Top 10 Training Video Production Companies in Singapore

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, it can become a challenging task getting everyone in the same place at the same time.
Top 10 Training Video Production Companies in Singapore
When you’re training a big group, it can be easy for employees to miss something, and not everyone is comfortable stopping the instructor to ask them to repeat something.

This results in missed critical information, and the training becomes a big waste of everyone’s time (and your money!).

With video, you can eliminate that problem. Everyone on your team can watch (and re-watch if they need to) at their own pace until they understand the content or topic at hand.

According to Forrester Report

75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles.

If you want your employees to engage with your training videos, you need to make it interesting, and videos are much more likely to keep their attention than basic text documents or classroom lectures.

Creating training videos for your employees is one of the most effective ways to develop your team both in terms of video and engagement.

Nowadays, creating interactive training videos has become a crucial aspect of employee training and development because it can be tailored to whoever is watching.

However, selecting a reliable training video production company for your business is not an easy task! But don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Picking a winning training video production company can bring fruitful results only if you’ve made the right decision to select.

Well, if you’re looking for a company that can save video costs and provides  growth hacks to make your training videos even more attractive, then it’s time for you to pick one from this list.
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Training Video Production Companies in Singapore

Name of Agency Industry Type of Video
Offing Media Real estate, FinCare, Health Training Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Videos, Brand Videos, Event Videos
Content Beta SaaS Product Demo Videos, Product Marketing, Video Course, Training Videos, Onboarding Videos
Gram Videos Ecommerce, SaaS, Education Live Streaming Videos, Client Training Videos, 2d Animation Videos, 3D Animation Videos
Capital M Productions Finance, Ecommerce, Real estate Corporate Videos, Sales& Branding Videos, Training Videos, Commercial Videos, Social Media Videos, Explainer Videos
Few Stones SaaS, Tech, Sports Corporate Videos, Personalized Videos, Live Streaming Videos, 2D Animation Videos
Intuitive Films Finance, SaaS, Tech Webinar Videos, TV Commercial Videos, Product Demo Videos, Animated Videos, Training Videos
Arkchetype Ecommerce, SaaS, Real Estate Event Videos, Explainer Videos, Brand Videos, Corporate Training Videos, Interview Videos
Alta Productions Finance, SaaS, Tech Online Viral Videos, Training Videos, Marketing Videos, Corporate Videos, Launch Videos
Motion Media Works Pharma, Tech, and Healthcare Documentary Videos, Marketing Video Production, Branding Videos
90 Seconds SaaS, Ecommerce, Tech, Finance Event Videos, Case Study Videos, Training Videos, Product Videos, Animated Videos
Training videos capture the attention of your customers effectively and convey the information at hand. As videos are slowly replacing training manuals, Offing Media is making customers happier by creating fantastic and jaw-dropping training videos.

They make use of illustrative shots throughout training videos and highlight key points in numerous ways using animation and graphics.

As one of the top training video production companies in Singapore, they have worked with every major company and delivered a quality output. Budget is a crucial factor while producing an effective training video, but Offing Media provides affordable training video production packages that suit your needs.
Content Beta is an amazing video production company that transforms your boring docs into professional training videos. Born in 2020 till now they’ve produced over 700 minutes of videos with over 30+ SaaS companies.

Every customer comes with different use cases, needs, or metrics for success. Content Beta help clients create engaging SaaS onboarding videos, training videos, product demo videos to get users hooked to the product.

They are a team of tech analysts, video marketers, scriptwriters, video editors, copywriters, story boarders and have spent years experimenting and mastering the process.

The best thing you’ll like about this company is they will create training videos in less than two weeks and at a third of the cost of a traditional video production agency.
Whether you’re looking to create video tutorials or want to help an employee understand the organizational culture and information, Gram Videos is the perfect agency to go for all your needs.

They create great onboarding videos by adding relevant and useful information that is easy to absorb. Firstly, they take time to understand the target audience and then start creating videos to help the employee understand better.

One of the best things you’ll like about this company is they will help you build quality training videos through unique storytelling techniques. Since 2014, Gram Videos has helped businesses win their audience over with their quality training videos.
Capital M Productions is a creative full-service video production company that takes care of everything from development to production and post-production to final delivery.

