Top 10 BEST SaaS Instagram Video Ads of All time

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May 6, 2024


We live now in a visually-driven world. Platforms like Instagram hold the power to capture attention and drive action.

It’s a space where innovative AI features like AI-generated backgrounds, suggested replies and image transformations are improving both content creation and consumption. This presents new opportunities, but also challenges, for B2B brands grappling with the following questions:

  • How can B2B brands balance showcasing complex products or services within the short Instagram video format?
  • What are some untapped creative opportunities for B2B brands using Instagram video ads?
  • What are the key B2B metrics to track the success of Instagram video ads (beyond simple views and engagement)?

The platform’s evolving audience includes decision-makers seeking inspiration and problem-solving insights. With video at the forefront, and AI tools making things easier, brands that create visually appealing and authentic content stand out and gain authority in their field.

Let’s take a more detailed look at Instagram Video ads.

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    What are Instagram Video Ads?

    Instagram Video Ads are a type of promotion available on the platform. It allows businesses to advertise their products or services using short video content. Businesses create these ads to reach a wider audience and achieve specific marketing goals.

    Some of these goals include

    • Top of the Funnel Goals: brand awareness and brand visibility etc
    • Middle of the Funnel Goals: engagement (likes, shares, comments), shows product in action, product as the solution, etc.
    • Bottom of the Funnel Goals: strategies like remarketing to interested prospects, reinforcing trust and credibility, optimizing for actions like signing up for email, etc.

    Important Tip: Clearly define your primary marketing goal before starting on Instagram video ad creation. This will allow you to laser-focus your video content, call-to-action, and campaign tracking for optimal results.

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    Why use Instagram Video Ads?

    Instagram video advertising has many benefits including:

    1. Attention Grabbing

    Video content tends to be more eye-catching and interesting than static images or text. Videos in the Instagram feed attract attention as users scroll.

    2. Visual Storytelling

    Instagram is inherently a visual platform. Video ads offer a dynamic way to capture attention, explain complex concepts, and showcase your brand’s personality in ways that static text or image ads cannot.

    3. Humanizing Your Brand

    B2B interactions can sometimes feel impersonal. Video ads, particularly those featuring employees or showcasing company culture, create a sense of connection and authenticity.

    4. Targeting

    Instagram provides detailed targeting options to reach very specific audiences with video ads. Target by location, interests, behaviors, and more.

    5. Measurement

    The platform provides data and metrics on video views, completion rates, clicks, etc., so businesses can optimize and measure impact.

    6. Brand Safe Environment

    Instagram offers high-quality content from friends, celebrities, and creators. Video ads are viewed as organic and non-disruptive.

    7. Flexible Budgets

    Instagram video ads are available for various budgets, big or small. Bid strategies and lifetime budgets provide cost controls.

    8. Top-of-Funnel Engagement

    The nature of B2B sales cycles is often longer and more complex. Instagram video ads are fantastic for initial engagement, introducing leads to your brand, and building interest before pushing for harder sales tactics.

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    Instagram Video Ads - Main Formats and Their Specs

    Here below are the Instagram video ad specs:

    1. In-Feed Video Ads Specs

    Where they appear: Within a user’s main Instagram feed as they scroll.

    Characteristics: Blend seamlessly with organic posts, offering sound-on or sound-off viewing options.

    Duration: 1 second to 60 minutes long.

    Aspect Ratios: Square (1:1), Landscape (1.91:1), or Vertical (4:5).

    File Types: MP4, MOV, GIF.

    Max File Size: 4GB.

    2. Instagram Stories Ads Specs

    Where they appear: In between the Stories posted by people a user follows.

    Characteristics: Vertical, full-screen ads designed for immediate consumption, often accompanied by calls to action like “Swipe Up.”

    Duration: 1 second to 60 minutes.

    Aspect Ratio: 9:16.

    File Types: MP4, MOV, GIF.

    Max File Size: 4GB.

    3. Instagram Reels Ads Specs

    Where they appear: In the dedicated Reels tab and can also show up within regular Stories and the Explore page.

    Characteristics: Short-form, quick-cut, vertical videos meant to mirror organic Reels content. Ideal for engaging trends and soundbites.

    Duration: Up to 15 minutes.

    Aspect Ratio: 9:16.

    File Types: MP4 or MOV.

    Max File Size: 4GB.

    4. Carousel Video Ads Specs

    Where they appear: On a user’s standard Instagram feed and occasionally in Stories.

    Characteristics: Allows you to string together multiple videos (up to 10) in a single ad that users can swipe through. Versatile for product comparisons or mini-storytelling.


    • Up to 2 minutes per video for Reels,
    • Up to 15 seconds for stories.

    Aspect Ratios: Square (1:1), Landscape (1.91:1), or Vertical (4:5).

    File Types: MP4, MOV, GIF.

    Max File Size: 4GB.

    5. Explore Ads Specs

    Where they appear: Within the Explore section of Instagram, show up after a user clicks on a photo or video.

    Characteristics: These ads show up organically mixed into the content a person has explored, increasing viewership potential based on that user’s interests. Specs are similar to in-feed ads.

    Duration: Similar to in-feed video ads.

    Aspect Ratios: 1:1.

    File Types: JPG, PNG.

    Max File Size: 30 MB.

    For more information on Instagram ad specs video, you can refer to the official website.

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    10 Best Examples of Instagram Video Ads

    Here below are some Instagram video ad examples:

    1. Salesforce

    Company: A leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It helps businesses connect with and understand their customers.

    Highlights: This short ad focuses on the importance of trust in AI technology. The ad is relatively very short with an actor who delivers a dialogue in a country setting.

