The Future of Podcast Editing Services: Trends to Watch in the B2B Space

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Rishabh Pugalia

May 20, 2024


Podcasting’s big, so everyone wants to be a standout. The answer? Podcast editing services. These guys help creators and businesses up their game in an increasingly competitive market.

According to a survey by DemandSage, the market size for podcasts is expected to reach 23.56 billion in 2023.

This article dives into the top 5 trends in the B2B video podcast space that are changing B2B podcast production, and editing forever. From podcast hero images to diverse editing styles and cutting-edge tools, this is the future of podcast editing.

Modern publishing platforms and re-purposing strategies are also on the list. Get ready to learn how to make your podcast pop with these revolutionary trends. So, let’s go on a journey through the future of podcast editing services and learn how to make your podcast the best it can be.

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    Podcasting’s popularity is soaring, so being ahead of the game is a must for creators wanting to succeed in this ever-changing industry. Let’s explore the top 5 trends in B2B video podcast editing you should watch out for.

    These trends range from stunning visuals to inventive content strategies and advanced tools, all set to revolutionize the podcasting scene and unleash fresh prospects for growth and interaction. Don’t miss out on these breakthroughs that will elevate your podcast to greater heights, leaving your listeners yearning for more.

    Trend #1 - Podcast Hero Images

    Yo, podcast lovers! Check out podcast hero images, the hip new thing in podcast editing services that everyone is talking about.

    Growth Talks

    These images are fire, created specifically to hook listeners into clicking on an episode. They’re bold, they’re catchy, and they’re made to compel. So why not take a shot and give ’em a listen?

    For example – These hero images feature artfully cropped visuals, bold branding, and dynamic titles with animated accents.

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    Trend #2 - Podcast Video Editing Styles

    a. Interview podcast

    An interview-style show has a host who chats with a new guest in each episode. The guest is a total boss and brings their unique expertise and experience. The host gets the ball rolling by asking questions and steering the conversation toward the topic of the episode.

    For example – “The Product Marketing Show”, which is run by Content Beta, is a b2b video podcast that invites top authority holders to discuss hot topics such as B2B SaaS, Marketing funnels, and other topics such as marketing, with the CEO Rishabh Bhandari as the host.

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    Quick tip – To keep things smooth, it’s smart to stick to central themes.

    b. Monologue Podcast

    This podcast video format is pretty common. It’s used by folks who want to share their expertise. There isn’t much hoopla or setup. You simply blab into a mic. Many newbies start with this format because it’s so simple. All you need is a mic and some free editing software.

    If you choose this podcast format, you gotta decide how much you wanna plan each episode. Some podcasters can yak off a few notes on the fly, but others struggle to talk for 30-45 minutes without detailed prep.

    For example – “The Marketing Book Podcast”, the host Douglas Burdett examines the latest marketing and sales books. Burdett distills the main ideas each book explores, gets extra insights into details that stand out to him, and bonds with his guests during the sit-down, giving just enough information to make you want to pick up the book, should you want to.

    Quick tip – You may wanna scribble a full script for each episode.

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    c. Co-hosted Podcast

    Another usual B2B podcast video format is a simple conversation between two people with good chemistry. It’s different from the interview format because both are hosts.

    During the conversation, each host may take on a specific role. For instance, one could deliver the news while the other provides witty commentary or jokes.

    For example – “The SaaS Revolution Show”, is a B2B SaaS marketing podcast in which a variety of revolutionary founders, executives, and investors share advice on attracting and keeping customers, scaling globally, and reaching the cloud.

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    Quick tip – One host may provide practical tips, while the other shares personal anecdotes.

    d. Panel Podcast

    A podcast with a panel is like an interview podcast, but with more peeps. Each episode has a single host and a group of guests. For listeners, it’s like overhearing a friend’s conversation.

    For example –

    1. “The Ringer” with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay dissect the biggest topics in Black culture, politics, and sports with many guests in an episode.
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    1. “Monthly Customer Mastermind” – Episode “March Customer Mastermind.
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    Trend #3 - Podcast Re-purpose into a carousel or LinkedIn Posts

    Repurposing content involves taking something that already exists and tweaking it to make it even better. You can add more to it, divide it up, or even convert it into an entirely new format like a B2B shorts.

    For example – Content Beta uses its mainstream podcast show “The Product Marketing Show” to create B2B shorts for LinkedIn posts other platforms.

    Trend #4 - Podcast Editing Tools

    Let’s explore the domain of podcast editing tools for B2B SaaS marketing! We’ve curated a list of the top 10 tools that’ll help you elevate your podcast game to the next level.

