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Graphic design is an essential skill for businesses of all types and industries, regardless of their size or budget. Fortunately, there are many companies/agencies that specialize in providing businesses with graphic design services.

According to Outlook, the global design services market is projected to reach $249.5 billion by 2022, up from $153 billion in 2018.

For a better understanding, It is not surprising that you must have concerns about your product. As you’re targeting founders of multi-million dollar companies or you’re targeting busy business owners. So, what does your target audience really care about, whether it’s the color you choose for your ad or animations you select, or whether you use stock images or custom illustrations?

In a nutshell, yes.

So, in the long run, you need to understand to whom you are pitching. Yes, they are running a business, and the product is important. Despite this, they probably hear at least ten pitches a day. Therefore, you need a graphic design service.

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the top graphic design agencies that can assist you with your graphic design services for your B2B brand.

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Top B2B Graphic Design Companies with Services offered and Average Project Rate

We have compiled a list of companies with which we will be talking further in this blog. We have also listed the services that are provided by the respective company, as well as the average rate of those services, in order that you can get an idea about the prices.

Sr.No Company Services Offered Average Project Rate
1 StarFish Brand design, Website design, Brand advertising $75,000+
2 Content Beta B2B video production, Audio editing, Designing $2,700/m onwards
3 DBC Graphic design support, Rebranding, Launching a new venture $5,000+
4 DD.NYC Branding, Web Design, Packaging and Graphics development $10,000+
5 League Design Agency Digital design, Brand identity, E-commerce $5,000
6 Clay Product, brand strategy, Web design, Enterprise UX, Branding $50,000+
7 GreyBox Creative Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Marketing collateral $10,000+
8 Kworq Visual designs, Branding, UX & UI design, Copywriting $10,000+
9 Baretto-Co Branding, Web development, Photography $25,000+
10 Concentric Design Brand strategy, UI/UX strategy and design, Creative and art direction $1,000+

What is B2B Graphic Design for SaaS Companies?

B2B Graphic designing in SaaS implicates creating visual design for companies, such as images, typography, and layouts, to communicate information and ideas to other businesses.

Such Graphic designing includes creative B2B marketing materials, such as brochures, presentations, and trade show displays, as well as brand design packages and visual identities for the company, such as logos and website designs.

The goal of B2B graphic design in SaaS companies is to effectively communicate the company’s message and products or services to other businesses in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand.

In terms of B2B graphic design, these are some key points to remember:

  • B2B graphic design is focused on creating a professional and polished image for the business, as this can help establish trust and credibility with potential clients and partners.
  • B2B graphic design is used to communicate complex information clearly and effectively. This includes product specifications, pricing, or other important details for businesses.
  • B2B graphic design is also used to showcase a company’s products and services in an attractive and engaging way.

Top 10 B2B Graphic Design Companies/Agencies

Here is a list of the best online graphic design services –

1. Starfish

A branding and creative communications agency, Starfish focuses on delivering exceptional results for their clients by applying proprietary methods aimed at achieving an exceptional level of brand integration and establishing a sound brand strategy.

Highlights: Marketing Strategy Services and Value for Money

Renowned Clients: PwC, Weight Watcher, MailOnline

Average pricing: $75,000

2. Content Beta

Content Beta, a completely SaaS-based video production company also specializes in B2B Graphic design. Studio-quality B2B graphic designing, product marketing video demos, and training videos aid SaaS product marketing in gaining, retaining, and engaging consumers. Their professional videos are designed to increase leads and boost sales.

Highlights: Affordable Video, Podcast, and Design Services for B2B Software.

Renowned Clients: Mainstream, Digitech, Bear Robotics, Open Moves

Average Price: $2,700/m onwards

3. DBC

DBC consist of brand consulting and design, creating an advantage for organizations against their competitors. The business model of DBC is Driven by Data, using any available data point to drive our creative decision-making in order to make better ideas.

Highlights: Top-notch logo design and website development services.

Renowned Clients: American Express, Bain & Co, StockTwits, Corcoran, Knotel, Hidrock, J.P. Morgan

Average Price: $5,000+


DD.NYC® (Formerly DigitalDesign.NYC) has been one of New York’s leading web and graphic design process firms for more than a decade. They specialize in web design, branding, corporate design (decks, marketing collateral, infographics), mobile-responsive design, and brand packaging as well.

Highlights: Extensive experience in web design, branding, and marketing.

Renowned Clients: Forbes, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, 1010 Wilshire Real Estate Group

Average Price: $10,000

5. League Design Agency

The League Design Agency has developed a unique design process that enhances the project’s essence and helps it stand out from the competition. Their designs are timeless, not confined to the latest trends, and they value great ideas.

Highlights: Outstanding brand identity and graphics.

Renowned Clients: Skvot, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Telescope Live, Vivadogs

Average Price: $5,000+

6. Clay

Clay is a world-class agency from San Francisco that specializes in UI/UX design, web design, and branding on all platforms and generates world-class digital products.

Highlights: Offers a variety of graphic design services, including web design.

Renowned Clients: Facebook, Google, Slack, Uber, Sony, Toyota, Samsung

Average Price: $50,000+

7. GreyBox Creative

GreyBox Creative is an agency based in New York that is dedicated to creating the best brand that can become the greatest asset of any company. The GreyBox design team has been working together for two decades now and has created or revitalized hundreds of brands for a wide variety of companies.

