Top10 B2B SaaS Product Demo Video Companies To Keep An Eye Out For

How To Show Value Propositions Using Product Demo Videos

Top10 B2B SaaS Product Demo Video Companies To Keep An Eye Out For

Do you know which age group is considered the most digital-savvy? It is the Gen Z (“Zoomers”). It is estimated that they will continue to be the most valuable customers for B2B SaaS companies in the future.

Who are these folks? They are the people born between the mid to late 1990s and the 2010s.

However, wooing them is not easy and comes with its set of challenges.

Zoomers prefer to watch branded videos or ads featuring people talking about products, according to this Dana Communications study.

What is your business doing to prepare to cater to their needs and the needs of others who share their buying habits?

In case you are clueless, help is at hand. This guide will introduce you to some of the best B2B SaaS Product Demo video companies out there.

Before we do that, let us understand:

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What is a Product Demo video?

A SaaS Product Demo video is a short, informative video that demonstrates how your software or service works. A well-made Product Demo video can be engaging and interactive, and it helps:

  • Build credibility and show off the features of your product.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your products in an innovative way.
  • Increase conversions and sales by showing the potential customer how a software product works and what it can do for their business.

The importance of these videos is on the rise because they are a proven way to improve conversion rates and make leads more qualified. B2B SaaS companies now regard them as an important investment for their business.

For example, this video is created by Content Beta for AiChat, the A.I-Powered Conversational Customer Experience platform.


What are the different types of Product Demo videos?

A Product Demo video may also be known as a sales video, a product video, or an explainer video.

There are three main types of demos:

  • Live demo videos are used to show how the product works in real-time.
  • Animated demos use graphics and animated characters to show the product features.
  • Video demos use screenshots and clips in the video to talk about how the product is used.

10 Top Product Demo video production agencies

Having understood the basics, let us see what makes the video production companies on our list tick.

1. Wideo

Wideo is a San Francisco-based company, founded in 2012.

They help you create professional Product Demo videos using their easy-to-use templates.

You can also create a video from scratch and add it to the template library and use it as a template for future projects.

Their collection of templates includes App Promo video, Logo Animation, Promo Video, Explainer Video, Instagram Story, App Demo Video, and Video Ad.

Clients: Sprint | Presentation Design Co. | University of Toronto | Staples | and more

Average Price: FREE | BASIC at $19 per month | PRO at $39 per month | PRO + at $79 per month. With paid plans, you get unbranded videos, share video URL & Embed, full graphic, music and scene libraries, and presentation mode.

Work: This B2B SaaS Product Demo video example was created for MassMobileApps, the mobile app building platform.

The message:

The video uses every business’s need to have diversified income, manage their time effectively, and the idea of becoming one’s own boss as a hook.

It goes on to talk about why most entrepreneurs fail because they don’t have the time, expertise, and experience to sell their service.

The video also highlights how mobile is the future of business. The video concludes by offering to help build a mobile app business with their complete white-label program that can help small businesses grow with mobile first solutions.


2. Content Beta

Located in Sunnyvale, California, with offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India, Content Beta specializes in B2B SaaS videos.

They have catered to some top SaaS companies in the world since 2020.

Their services include Product Demo video, Customer support & Onboarding video, Video course, Product Explainer video, Article to Video, and Remote video testimonial.

Clients: Throughput | Leadfeeder | Peoplevine | Galley | servicenow | ManyChat | and more

Average Price: A Product Demo video costs $900 and is delivered in about 12 days. For more details, visit Content Beta Transparent Pricing

Work: This B2B SaaS Product Demo video was created for Catalyze AI, a Predictive Analytics business development platform.

The message:

The video shows how Financial Services and Real Estate professionals can use the platform to identify their target markets.

The side-by-side comparison featuring typical lead generation platforms that use real-time data collected from over 400 million event-driven data points and presented along with their benefits helps the viewers understand the power of the platform.

The advice this video conveys to users is that less time and energy should be spent on bad leads is sure to resonate with marketers.

The use of clean graphics and smooth transitions makes for great viewing.


3. BX Films

This California-based concept-to-consumer video agency was founded in 2010. They are into commercial videos, brand videos, and explainer videos.

They say their goal is ‘to help spread your story as far and wide by being involved in the entire process.

