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Top 10 SaaS Video Production Companies That Help Boost Sales With Product Marketing

Top 10 SaaS Video Production Companies That Help Boost Sales With Product Marketing

Software as a Service (SaaS) companies are fast discovering the power of B2B video marketing as a reliable strategy for boosting their sales.

Many companies are relying on B2B SaaS video marketing to be in the reckoning in an increasingly competitive SaaS market.

Look at these numbers: According to, SaaS video marketing can boost customer retention by 80%.

If your SaaS business has no idea how B2B video marketing works, much less how you can create a product marketing video – you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn why B2B SaaS video marketing is not just another fad. If you are new to B2B video marketing, don’t worry. We have put together a list of the 10 Best SaaS video production companies to get help for your video content needs.

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Part I: 10 Best SaaS Video Production Companies that boost their sales with product marketing

1. Content Beta

Content Beta has created top-notch B2B video marketing content for the world’s best SaaS and software companies. It offers a wide range of B2B SaaS video production services from product explainer videos and product demos to customer education videos and remote video testimonials.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2020
2. Based in Sunnyvale, California | Offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru
3. Major clients Flipkart | Kissflow | JONES | AiChat | Galley
4. Pricing $1,500
5. Rating - G2 4.7/5.0 | Reviews - 28
6. What people liked (from client testimonials) The overall impression is that not only does Constant Beta understand SaaS, but it is also offered at an affordable cost.
7. What people disliked - the G2 website A reviewer observed that the team may take longer than expected when dealing with high volumes.
8. What problem they solved (from client testimonials) One marketer was presented with a contract offer after just a one-and-a-half-minute video created via Constant Beta.
9. Case study
a. Company Leadfeeder
b. Product Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation platform that helps businesses learn which companies are visiting their website, how they got there, what they do on the site, and if they are interested in buying something.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges In a competitive SaaS industry, software features and design change rapidly. Leadfeeder needed to update its existing videos to introduce the newer user interface (UI).
b. How did Content Beta help? Content Beta created a variety of helpful videos, including product demos, explanations, onboarding guides, and remote customer testimonials. Leadfeeder are using these videos to help potential customers make buying decisions and to give them extra value once they're in.
c. Outcome Leadfeeder has an extensive collection of videos to address concerns and increase lead conversion. Additionally, they created onboarding videos for common customer support inquiries to improve efficiency. As a result, their customers now prefer tutorial videos over demo calls.

2. Sandwich

Sandwich is a full-service creative agency and commercial production company that has earned recognition for its expertise in video marketing and branding. They also create commercials, explainers, and other types of videos.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2009
2. Based in Los Angeles
3. Major clients ROTHY’s | IPSY | Slack | TRUEcar | Outdoorsy
4. Pricing $10,000+
5. Rating - G2 NA
6. What people liked (from client testimonials) They offer multiple services from video marketing and branding.
7. What people disliked - the G2 website NA
8. What problem they solved (from client testimonials) They specialize in product explainer videos.
9. Case study
a. Company Slack
b. Product Sandwich has helped launch several popular brands, including Slack.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges Slack's founder, Stewart Butterfield, emailed Sandwich, encouraging them to try it out and make a video about it. Initially hesitant, Sandwich eventually discovered how good Slack was, and realized they could tell their story to help sell it to others who were skeptical about its benefits.
b. How did Sandwich help? Sandwich shot a documentary-style video in their office, showcasing actual interactions between people using Slack instead of technical details and interface shots.
c. Outcome The video helped explain how Slack worked and defined the brand as human and humorous, which remains part of its identity today.

