Top 10 Training Video Production Companies To Choose From!

How To Create Kickass Video Tutorials For Your Software & SaaS Business

The use of digital technologies is quite beneficial to people. Education is not an exception. B2B SaaS training videos are relatively short but informative guides created to assist individuals in learning better. They are successful because of their easy-going public persona, informative background, and availability.

Training videos are manageable for users and help to understand any material. Many companies want to make learning new things easy for their employees. According to statistical data, more than 71% of employers choose online training and onboarding videos to train employees.

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What is a B2B SaaS Training Video?

A Training Video provides relevant knowledge. You’ve probably wondered how to do something new correctly and turned to YouTube for guidance.

You can learn valuable information from video tutorials that have been researched, gathered, and presented by others. Watching a video is a quick way to learn something new and then go into more detail with reading if necessary.


Why should you have Training Videos?

In a wide range of ways, product tutorial videos can help companies increase brand awareness and sales. They can use the training videos to do the following:

  • It would be best to introduce new products or features in an interactive and readily available format, such as onboarding videos, to potential customers.
  • Focus on providing step-by-step instructions on utilizing critical characteristics of existing customers, which can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • End up sharing on social media and other online channels to boost brand awareness and drive traffic back to the firm’s site.

List of B2B SaaS Training Video Production Companies

There are many training video production companies, many of which tout themselves as the greatest. Here is a list of several qualified businesses, a summary of their offerings, and samples of their previous work.

Sr.No Training Video Companies Services Offered
1 Studio B Films Brand Video Production, Comedy Video Production, Product Videos, Explainer Video
2 Content Beta B2B Video Production (Product Demos, Explainers, How-to, Social Media), Onboarding Videos
3 Wyzowl Animated Explainer Videos, Product Demo Videos & Social Media Videos
4 Click Play Films Educational Videos, Fundraising Videos, Pharmaceutical Videos, Corporate Videos
5 Video Fresh Commercial Training & Educational Videos, Brand Videos
6 BuzzFlick Whiteboard animation, Corporate videos, Training videos
7 Demo Duck Business marketing, Brand promotion, Commercials
8 Explainify Brand videos, Explainer videos, PR Videos
9 Switch Video Motion graphics, Whiteboard animation, Training videos
10 True Film Production Training videos, Educational videos, Explainer videos, Learning Videos, Medical Videos,Recruiting Videos

1. Studio B Films

Studio B Films creates engaging and educational training videos that give employees the knowledge they need to succeed. The most incredible thing about this training video production firm is the collaboration with clients to identify the ideal strategy, voice, and framework.

So, when you want to produce training videos for your own company, contact Studio B Films, who can assist you in creating top-notch instructive material.

  • Renowned Clients: Grammarly, Lending Club, Adobe, Facebook
  • Services Offered: Brand Video Production, Comedy Video Production, Product Videos, Explainer Video Production, Training Video Production, Client Testimonial Video Production, Documentary Production, Digital & Television Commercial Production, Motion Graphics & Animation Production

2. Content Beta

Content Beta is a product marketing agency that also produces media. Conceptualizing videos, writing scripts, creating storyboards, screen recording your videos, and even refreshing your outdated videos are all examples of video production. They manage the entire process of creating studio-quality media content and reprogramming it as required.

The best part is that they only cope with B2B SaaS customer training videos. Their fine-tuned methods verify which content is delivered quickly and inexpensively.

  • Renowned Clients: Mainstream, Digitech, Bear Robotics, Open Moves
  • Services Offered: Product Explainers Videos, Product Demos, How-to videos, Video Editing, Animations, Social Media, Testimonial Videos, Mashup, Remote Video Shoots, Vertical Videos, Ul Animated Gifs, Founder Videos, Logo Reveal, CSS SVG Animation
  • Delivery Time: 1-2 days turnaround
  • Pricing: Starts from $600

3. Wyzowl

Wyzowl has been providing video production services in the UK and worldwide since 2009. Wyzowl is well-known for its innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to video production.

Wyzowl’s team has experience creating training, animated explainer, onboarding, and corporate and commercial videos. Wyzowl’s group claims to have made 2500 videos, which they consider their most significant accomplishment.

  • Renowned Clients: Dell, LG, Deloitte, Kodak
  • Services Offered: Animated Explainer Video, Product Demo Video, Training Video, Interactive Video, Social Media Video, Customer Onboarding Videos, Video Interview

4. Click Play Films

One of the USA’s well-known training video production firms is Click Play Films. The company’s value-driven offerings and team of highly qualified professionals aid in producing the greatest training films to support business expansion.

The firm has created innumerable training DVDs for various purposes, including instructing culinary staff on multiple themes.

  • Renowned Clients: Sony, Netflix, Linkedin, Toyota
  • Services Offered: Web Videos, Educational Videos, Fundraising Videos, Pharmaceutical Videos, Corporate Videos, Social Media Videos, Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Viral Videos, Music Videos, Recruitment Videos

5. Video Fresh

In collaboration with businesses, VideoFresh creates educational videos appropriate for the chosen target demographic, the subject matter, and the intended viewing method.

The US company produces videos for training that people trust the most. They are professionals at creating quality instructional and training videos.

  • Renowned Clients: Monrovia, Peopl, Alluma, Dayspring
  • Services Offered: Testimonial Product Videos, Branded Videos, CorporateTV Videos, Commercial Training & Educational Videos, Brand Videos
  • Pricing: Starts from $7999

6. BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is a multi-award-winning animation video production company. The studio does have a team of scriptwriters, voice-over artists, animators, and illustrators who work together to create incredible videos.

BuzzFlick specializes in two-dimensional animation, explainer videos, whiteboard animation, corporate videos, training videos, and video advertisements.

