Top 10 Examples of Product Explainer Videos

10 impressive video examples to study to enhance your SaaS product usage

Top 10 Examples of Product Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos enamor the company with the power of storytelling which helps in creatively interacting and engaging with the potential leads to explain the product, create an impression of the brand, and increase the recall value of the SaaS.

Research recently showed that 53% of businesses are sure that product explainer videos help to raise awareness and for 49% of companies, videos helped to increase engagement rates.

Product explainer videos are used not just by the company for sales and marketing, but also for internal communication. These videos have proven to be excellent in terms of raising awareness, increasing engagement rate, and building trust around the product and the brand.

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What is a SaaS Product Explainer Video?

Critical in increasing awareness and product sign-ups, and converting users to loyal customers, these videos are what grab the attention of the potential lead and keep a customer going.

A good product explainer video is one of the most essential pieces in your SaaS marketing kit as it not just successfully gives the potential user a tour of the SaaS and in many cases the UI, it subtly informs the user on the non-highlighted aspects like affordability, relevance, and usefulness, prodding the client into making a decision according to his needs and taking action sooner.


In later stages the product explainer video also demonstrates upgrades on the product, how to use previously launched products, or even answers frequently experienced problems, thereby severely shrinking the churn rate.

It is especially important in the Awareness stage of the Marketing Funnel as it helps in announcing the presence of the SaaS to the world, attracting new leads, and making them consider.

Top 10 Examples of Product Explainer Videos

The videos can include animated objects, text, imagery, 2D vector graphics, 3D animation, and CGI animation, apart from the basics of the story and audio elements and the Cost Varies Accordingly.

3D Live-Action, Merging 2D and 3D, Kinetic Typography, Sophisticated VFX, Seamless Transitions, Thin Lines, Retro Motion Graphics, Web and Apps Motion Graphics, Liquid Motion, Hybrid style videos, and Whiteboard animation are some of the most popular Motion Graphics Styles.

1. Salesforce


Why we like it: Video starts with raw footage of the fast-paced life of working people around the world and how everyone and everything is connected.

The UI is introduced on mobile and laptop devices to showcase how Salesforce helps in creating easy-to-use, cloud-based, business applications that help to stay connected with customers, prospects, partners, etc.

The UI animation goes on to successfully show how Salesforce’s CRM platform is one of the most effective in the world and helps in enabling businesses to sell, service, and market like never before.

The branding, style, logo, and color scheme represent Salesforce throughout the video. With the help of a reassuring voiceover, footage of satisfied employees and the recordings of actual features in action, this product explainer video highlights how this Customer Success Platform helps in connecting with customers with unique SaaS-based solutions for Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Analytics, App Development and the Internet of Things.

2. PandaDoc


Why we like it: This video uses character and UI animation styles. The colors and branding of PandaDoc are clear from the get-go.

The video begins with stating the problem of sales reps having to spend an extra amount of time creating sales quotes, proposals and contracts. The product explainer video then shows the benefits of PandaDoc, which offers access to templates and a library of manager approved content.

Many other benefits such as merging templates with CRM data, centralized product catalog, automatic tax discount and margin calculations, are all explained using the UI animations. The video ends with a call to action asking the user to sign up for trial.

3. HubSpot


Why we like it: HubSpot’s product explainer video is highly engaging as it uses a mixture of live-action storytelling, UI animations, 2D animation, kinetic typography and motion graphic effects.

The video uses 2D animation to point at the problem of inbound marketing in which companies need to address multiple areas like blogging, social media, marketing automation, personalization and segmentation.

The video then underlines how the world has changed, and therefore it is time to transform how we market and sell. Using screen recordings of the UI on mobile and laptop devices, the video gives insight into how HubSpot offers a full stack of products for marketing, sales, CRM and customer relationship management.

The video ends with highlighting that more than 10,000 companies from over 65 different countries use HubSpot, thereby establishing its credibility and instilling trust in the viewer.

4. Unroll.Me


Why we like it: Unroll.Me does a great job of showcasing the frustration of the problem that it aims to solve. The video begins with tense music and the grunts and groans of clients who are tired of managing their email system.

The live-action video shows footage of different people explaining multiple problems such as the increasing number of emails, the process of unsubscribing and managing unread emails.

And that’s when the background music starts to change into a more optimistic beat as we see the company’s logo and branding come to the forefront, as the video explains how the app helps in quickly managing the mess.

The video goes on to showcase happy and satisfied customers, swiping left and right to make swift decisions and clear their data space and time as the screen shifts to the mobile device and we see the UI in action.

5. Final


Why we like it: Final does an incredible job with storytelling. The whole product explainer video comes across as a short story as we see the protagonist talk irritatedly about the problems he is having because of a security breach of his credit card and the tedious process that would follow of getting a new card and updating all the places where the previous card was on file.

