Top 10 B2B SaaS Customer Success Podcasts

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June 12, 2024


Learning about customer success can help companies in increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing the retention rate and improving communication. Therefore, B2B SaaS Customer Success Podcasts are very popular, especially amongst customer success managers from new companies and startups.

Since the experience and advice is coming directly from experts and senior influences of the industry, these podcasts help in finding solutions and actionable strategies to the most common challenges and as well as rare problems faced by support teams globally.

Let us look at some statistics to understand the current trends around B2B SaaS podcasts:

Source Statistics
Statista In 2020, the most popular podcast app was Spotify with 25% of podcast listeners.
Meanwhile, Apple Podcasts holds 20% of the market share.
Grand view research The podcast market size in 2020 was $11.46 billion, expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.1% by 2026.
Pew Research As of 2021, 40% of Americans older than 12 years listen to podcasts every month.
LinkedIn 44% of your B2B podcast audience will comprise of department heads, VPs, owners, and c-suiters.
Salesforce 80% of customers say the experience a B2B company provides is as important as its products and services.
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    What is a B2B SaaS Customer Success Podcast?

    The primary goal of any B2B Saas podcast is to increase traffic generation. B2B companies use podcasts to accelerate the discoverability of their product, establish credibility of the brand and engage in networking with other brands and industry decision-makers.

    Not only are they effective in marketing to share information about the brand and product, but they can also prove to be a beneficial tool for customer success. Customer success focuses on growth of the existing as well as new customers.

    These podcasts talk about the customer experience, onboarding journey, feedback loops, customer support teams, and product adoption.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Many companies even opt to make short, professional podcast clipping videos that are circulated on social media platforms, newsletters and landing pages to increase awareness.

    With the success of a company depending more and more on the satisfaction of its customers, a lot of fellow customer success managers want to gain insight on the experience of senior influences, experts, and high-level decision makers of the industry, making such Customer Success podcasts very popular.

    10 Best B2B SaaS Customer Success Podcasts

    1. ‍Decoding the Customer

    About Podcast: With listeners based all around the globe, Decoding the Customer provides insights, actionable practices, ideas and success stories from CEOs, CCXPs and Chief Customer Officers who have built their businesses pivoted around customer satisfaction and have transformed their revenue by focusing on customer success.

    Launched in 2017, this podcast is one of the top platforms to provide exhaustive truth about customer journeys and strategies on how to build loyalty.

    Julia Ahlfeldt also puts out CX mini MasterClasses, which are short, bite-sized clippings from expert guests, and range from the topics of customer strategy, and understanding the customer to taking on net promoter score.

    Andrew Smith from Yuppiechef, Iain Meaker from Comair, and Luisa Mazinter from TymeBank, are some of the most prominent guests that have appeared on the spot cast

    About the Host: Julia Ahlfeldt is the Customer Experience Strategist and Business Advisor of Julia Ahlfeldt CX Consulting. She created Decoding the Customer in 2017 and has been hosting it ever since. Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, she offers a suite of customer experience services and conducts customer-centric workshops and speaking events.

    Available On: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Podtail, Player FM

    Podcast Upload: Every Thursday

    Avg. Length: 10-15 minutes, 45 minutes (interviews)

    2. New Things in Customer Education Show

    About Podcast: New Things in Customer Education Show is hosted by Rish, founder of Content Beta which is a SaaS-focused video production agency that has helped 70+ B2B SaaS to create engaging product marketing videos.

    Wildly successful, they rely heavily on scale and templatization to achieve faster turnaround. They are therefore in sync with the trends and strategies that are making waves in the industry today.

    Rish hosts podcasts with thought-leaders and experts of the industry discussing how to strategize, scale and grow with product marketing and customer education, especially using videos.