Elaborating further on their business philosophy, they say that their raison d’être is to tell the stories of the pioneer, the adventurer, and the person with a calling deep inside.

Clients: IMB | Intel | GE | Toyota | Whirlpool | and more

Average Price: Pricing by enquiry

Work: This B2B SaaS Product Demo video was created for Meraki-go, a provider of fast and reliable WiFi for small businesses.

The message:

This 45-second B2B SaaS Product Demo video wastes no time in urging small business owners to get the Wi-Fi solution that has many built-in features to grow their business.

It explains how the app can block inappropriate websites and run important applications at full speed. It introduces a sense of urgency in viewers by reminding them that it only takes five minutes to get faster Wi-Fi and easily manage everything through the Meraki app.

The call to action ‘Meraki GO: Get your business going’ is extremely effective.


4. Wyzowl

Wyzowl has been in the business since 2011 and has created 3,000 animated videos for more than 1,500 companies spread across 40 countries.

They call themselves the ‘All-in-one animated video production company.’ They help you create every type of video, from testimonials and teaser videos to live-action and event videos.

Clients: Uberflip | Maven Link | Hiring | paymentshield | Natixis | and more

Average Price: Pricing by enquiry.

Work: This Product Demo video was created for AppToPay. With this app, consumers can pay over time for purchases in their favorite stores without paying interest or additional fees.

The message:

Spreading the cost of purchases without paying interest or extra fees is an appealing idea and is used as a hook.

Details about the app that allows you to select the repayment period for each of your purchases, and automatically collects repayments is used to build on the core message.

The tagline ‘‘Spend it like a credit card. We pay it like a loan’ captures the spirit of the app.


5. Yum Yum Videos

This Argentine video company provides customized demo video production services for every need. They pride themselves on their ability to provide video content services from Startups to Fortune 500 companies.

They serve industries including Healthcare, HR, education, IT and SaaS.

Clients: Walmart | American Express | Vodafone | Natera | Green Geeks | and more

Average Price: Get a quote An animated video can cost between $7,000 and $15,000.

Work: This B2B SaaS Product Demo video was created for IngramSpark, an online self-publishing company for printing, distributing, and managing print and ebooks.


This video starts by raising a question every author wants answers for, making an instant connection with every budding author who has had trouble publishing their book.

It explains how Ingramspark can manage their print and ebooks in one place and even deliver it to retailers, direct to customers, or even to readers’ front doors.

The tagline, ‘So what are you waiting for? A finished manuscript shouldn’t be the end of the story. Why not a published book?’ sums up the utility of the app well.


6. Demo Duck

Demo Duck says, “if you need a video, we can make it happen.” They regard clients as partners who can contribute to developing ideas and concepts.

They have been in the field since 2011 and their offerings include branding videos, TV spots, explainer videos, tutorials, testimonials, demo videos, and more.

2D & 3D animation, Motion graphics, cel Cel animation, Stop motion, and Live action are some of their other areas of expertise.

Clients: NETFLIX | Drop box | Canon | Google | Geiko | and more

Average Price: Cost is dependent on the length of the video length, its style, and complexity. For example, a custom 2D animated video costs between $20-25K.

Work: This animated B2B SaaS Product Demo video was created for Dropbox, a cloud-based file hosting service.


This video is for Dropbox’s corporate market and explains the power of their technology for businesses.

The video uses smooth animations to illustrate the all-too-common pain points like lost files and misplaced USB keys and emailing attachments.

Like all good demo videos, it shifts focus to the benefit and features with great impact using colorful 3D illustrations and flowing transitions.

7. Shoot You

This London-based company was founded in 2000 by two ex-BBC employees. Now, they have a specialist team that includes animators, creative directors, editors, and technicians.

Their main services include animation, film, video, learning, and digital services.

They also offer additional services including podcasts, live event streaming, AR & VR, and
user-generated content.

Clients: BBC | Allianz | J.P.Morgan | Honeywell | amedeus | and more

Average Price: Pricing by enquiry.

Work: This B2B SaaS Product Demo video was created for amadeus, a travel technology company.


The video tells us how online travel is transforming rapidly with the emergence of new players and business models. It goes on to explain what it means for the industry as these disruptions have changed the way people search, compare, and book travel.