3. Demo Duck

In addition to creating animated explainer videos, Demo Duck also creates product videos and other corporate video content. They believe that video has the power to humanize brands, educate consumers, and promote products.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2011
2. Based in Chicago
3. Major clients GEICO | Canon | Netflix | American Public Media
4. Pricing $10,000+
5. Rating - 5.0/5.0 | Reviews - 8
6. What people liked - The overall impression was that they do an excellent job of scaling down the content into a concise and engaging video.
7. What people disliked - A reviewer noted that their editing on Macs could pose a few problems to those using PCs.
8. What problem they solved - A reviewer was happy that they included everything the company wanted in the video and they were open to our edits.
9. Case study
a. Company Zenoti
b. Product Cloud software that helps salon and spa automation so that the owners can focus on the big picture.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges Zenoti wanted to create an animated video series demonstrating how their software can alleviate the day-to-day difficulties of salon and spa owners, from handling bookings to receiving payments. The challenge was to showcase how Zenoti meets modern business demands while allowing owners to focus on delivering amazing services.
b. How did Demo Duck help? DenoDuck decided to create videos that captured the vibrant atmosphere of salons and spas by using colorful scenes, characters, and settings. It also introduced a character called "Willie" to personify the benefits of automation in handling appointments and reminders.
c. Outcome Through Willie, the video was able to show how Zenoti can help solve specific problems. The story also included a business owner overcoming obstacles with the help of a friendly robot, adding a relatable element for the audience.

4. Commotion Engine

Commotion Engine is a multi-award-winning agency that specializes in producing high-grade animations across multiple sectors. They have worked with more than 400 brands.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2011
2. Based in Marietta, Atlanta
3. Major clients LinkedIn | Dropbox | amazon | Leidos | Wochit
4. Pricing $5,000+
5. Rating - 5.0/5.0 | Reviews - 19
6. What people liked - Their videos helped us launch and iterate on our new offering.
7. What people disliked - A reviewer reported that they had to be significantly involved in the beginning.
8. What problem they solved - The product marketing videos helped the client launch their new product successfully.
9. Case study
a. Company Trimble
b. Product Trimble Inc. offers software, hardware, and services to various industries globally such as construction, agriculture, geospatial, natural resources and utilities, and others.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges Trimble requested Commotion Engine (CE) to produce promotional material for their latest technology, the VerticalPoint RTK Grade Control system. This system enhances the efficiency and reliability of their land leveling and forming solutions, allowing farmers to level their fields with greater precision and at a lower cost, which improves in better water drainage and higher crop yields.
b. How did Commotion Engine help? To appeal to field technicians operating the equipment, Trimble requested a video that highlighted the reliability of their latest innovation. The CE team opted for a 3D approach to effectively showcase the dirt leveling process and demonstrate how VerticalPoint RTK operates.
c. Outcome The video content not only satisfied Trimble, but also led to subsequent requests for product videos from their Precision Ag division.

5. Explainify

Explainify is a leading explainer video production agency specializing in crafting captivating videos to boost brand recognition and engage audiences. They offer diverse content including live-action, whiteboard, and animated explainer videos.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2012
2. Based in Fayetteville, AR
3. Major clients Expedia | Demandbase | Netsuite | Bosch
4. Pricing $5,000+
5. Rating - 4.9/5.0 | Reviews - 16
6. What people liked - A reviewer reported that their vested interest in the success of the project's outcome is what won them the contract to develop the video.
7. What people disliked - A reviewer noted that using the Google form for intake made it a little inconvenient to write in and work on over multiple sessions.
8. What problem they solved - A reviewer says that the video has become an invaluable part of their B2B sales process.
9. Case study
a. Company Hotjar
b. Product Hotjar offers robust website analytics tracking tools to users, including heatmaps, surveys, and session recordings. These tools assist in understanding website user behavior and collecting valuable feedback.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges Hotjar sought ways to regularly create captivating content and enhance their existing videos' deployment strategy. While some team members were skeptical of video creation's time and cost, they remained committed to success and decided to give it another chance after experiencing a plateau in their previous content efforts.
b. How did Explainify help? Following discussions, Explainify was tasked with producing two 15-second videos for Hotjar's Facebook Ads. These videos were later tested against their existing static image ads.
c. Outcome Video ads proved to be more cost-effective and efficient, generating higher click-through rates, conversion rates, and better-quality leads. They also contributed to an increase in the number of account sign-ups and Hotjar code activations on websites. Overall, the video was a superior alternative to static ads.

