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Top 10 Video Analytics Tools For B2B SaaS In 2023

How To Boost Your SaaS Marketing Via Social Media Platforms

Almost all product marketing tools in use today rely on engagement data. Based on open rates and conversion monitoring, email ROI is determined. Advanced analytics are prevalent in social media marketing. However, many business leaders need to effectively use video engagement data and its insights to automate SaaS product marketing operations.

According to Hubspot marketers, the top social media platforms for generating leads from videos are Instagram (66%) and YouTube (59%). So B2B Companies must have Video Analytics Tools for improving performance and generating leads.

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What is Video Analytics for B2B SaaS Companies?

Video analytics data can indirectly influence the success of customer experience efforts. The more user engagement data you can gather, the more effectively you can match that involvement with your current messaging.


Executives can utilize video interaction to prompt more messages by using a B2B video platform with advanced data analytics features. You can use personalized interaction data as your trigger rather than depending solely on email click-throughs.

How does B2B Video Analytics improve your Return on Marketing Investment?

A benefit of using video is that the metrics help you assess things like intent, even though you can utilize many types of content as part of your marketing approach. The most superficial metrics—views, clicks, and downloads—are frequently provided by blog posts, newsletters, and podcasts.

However, video analytics provides you with that knowledge and intent data. Using this data, you can improve your plan to ensure you choose the proper objectives, achieve them, and promote growth.


What are the B2B Video Analytics Tools?

Video Analytics Tools can assess the effectiveness of your B2B product marketing video content using cutting-edge data analytics and then utilize the results to divide audiences based on video interaction. Here is an example of analyzing the video performance of HubSpot.


List of Best B2B Video Analytics Tools

Sr. No Tools Services Offered Average Price
1 Vidalytics Video Analytics, Integrations, Tags $100
2 Content Beta B2B Video Production (Product Demos, Explainers, How-to, Social Media) $500
3 Wistia Video Analytics, Social Stats, AB Testing $100
4 Vidyard Record personalized videos, Deliver Demo Videos $145
5 Videoask Video Testimonials, Workflow Integrations $50
6 DeckLinks B2B Sales Video Presentations, Customer Success Videos $50
7 Loom Calls-to-action, Custom branding $50
8 Mediastudio Twitter Analytics, Video Studio $50
9 Viralstat Social Media Analytics, Competitive Analysis $100
10 Vidiq Social Media Analytics Tools Features $100

The list of Best B2B Video Analytics Tools B2B Video Analytics Tools are as follows:

1. Vidalytics

A video platform for marketers is called Vidalytics. Your videos are hosted there, streamed, and played. Additionally, it has unique Video Conversion Technology, the most advanced method of improving video conversions.

Highlights: Ease of use, advanced features, improved conversion rates, and value for money.

Renowned Clients: Kevin Harrington, Funnel Empire, Credit Secrets


2. Content Beta

A video production company with a SaaS focus is called Content Beta. Studio-quality b2b product marketing video demos and training videos aid SaaS product marketing in gaining, retaining, and engaging consumers. Their professional videos are designed to increase leads and boost sales.


Highlights: Affordable Video, Podcast, and Design Services for B2B Software.

Renowned Clients: Mainstream, Digitech, Bear Robotics, Open Moves

Here is an example of a Content Beta Testimonial Video from various clients, which is helpful for lead generation.


3. Wistia

Through its built-in analytics and video marketing capabilities, Wistia aids in raising brand recognition and monitoring marketing performance. Wistia is the industry leader in brand affinity marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Highlights: Find out how many viewers hit “play,” how many watched, how long they watched, and how many CTAs they clicked.

Renowned Clients: AlayaCare, Impulse Creative, Sales Hacker, MarketScale

4. Vidyard

A tech sales professional would benefit from Vidyard, and its screen recording feature is perfect for product demonstrations. Sales representatives can use Vidyard to record their screens and camera to produce a product marketing video they can share with potential customers and clients.

Highlights: You can do incredible integration to report on the ROI of video and the ability to drive engagement with outbound sales enablement campaigns.

Renowned Clients: Bolt, Digital, Impact, Flow


5. Video ask

Video ask is an asynchronous video platform for B2B sales and marketing teams. With the help of Video ask, users can make a series of pre-recorded films that play in response to the responses received. Video ask is a good fit for sales and marketing teams wishing to engage and pre-qualify prospects through video.

Highlights: Make customized funnels with pre-recorded videos and face-to-face lead generation.

Renowned Clients: Fiverr, Wolt, Recruiter, Jobandtalent


6. DeckLinks

A video platform for B2B sales teams is called DeckLinks. By having a deck link as an embedded video on the website or disseminating deck links on social media platforms, marketing teams can use this technology to support their b2b video marketing campaigns.

Highlights: The platform includes many features designed specifically for B2B sales, including unique CTAs, email capture, corporate profiles, and customized client portals.

Renowned Clients: Wattpad, Inhouse, Overloop, Adadot

7. Loom

For remote teams, Loom is a video messaging platform. Loom is excellent for creating video messages you can send prospective customers and clients. You can simultaneously record with your camera and your screen using Loom.

Highlights: Check who viewed your video, how long they watched it, and how well the CTA worked.

