likely to want to try them out for themselves.

Video testimonials can also help businesses attract new customers by providing valuable information about the company and its offerings.


Before we wrap up, let’s recap why a B2B SaaSs video testimonial is one of the best ways to close deals.

B2B testimonials have the power to influence your prospects and customers more than any other form of content. They provide authenticity and credibility. They show that you care about your customers and that you have taken the time to hear them out.

Finally, regardless of the type of B2B testimonial that you choose, make sure that it’s done in an effective way. If done correctly, B2B testimonials can lead to increased sales for your SaaS business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you’re looking to drive B2B SaaS sales, one of the best ways to do so is through video testimonials. Customer testimonial videos are a great way to show potential customers what your product can do for them, and how it can help them achieve their goals.

Customer support videos like product demo and product marketing videos can help showcase what you can deliver. When used in conjunction with customer testimonial videos, they can help show how your business operates and what processes you have in place to be able to deliver results over and over again.

Live videos can be done inside a company’s office or at an event. They can be as simple as a few people sitting around talking about the benefits of the company’s products or services, or they can be more elaborate and include special effects such as graphics or music.

Remote video production has made creating remote video testimonials easy. Many B2B SaaS companies are using video testimonial service providers like Content Beta to outsource not only their business testimonial video production but also onboarding videos, marketing videos, and sales video examples.

Question & Answer sessions are another variation that can be used to address concerns. Then there is the “Aha moment” video where individuals talk about how they first discovered the product or service and how it changed their life. Finally, you can use user-generated content that can include anything from customer reviews to user-submitted videos.

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