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Top 10 customer support video examples for B2B SaaS businesses

Top 10 Customer Support Video Examples for B2B SaaS Businesses

Written by Rishabh Pugalia
Written by Rishabh Pugalia

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, a creative video and design agency for Tech & SaaS companies.

A key function of B2B SaaS companies is customer support, which helps customers deal with any issues they are experiencing with the software…

Customers often find it difficult to use the software or to find information about it, so customer support can be a huge help in dealing with their queries about product features, usage, and problem resolution.

The customer must always come first for a B2B SaaS business because companies that provide excellent customer support will have happy customers who will likely recommend them to others.

That being the case, would it not be great to let your customers know you value their business and shower them with your attention?

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Why Should B2B SaaS Companies Pay Attention to Customer Service?

Good customer service can:

  • Help build relationships with customers. When a customer feels like they can always turn to you for help, they are more likely to continue doing business with you.
  • Prevent customers from leaving negative reviews or contacting other companies about their experiences.
  • Keep customers coming back and recommend your company to their friends and family.

How Can Customer Support Videos Help B2B SaaS Companies?

Modern consumers are increasingly turning to visual content to learn about SaaS products. As a B2B SaaS company, you should use customer support videos to meet their requirements.

With videos, you can not only create a more personal experience for customers but also answer their questions, provide information about your business, and give them an idea of what to expect from your company. Customer support videos can be used to:

1. Showcase the company’s personality and culture

For example, a video featuring call center employees with customers in a friendly manner can give potential customers a better idea of what it’s like to interact with the company’s support staff and make purchasing decisions accordingly.

2. Build trust and loyalty

When customers trust that their concerns will be addressed efficiently and effectively, they are more likely to remain loyal supporters. In turn, this builds a stronger relationship between business and customer, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

3. Showcase customer service

Videos can be used to show customers interacting positively with representatives from the company. This action builds trust not only within the company but also within the community at large—leading to more repeat business and higher ratings for the business on review sites.

4. Provide product insights

Videos can provide not only an overview of how the product works but make customers understand why something might not work as expected. This extra information can make customers feel more confident in using the product.

Ten Examples Of Customer Support Videos B2B SaaS Companies Can Learn From

Our list of inspiring customer support videos features in-house productions, biggies like Apple and Google, and others. We have provided the reasons why we think they deserve to be here.

Let’s begin:

1. DirectIQ customer education series

This video is a content Beta production for DirectIQ, who offer a result-oriented email marketing interface with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. They offer hundreds of ready-made email templates and also the option to create new ones.

DirectIQ wanted a perfect onboarding experience for their customers, along with improved product adoption, and the ability to explain their product better.

The video series explains DirectIQ’s full-stack product in an easy-to-understand way using crisp graphics and annotations. The narrator facilitates the smooth flow of the video with precise explanations, which makes signing up or converting from trials an easy choice for prospects.

The video series played a major role in reducing DirectIQ’s customer support tickets.

Here’s a video from the series:


Takeaway: This video series is an example of how to bring down customer support tickets with well-made how-to-videos.

2. Customer Support with Slack Series

This customer support video series deals with topics ranging from growing customer loyalty and driving faster resolutions to managing SLAs in real-time.

These short videos of about 90-second duration pack a lot of information about how their product can benefit customers. Crisp narration and smooth graphics do the rest.

These videos highlight how:

  • Faster communication flow and deeper feedback lead to strong customer relationships.
  • Customer issues are resolved quicker by connecting customer support agents with the experts and data they need in one place.
  • Companies can cultivate closer connections between the company and its customers.
  • Slack is about faster feedback, stronger insights, and long-lasting relationships.
  • Slack acts as a central place to manage SLAs in real-time instead of using multiple tickets, apps, emails, and phone calls.

Takeaway: These customer support videos are a good example of how customers can benefit from information served bite-size.

3. Introduction to HubSpot CRM

This video introduces one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in the world.

HubSpot’s Free CRM is easy to learn and customize, allowing marketers and sales teams to focus on selling.

This hybrid video’s host systematically takes viewers through various features of the product using UI annotations and flawless commentary.

The video takes the approach of taking the viewers step-by-step through a real-life scenario where a salesperson or marketer goes about their job.

The host goes on to explain how the tool helps avoid manual data entry by automating certain tasks. For example, when a rep composes a mail to customers how the tool digs out previous transactions and their social activities, which helps with customer nurturing.