6. Epipheo

With over a decade of experience in innovative storytelling, Epipheo has created an efficient and effective process that has helped them collaborate with 2000+ brands. With their streamlined system, understanding the message is easy.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2009
2. Based in Cincinnati, OH
3. Major clients P&G | Dupont | Epson | Microsoft | SAP
4. Pricing $10,000+
5. Rating - 4.9/5.0 | Reviews - 19
6. What people liked - A reviewer praised Epipheo's portfolio and team size.
7. What people disliked - A review hoped that they would improve their project management, communication, and cost control.
8. What problem they solved - A review said that they were looking to produce a visual, and easy-to-remember 75-second video to be shared on social media, which Epipheo did a good job of.
9. Case study
a. Company SaaS companies
b. Product Software-as-a-Service
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges Epipheo categorize them as follows: - Uncertainty: For SaaS companies, it can be challenging to sell your product to customers who believe they already have a similar solution in place.

- Confusion: Despite its advantages over traditional software, cloud technology has caused confusion among people. While the concept of using software that isn't physically stored on their computer is clear, the specifics of cloud technology can be unclear to some, and the importance may not be immediately apparent.

- Doubt: To adopt SaaS, people must believe that it will bring value, which can be challenging as it requires them to abandon their current system and transition to cloud technology.
b. How did Epipheo help? - Clarification: Video is an ideal tool to eliminate confusion as it combines visuals with words to explain how SaaS works and why it is worth considering. Once the audience understands the product, they are more receptive to the pitch about its value.

- Specification: Video is effective at demonstrating specific differences, such as how quickly a company can implement your SaaS solution compared to traditional software installation that can take months. This is great for demonstrating value.
c. Outcome They help demonstrate your value proposition using two effective ways:
- Highlighting specific benefits of SaaS such as no upfront investments, scalability, better security, and easier management.

- Sharing a real-life case study of a company that switched to your product and achieved significant savings. These approaches can help erase doubts and illustrate the rewards of switching to your SaaS offering.
d. Work sample This product explainer video from Stackpath, an intelligent web service for security, speed, and scale, explains how to fight security threats.

7. Webdew

Webdew provides comprehensive campaign management, including explainer videos, lead generation, prospecting, and ROI-driven strategies. Their clients include startups and global Fortune 500 companies.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2016
2. Based in Vancouver, Canada
3. Major clients UBER | Microsoft | T-Mobile | Hero Calendar Due
4. Pricing $5,000+
5. Rating - 4.9/5.0 | Reviews - 154
6. What people liked - Reviewers noted that the team can go the extra mile to understand what they were trying to convey in their materials.
7. What people disliked - A reviewer found the monthly fee to be expensive.
8. What problem they solved - The team was able to understand our queries and resolve them instantly.
9. Case study
a. Company Namacoin
b. Product Namaplatform is an Ethereum-based data-distribution platform.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges As part of the client's branding strategy, Webdew had to create a visually appealing and viewer-driven video, which needed to effectively convey a big idea and leave a lasting impact without being too long.
b. How did Webdew help? To achieve this, Webdew focused on designing compelling characters that were relevant to the client's technology. Their main objective was to encourage viewers to take action, and they strategically placed the call to action without coming across as promotional. Additionally, Webdew prioritized the audio narrative to evoke emotions in viewers.
c. Outcome The client achieved their desired goals after sharing the animated video created by Webdew, resulting in significant improvements and successful conversions.