Renowned Clients: Netflix, Hubspot, Greenhouse, Atlassian


8. Mediastudio

Mediastudio is a video analytics tool that allows you to control, track, and make money from your videos on Twitter. It is helpful to review and measure your ad campaigns.

Using this tool, you can examine the number of Tweets written about you and the distinct authors who wrote them. You can also change the time range to daily, hourly, or minutely to acquire more information.

Highlights: Its analytics dashboard, which includes detailed metrics for tweets and videos and revenue from paid videos, makes it simple to assess performance on Twitter.

9. Viralstat

One of the best YouTube video analytics tools is called ViralStat. This tool can monitor, evaluate, and compare any social media profile or video on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Highlights: Analytical Reports, Competitor Analysis, Customizable Reports

10. Vidiq

A SaaS tool called VidIQ assists YouTube creators in finding topics and keywords for optimizing b2b product marketing videos. The saas product marketing tool also has a comprehensive set of YouTube SEO features that help create SEO-friendly tags, titles, and descriptions.

Highlights: Trend Alerts, Views Comparison for Optimized Videos

Renowned Clients: Vidcon, Youtube Creators – Marina Mogilko, Derral Eves,
Tim Schmoyer

What must be measured in B2B Video Analytics?

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are precise measures of performance. A new plan or campaign can’t just be started and left to run its course. Every campaign requires testing, tracking, and adaptation, and that’s where your KPIs come in to reach their full potential.
Here is a list of the essential B2B video analytics to measure:

1. Watch Time

The total number of minutes viewers have spent watching your videos is known as watch time.

2. Traffic

Traffic comes from various sources, including YouTube referrals like search, the suggested section, the homepage, and external referrals like social media or websites that embed your videos.

3. Average Percentage Viewed

The percentage of each video an average viewer watched is the average percentage viewed.

4. Playlist Engagement

You can organize your videos into playlists for easy access. It makes it simple for your visitors to watch videos about their favorite subjects and encourages them to stick with it, increasing your channel’s watch time.

5. Average View Duration

The average view duration is calculated by dividing the time spent watching your video by the total number of plays, including replays.

6. Engagement

Data on attention spans reveals how much time people spend watching your content. This data shows whether or not they gave up on it, which may indicate that the video content needs to be updated. Engagement metrics let you know how well your intended audience responds to your video. Engagement on social media is another sign of how good your video is.

Here is an example of Engagement through Video Ads.


7. Audience Retention

The percentage of people who watch your video until the end is displayed to you through audience retention.


8. Impressions Click-Through Rate

The total number of views divided by the number of clicks is known as the video click-through rate (CTR), often called the play rate or view rate. A solid call to action (CTA) might persuade the audience to subscribe to your video channel, sign up for your corporate newsletter, or even purchase.

9. Re-watches

Social sharing for your video material should be one of your primary objectives. Your audience is massively expanded. The amount of times viewers have watched a specific segment of your video again is known as re-watches. As a result, you are raising brand exposure and generating new leads.

10. Card Click-Through-Rate

Cards are slide-in panels that prompt viewers to perform the desired action, such as watching another video, subscribing to a channel, or visiting a different website, while watching a video.


11. Unique Viewers

The estimated total of people who watch your films over an extended period is known as unique viewers. You can determine the size of your audience with this metric. This viewer number can also determine how engaged your subscribers are with your content.

12. Views Per Unique Viewers

The number of times the typical viewer watches your video is measured in views per unique viewer. This metric reveals whether viewers are replaying your video over and over again.

How to choose B2B Video Analytics Tools?

As B2B leads typically have a longer sales process, there is a greater need for analysis in B2B marketing. Therefore, simple measures like traffic sources and page views won’t suffice. You can choose from the following metrics for product marketing tools:

a. Volume Metrics

Metrics related to the volume include the number of impressions, sign-ups, and downloads. These measurements are crucial from a statistical perspective.

b. Conversion Metrics

The correct data source is crucial in conversion metrics. With the aid of this procedure, lead creation is much more effective, and marketers can better comprehend the perfect buyer path. You can determine how effective b2b video marketing is affecting your bottom line by analyzing this indicator.

c. Velocity Metrics

You may track the speed of each operation or conversion using velocity metrics.


The most crucial step is finding B2B Video Analytics Tools that work effectively for you and your sales and marketing team.

  • Knowing the essential video metrics enables you to make improvements before problems arise.
  • Keep an eye on your monthly recurring revenue and track your customer churn rate to find methods to enhance customer experience.

Once you begin tracking these crucial video metrics, you can uncover methods to improve your results by adjusting your tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

B2B Video Analytics Tools detect Watch Time, Views Per Unique Viewers, Audience Retention, Playlist Engagement, and more.

Due to video analytics solutions, marketing and sales teams can see how their leads and consumers interact with their films. It provides information on their browsing data, preferences, bounce rates, etc.

In B2B product marketing tools, key metrics can help determine how many people have seen your video: Views, Play Rate & Replays, Shares, Impressions, Watch Time, and Click-through Rates (CTR).

SaaS Video Analytics can assist you in lead generation, accelerating the sales cycle, increasing audience engagement, and building relationships with prospects.

The best Saas video metrics to track are the three crucial metrics: volume, conversion, and velocity.

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