Top 10 Training Video Production Agencies in San Francisco

Video has revolutionized the delivery of training content and especially “information.” So, whether you’re looking to teach people through online content or sharing valuable information, using video as a medium to share knowledge has become an expectation.
Top 10 Training Video Production Agencies in San Francisco

A training video is normal video-based content that shows someone how to do something. Whether an employee training video or a general instruction video like how to play football, a training video is meant to educate users or instruct them on a particular topic to spread knowledge.

However, the primary purpose of training videos is to instruct a specific audience on how to perform a unique task, achieve a goal, or do something new. Therefore, they can cover any topic and have the benefit of taking real-world training up a notch.

According to TechSmith,

52% of viewers prefer instructional and informational videos between 3-6 minutes in length.

This means that trainers, instructional designers, and anyone else tasked with training customers should create training video tutorials to get started.

So, if you’ve never made any videos and looking to create highly effective training videos, you need to select a reliable video production agency to get the job done for you.

Let’s Checkout Top San Francisco Video Production Companies for Training Videos.

Name of Agency Industry Type of Video
Sharp Eye Animation Real Estate, FinCare, Health Corporate Videos, Commercial Videos, Event Videos, Company Overview Videos
Content Beta SaaS Product Demo Videos, Product Marketing, Video Course, Training Videos, Onboarding Videos
Crush Pix Ecommerce, SaaS, Education Software Tutorial Videos, Client Training Videos, Staff Training Videos, Safety Training Videos
Click 2 Play Media Ecommerce, SaaS, Education Product Videos, Brand Videos, Training Videos, Commercial Videos, Web Videos
Flip 2 Media Wildlife, Tech, Sports Corporate Videos, Commercial Videos, Event Videos, Company Overview Videos
Studio B Films Finance, SaaS, Tech Training Videos, Product Demo Videos, Awards Videos, Documentation Videos
Flying Moose Pictures Ecommerce, SaaS, Real Estate Event Videos, Explainer Videos, Brand Videos, Corporate Training Videos, Interview Videos
Levitate Media Finance, SaaS, Tech Live Action Videos, Training Videos, Interactive Videos, Animated Videos, Demo Videos
JLB Media Productions Cybersecurity, Pharma, Tech, and Healthcare Corporate Training Videos, Marketing Video Production, Event Videos, Product Videos
Zipin Media Productions SaaS, Ecommerce, Tech, Finance Event Videos, Animated Videos, Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Product Videos
Checkout How Content Beta helped ChiroTouch upgrade their 1:1 Training from Zoom calls to effective How-to videos?
Sharp Eye Animation started as an animation production company and has evolved into a full-service video production company based in San Francisco, California.

It is a three-time award-winning video production company founded by an ex-Googler. The best thing about this company is that they transform your mission-critical messages or content into creative training videos that can help your valuable employees.

Apart from creating training videos, they also produce animated explainer videos, product demo videos, and more to help showcase your videos in front of the right people.
When it comes to discussing creating SaaS onboarding videos or educating SaaS users, Content Beta never fails to impress its customers.

They help SaaS to onboard, engage, and retain users with studio-quality product demos and training videos. Their high-quality videos are meant to get more leads and generate sales.

Over the past year, they’ve:
  1. Served 29+ software companies
  2. Exported 500+ videos
  3. Created 2500+ total minutes of videos
Their team of professionals has spent years experimenting and mastering the process, and they think that producing great work doesn’t need to be slow; instead, it should be exciting.
Training videos are meant to educate employees, and that’s where Crush Pix comes in. They work closely with their clients to craft the most effective combination of images and instruction to deliver the best learning.

They have an experienced team of professionals from scriptwriters to video editors that will professionally produce your training videos in the best way to help employees.

Companies with a global presence or global audience can provide the training video in several different languages, either dubbed or, more commonly, with captions in various languages.

They serve the entire San Francisco Bay area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Contra Costa and Marin Counties.
Click to Play Media is known as the leading producer when it comes to producing training videos. They have an experienced team of professional designers, writers, video editors and more to transform your content into high-quality training videos.

Whether you need a 30-second customer testimonial video? Or want to convert raw training video into high quality and impactful one, Click to Play Media is the company that can make it happen.