8. What a Story

With an impressive portfolio of over 300 brands from different industries and locations, the What a Story team has mastered the art of short deadlines, budgeting, and creating captivating stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2015
2. Based in Hyderabad, India
3. Major clients Uber | HCL | Kellogg’s | Cascade | HP | KUKU FM
4. Pricing $5,000+
5. Rating - 5.0/5.0 | Reviews - 39
6. What people liked - Reviews reveal that the team is professional yet friendly, economical, and creative.
7. What people disliked - A reviewer felt that their price point was high and a reduced service charge could help them capture more of the market.
8. What problem they solved - One reviewer reported that the videos improved the client’s training process, which resulted in increased sales.
9. Case study
a. Company Feedier
b. Product Feedier is a feedback application that makes feedback attractive and gamified.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges After two years, Feedier decided to update and upgrade its explainer video to better reflect their evolving vision and product.
b. How did What a Story help? The What a Story team’s communication was seamless. They gave regular updates on the progress of our video.
c. Outcome They were able to successfully publish the video on YouTube.

9. Next Day Animations

Next Day Animations deliver complex ideas engagingly and within tight deadlines. Utilizing brilliant colors and visuals, their artistry brings life to any story. With over 50 brands as clients, these experts are a force to reckon with.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2012
2. Based in Baltimore, MD | Minneapolis, MN | San Francisco, CA
3. Major clients Johnson & Johnson, IHG/Holiday Inn, Dannon, SalesForce
4. Pricing $5,000+
5. Rating - 5.0/5.0 | Reviews - 14
6. What people liked - Reviews reveal that they have a fast, friendly, and conscientious workflow.
7. What people disliked - A reviewer felt rushed at times.
8. What problem they solved - Reviews reveal that they are good at explainer videos that are useful for both our sales team and potential customers.
9. Case study
a. Company Trimble Modelogix
b. Product Trimble Modelogix is an enterprise software that extracts project estimate data and actual costs, normalizing prices to the current opportunity's time and location.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges Communicating the simplicity of Modelogix’s software and ease of use.
b. How did Next Day Animations help? They used infographic elements to take Modelogix’s existing branding and enhance it.
c. Outcome The new video uses historical cost data to create accurate cost forecasts for future projects, allowing contractors to provide conceptual budgets even with a limited project scope.

10. CRFT Video

CRFT Video specializes in custom builds tailored to every need and has produced unique and impressive videos within tight deadlines for over 500 brands. Their services go beyond templates to offer a customized approach that creates lasting impact.

Sr. No Item Details
1. Founded 2017
2. Based in Newark
3. Major clients Visa | Liebherr | Grohe | Ebay | Deloitte
4. Pricing $5,000+
5. Rating - 5.0/5.0 | Reviews - 53
6. What people liked - According to reviews, they are extremely efficient and communicate well.
7. What people disliked - Mostly positive reviews except one which mentioned issues related to time zone difference.
8. What problem they solved - The reviews reveal that they are able to increase social media engagement and reach as well as adhere to the vision of the company.
9. Case study
a. Company Beyond Finance
b. Product A debt settlement program that helps people save money and pay off debts faster.
10. How the SaaS company was benefited
a. Challenges The video is intended for viewers who are struggling with debt and are looking for a solution. For this reason, it had to provide clear and concise information about the Beyond Finance debt settlement program and how it works.
b. How did CRFT Video help? The video’s tone is spot on as it reassures and emphasizes that the client is in control of their debt settlement journey, which may be appealing to those who feel overwhelmed by their financial situation.
c. Outcome - Overall, the video is able to present the Beyond Finance program as a viable option for debt relief and may appeal to viewers seeking a structured and supportive approach to debt settlement.

- It also addresses common concerns and questions that clients may have, such as the timeline for settling debts and the role of the client in the process.

Part II: How can SaaS Video Production Companies Boost their Sales with B2B video marketing

In this section, we will learn about B2B video marketing and the role of product marketing videos in selling a product or service.

1. What is product marketing and how are product marketing videos useful?

Here is a short video that explains what is product marketing:


One can compare product marketing videos to an ace salesperson who can make it interesting for customers and prospects by giving an informative and persuasive introduction to a product.

Highlighting product features and benefits with a human touch is the best way to convince customers that they are making the best decision of their life.