The voiceover introduces the Amadeus Live Travel Space and explains how it could help online travel companies to meet the changing face of travel.

It reassures the customers how the platform can help them compete and succeed by boosting traffic acquisition and conversion and expanding their footprint into new markets.

The length of the video is 2:14 minutes, which is longish by current standards. But the video uses it well to answer many questions about the product.


8. Breadneyond

Started in 2008 as a graphic design service, Breadnbeyond evolved into an explainer video company by 2009.

Based in Surabaya, Jawa Timur, they are mainly into App Demo, Customer Onboarding, Customer Service, Teaser, and Product Demo videos.

Clients: Glassdoor | WILEY | Shell | PNB Paribas | Accenture | and more

Average Price: You get a free consultation with all 3 types of packages: Ultimate | Premium | Advanced: Pricing by enquiry.

Work: This B2B SaaS Product Demo video was created for Digivante, a UK-based Digital Quality Assurance and Website & App Testing company.


The video begins with a common concern of eCommerce stores–low conversion rates.

It lists the features and benefits of the tool, such as Google Analytics data enhancement and actionable insights.

It brings in a touch of urgency by mentioning how at the touch of a button users can see the monetary value of the lost opportunities and also prioritize the actions to resolve them.

The video signs off by mentioning how the tool can help teams to prevent further lost revenue.


9. Sparkhouse

This California-based company calls itself a ‘strategy-focused national video agency trying to outdo itself.’

They offer videos mainly in the following categories: Product, Brand, Animation, Social Media, and Crowdfunding.

Clients: Stellar | DENSO | Zodiac Aerospace | SUBARU | and more

Average Price: Most videos range from $10k – $50k. They say the biggest budget-deciding factor is the concept.

Work: This B2B SaaS Product Demo video for ClosingCorp Service, a web-based mortgage lender solution.


This video, at 4:37 minutes, is long but comprehensive. It covers everything the prospective customers need to know about the service.

It tries to anticipate customers’ questions and answers them in some detail, which works well given the nature of the service.

Longer product videos work well in certain instances, and that certainly seems to be the case here.


10. Epic Productions

An Arizona-based video production company that has been offering professional video production and online video marketing services for the last 15 years.

They specialize in Corporate videos, Product videos, Website videos, Graphic design, Online marketing videos, and 360 Video production.

Clients: Arizona Federal Credit Union | Myndshft | xpress Pay | Fontera Telecommunications | and more

Average Price: Get a quote Pricing by enquiry.

Work: This Product Demo video was created for Arizona Financial Credit Union, a federally insured credit union.


The video teaches users how to make a mobile deposit using their mobile phones.

People who know how time-consuming it is to go to a bank or ATM will find the idea of not having to do so appealing.

The video follows a step-by-step path and effectively conveys the core message behind the app.


What qualities should a B2B SaaS Product Demo Video company have?

The factors that help you select the right video company are given below:

  • Client list: It should feature at least half a dozen recognizable brands.
  • Price: It should be just right because the ROI should justify the cost.
  • Deliver: Content should be delivered within a reasonable time.
  • Point-of-contact: They should appoint a dedicated account manager to look after a client account.
  • Portfolio: It should be diverse and align with your brand values.
  • Testimonials: It should have many testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Reviews: It should have good customer reviews on Review sites like G2 or Capterra.
  • Revisions: It should be willing to do a reasonable number of revisions at no extra cost.

Be aware that you may not find all the qualities mentioned in the above list in the companies you want to hire, but make sure that those agencies meet a good number of them.


B2B SaaS companies can make prospective customers convert easily if they can make them understand the ROI.

And the best way to do it is to use Product Demo Videos to educate them about a product or service and move potential customers through the sales funnel.

Why video? Because they can do a far better job of showcasing a SaaS product than any other type of media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A B2B SaaS Product Demo video is a concise video that demonstrates the features of a software. It is a great marketing tool for business-to-business (B2B) companies to promote their products and services to potential customers. Typically, these videos show how a piece of software works and what it can do.

Product demos are a great way to get potential customers interested in your product. They show how the product works and what it can do for the user. There are many types of Product Demo videos that you can use to promote your products.

Screencast video is mainly used for demonstrating software products because prospective customers need to look at the software’s UI, ease of use, and features. Camstasia and OBS Studio are two examples of screencasting software.

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