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Top 10 BEST SaaS Instagram Video Ads of All time

10 Examples of Engaging B2B Product Videos for Marketing to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Top 10 BEST SaaS Instagram Video Ads of All time

With 1 Billion monthly active users on Instagram, there is a very high probability that the audience for your SaaS product is there as well, and that doesn’t mean just the millennials, because 63% of people on Instagram are over 25 years old. Thanks to its diverse variety of adoptions, it has helped B2B companies in raising brand awareness and getting more product signups.

Around 90% of people now follow a business on Instagram, due to which 46% of B2B content marketers have used organic Instagram for promoting their product within the past 12 months.

Since it is such a visual medium, an effectively designed video ad will have a high CTR and a great ROI. Instagram’s popularity is growing in popularity for B2B and that’s why SaaS marketers are steadily staking their claim on the platform.

Non-negotiable basics to an effective B2B Instagram video ad –

1. Instagram is a platform completely driven by visuals. Therefore not only does the content for your SaaS video ad need to be creative, but it all also needs to be of high-resolution quality. In some cases, Instagram can even reject content for sponsored ads if the video and images have lower resolution.

2. Study what is trending in the SaaS social media space. Planning your content around that will help you easily link your product to the chain of posts that contain content with the highest engagement. Research and use appropriate hashtags for even better results.

3. Understand what stage of the funnel your audience is at and sew your content around that requirement. Different B2B video ads work for different stages (discovery, consideration, conversion, etc.), so make sure to do your research beforehand.

4. Be clever while seeping out your target audience for quality conversions. Study the age, gender, demographics, and financial backstory of the users that your SaaS product would appeal to. Instagram also offers the highly beneficial option of ‘link targeting’, used to retarget people who have shown interest in the ad.

5. Don’t forget to add your company logo on top of every ad piece. This will accelerate brand awareness and will help your B2B product stay in the mind of people who have seen your ads.

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Examples of Types of Instagram B2B Ads That Convert

1. Instagram story ads for product signups

This is the best way to get discovered and bring in potential leads to start trails. The video plays out for up to 15 seconds, which gives your SaaS a far better chance at catching your user’s attention than a 5-second image story. Instagram stories are used by 500 M people every single day and therefore the ‘Swipe Up’ feature works as a godsend.

You can trigger major signups using strong and direct CTAs like ‘start free trial’, ‘download now’ and ‘learn more. In fact, 33% of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are shared by businesses.

2. Full-scale video ads

These are highly effective for consideration and conversion stages as they are long enough to give a detailed look into the product. Videos receive 38% more engagement than images on Instagram.

The previous limit was 30 seconds and has now been doubled to a full minute, although the ad you create for your SaaS should be able to grab the customer’s attention in the first few seconds, else they’ll get bored and wander away from your content. Keep the headline short and catchy and perform A/B testing to analyze what isn’t working.

3. Put the spotlight on social proof

These video ads can be customer stories and testimonials that help increase product signups and conversions. It shows the company in a positive light, instills trust, and validates the product. This in turn establishes the company’s credibility and authority.

If you can’t get footage of them talking, even voice-over ads with branded visuals will work in establishing a human connection with the potential leads watching the ad.

4. Videos depicting the problem solved

A user chooses your SaaS only if he has something to benefit from it. It needs to address their pain point and offer a valuable, transformative solution. So whether it is by the means of videos or images, your brand needs to demonstrate the way your SaaS solves the problem and help the user visualize it by a ‘before’ and ‘after’ state.

This visual immediately captures attention and intrigues the users to keep watching and understanding the features of your SaaS. This method helps in accelerating product signups.

5. Tell a story via Carousel Ads

With these ads, you can upload 10 pieces of content together, as a back-to-back slide. You can put in videos or images and can personalize headings on each of them. These ads can convey sequential data to tell an engaging and meaningful story.

It is an exciting way to run your marketing campaigns as the scope of this is unlimited and is used by a large percentage of SaaS companies.

10 Spectacular Instagram Video Ads for SaaS

1. InVision

It is a captivating ad that grabs attention as it shows important user- pain points like growth, strategy, target, and market. The skeeball game format is engaging, with the red balls acting as a sharp contrast against the white background.

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A post shared by InVision App (@invisionapp)

The frustration of the user rises as the balls keep hitting these target holes but ultimately drop and fall through the empty hole, acting like a metaphor to the real life state of their company. And then the write up in the posts points to InVision app which will address all these problems and urges the user to take the action of trying the app and make all this easier.

2. AdRoll

AdRoll helps in bringing together D2C brands and their customers from all over the globe. This is a powerful ad as they have put up the success story of their customer Maurice. The comforting voice-over by Maurice instills trust and effectively takes you on the journey of this man launching Volcanica Coffee in 2004, after experiencing Costa Rican coffee on his any visits there with his family and his vision to get it available in his country.

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A post shared by AdRoll, Ecommerce Platform (@adroll)

Their online sales got amplified during quarantine and to maximize brand awareness and conversion, they started using AdRoll. He says that the business is in the family with his son running roasting and purchasing and his daughter marketing the coffee. The branding on top is, even more, assuring as the potential lead connects to this story, Maurice’s soothing voice and the warm visual of the Volcancia coffee. The ad acts as social proof for AdRoll and establishes them as an authority in the field.

3. Intercom

Intercom helps to build customer relationships through their customer communication platforms. This video serves a dual purpose in establishing the brand’s credibility. Firstly it depicts the pain of constantly being available to answer questions from potential leads can be costly and hard to scale. It shows how the app can help make automated, precise, instant answers that are concise and always in your brand’s voice.

