7 Tips for Effective B2B Product Demo Video Scripts

7 Tips for Effective B2B Product Demo Video Scripts

Have you ever wondered how the words and how they have said changes the entire meaning and essence? In the same way, writing an excellent script for a product demo video can change the whole dynamics of that product. If you have a great script, you can showcase your demo video to be interesting, even if it is not in reality.

It would be best to have a compelling demo video script to educate your customers about the video and create content that can eventually help them decide. According to a survey by Forbes, more than 90% of the time, people decide whether to go with a product after watching a video.

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Why should you write a B2B Product Demo Video Script?

A product video is an excellent way of showcasing your product, but it can only make you go to a certain level. Your customers will only sign up for the product or start to use the product after watching your B2B product demo and having a solid script that could go the extra mile to convince your customer that your product is the best.

A great B2B product demo video should have the below; you can do it only by compiling the script.

  1. Educates your customer about the product.
  2. Conveys a story to your customers.
  3. Does message sharing in the most convenient way
  4. Most importantly, it drives conversions and converts leads into customers.

In a survey done by Content beta on how many companies use storytelling in their video, more than 85% of them needed it. Therefore, a good script is always needed before creating a video.

7 Tips for Effective B2B Product Demo Video Script

A SaaS product demo video is a significant game changer for any SaaS business. So, creating a script that justifies the product and its need to the customer is equally important. Today, many companies are operating in the same domain; therefore, only a well-written script for your next B2B SaaS product demo video will be able to make you stand away from your competitors.

To write a compelling, entertaining, and result-oriented product demo video script, here are seven tips for you:

Tip #1 - Keep your Audience in Mind

All your product demo videos are not supposed to cater to just a single type of audience. You could have different audiences and customers for your demo videos. Therefore, while writing the script, it is essential to keep your end users and customers in mind. Your demo video script format should also be based on what your customer will like to watch in the video.

In this video for Lyne AI, the video is started by sharing the customer’s pain point of generating leads using cold emails. The entire video is about keeping the solution a customer wants to listen to in mind. The video is not running around the bushes by telling different features and then coming to the main point. Anyone facing this issue will stop at the first line only and be interested in learning more about the company and the product.


Tip #2 - Clear and Concise Language

To create a compelling product video for your SaaS business, you need a script that is accurate, consistent, and personalized for the needs of your targeted audience. For example, if you use difficult and complex words, your customer will not be interested in watching your video.
Instead, use clear and concise language that everyone quickly understands. For your B2B product demo, ensure the script you write is in a clear and concise way, so people have enough time to understand the product and decide. Your opening should grab attention and excite your audience to watch the rest of the video. Make sure to create a concise introduction outlining what your product does and why it’s essential.

Here is a B2B product demo video by Trello, where they have checked all the boxes we just discussed. To ensure that they were talking about things in detail and transparently, they made a product video. Their script detailed everything to ensure customers don’t have to return for more questions. The narrator is evident in his words; each word is spoken, and no hard comments are used in the video.


Tip #3 - Engaging Storytelling

A SaaS product demo video must be appealing and something your customers will remember for a long time. Now, you can’t add visuals in the script but can write what kind of visuals need to be added. You can write about the character in your script and how it will relate to your product’s story by offering an effective solution.

Adding interesting elements will create a storyline to attract customers to watch your B2B SaaS product demo video. It will also help make a better impact and will aid in illustrating your product clearly.

In the video by KissFlow, they started by sharing how KissFlow can help in using dependency dropdowns for data. The video then uses a character, Shawn, as an example to start building a story of how and why he needed the help of KissFlow. The video then moved to show the various features of its product and the solution, the character Shawn was looking for.


Tip #4 - Accurate Script Editing

Edit is essential to any product demo video. Everyone has heard about editing the demo video, but only some may be editing their demo video script. Now, you will wonder, how can you edit your script? You can, and in fact, you should.

First, when you write your script, do a trial run to see if everything you have written makes sense. Then, you can share it with people outside of your department to get a layperson’s feedback on how the script looks and edit to make changes as per the feedback. Once you accurately edit your script, you will avoid every possible error you could have made while producing your video.