Highlights: Strategic visual communications and world-class design solutions.

Renowned Clients: Apollo Capital Management, Novo Nordisk, US Army/Navy, Geoffrey Beene

Average Price: $10,000+

8. Kworq

Kworq consists of producers, designers, writers, and strategists, driven by informed data to create award-winning creative and high-performing digital campaigns. From award-winning creative to high-performing digital campaigns, Kworq will help you get your message across to your target audience and design outsourcing services.

Highlights: Web dev, Branding, and digital marketing.

Renowned Clients: Ray Ban, Christian Louboutin, NARS, Youtube, Etat Libre D’Orange, Verizon, Nanit

Average Price: $10,000

9. Baretto-Co.

Baretto-Co. is a team of futurists dedicated to creating positive change in business, creating unforgettable brand experiences and seeking partnerships with clients who share the same passion for transforming the world around them.

Highlights: Logo designing with good graphic skills.

Renowned Clients: Service now, Avail medsystems, BABG, Greenlining, Adobe

Average Price: $25,000

10. Concentric Design

Concentric Design is an award-winning graphic design creative process company based in Chicago that specializes in designing projects in the areas of visual identity, website design, illustration design services, and print design for clients who seek to positively impact the lives of customers and communities they serve.

Highlights: Top-notch web designing with UX/UI strategy and design services.

Renowned Clients: Hertz, United Airlines, Paylocity, Teach For America, The University of Chicago

Average Price: $1,000

Types of B2B Graphic Design for Branding

1. Web Design

A website is a crucial aspect of branding as it is often the first point of contact between a customer and a company. A well-designed website that is consistent with a company’s branding elements, such as logo, colors, fonts, and imagery, can positively impact a customer’s perception of the brand. Good web design also makes it easy for customers to navigate and understand a company’s offerings, which can increase customer satisfaction and appreciation.

2. Landing Pages

A B2B landing page is crucial for a company to make a positive impression on these potential leads. A well-designed landing page that is consistent with the company’s branding and advertising design can help to create a seamless customer experience. It is also important to use principles of visual hierarchy and high-quality motion graphic design services to effectively deliver the message and make navigation easy for the customer. Additionally, a well-designed landing page can help to build trust in the brand. Therefore, investing in landing page design is crucial for a B2B company.

3. Advertising Design

Paid advertising is a popular and effective strategy for B2B companies, with many marketers finding a positive return on investment from social media ads. However, it is important for B2B firms not to rely solely on one advertising channel.

Diversifying ad spending across multiple channels such as banner ads, outdoor advertising, and print ads can help to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. It is also important to note that investing in paid advertising can bring a good asset to the company by increasing brand awareness.

4. Blog Images

Blog images can make a significant difference in how B2B firms present their content to potential customers. Studies have shown that business clients typically read multiple pieces of content before making a purchase decision, making it important for a company to stand out and capture their attention.

Using images in blog posts can help to break up the monotony of long-form text and make it easier for readers to understand the concept being presented. Additionally, custom-designed blog images can accentuate educational content and increase the chances of converting a potential customer.

5. Video Content


Video content is a highly effective B2B marketing design tool for B2B companies, as it is a preferred method for product research for many businesses. Repurposing existing content into videos can help to increase the effectiveness of the designs and increase results. Videos can make storytelling easier and help customers to understand complex concepts and retain information longer.

Additionally, video content is the most engaging and effective format for social media marketing, with many platforms prioritizing video content. Investing in video content can help to increase engagement, reach, and conversions for B2B companies.

6. Infographics

Infographics are a useful tool for B2B companies to present technical and complex information in an easy-to-understand and visually engaging way. They can be used to repurpose and present technical data, instructional content, and product specifications in a format that is easy for the audience to digest.

Additionally, infographics are highly shareable, making them a valuable asset for SEO efforts. With over 70% of businesses preferring digital interactions, using infographics can make virtual pitching sessions and sales meetings more effective.

7. Product Marketing Designs

Using graphic design in product marketing materials, such as flyers, catalogs, presentations, and product pages, can help to increase the effectiveness of digital sales presentations and reduce friction in the sales process.

The designs can make products stand out, break down barriers of information and allow customers to understand products better which can lead to a reduction in workload for sales teams and faster closure of deals. Additionally, using good design in product marketing materials can help to improve conversion rates.


Selecting the right B2B graphic design company for your business is crucial for the success of your marketing and branding efforts. By considering factors such as portfolio quality, industry experience, and reputation, you can narrow down your options to find the best fit for your specific needs.

Remember to set clear project goals and timelines, provide detailed project briefs, and maintain open and effective communication throughout the project. With the right B2B graphic design partner, you can elevate your brand and achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Key factors to consider when choosing a B2B graphic design company include the company’s portfolio, experience in the industry, its communication and project management processes, and its pricing and contract terms.

Some examples of industries that commonly use B2B graphic design services include marketing, advertising, e-commerce, and technology.

The top companies for B2B graphic design are determined through a combination of factors such as customer reviews, portfolio quality, industry experience, and overall reputation.

To ensure a successful project outcome, you should work with a B2B graphic design company that provides detailed project briefs, sets clear project goals and timelines, and maintains open and effective communication throughout the project. Also, make sure that the company’s portfolio aligns with your industry and that they have a good reputation.

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