    Instagram video ads like the one above have gotten significant attention, with 16,000 likes and 484 comments, indicating a strong engagement from the audience.

    2. Slack

    Company: A popular team collaboration tool. It organizes work communications into channels for easier access and management.

    Highlights: The Instagram video ad emphasizes the innovative integration of AI technologies to improve productivity and creativity in the workplace.

    With vibrant visuals and an effective narration, they have made it one of the best video ads on Instagram.

    3. Zendesk

    Company: A customer service platform. It offers support, sales, and customer engagement tools to improve customer relationships.

    Highlights: The ad by Zendesk uses a cat-themed narrative to showcase how Zendesk and Drizly Inc. partnered to handle customer service challenges effectively.

    The ad has received positive feedback for its creativity, with comments praising it as one of the best Instagram video ads seen by viewers, mentioning its humor and the relatable scenario of dealing with customer service “cat-astrophes.”

    4. Google (Gemini)

    Company: Google is a global technology leader known for its search engine, cloud computing, online advertising technologies, and various other tech products and services.

    Highlights: The ad promotes Gemini Advanced and its new mobile app, encouraging viewers to supercharge their ideas with these tools.

    This is one of those Instagram video ads that focuses on showing the features of the new Gemini in a brief but appealing manner. With energetic beat sync, motion graphics, and kinetic typography, it is catchy and inspires one to try out the new tool.

    5. Intuit Mailchimp

    Company: A marketing automation platform and email marketing service. It helps businesses manage their mailing lists and create custom email campaigns.

    Highlights: The ad encourages viewers to shift from emailing everyone to emailing every one, highlighting the importance of personalization. It suggests taking customers out of the “clustomer” using Mailchimp’s personalization tools.

    The Instagram video advertising has good humor and play of words like ‘clustomer’ that beautifully merges with the visual aspect where all customers are clumped together, which is both interesting and unique.

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    6. Figma

    Company: A cloud-based design tool – it offers collaborative interfaces for designing, prototyping, and iterating on digital projects.

    Highlights: This video ad features a short command tutorial. The ad is short and simple, showing the partnership of Figma with Work louder.

    7. Zoom

    Company: A remote conferencing services company known for its video conferencing software that connects people through video, phone, and chat.

    Highlights: Most of the Instagram video ads by Zoom, like the one above, promote the message: “Wherever you decided to work from today, we’re here to help you get things done”. This short video ad shows two contrasting scenarios (office and home) and how the work is efficient irrespective of where you are working from.

    8. Crowdstrike

    Company: A cybersecurity technology company. It provides cloud workload and endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyber attack response services.

    Highlights: The above video ad example by Crowdstrike has a very dynamic Wild West theme and cinematic approach with engaging storytelling. It showcases how Crowdstrike is a strong weapon against anyone who tries to breach security.

    9. Airtable

    Company: Airtable is a flexible platform that blends spreadsheets and databases to help organize projects and data.

    Highlights: The video ad shows how Airtable made content planning easier and faster. This ad is simple, with the camera panning from one actor to another and screenshares and how each work they do is improved because of using airtable. The narration and the way of approach are strong with an impactful tagline.

    10. Grammarly

    Company: An online writing assistance and plagiarism detection platform. It improves users’ writing by checking for various types of errors.

    Highlights: The ad emphasizes the ability of Grammarly to help users write as well as they think, encouraging productivity and efficiency in writing tasks.

    With good beat sync and eye-catching typography, they have created interest and enthusiasm in the ad. They have used their brand color as the background, which is a good adherence to brand guidelines as well.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    Instagram Video Ads Best practices

    Instagram video ads best practices include:

    1. Grab Attention Fast

    The first 2-3 seconds of your video are crucial to stop thumbs from scrolling. Use bold visuals, text overlays, or an unexpected element.

    2. Set Campaign Objectives

    Clearly define your campaign goals (awareness, traffic, conversions, etc.) to optimize ad creation and strategy.

    3. Test and Adapt

    Run A/B tests by varying elements like copy, visuals, and CTAs to see what performs best for Instagram video ads.

    4. Experiment with Ad Styles

    Don’t be afraid to mix up video ad formats with carousels, Reel ads, and different visual styles.

    5. Authenticity Matters

    Avoid overly polished, sales-heavy ads. Opt for content that feels native to Instagram’s vibe.

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    Success with Instagram video ads Instagram isn’t about just selecting a format. Quality production, a hook within the first few seconds, clear calls to action, and an understanding of the platform’s unique trends are equally vital.

    Whether opting for seamless in-feed videos, attention-grabbing Stories ads, trendy Reels, or versatile Carousels, the power of video on Instagram is undeniable. So what better time to start creating video ads than now?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    You can target your Instagram video ads by demographics, interests, behaviors, and more using Meta Business Manager. This tool allows for detailed targeting, including lookalike audiences and custom audiences based on your existing contacts or website visitors.

    Measure the performance of your Instagram video ads through Instagram Insights or Meta Business Manager. These platforms provide metrics on reach, impressions, engagement, clicks, and conversion data, helping you understand the effectiveness of your ads.

    Yes, Instagram video ads support call-to-action (CTA) buttons, such as “Learn More,” “Shop Now,” and “Sign Up.” These CTAs can be added to your ad to direct users to your website, product page, or any other destination.

    Instagram ads cost between $0.70 and $1.00 per click on average. However, the cost can vary depending on several factors, including industry, days of the week, time of year, etc.

    The cost to advertise a video on Instagram varies based on targeting, competition, ad placement, and time of year. It operates on a bidding model, so you set your budget and bid for ad space.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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