    The episodes are insightful and easy to digest. Some of the biggest names that have appeared on the show are Leyla Bambury, Manager, Customer Success at Hootsuite; Latimer Luis, Sr. Director of CS at Bolster; Courtney Sembler, Senior Manager, HubSpot and Joe Abusamra, Director of Product Marketing at ServicePower.

    About the Host: Rishabh Bhandari (Rish) is the founder and CEO of Content Beta and
    Founder; Co-Founder of Yoda Learning Solutions. He hosts two podcast shows- The Product Marketing Show and New Things in Customer Education Show. He has worked with 70+ B2B SaaS companies including ServiceNow, Pipe, ManyChat, Kissflow, Leadfeeder etc.

    Available On: YouTube, Content Beta Website

    Podcast Upload: Not scheduled

    Avg. Length: 30 minutes, available in bite-size clippings

    3. The Jasons

    About Podcast: The Jasons podcast is co-hosted by Jason Whitehead and Jason Noble who met at a Customer Success Conference in London in 2018 and realized that they shared a passion for customer success. They have deep conversations about situations and experiences encountered by customer success professionals.

    The podcast hosts talk about different, new topic related to customer success every month. The Jasons podcast is known to be quick-paced and insightful, where the conversations are easy flowing unscripted.

    Some of their biggest guests have been Markus Rentsch, CEO of Remark-able; Harini Gokul, customer success leader at AWS; Kristi Faltorusso, VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess and Aaron Jone, VP of services and global partner strategy at HubSpot.

    About the Host: Jason Whitehead is based out of Washington DC and co-hosts The Jasons podcast with Jason Noble from United Kingdom.

    Whitehead is the Co-Founder at Success Chain and helps organizations develop practices that ensure that people adopt systems better, thereby bringing measurable business value to the organization.

    Noble is VP Global Customer Success at Vinli Inc, and helps build high-performing Customer Success teams through mentoring and consulting services.

    Available On: SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, Spotify

    Podcast Upload: Not scheduled

    Avg. Length: 30-60 minutes

    4. Women in Customer Success

    About Podcast: Hosted by Marija S. Pilley, this podcast has been revolutionary in its field. It is known to be the first and only podcast in the world that focuses on the women in customer success.

    Marija has created a conversational, woman-only platform to help customer success professionals connect, learn and grow with the help of stories and insights from one another.

    These female CS leaders encourage and champion their colleagues and listeners as they share their stories, experience, tips, actionable strategies, and learning with the global community. Morika Georgieva, Manager of Customer Success at Permutive; Apoorva Sudarshan, Manager of Strategic Accounts at Mixpanel; and Kat Fisher, Senior Customer Success Manager at Signifyd are some of the high profile guests to have appeared on the podcast.

    About the Host: Marija S. Pilley is the Founder & Host of Women in Customer Success Podcast which was started in 2020. Based out of England, United Kingdom, she is also the Head of Customer Success at ClickUp.

    Available On: Listen Notes, Spotify, Podbean

    Podcast Upload: Not scheduled

    Avg. Length: 30-45 minutes

    5. Gain Grow Retain

    About Podcast: Gain Grow RetainIs Podcast is co-hosted by Jeff Breunsbach and Jay Nathan that focuses on conversations that give insight about scaling and growing subscription businesses by putting customer success first.

    In this consistent and popular podcast, the hosts invite customer success leaders in the B2B tech and SaaS space who talked about the challenges that they have faced, behind the scene action, and strategies they have devised in terms of customer success. Some of their most significant guests have been Jeetu Mahtani, EVP of Customer Success at HubSpot; Christian Jakenfelds from Planhat, and Lisa Gilley, General Counsel at Higher Logic.

    About the Host: Based out of South Carolina, United States, Jeff Breunsbach is the Director of Brand at Higher Logic and co-host of Gain Grow Retain podcast. He is joined by Jay Nathan, EVP & CCO at Higher Logic, who also lives in South Carolina. Together they started the podcast in 2019 and it has been topping the charts in CS podcasts ever since.