They are known as the video experts of Singapore because they provide a seamless workflow that ensures success. In addition, this company offers complete HD and 4k video production services to give a profitable result that a client is expecting from a professional video production company.

No other video production agency can put their skills to good use for projects other than Capital M Productions to satisfy clients and deliver output beyond their expectations.
Based in Singapore, Few Stones creates unique and eye-catching training videos that will make you fall in love. Their approach begins with a deep understanding of what you want in your videos to educate employees so that they can transform your story in the most engaging way possible.

Not only this, if you’re looking to engage your employees more effectively, then they create corporate news videos too. Founded in 2001, Few Stones has become one of the prominent training video production companies in Singapore.

Over the years, they’ve worked with 375 clients and created 780+ amazing videos. Their services start from conceptualization to filming and editing. One thing you’ll find interesting about this company is they’ll also train you and your team to shoot videos in-house.
Intuitive Films is one of the preferred and established video production companies in Singapore that you’ll ever find. With a unique concept-drive approach that drives your training video through the clutter.

From creating buzz to educating employees, through training videos, Intuitive films has been serving for 14 years with their commitment to high-quality work and customer-centric professionalism.

They take a holistic look at what’s important to your organization, and work with you to make your message come alive. As we all know a brilliant video isn’t enough these days therefore, they go extra mile to turn boring training videos into a flawless one.
When it comes to creating training videos, product demo videos, motion graphics, visual storytelling, Arkchetype is the best video production company to go for.

At Arkchetype, their priority is to deliver a strategic and seamless storytelling process – on time and budget. Once you’re onboard the Ark, you’ll get the entire team of professionals to help you out.

Also, you’ll get a protective feeling that you are in safe hands throughout your video production journey.
Alta Productions is a reliable and award-winning video production company in Singapore. The company specializes in making corporate and marketing videos, educational and training videos, event and launch videos and e-learning videos for corporations and companies.

They have an experienced set of professionals who know what exactly people want inside the video. With over 20 years of experience derived from being one of the longest-running production houses in Singapore, Alta productions can create videos of any genre.
Whether you decide to get hands-on or have an experienced team plan and manage your marketing video efforts, Motion Media works have the best and right team that would fit your workflow.

This company comes with best practices and up-to-date modern technologies to create a great branding experience, from TV commercials to corporate videos and live streaming.

Motion Media Works Singapore combines technical expertise with a keen aesthetic sense to produce high-quality videos. Their mission is simple: to create well-crafted, informative, and interesting advertising videos for clients in the public and private sectors, as well as our independent productions.
90 seconds has extensive experience in high-quality video production services. They take the time to understand your business and create engaging business videos that match your unique vision and video production strategy.

Whether you’re looking to create employee training videos or corporate production services, 90 seconds has everything to get you covered. From planning through to publishing, you manage the entire video production process on the platform.

Final Thoughts

The use of videos for training purposes has become a trend that shows no indication of going away soon. Training videos help employees gain knowledge and understand better about the organization’s culture.

So now you know why training videos are one of the major reasons for employee training and development, you should probably start creating one for your business.

With this above-given list of companies, you will get your top training video production company in Singapore. So why waste your time searching when it’s already beside you?

Pick any one agency from this list and uplift your training videos to the next level.


The key step to developing a successful training video is to choose a very specific topic. The next steps involved deciding the style of the training video, and designing the script and storyboarding accordingly.

The video then goes into production stage where it is recorded and edited while incorporating it with sound design and voice-over. After multiple reviews and iterations, it is ready to be posted and distributed on all social media platforms, YouTube, website and newsletter.

The cost of producing a training video depends on the length of the video, the style of video design, synthetic voice-over or real-life voice-over artist, deadline, budget, etc. The average cost for training video production for B2B SaaS companies in Singapore can range from $950 to $35,000 and above.

The first stage of training video production is strategizing and development of Idea in which the team settles down on important aspects of a video like the type, animation style, etc. The other stages are pre-production which involves scripting storyboarding and sound design, production stage which all about shooting the video and recording the voice-over, while post-production involves a lot of editing.

The final stage for the B2B SaaS company is marketing and distribution, in which the video is promoted and circulated through as many channels as possible.

The charge depends on the Singapore agency that is being hired by the B2B SaaS company. It can go from being as low as $45 per hour to as high as 250 per hour.

Ready to get started?

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