The Complete Guide to Corporate Video Production

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The marketing landscape in the B2B Saas world is evolving rapidly thanks to corporate video content that’s popping up everywhere.

Consumers love watching videos now more than ever, and demand is only increasing. Instead of having to sift through huge amounts of information, using this medium instead, has made content incredibly engaging and easy to digest.

As a result, companies in every industry are taking this opportunity by the horn and utilizing corporate videos for a variety of reasons. According to Hubspot, 87% of B2B companies use video as a marketing tool, which is not at all surprising.

However, making videos alone is not sufficient.

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What Is Corporate Video Production?

There are so many types of corporate videos in the market today that it can be confusing. In essence, a corporate video created by a B2B SaaS company delivers a particular message to their niche audience. They could be:

  • SaaS explainer videos
  • B2B Client testimonials
  • SaaS feature updates
  • Corporate Video Ads

The purpose of using video as a B2B communication tool is to draw in and hold the attention of their audience long enough that they convert into buyers.

Usually the website of the business hosts most of the published video content online. The content is then distributed to the target audience via

  • Social media like Instagram and facebook
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube

B2B Corporate videos can be used internally for training and recruitment purposes or used externally to reach a company’s core demographic. It all depends on the SaaS product and your motivation behind making the video.

Corporate Video Production Process

1. Pre-production

Corporate pre-production is the beginning phase of the entire video production process. In the first step a production team working with you will outline or draft your project. Here is where you would showcase any reference videos that you may have.

A producer or director will then outline the steps in the production process and write a script for any actors or narrators. Your crew might need to conduct additional research depending on the subject matter of your video, particularly if your project calls for location permits or studio access.

Pre-production is necessary to organize and set up the shooting process. A skilled team will collaborate closely with you to guarantee complete satisfaction with each step of your project.

2. Production

The magic happens during this phase. Your footage is recorded during the corporate production phase, including all of the pre-planned scenes and information.

An experienced corporate video production company will adhere to your budget and schedule while keeping in touch with each area of the production phase (location, set, office, distributing, etc.).

Production involves everyone who is in the filmmaking process. Before the camera and sound departments begin to film, the grip, electric, and design teams will take the lead. Of course, the type of video you’re making will have an impact on every step of the production process.

In place of studio personnel and actors, animators and narrators will be used when making an explainer video. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that animators and narrators will be used in your video if you’re filming employee testimonials.

3. Post-production

The post-production phase is crucial to producing a high-caliber video. In this stage, editors organize and tidy up the video. To make the visuals look absolutely stunning, these editors will make necessary adjustments to the footage’s sound and color.

During this stage, audio components like dialogue, music, and sound effects are also added to your video.

Your video is prepared for finalization once it has been edited and rendered. Your crew should present the finished product to you before preparing it for distribution. This way, any changes you request can be made before you receive it.

You’re good to go if you’re pleased with the outcome. The last stage of corporate post-production has been successfully completed. You should now have your video in your hands. You’re free to share it however you like.

Types Of Corporate Video Production

The uses for B2B corporate videos are virtually limitless. Knowing the various kinds and styles of videos will help you use them in your own marketing campaigns.

There are many different types of video out there, your B2B business objectives and goals will determine the type of video you select, but if you work with a skilled team of corporate video producers, they will be able to quickly identify which options are best for you.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the five types of video that you can use in your next SaaS project.

1. Testimonial Corporate Video

Testimonials are used for a variety of purposes. They are frequently used to induce positive feelings in your viewers, which will shine light on your B2B business. Depending on the purpose of your video, you can include testimonials from SaaS customers, employees, or both.

Testimonials are one of the most effective types of B2B corporate video production available. They truly hit the mark in terms of:

  • Appealing to your audience
  • Addressing your message
  • Promoting your company.

Whether you’re trying to promote a product or share your mission statement, testimonials do the heavy lifting for you.

Check out this video testimonial Content Beta created for Galley to promote their business.


2. Promotional Corporate Video

A high-quality B2B promotional video is made up of many moving parts. Promotional corporate video is known as an investment that’s worth it in the long run. If you’re promoting a specific product, your crew will document all of its best angles. If you’re promoting SaaS, the best footage will be used in the final product.

B2B SaaS Promo videos do exactly that – they promote whatever you’re trying to sell consumers, so capturing high-quality moments is essential for a high-quality video. A great B2B promo video can make you stand out above competition and easily improve your sales.

Check out one of the most viewed product marketing videos by Content Beta.