It’s also a lot like a movie trailer/teaser – they give you just enough information to understand the product and get you interested in learning more.

2. What challenges do SaaS companies face with B2B video marketing?

SaaS companies must create a strategy after taking into account the following challenges:

  • Many SaaS businesses do not do their homework to understand what customers want, which results in poor communication.
  • SaaS business being a subscription-based model needs to win over more customers every day to generate revenue.
  • SaaS companies must adapt quickly to customers’ changing needs and expectations as technology advances.
  • Choosing the most effective distribution platform can be difficult with so many options available.
  • Customers have high expectations and are not easily satisfied. SaaS companies must deliver on these expectations to retain paying customers.

3. How do you pick the best SaaS video production companies?

To make an informed decision, SaaS businesses can choose the right video production company for their product marketing needs.

  • Video experience specific to the type needed
  • A recommendation from another business or marketer
  • An impressive portfolio or website with well-produced videos
  • Production quality
  • The company’s ease of doing business
  • Services offered
  • Budget and cost considerations

4. Why should you use B2B video marketing for promoting sales?

You can compare product marketing to building a house with Legos. All the pieces are there for you to quickly and easily assemble your product or service so that customers can understand it without spending too much time reading long and boring descriptions.

Using product marketing videos helps your business target prospects with relevant and useful content. The more satisfied and happy the customers are, the more likely they are to come back and order again.

In addition, by engaging with customers, you can get them to love your brand and the way you treat them. The word gets around and before you know you have a host of people wanting to do business with you.

5. What are some B2B video marketing best practices to boost sales?

With B2B video marketing, you can easily convince potential customers to try your software or service. You can use product marketing and demo videos to:

  • Introduce the software product or service quickly and concisely.
  • Explain to viewers how it can help them solve a business problem.
  • Include customer testimonials to strengthen your case.
  • Showcase updated features so that viewers feel like they’re getting value for their money – after all, who doesn’t want something that’s constantly changing?
  • Optimize content for mobile devices so that your videos are easily accessible no matter where viewers are viewing them.
  • Analyze viewer metrics so that you can continue making improvements as needed.

Here is an example of an engaging product marketing video created by Content Beta for VWO, an A/B Testing Platform.



In this article, we discussed the 10 best B2B SaaS video production companies that offer B2B video marketing expertise.

These top SaaS video production companies can help your business to show off product offerings and drive sales with engaging B2B marketing videos.

Lastly, video marketing can help your SaaS business, regardless of whether it’s a startup or a big company. So, now is the time for you to take the plunge and discover what video content can do to your product marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SaaS video production companies help companies create effective videos. These include product videos for demos, training, and marketing. They can take away the pain of producing high-quality videos from SaaS businesses that may not have the time or expertise to create on their own.

Increasing engagement and building brand awareness has been a major challenge for B2B SaaS businesses. However, a SaaS video production company can make it easy for potential customers to understand how a product or service works and how they can benefit from it.

SaaS video production companies can boost sales by making engaging videos that show off the company’s products and services. You can share these videos on social media or on a company’s website to reach a wider audience and improve brand visibility.

Look at their experience, portfolio, pricing, and customer reviews. Get a company that’s worked with businesses like yours and delivers high-quality videos. Lastly, you can ask for referrals or do research online to find the right company.

Rishabh Pugalia
Rishabh Pugalia

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, a creative video and design agency for Tech & SaaS companies. He has been creating content for various tech products & tools since 2014. His video courses on Analytics apps and SaaS tools on Udemy has 150K+ users with an average rating of 4.5 (11,500+ reviews @ Yoda Learning).

Rishabh Pugalia
Rishabh Pugalia

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, a creative video and design agency for Tech & SaaS companies. He has been creating content for various tech products & tools since 2014. His video courses on Analytics apps and SaaS tools on Udemy has 150K+ users with an average rating of 4.5 (11,500+ reviews @ Yoda Learning).

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