The 10 Best Corporate Training Video Production Companies

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An entertaining video is one of the best ways to learn something new. Training videos are best to educate your audience, including the SaaS world, no matter your industry or field. Nowadays, many businesses focus on introducing corporate training videos to introduce new and existing concepts to their employees. Corporate training videos can educate and entertain simultaneously, making your employees feel involved and engaged.

Creating a training video may look simple, but a lot goes behind the scenes. According to the Content Beta Survey on Product training videos, more than 50% of top SAAS missed out showing benefits to the end customers. Hence, hiring an experienced corporate training video production company to help deliver the right content becomes more than necessary, keeping the company and employees’ interests in mind.

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What are the criterias for becoming a great corporate training video production company?

Below are a few criteria that would make a corporate training video production company a great company to be associated with:

1. Expertise

An excellent training company will always have expertise in creating videos in varied niches and areas. Their expertise will be visible in the demo videos they will share. These companies also have separate teams or individuals working and handling the different domains of producing a great corporate training video.


2. Communication

If the corporate training video production company and the organization do not communicate their challenges and expectations, the video will not succeed. As a training video production agency, they should always focus on two-way communication with their client.

3. Services

As a SaaS client, you may have more than one kind of requirement, and juggling between multiple agencies may only increase the hassle. So instead, the corporate training video production agency can offer various services to their clients. Such companies provide services such as animation video production, explainer videos, demo videos, and much more.


4. Price

The pricing depends highly on the content creation and the services you prefer as the client. Quoting a lot will not help them work with small and medium-sized companies. But a corporate video production company should offer competitive rates that would eventually want the client to work with them.

5. Client Feedback

A company can only become the best if it recognizes the importance of feedback, especially from its clients. After all, it is not only about producing and creating the video. Sometimes, your end user – the client may be unhappy with the video and wants the agency to make changes. At that moment, it would be imperative for the agencies to accept the feedback rather than find ways of avoiding it.


6. Customer Experience

Every corporate training video production company will give everything to ensure their clients and customers are happy. The company is excellent if the agencies’ customers are satisfied and offer them work again. In the end, everything comes down to the customer experience.

Which are the top 10 corporate training video production companies?

Here are the top 10 corporate training video production companies offering different services along with great value added to their clients:

1. Vidico

Vidico is a cloud-based video production platform that helps businesses create professional video content quickly and easily. Vidico also offers an analytics dashboard that gives users insights into their video performance, allowing them to optimize and refine their video content for better results.

Vidico works with the latest equipment to produce a brilliant training video for any corporate industry. Vidico has a team of multi-talented people, such as scriptwriters, illustrators, directors, actors, designers, and others.

  • Renowned Clients: Amazon, Spotify, Airtable, and Uber.
  • Average Pricing: $10,000 and $18,000
  • Turnaround Time: six to eight weeks
  • Biggests USP: Product video

2. Content Beta

Content Beta is one of the best companies to produce SaaS corporate training videos. Their training videos are unique, and they ensure their customers understand complex topics with ease. In addition, Content Beta believes every customer has different needs so that they can work with any industry.

Content Beta’s team of experienced writers, designers, and strategists provides comprehensive solutions to help clients reach their goals. They also offer training and consulting services to ensure clients have a successful content marketing strategy.

Content Beta’s corporate training videos come in various formats, from traditional lectures to interactive modules. Content Beta’s videos are designed to be easy to follow and can be used to supplement existing training programs or as stand-alone training materials.

  • Renowned Clients: Mainstream, Digitech, Bear Robotics, Open Moves
  • Average Pricing: Starts from $500+
  • Turnaround Time: 8 to 10 business days
  • Biggests USP: Product demo, Product Explainer, Corporate Training Videos

3. Blue Carrot

Blue Carrot is one of the prominent names in the field of video productions and produce marketing and learning videos for businesses and education centers. Not only corporate videos, but as a SaaS client, you can approach them for promo, e-learning, tutorial, explainer, branded, onboarding, and even testimonial videos for your company. In addition, blue Carrot is famous for producing videos within a specified budget.

Blue Carrot offers a variety of video production services, including pre-production (scriptwriting, storyboarding, and concept development), production (filming and editing), and post-production (adding special effects, motion graphics, and soundtrack).

  • Renowned Clients: Takeda, DNB, Telenor, Air Products
  • Average Pricing: Ranges from $2000 to $3000.
  • Turnaround Time: 4 to 8 weeks
  • Biggests USP: full cycle video production

4. New Pace Productions

New Pace Production is a pioneer and expert in the field of video production. Their engaging and entertaining videos keep the audience glued till the end. You can be an agency, company, or corporation; they can handle all your needs.

Their experienced team of professionals providetop-notch quality customer service. They are also committed to staying on the cutting edge of video production technology, offering 4K and HD video resolutions.

  • Renowned Clients: Canon, CapitalOne, IBM, and Aqua
  • Average Pricing: $100-$149 per hour
  • Biggests USP: corporate and explainer videos

5. MotionCue

MotionCue creates corporate training videos in any format such as 2D, 3D, animation, explainer, and much more as per-customer demands. This corporate video production company has created award-winning animations for businesses that have helped their leads convert into potential clients. They have the expertise to help your SaaS company in all aspects.

With MotionCue, a video production tool, you can create stunning videos quick and easy. It’s intuitive interface and powerful features, help users create shocking videos with minimal effort.