Takeaway: A production demo video can take the pain out of convincing how a product can eliminate much-hated routine tasks.

4. Crazy Egg Explainer Video

We bet this crazy video is one of the funniest yet the most informative explainer videos you will see anywhere on the internet.

When a company decides to call itself Crazy Egg, it is safe to assume that there is a crazy streak running through whatever they do. And this customer support video shows that in action.

There is good-natured ribbing of the mighty Google and their analytics tool, which they say is, well, not exactly helpful to explain to clueless business owners why their visitors are not turning into customers.

Next, they explain how their tool can do it and do it well. They list out what tools their subscribers can access and what function each of them performs.

By the end of the video, viewers are convinced about how their business can benefit from the tool. That’s when a funny CTA (‘It’s on us’) urges customers to avail their 30-day free trial offer.

Just when you think that they are done, they spring a surprise by anticipating customers’ questions and answering them.

Now, that’s an effective use of customer support videos that eliminates the need for customers to call customer support.


Takeaway: No flashy graphics nor elaborate UI screenshots used. In fact, the script is so well written that the narrative just flows using basic animation.

5. Avoid Awkward Customer Experiences

This video is funny and educational at the same time, a combination is difficult to pull off unless you know what you are doing.

This video shows a man at a supermarket checkout with an infant in a baby carrier strapped to his chest.

The happy baby is cooing until a supermarket worker in the vicinity is inspired by the message on a placard that says, ‘Know your customer intimately’.

He proceeds to hug the customer, and being a big guy, nearly crushes the baby in the bargain. Discomforted, the unhappy infant starts wailing. But our man is unstoppable.

The video ends with the worker physically lifting the father and the baby and helping them out of the supermarket as the narrator sums up the situation by saying ‘Shoulda Used SurveyMonkey’.

The action lasts for just 30 seconds but manages to drive home an important message in a fun and entertaining way.


Takeaway: This customer support video is an example of the importance of the right training and good communication.

6. What is Freshdesk?

Created back in 2014, this video is simplicity itself. The animations are ordinary or maybe even crude by today’s standards.

But what has worked for it to notch up an impressive 1.2 million YouTube views is the lovable Bob, the customer service guy, and his exploits. Bob, we are told, is the epitome of what an ideal customer service agent should be.

The well-scripted video explains what qualities can elevate ordinary customer support to a complete customer experience.

The best part is that the video cleverly introduces the product at the end of the video. The viewers are told what makes Bob an exceptional customer support guy who is ‘everywhere to put out the fires’ is because he relies on Freshdesk to do his job.


Takeaway: This customer support video demonstrates why the script is the heart of the video and is responsible for delivering an enjoyable viewing experience.

7. Netflix Customer Service

Netflix has been one of the most successful streaming companies who offer a great selection of movies and TV shows at a very affordable price.

In order to provide the best customer experience, the company has developed a team of customer support agents who are available 24/7 to help users with any questions or issues they may have.

Netflix has a worldwide presence and it maintains customer help centers across the globe and hires young and energetic locals for the task.

In this behind-the-scenes, customer support video, the management talks about how they run the show on such a large scale and customer service agents describe how it is like to work for the company.


Takeaway: This is a good example of how content streaming companies need to have well-oiled customer service machinery to retain viewership.

8. Apple Support Videos

Apple products can be difficult for some people to use, which is why having videos for customer service videos is such a good idea.

The video content is designed specifically for those users, and it provides clear instructions on how to use a feature or resolve a technical query.

In fact, when it comes to ‘How-to videos’, their YouTube channel is chock-a-block with them. You can find videos on such topics as ‘How to use assistive touch’ and ‘How to use Back Tap on iPhone’.

The videos’ pace is unhurried, the explanations clear, and the presentation is professional, befitting the company’s stature.


Takeaway: Having a repository of customer support FAQ videos is a great way to enhance customer experience.

9. What is Google's approach to customer service?

This is a decade-old video that explains how Google, which is probably the second busiest entity (after ants, of course) on the planet, handles customer service, given the scale of its operations.

We thought it would be an interesting addition to our list because the IT behemoth views customer service as a function handled better by machines and algorithms than humans.

A mere decade later, this approach is in sharp contrast with current thinking about how customer service should be handled. Now, a more personal interaction with a human touch is recommended.

Here is an eloquent Matt Cutts, a former Google heavyweight, who crunches massive numbers and dissects the operational and logistical requirements to explain what necessitated the move.