3. Explainer Corporate Video

B2B SaaS Explainer videos are short online marketing videos that are used to explain a product or service offered by your company. Explainer videos are frequently used on

  • Landing page
  • Homepage of your website
  • Prominent product page

These types of videos have grown in popularity; some websites claim that adding explainer videos to their website increased conversion rates by up to 144%.


4. Corporate Recruiting Video

A B2B corporate recruiting video is ideal if your organization is looking to attract new employees, students, or other members of society.

The cool thing about this type of video is that it doesn’t fit into any specific design. Because your goal is to attract people to your B2B organization, you can use almost any aspect of the B2B/SaaS industry. (This means it can be budget-friendly.)

A recruitment video can include anything from animation to employee testimonials to interviews. You’re good to go as long as the video is genuine and well-edited.

Take a look at Dropbox’s unique and creative recruiting video


5. Corporate Event Video

Last, but certainly not least, corporate event video is one of the most sought out types of video production. Event videography is timeless, whether you’re attending a small B2B conference or a large event at a convention center. It can be used in a variety of departments within your company, including marketing and employee training.

You can live stream an event or host a webcast if you’re looking for an immersive experience; on the other hand, you can record footage for a video highlight reel that captures all of the highlights from your event.


6. Corporate Training Video

B2B Enterprises create training videos to educate and communicate with employees about new products or procedures, policies and compliance, health and safety, career and skill development, and so on.

Asynchronous learning is enabled by corporate training videos, which means students are not restricted by location or time. As a result, training is easily scalable and accessible.


7. Corporate Product Demo Video

A B2B SaaS product demo video is the most effective way to showcase goods or services. It is similar to app or software demo videos. It will increase the value of your product. Also, it quickly captures everyone’s attention because, after all, who doesn’t enjoy watching a video?

SaaS Customers benefit from video demonstrations because they gain a better understanding of the product they are about to purchase. Watching product demo videos is definitely more exciting than reading a product description in a boring blog post or, worse, in a crappy manual book.


Best Practices For Corporate Video Production

1. Determine the purpose of your video.

It’s critical to have a distinct understanding of the end result you want from your B2B SaaS video to serve because this will happen in collaboration with a director or producer during pre-production.

2. Be concise and clear

Videos are best when they are brief. A short video can be of high quality, and if at all possible, it should be. A brief, high-quality video has a higher chance of grabbing viewers’ attention than one that is too long.

3. Include Your Brand Voice

You want to clearly communicate your message and the best way for customers to contact you through interesting content. Viewers are unlikely to recall the business that is associated with your content if your B2B SaaS company identity isn’t prominent in your video.

How To Plan A Great Corporate Video

By now you know that B2B corporate videos are an effective and entertaining communication tool. They are a highly effective way for a business to advertise its goods and services or just to share its brand narrative.

However, what determines a corporate video’s success?

You cannot simply choose to make one because that is what other people are doing. A detailed plan must be in place with your B2B company’s objectives and goals. This shouldn’t be carried out randomly, just like any other aspect of your content marketing strategy.

The following questions will help you paint a clear painting:

  • Who are you creating the content for?
  • Why are you creating the corporate video?
  • Is video the best medium for your message?
  • How will the video be marketed to the audience?
  • What key points do you want to convey in your video?
  • What does your distribution plan look like?


Hopefully, we’ve covered every aspect of B2B SaaS corporate video production in this guide.

All that’s left to do is get started after learning the fundamentals of what makes a great corporate video and selecting the best corporate video production company.

Take advantage of this tool whether you’re making a presentation to the board, hiring new employees, or developing a SaaS product demo. Today, it’s important to bond emotionally with your audience. Before they even think about giving you more of their time or money, they need to understand your business and how you can help theirs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can expect to pay between $500 and $10,000 per minute of video content for B2B SaaS corporate videos.

When it comes to commercials, any corporate video production company might charge you anywhere from $5000 to $100,000 per minute. The price of corporate videos for larger corporations can be as high as $100,000 per minute.

Regardless of who you select as a partner, they are speaking on your behalf and have a lot of pressure to perform. Your reputation matters, so it’s critical that you pick a video production company you can rely on to deliver quality work.

You can be sure you’ve found the right corporate video production company for your B2B SaaS business by keeping the aforementioned points in mind as you conduct your research. Whatever you do, avoid simply selecting the first option you come across because it seems affordable and practical.

A corporate video production company is a significant investment, so it’s important to do some additional research.

Corporate videos that discuss your B2B company’s brand or SaaS product will help you establish an emotional connection with your audience and gain the trust of your intended market.

Today, the majority of purchases are made online. To increase sales, businesses must consider how to engage their customers and communicate effectively with them. More traffic and engagement will be generated by a compelling video about your company; a corporate video is the best way to present your brand.

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