    Available On: Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, Spotify, HubSpot

    Podcast Upload: Weekly

    Avg. Length: 30-60 minutes

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    6. Humans of SaaS

    About Podcast: In its first season itself, Humans of SaaS, hosted by the widely popular Ben Winn went on to become the highest-rated customer success podcast in the industry.

    Instead of sticking to the most superficial topics of funding and acquisitions, this podcast focuses on stories about real experiences shared by the guest on their failures, perseverance, mental health issues, successes and strategies related to customer success.

    The voices showcased on the podcast come from the CS community from around the world- leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs who talk about what goes on behind the scenes.

    Some of the most prominent personalities to have been on this podcast are Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SparkToro; Sara Masson, VP of Customer Success and Alexa Gates, Demand Generation leader at Catalyst.

    About the Host: Ben Winn is the host of Humans of SaaS. He is the Community & Brand Marketing Leader at Catalyst and lives in New York, United States. He has also written The Unicornian, and come up with impactful marketing programs like csmemes.io, retainme.io, and the Catalyst Coaching Corner.

    Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Listen Notes

    Podcast Upload: Weekly

    Avg. Length: 30-60 minutes

    7. ‍Customer Success Leader

    About Podcast: Powered by Flatfile, the Customer Success Leader podcast gives the listener access to some incredible insider strategies and expert conversations. Hosted by Eric Crane, this podcast is popular amongst those who want to learn more about customer onboarding efficiency and data optimization.

    Great for people with a tactical mindset, this podcast helps in providing an organizational perspective to customer success and how it affects the business, through the struggles and success stories of CS experts.

    Megan Costello, Director of Client Success at UpMetrics; Tanya Strauss, Director of Customer Success Strategy and Operations at ServiceNow; Megan Piccininni, Regional VP of Customer Success at Salesforce; and Teresa Anania, VP of Global Customer Success & Renewals at Zendesk are some of the impressive names that have been on the podcast.

    About the Host: Eric Crane is the Co-Founder of Flatfile Inc. Based out of Georgia, United States, he has been hosting Customer Success Leader podcast since 2020.

    Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Flatfile

    Podcast Upload: Not scheduled

    Avg. Length: 15-30 minutes

    8. The Modern Customer

    About Podcast: Started in 2015, The Modern Customer is hosted by Forbes contributor and customer experience strategist Blake Morgan. The topics of Blake’s podcast range over a wide spectrum in the area of customer experience.

    The conversations that she has with this CS leaders give an in-depth perspective into the challenges of the field. the stories told by her guests, which include authors, practitioners, CS professionals, and influencers, don’t just give insight into customer success but into the the general interest and goals of a customer with 218 episodes in the bank.

    The Modern Customer is one of the longest-running podcast here. Some of the most prolific guests to have appeared on the podcast are Jessica Klodnicki, CMO of Skullcandy; Eric Burdullis, VP of Customer Experience at Lyft and Lisa Diekmann, President & CEO of Yellowstone Forever.

    About the Host: Based out of California, United States, Blake Morgan started The Modern Customer in 2015. She is a Bestselling Author, Customer Experience Futurist and a Keynote Speaker. She also is the Advisory Board Member at Minerva CQ.

    Available On: Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, Spotify, Audible

    Podcast Upload: Weekly

    Avg. Length: 20-30 minutes

    9. Talking Customer Success

    About Podcast: Talking Customer Success is hosted by Tom Connery, who does an excellent job of covering CS-focused topics because of his own experience in the field of customer success from when he had worked with B2B and SaaS companies.

    The podcast conversations are focused on Strategies and practices that can convert a growing company into a thriving one. Connery talks about the value of customer success in businesses through interviews with global CS experts as they discuss why it is essential to care about the customer and his needs, and not just to focus on increasing customer loyalty and advocacy.