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A post shared by Intercom (@intercom)

Secondly, the ad shows how the app can solve the problem and depicts it using the UI of Answer Bot itself, thereby educating the potential leads in using the app. The colors and text are bright and immediately grab attention. The branding and logo are clearly visible and will help the audience in recalling the product later.

4. Whatagraph

Whatagraph helps to track and analyze marketing performance and helps to build easy-to-understand reports swiftly. The ad directly gets to the point as it showcases how the app can immediately build the report you want as soon as you select your source. It also urges the audience in its write-up to start a 7-day free trial by going to the link in the bio.

The ad runs for just a few seconds but conveys the company’s brand and message in a way that would get more product signups.

5. Getweave

Weave promises to provide a complete toolbox for any company’s needs. This does well in communicating positivity and connectivity throughout its ad. It shows that Weave will create one place for all your team communications. Your team can message anyone, anywhere, and at any time. The diversity of people is appealing as it promotes inclusion in the workplace.

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A post shared by Weave (@getweave)

The storytelling is top-notch because the whole ad runs for a short period but manages to depict a lot of emotions, from the man initiating a team meet-up to the team racing around in chairs, it is brimming with hope and happiness. This encourages the audience to give Weave a shot and see this work for their company too.

6. Attentive Mobile

Attentive provides personalized text messaging for brands to interact with their users on mobile devices. This potent ad shows exactly how the platform works by showing a brand called Bonni actually interacting and sending messages to a user in its brand voice.

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A post shared by attentive💬 (@attentivemobile)

In its short runtime of a few seconds, it demonstrates how Attentive puts convenience first for customers purchasing using a device they prefer. The video with its upbeat music, bright colors that match the company’s color scheme, and obvious branding, makes it hard not to be remembered by viewers.

7. Salesforce

Salesforce ads are perhaps the most unique and fascinating because of the use of 3D animated characters in them interacting with humans and the real environment. Salesforce is a customer relationship management service. This ad resonates with every human. The colors are optimistic, with the animated characters taking you into the high-quality footage of a woman at home, surrounded by noisy and hyper family members.

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A post shared by Salesforce (@salesforce)

The woman starts to meditate, levitating off her chair, and is brought out into the quiet serenity of nature where she can interact with her customer, with the adorable salesforce 3D character taking the journey with and at the end urging you to do the same. This ad not just establishes an emotional connection to the brand, it is extremely creative and has a storyline that keeps you engaged.

8. Slack

Slack offers chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. This video has no sound but is highly effective in showcasing Slack’s new feature. The video nudges the user to navigate through Slack’s UI as it shows in real-time how to customize the timing for a message to be sent and thereby scheduling it without putting up any reminders.

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A post shared by Slack (@slackhq)

This SaaS explainer video directly addresses the pain point and the CTA phrase in its write-up pushes users to try it out.

9. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is used by businesses to manage mailing lists and create email marketing campaigns. This ad is extremely clever because it puts its point across without elaborate visuals, sound effects, or running for a long time, which also reduces the cost of production significantly.


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A post shared by Mailchimp (@mailchimp)

The video shows a hand with seven fingers, trying to balance multiple objects that represent multiple chores. And in the write-up, Mailchimp offers to help its users solve their problems and balance their work, asking the viewer to take action and click on the link in their bio.

10. Zoom

This is the ultimate ad that does everything. It shows customers using the app. Not only is it diverse and includes people of different races and cultures it resonates directly with the audience by putting so many reassuring humans in front of the camera. The ad also showcases its easy-to-use UI interface and the different solutions it offers, all with the help of an engaging storyline.

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A post shared by Zoom (@zoom)

The branding is clear, the logo is visible and the color scheme of the company is everywhere, even in the clothes that the people are wearing. The ad establishes Zoom as the authority on virtual events and meetings. It highlights features like customized ticketing, excellent video quality, and intuitive registration for growing your audience. This ad will help them get even more signups, covert trail customers and will definitely improve product adoption.


According to, 50% of marketing teams spend half of their marketing budgets on social ads out of which 29% of marketers specifically spend the majority of their ad dollars on Instagram.

It takes some trial and patience to understand what types of content and messaging will connect best with the potential leads for your SaaS. Therefore, given the staggering number of B2B companies engaging their audiences with compelling Instagram Ads, it is highly recommended that you test them out for your SaaS as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A few things that a SaaS brand can try to increase visibility and create awareness for their product are working on putting up regular, coherent content on the Instagram feed, by promoting offline events, running Instagram ad campaigns, using Instagram stories to promote the product and build brand loyalty, and also to increase online sales by linking the various online channels on Instagram feed and story.

Cost-per-impressions for Instagram ads is around $6.70 for 1000 impressions, while for the cost-per-click, advertisers generally pay $0.20 to $2 per click.

The goal is to quickly deliver the message across to the user as they are scrolling past a horde of ads on Instagram, and therefore image or carousel ads work best for SaaS companies. In the case of video ads on Instagram, the use of Poll Stickers, Link Stickers and Swipe Up Stickers on stories show the best results.

A few tips on getting the best results out of Instagram video ads for your SaaS are aligning the content with the target audience, showcasing the product clearly, using good photography skills to make the ad attractive, positioning the product creatively, understanding the interest and desire of the viewers and placing an optimized CTA to trigger desired action.

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