  • Renowned Clients: Acorn, Findify, Avia
  • Services Offered: 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard Animation & 3D Modeling
  • Pricing: Pro packages starts from $2999

7. Demo Duck

Demo Duck has been in the industry for a long time. Demo Duck has a committed team of artists and directors who work collectively to develop interesting videos for business marketing, brand promotion, commercials, and course materials.

The firm has worked with enterprises of all sizes, from tenacious startups to Fortune 500 corporations. They make eye-catching videos that convey information understandably and memorably.

  • Renowned Clients: Dropbox, Crazy Egg, Netflix
  • Services Offered: Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, Customer Testimonial, Commercial, Video Series, Company Story Videos, Branded Videos, Social Media Videos

8. Explainify

Explainify uses short-form explainer videos to bring brand stories to life. Clients worldwide have come to Explainify when they want to use animation to tell their stories. Their patented, frustration-free process guides clients through a tried-and-true creative technique to deliver the finest storytelling experience possible.

The company researches your brand and works with a team of creative experts with experience in the software industry to produce the best explainer film that fits your brand identity and voice.

  • Renowned Clients: Bosch, Demand Base, Moz, Netsuite
  • Services Offered: Brand Videos, Explainer Videos, Landing Page Videos, PR Videos, Product & App Videos, Sales Enablement Videos
  • Delivery Time: 6-8 Weeks

9. Switch Video

Switch Video is a video production company based in Canada focusing on videography. The studio employs talented animators, designers, and brilliant creators.

The company has produced over a decade of animated videos, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and training videos. The firm adheres to the client communication protocol and keeps them informed of the project’s progress.

  • Renowned Clients: Abbott, IBM, Amazon, CISCO, and HP
  • Services Offered: CRM + Videos, A/B Testing Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Videos, Training Videos, Live Action Videos, Animated Video Series

10. True Film Production

The multifunctional cross-industry training video professionals at True Film Production will collaborate with you to create concepts and scripts tailored especially for video format training.

They clearly understood how to create appropriate and efficient training videos thanks to their experience in the field of training video creation.

Renowned Clients: Google, UPS, Samsung, Salesforce

Services Offered: Brand Identity Videos, Documentary, Learning Videos, Medical Videos, Pharma Videos, Recruiting Videos, Training Videos, Testimonials


Why create a Training Video?

Businesses and organizations are undeniably in a competitive market for hiring the right talent. Having a solid training and development program is critical. Unfortunately, many companies rely on traditional training and development methods to attract the right and efficient talent.

However, several surveys have found that B2B eLearning videos and SaaS customer training are potent and effective ways to transmit educational, informative, and business information at a lower cost. It is also a method of team development.


The following are several convincing reasons why any organization should search out for training video production companies:

1. Cost-effective

There needs to be more money spent on video training to train employees. As you have recorded the video already, you only need a location where your employees can watch it.
Another advantage of just using video in training and development is that you only have to pay once for a source that you will use to produce videos for a long time.

2. Scalable & Flexible

You can also measure your employees’ level of engagement with your training if you create an interactive video, which brings us to our next point.

The additional benefit of training videos is you can customize your particular needs. Because of their adaptability, videos are helpful when adding new concepts.

3. Accessible

Consider how challenging it can be to gather your team at the exact location and time, especially if you have more than 100 employees. Trainers need help with problems, especially when conducting instructor-led training sessions.

Furthermore, sending employees from another country to attend training sessions can be costly. Distributing training materials can also be difficult because not everyone can understand what they read. You can access the training videos at any time and from any location. Employees will press “play,” sit back and watch the training session from the comfort of their desks.


4. Memorable

Companies typically invest in training their employees to continue to maintain what they have learned to apply it now and in the future; when you include visuals in training sessions, the retention rate increases to 65%.

That means people are likelier to remember what they learned from a video than from other training materials such as text files, documents, and web articles.


5. Customer Satisfaction

The difference between a good training video production service and an exceptional one is the attitude of service. Choose companies that prioritize their customers’ needs or offer a customer-centric experience.

Make sure your partners will commit all their skills and resources to support you in achieving your objectives.

6. Better Participation

Videos encourage more interaction. According to Forrester’s research, employees and the HR system will feel up to 75% better after seeing a movie than after reading emails or site content.

In other words, if you want your staff to enjoy the training, you must make it entertaining and engaging, and videos are perfect for doing just that. More than documents and lectures, videos keep viewers’ attention.


A training video is a simple and effective learning method that you can use in various business-related fields. While you deliver information in video content, viewers understand and remember it more effectively. To create a successful B2B SaaS customer training video, hire a production company that meets your requirements and will produce something truly incredible.

Training Videos are a must for B2B Companies due to following reasons:

  • It saves time for your organization
  • Aids in standardizing training
  • It makes it simple to revisit
  • It enhances the effectiveness of business processes.

Suppose you already have an idea and are looking for a skilled training video production company to take it on and make it a reality. In that case, you should check out the Content Beta list of training video production companies mentioned above!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many training video production companies, many of which tout themselves as the greatest. Top producers of instructional videos include Content Beta, Demo Duck, Kasra Design, Switch Video, Sandwich, BuzzFlick, and others.

A well-made instructional video can be a quick and enjoyable method to learn. Training videos frequently have the following advantages: they are affordable, adaptable, simple to use, and scalable, and they boost viewer retention.

Because training videos use visual cues to enhance information retention, they have grown in popularity as a tool for producing exciting content. As they are frequently brief and straightforward to understand, they are one of the best ways for a business to educate its personnel.

Be wise and consider your needs thoroughly before selecting the video training provider. These primary considerations will guide your choice – get the knowledge, decide on a deadline, and set the budget.

Training videos come in various formats, including retail training, sales training, management training, product training, Animated videos, and demo videos.

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