    The podcast provides valuable advice for new professionals in the customer success field globally. Andy Quintana, founder of Slydeck; Matt Barnett from Bonjoro and CSM, Elizabeth Best are some of the guests to have appeared on the show.

    About the Host: Thomas Connery is the Sr. Customer Success Manager at Automation Anywhere. Based out of Greater Myrtle Beach Area, Connery started hosting in 2018.

    Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Stitcher

    Podcast Upload: Not scheduled

    Avg. Length: 7-20 minutes

    10. ‍Customer Uplift

    About Podcast: Customer UpliftIs one of the newest podcasts in this list but has been growing really fast. This podcast offers advice on the tools, content, strategies, and opportunities to exponentially uplift the Customer Success for a brand.

    Jon’s goal is to curate small clips of information that would summarise how companies can help the customers and achieve the desired outcomes for their businesses. Some of their most prominent guests have been Liane Cafarate, Customer Success Manager at LATAM; Ashna Patel, Manager of Customer Success at Ascent Cloud and Rasika Kelkar,CS Team Lead at Browserstack.

    About the Host: Customer Uplift is hosted by Jon Triggs. Based out of Belfast, United Kingdom, he is the Commercial Director at Fluent Technology Ltd.

    Available On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Listen Notes

    Podcast Upload: Not scheduled

    Avg. Length: 15-30 minutes

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    10 Kickass Tips To Optimize your B2B SaaS Customer Success Podcast

    1. Have a clearly outlined podcast strategy.

    2. Know your podcast goal: lead generation, brand awareness, building community, establishing authority, etc.

    3. Understand the demographics of your target audience.

    4. Decide a podcast format and stick to it: whether it is interview style, discussion, solo, etc.

    5. Try to get experts of the field on the podcast.

    6. Promote on social media pages to build your podcast community.

    7. Set a constant time limit for each episode.

    8. Have a diverse array of guests, especially in terms of gender and ethnicity.

    9. Create a script to keep the tone and direction of the podcast consistent.

    10. Be disciplined in posting out episodes, whether it is weekly, monthly, etc.


    For a company to be successful, more than the product, the culture today revolves around ensuring that the customer feels supported, heard, and satisfied. B2B SaaS Customer Success Podcasts help in gaining insight into the customer’s goals and experiences, and what CS teams can do to achieve the results desired by the company by making changes on every step of their onboarding journey, from touchpoint to the end. Listening to such podcasts can aid in making a significant difference in the retention rate for the product and image of the company.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The best thing a B2B SaaS company can do is to be proactive. Establishing a connection with a customer takes time and needs to be a priority. Practices like designing a clear onboarding process, investing in customer training and education, creating customer support videos and courses, and providing a feedback loop are some of the best practices applied by most B2B companies.

    Customer success podcasts are the ones that focus on providing insight into the goals and satisfaction of the customer. The guest on these podcasts are generally high-profile experts of the field with a vast experience in customer engagement behind them. They provide stories, advice, actionable strategies, and their perspective on the current trends in the field.

    B2B Customer success focuses on the journey of a customer right from the touch point of discovering the product to consideration and conversion to when they subscribe for a trial, to the stage where they become customers and start the journey of product adoption and stay with the brand without dropping off. B2B companies these days invest a lot of time and money in making sure that this journey is as seamless as possible by providing customer onboarding videos, customer training courses, feedback change, chatbots, email support etc.

    The best platforms to share and promote employee testimonial videos include:

    • Company website (especially on the careers or about us page).
    • Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
    • During webinars, workshops, or recruitment drives.
    • Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

    To ensure high-quality production for employee video testimonials, one should:

    • Invest in good video equipment or hire a professional videography team.
    • Choose well-lit locations for shooting.
    • Use external microphones for clear audio.
    • Plan the shoot, including the questions and desired responses.
    • Edit the video to include relevant visuals, background music, and graphics.
    • Review the video with multiple stakeholders before finalizing and publishing your employee testimonial videos.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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