    Sr. No. Tools Pricing Rating Key Features
    1. AudioDirector Free
    (Subscription $4.33/Month)
    5.0 / 5.0 1. Audio restoration/enhancement tools
    2. Batch processing
    3. Professional audio mixing
    4. Audio Ducking
    2. WavePad Free
    (Premium - $60 for Standard, $99 for Master)
    4.5 / 5.0 1. Scrub, search, and bookmark audio
    2. Music and sound effect library
    3. Non-destructive editing
    4. Create ringtone
    3. GoldWave 30 days free trial
    ($19/year or $59 for lifetime license)
    4.4 / 5.0 1. Batch processing
    2. Cut/Copy/Paste/Trim audio
    3. Voice changer
    4. Effect chain editor
    4. Adobe Audition 7 days free trial
    ($20.99 / Month)
    3.5 / 5.0 1. Non-Destructive audio editing
    2. 128 Audio tracks
    3. Auto-fit background music
    4. 10,000+ sound effects library
    5. Podcastle Free
    (Premium - $11.99 / Month, Pro = $23.99 / Month)
    4.5 / 5.0 1. Royalty-Free music and sound effects library
    2. Silence removal
    3. Realistic voice skins
    4. Transitions
    6. Sound Forge Pro 30 days free trial
    Paid - $399
    4.3 / 5.0 1. Loudness visualization
    2. Multichannel workflow
    3. Plug-in manager
    4. Wide format support
    7. Descript Free for upto 2 hrs per month
    Premium at $12 / Month
    Pro at $24 / Month
    4.5 / 5.0 1. Batch editing
    2. Mic bleed detection
    3. Audio ducking
    4. Cloud media library
    8. Audacity Free 4.0 / 5.0 1. Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit audio processing
    2. Support for effects plug-ins
    3. Automatic ducking
    4. Automatic crash recovery
    9. Auphonic Free upto 2 hrs per month
    Premium at $11/ Month for 9 hrs
    4.1 / 5.0 1. Loudness normalizer
    2. Cross talk removal
    3. Third-Party Integration
    4. Low-Frequency filter
    10. Hindenburg Pro 30 days free trial
    Premium at $399 for lifetime access
    $120 / Year
    3.5 / 5.0 1. One-Click upload to popular podcast platforms
    2. Support for many types of audio files
    3. Cross-compatible with other DAWs
    4. Noise reduction

    Trend #5 - Podcast Publish Platforms

    Podcasting, especially B2B podcast production, has been growing rapidly, and with that growth comes an array of platforms that make it easy for content creators to publish and distribute their shows. Here we’ve covered the top 5 platforms you should consider when starting or growing your B2B SaaS marketing podcast.

    Platform Pricing
    Buzzsprout 1. $12/month to upload 3 hours each month,
    2. $18/month to upload 6 hours each month, unlimited hosting
    3. $24/month to upload 12 hours each month,
    PodBean 1. $9 to 24 per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth.
    Captivate 1. $17 per month for a personal plan.
    2. $44 per month for a professional plan.
    3. $90 per month for the business plan.
    Transistor 1. Starter: $19/month,
    2. Professional: $49/month,
    3. Business: $99/month
    Castos 1. $19/month for the Starter plan
    2. $49/month for the Growth plan
    3. $99/month for Pro Plan.

    It’s also worth mentioning that there are some social platforms where you can post your podcast for free, such as –

    • Spotify
    • Google Podcasts
    • LinkedIn
    • Youtube
    • Facebook
    • Instagram


    The future of podcast editing services is bright, with cutting-edge trends and innovative solutions transforming the B2B podcast production space. As podcasting continues to gain momentum, creators and businesses are set to benefit from a range of tools, techniques, and strategies, from eye-catching podcast hero images to various editing styles, re-purposing opportunities, state-of-the-art editing tools, and podcast publishing platforms.

    These trends not only make podcasting more accessible and user-friendly but also help creators stand out in an increasingly crowded market. By staying ahead of the curve and leveraging these advancements, podcasters can optimize their content, amplify their reach, and engage their audience like never before.

    The podcasting industry is evolving rapidly, and with these trends in place, there’s no better time for businesses to join the podcasting revolution and leverage the power of audio storytelling to drive growth and success. So, whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, make sure to keep an eye on these trends and embrace the future of podcast editing services.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Some of the major trends to watch for in podcast editing services in the B2B space include a focus on quality audio production, more personalized and targeted content, interactive and engaging formats, and increased use of AI and automation tools.

    B2B companies can use podcast editing services to create more engaging content for their audiences by leveraging professional audio editing and production techniques, incorporating interactive elements such as listener feedback and interviews, and focusing on creating personalized and targeted content that resonates with their specific target market.

    AI and automation are set to play a significant role in the future of podcast editing services for B2B companies. These technologies can be used to automate time-consuming tasks such as editing and transcription, freeing up more time for content creation and strategy development. AI can also be used to personalize content and target specific segments of a company’s audience.

    Some of the challenges that B2B companies may face when implementing podcast editing services include finding the right production team, developing a consistent content strategy, and measuring the ROI of their podcasting efforts. To overcome these challenges, companies can work with experienced podcast production teams, establish clear goals and metrics for their podcasting efforts, and consistently track and analyze listener engagement and other key metrics to measure their success.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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