The video by Xactly is a clear example of a well-edited script and a video. Their 2-minute video amazes their viewers with the perfection and up-to-date information. The video had two color windows, and the way it appears shows it has gone through several trials before being approved.


Tip #5 - Short and Informative Script

The most important thing when creating a product video is capturing everything in that single video. Therefore, your script should focus on being short yet informative, as people only bother to watch a video for a short time. To make your B2B product demo successful, ensure that you use SEO-related keywords in your script to help you search for your video.

In this video by Hubspot, they created a video about how to use YouTube for search purposes. They made a brief video, and their script had everything included. The script contains information a customer wants to know and understand the SEO game better. You can see the video starting by telling what a known fact is and then moving to share what most people are not using for their benefit.


Tip #6 - Mentioning Benefits over features

Next, your B2B product demo video will only be successful if it has all the features and benefits showcased in the video. And for this reason, your script should be written keeping all of them in mind. Highlighting your product’s USPs and unique features will make your video stand out. And it can happen by writing a well-researched and product-oriented script.

The video created for Kore.ai has nailed this point to the point of mentioning products features and benefits. They have created a video that showcases its product and features very engagingly. The video begins by telling how their product can help the business and the customer and moves on to share what they offer to their customers. They even shared how the different platforms in the system can be used and help the customers.


Tip #7 - Including a Strong CTA

The main reason for creating a video is to convert your potential leads into customers, and adding a CTA to your SaaS product demo video will do it for you. CTA’s are the most effective way of telling your audience what they need to do next. Everyone in the SaaS business will create the video for a reason, and there will only be incorporation if that reason is there in your script. So, including a strong CTA in your script is a must.

In the above video by Leadfeeder, they created a one-minute and 18-second video to showcase how their product can help generate leads for a company’s sales campaign. Even though their B2B SaaS product demo video was very short and concise, they remembered to add a strong CTA of asking their audiences to sign up for a free trial.


What value does a B2B Product Demo Video Script will add to your Video?

You should create a product demo video script for many reasons rather than just starting with the video directly.

  • When you make a script, you will get more ideas and brainstorm what is best for your video.
  • If you don’t focus on the script and start to design the video with the first idea, you may lack creativity and uniqueness in your video.
  • A B2B Product Demo Video Script can add clarity and structure to your video by clearly outlining your product demonstration’s key messages and objectives.
  • It can also ensure the video is engaging, informative, and persuasive to the target audience. Providing a script can save time and money in the production process, as well as help to ensure that the video is effective in conveying your message.
  • Moreover, when you begin to write your script, you will notice all the errors and things that may not look great in your video. Such items will be eliminated in the first go itself instead of spending time designing the video and realizing a lot should be removed.

According to a survey by Content beta, more than 58.4% of the videos missed showing benefits in their video.


A video is the essence of any product for any industry, including SaaS. If your product is excellent, you would want its script to do justice to the product. Therefore, spending quality time writing your product demo video script is essential. You can refer to the points in this article that help you understand how to write a well-researched script for your following product.

  • Writing a B2B Product Demo Video Script is important to ensure the success of your video.
  • A clear, concise script can help ensure that your video conveys the key messages of your product in an engaging and informative way.
  • A script will also help you stay on track and ensure your video is focused, compelling, and professionally produced.
  • A good script will also help you avoid common pitfalls such as long-winded explanations, irrelevant content, and a lack of focus.
  • With a well-written script, you can ensure that your video will capture your target audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

You can also incorporate some things in the video links shared in the article above. These videos are examples of well-written scripts, and because of this, the companies were able to make their product reach millions worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A product demo video script is a script you create before making the product video, and it contains all the necessary elements and should be a part of the video.

A well-researched script should keep its audience in mind, use clear and concise language that everyone readily understands, be short, informative, and display a storyline. Your script should also mention critical features and a strong CTA.

Writing your script according to the video you wish to create would be best. For instance, if you want to make a video in under 2 minutes, your script should be on the same page. There will need to be a more extended script for a shorter video to understand how the video would look.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

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