Apart from life-footage the videos showcases 2D animation happening on the side, which makes the story even more engaging. As we see a card appear in mid air, the man explains that instead of a single card number he would prefer Final, which generates multiple card numbers which the consumer can restrict and manage safely and automatically.

The story is funny with sarcastic dialogues and great acting, hooking the viewer in as the video showcases the working of the UI of the software in different Scenarios. The video ends with the logo appearing on the screen and the details of the website displayed below it.

6. Book Like A Boss


Why it works: The video starts with establishing the brand using a logo animation, and straight-away addresses the main pain-point of optimizing booking pages, which this SaaS proposes to aid with.

The man giving the demo has a reassuring voice and confidently explains the basics about landing pages, sales, leads and conversions while icons and kinetic typography related to the pitch appear next to him on screen.

The video demonstrates how Book Like A Boss can help in setting up employment, coaching sessions, hosting video calls, group meetings, booking conference rooms, online classes, multiple day events, webinars, etc.- all using the UI of the product.

The man successfully highlights all the benefits of the SaaS and in the end uses a strong call to action to start a free trial.

7. SafeDrive


Why we like it: This video has a mixture of many different styles -3D animation, 2D animation, live-footage and UI animation- all ingrained in one.

It starts with an ominous music playing in the background as worrisome facts about texting and driving are stated on the screen, along with footage of people. This helps in establishing a human connection with the audience.

The video then shows a happy 3D-animation scene converting into a tragedy because of a man doing the same and causing an accident. That’s when the logo, branding and UI of SafeDrive come on the screen as the video explains how this software rewards people who ignore notifications and text while driving.

The process is further explained as to how challenges are played and points are earned and can be used for products and services offered by other responsible companies. The video ends with details about the website and associated companies.

8. Zendesk


Why we like it: Video starts with the use of colours, style, logo and theme which resonate with the brand. Zendesk uses the Seamless Transitions motion graphic style for its product explainer video where we see simple shapes moving around, colliding and transforming into different objects to tell the story.

The video focuses on showcasing the new look of Zendesk. Soon the shapes merge to form Zendesk’s logo as the video highlights its benefit of improving the relationship between businesses and their customers.

With changing shapes it demonstrates how their tools help businesses in being more reliable and flexible, listen to the customers, analyze massive amounts of data and understand the needs of the customer. The video ends with the voiceover reintroducing Zendesk, and what it and its features look like now.

9. Paypal


Why we like it: This video combines 2D motion graphics style with UI animation. We see the element of grain and papercut animation introduced in the styling of the characters.

The video is highly engaging as it explains how Asana helps teams and management organizations to plan and automate their work. We even see live-action footage of users, with a well-placed logo animation in the middle of the video.

The video goes on to explain how Asana is a work management platform where teams can build and coordinate end-to-end processes and run important initiatives.

Whether it is the characters, the journey through the UI, or the text animation, everything is in the color scheme and style of Asana. The video ends with showing the SaaS on multiple devices and triggering a call to action.

10 Advantages of Product Explainer Videos for your SaaS

1. Establishes and nurtures the customer-brand relationship

2. Helps in easy explanation of complex details of the SaaS

3. Sticks to consumer’s mind for quick recall

4. Works for all marketing– Social Media, Emails, Blogs, and TV ads

5. Resonates with leads using different devices

6. Grabs the attention of the audience

7. Has a big chance of going viral and putting the SaaS on the map

8. Invokes customer loyalty

9. Boosts the conversion rate

10. Aids in increasing SEO based web traffic


Whether it is a small start up or a gigantic brand, everybody is using product explainer videos in today’s time to better showcase the benefits and working of their SaaS. Every company needs to sit down and analyze the style, length, type, and budget for creating at least one such professional video and need to hire a freelancer or agency accordingly.

Here 5 mistakes to avoid with your product explainer video:

  • Bad animation or motion graphic effects
  • Video is not optimized for various different platforms
  • The messaging is unclear
  • Noisy or bad quality soundtrack
  • The video is lengthy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Product explainer videos are usually 60-90 seconds long and focus on explaining the features or details of a product, how it can solve the problem and how the UI and the SaaS itself work.

Motion Graphics Animation, UI Animation, Whiteboard Animation, Live-Action, Screencast, Kinetic Typography, 2D Animation, Seamless Transitions, Thin Lines and Retro Motion Graphics are some popular types of product explainer videos.

Software and tech companies, SaaS companies, internet industries, medical and health care companies more frequently opt for a product explainer video.

It can cost around $1000 – $6000, for 1-2 minute custom product explainer videos depending on the type, style, agency/freelancer and complexity of the product explainer video.

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