With deep experience in the video production industry, they can create a video for any sector. So, if you’re looking for the correct agency to grow your business, choosing this agency will be the right choice.
Flip 2 Media is another solid video production agency that delivers focused training videos. Their video cost is pocket-friendly to make your mood happy. The best part is its experienced professionals who will help you produce creative and effective training videos that educate and inspire the world.

They have everything you need to make your training video successful, from a superior production team to expert craftspeople to ensure your project comes together right.

Combining years of experience and bringing success to every project in life, Flip 2 Media will produce the highest quality training video focused on achieving ROI.
Studio B Films is an award-winning training video production company located in San Francisco. Their trifecta of creativity, collaboration, and experience have made them leaders in creating award-winning videos that get recognized.

You’ll like this creative agency because they understand your needs, challenges, and goals and produce training videos that help inspire and foster an emotional connection with your people.

Companies like Grammarly and Lending Club to Facebook, and Adobe trust Studio B Films to make videos. So, if you’re looking to create outstanding training videos, just contact them, and they’ll help you with your business.
Flying Moose Pictures have produced dozens of training videos, and they know how to make appealing training videos when it comes to educating employees.

Their training videos have educated astronomers, engineers, surgeons, graphic artists, and more. Over the years of experience, they’ve served various clients from large corporations to small businesses and opera companies.

Flying Moose Pictures is both a collaborative team specializing in corporate storytelling and a full-service video production company.
Levitate Media is an award-winning video production agency that produces high-quality training videos on time and within budget. They’ve worked with thousands of clients from a huge mix of industries and company sizes.

Their team is built from professionals from many backgrounds, which allows them to suggest a massive variety of styles and video-related services.

Over the years, they’ve produced 10,000+ live training and eLearning videos for clients in all industries and sizes. In addition, they are the only video production company to offer a FREE Blueprint which allows them to start video production before you’ve committed.
JLB Media Productions is a leading national video production company founded in 2008 by award-winning writer, producer, and director Jonathan L. Bowen.

With its unique business model, JLB has produced over 1,000 videos in 41 states and 93 of the top 100 markets, all without charging major travel costs.

Its mission is to provide CREATIVITY, QUALITY, and AFFORDABILITY to brands who need video content produced on an ongoing basis.

They have expertise with commercials, marketing videos, company overviews, product demos, training videos, and event videos. No matter where your company is based or your needs, this company will create your videos from start to finish without any trouble.
Beverly Boy Productions add life to your training videos with a blend of expertise and professionalism. At Beverly Boy Productions, they take pride in assisting you with creating a unique vision, facilitating all needs of your project, and editing with your input in mind to ensure satisfaction with your final product.

They know the value of effective training videos; thus, they help you create videos to meet your individual company’s needs.

As a training video production company, they understand that every organization has an exceptional need for success. Thus, they create training videos that engage, entertain, and instruct your audience for your specific topic.

Final Thoughts

With so many uses to training videos, it’s in your company’s best interest to make sure that the one you create not only showcases your unique culture and voice but also teaches something along the way.

The number one thing to do to create a high-quality training video is to make sure the content is relevant and relatable. Of course, things like visual effects, music, and other enhancements help, but if the video isn’t interesting and informative, your video will fail.

Once you’ve created amazing training video, your audience should have a better understanding of a specific subject area or have gained a new skill.

With this, we wrap our amazing blog post on Top 10 Training Video Production Companies in San Francisco.


There are many steps to developing a SaaS training video. The initial steps include carefully selecting the topic that has to be focused on, choosing the style of training video to be created, and writing the script in detail to lockdown the storyboarding. The next steps include hiring an agency or freelancer for production, or doing it in-house and recording the video.

After that is editing and sound design, after which the video goes for multiple checks and added. It is then hosted and distributed on various channels by the B2B Saas company.

The three stages of production for a SaaS training video are pre-production, production and post-production. Although most B2B companies invest in a lot of steps like marketing, analytics, and research to optimize the engagement and increase the ROI.

A 1-minute B2B video that has no visual effects and is not complex can cost around $1000 in San Francisco. Typically the cost of the video depends upon the complexity, video style, deadline, budget, agency or freelancer, video length, motion graphics, etc. and can cost from between $1000-$5000.

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