Takeaway: This customer support video is a good example of addressing customers’ queries with facts, figures, and reason.

10. Book Like A Boss

This content Beta offering takes an interesting approach to advertising product features. The video for the booking company initially refers to its rivals’ services which are similar to its own, and the narrator has only good things to say about the rival product.

Then the video changes tack and goes on to explain with examples the limitation of the rival product beyond a certain stage.

Now the stage is set for explaining the product features along with their benefits, which effectively puts the rival product out of the contention.


Takeaway: This customer support video is a good example of showing your customers how your product is better than those of your competitors.

How Can SaaS Companies Keep Their Customer service agents happy

It is clear from the discussion and the example videos from some of the best SaaS companies in the world that the customer support videos are useful for both customers and customer service agents.

To make these important people happy, B2B SaaS companies need to make sure both are looked after well. Here are some pointers:

1. Making Customers Happy

We have divided the customer-happiness list into six sections:

1. Product-related:

  • Make it easy for your customers to find product information.
  • Upgrade your products periodically.

2. Pricing-related:

  • Keep your pricing fair, competitive, and consistent.
  • Make it easy for customers to buy what they need, upgrade, and access their account information.

3. Training-related:

  • Provide training for your employees on how to best support customers.
  • Create reference, troubleshooting, explainer, and FAQ videos.

4. Feedback-related:

  • Encourage customer feedback and participation in your product development process.
  • Welcome customer suggestions and feedback—your customers will love it!

5. Content-related:

  • Make relevant and engaging marketing content.
  • Promote your services through content marketing.

6. Customer-related:

  • Respond quickly to customer support tickets.
  • Make it easy for customers to engage with you via social media or other channels.
  • Share customer insights with the community.
  • Celebrate customer successes and help them resolve any issues.

2. Making Customer Service Agents Happy

Let us look at customer service from the customer support representatives’ perspective because they are the first point of contact for customers when they have a question or a problem.

Customer Experience managers never tire of telling the reps that the aim of ideal customer service should be retaining a customer for life.

Given the expectations, the reps are under constant pressure to meet or even exceed these expectations.

And they need help and support from the organization to achieve it.

Fortunately, help is at hand. B2B SaaS companies can create short and easy-to-watch customer support videos that can help customers:

  • Understand a product or service features and benefits.
  • Learn how to use a product, website, app, or solve a technical problem.
  • Solve problems or find answers to questions they may have.

With videos in place, reps will have an easier time attending to customers. They can spend more time nurturing relationships than answering routine questions.

“Customer support videos should be thought of as an investment in creating a marketing tool that will pay for itself and generate profits for your company. “


Before we wrap up, let us see why it is important for B2B SaaS companies to make their customers happy, and have them coming back.

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of customer relationships. When customers have problems or need help, support is the first place they turn. Support can be anything from answering general questions to helping customers with technical issues.

A good customer support video should:

  • Engage and entertain customers, so that users feel like they’re getting help from friendly experts.
  • Provide a clear overview of the support process and solutions so that customers can get help as quickly as possible.
  • Provide regular updates to reflect new features or changes to the product, so that customers always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.
  • Provide clear and concise instructions and use professional and engaging voice-over and music.
  • Communicate clearly, use helpful visuals, and provide accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. Some quality products fail because the company did not make an effort to explain its features and benefits or the effort did not connect with customers. Videos can explain the features more convincingly, using product demos and marketing videos.

Many SaaS companies assume that customers don’t need handholding to use their products. Not all customers are tech-savvy and would greatly appreciate a detailed onboarding video. Videos not only decrease the customer service department’s workload but also the time needed to train new employees.

Technical questions related to products tend to be repetitive. But they put a huge demand on the customer service reps’ time. Videos can explain technical concepts better, thus saving the customers the trouble of having a person explain them.

A B2B SaaS company needs to anticipate questions that are most likely to be asked about the company. Videos can convincingly answer questions related to the brand, product, trial period, product road map, and so on, which customers have come to expect from companies today.

Modern customer service is about anticipating potential problems and solving them to the total satisfaction of the customers. The use of videos frees up a considerable amount of time that can be better utilized to nurture customer relationships by providing better service, engagement, and experience.

Creating a great customer support video is an important part of maintaining customers’ trust. By providing the best possible information and services, companies can keep their users happy and loyal for years to come!

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