  • Renowned Clients: Yahoo, Slack, Microsoft, Godrej
  • Average Pricing: around $5000
  • Turnaround Time: 3 to 8 weeks
  • Biggests USP: explainer videos

6. MultiVision Digital

MultiVision Digital helpsSaaS businesses grow by offering strategic guidance, cost-effective video production, and other related services. In addition, they have a talented pool working and managing different departments, thus successfully creating the perfect corporate training video.

In addition to working on corporate projects, MultiVision Digital produces feature films, documentaries, and music videos. They have published feature works in festivals and streaming platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  • Renowned Clients: Fox, Digital Journal, Market Watch, Benzinga
  • Biggests USP: training videos, animated videos

7. Whatastory

Whatastory brands themselves by saying they create videos through simplified messaging and ensuring wider opportunities for their clients and customers. They have experience working with nearly 600 brands worldwide. They are also popular in creating SaaS product demo videos which have helped many clients increase their ROIs.

The video featured in their website showcases some of their work. It includes corporate videos, educational videos, and television commercials. Each video is unique and creative, showing the skill and dedication of the team behind Whatastory Video Company.

  • Renowned Clients: Uber, Kellogg’s, HCL, and Hp
  • Average Pricing: varied cost depending on the type of video
  • Turnaround Time: around one week
  • Biggests USP: Explainer and SaaS product videos

8. NinjaPromo

Leading digital marketing company NinjaPromo offers engaging video productions created to satisfy expanding content needs. They have a vast team of scriptwriters, directors, actors, and editors. In addition, they even have an extensive clientele in companies such as fintech, crypto, and other B2B businesses.

With NinjaPromo, businesses can quickly design, launch and manage campaigns on multiple platforms, including social media, email, and SMS. It also offers powerful segmentation and targeting capabilities, allowing businesses to target customers based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors.

  • Renowned Clients: Crunchbase, The Manifest, Clutch, Digital Agency Network
  • Average Pricing: $50-$99 per hour
  • Biggests USP: Explainer videos

9. HiLo Media

HiLo Media focuses on building strategy, production, and marketing for companies worldwide by producing great videos. They also cater to almost every type of video production, including a tutorial, corporate training, demo, explainer, and more.

The HiLo Media team uses a combination of creative storytelling and technical expertise to create videos that capture viewers’ attention. So whether the goal is to promote a product, create a fantastic event video, or document a special occasion, HiLo Media can deliver.

  • Renowned Clients: eBay, Costar Group, WD, Walmart
  • Biggests USP: Software Tutorial videos, App Demo Videos

10. Broadcast2world

Broadcast2world, or B2W, has expertise in the SaaS and technology world creating compelling videos that engage and educate their customers. They have worked with clients and helped them create corporate training, commercials, explainers, and social media videos.

In addition, the company is unique in creating custom-made videos that convey the brand’s image and products.

  • Renowned Clients: McAfee, SUSE
  • Average Pricing: starts from $4000
  • Turnaround Time: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Biggests USP: great animated videos

Why use corporate training video production?

You can use Corporate Training Video Production Companies to avail the following benefits:

1. Cost-effectiveness

A training video will eliminate the need to hire a trainer and ask them to train your employees. In addition, as you can mail these training videos easily, your employees won’t have to take extra time for training sessions. Instead, they can watch these videos at their convenience.

2. Scalability

With the help of a corporate training video, you won’t have to worry about how many people to train and how many sessions are needed. Since these are videos, you will maintain the quality, irrespective of the audience.

3. Flexibility

Creating a corporate training video means including flexibility. You can use animation, sound, effects, different voices, and many other things while designing your videos. In addition, you can also curate the content according to specific needs and requirements. For example, here is a stats by content beta showing the voiceover metrics used by different companies.

4. Brand remembrance

It is a proven fact that people relate to video messages more than text messages. As per an analysis done by Content Beta, adding on-screen text in the video will leave double the impact since the video the customer is watching already has a lot of sound, animation, and effects; adding on-screen text will make the video more engaging and easy to understand.

5. Accessibility

There is an added advantage to using training videos. Since these can be downloaded and stored, employees can use them anytime when they need a quick refresher. In such scenarios, they could increase efficiency and not depend on anyone.

How to choose the right corporate training video production company?

1. Learn the Skills

It would be best if you are looking for a company that can fulfill the vision you may have seen for your training video. Some companies have experience and are specialists in producing corporate training videos. Use corporate video production company talent and your imagination to create the best video.

2. Set your Deadlines

Videos could require you to go to different locations and meet multiple people. Always discuss the timelines needed and set a reasonable deadline by consulting with your vendor.

3. Define your Budget

The training video budget will depend on the complexity, animations, number of resources, and timeline. Therefore, once you have everything in mind, check rates with multiple corporate training video production agencies and compare them with the market price.

4. Send a request for a Proposal.

Sending proposals is the best way to proceed and finalize any agency. You can send an RFP about your business, requirements, content type and video, deadlines, and budget. Then, let the agencies look at your proposal and revert to theirs. It would save time going to and fro chasing the agencies.


An effective training video can be one of the most crucial steps in achieving your business goals.

  • A corporate training video can be an effective way to communicate important information to employees concisely and effectively.
  • Corporate training videos can also help employees better understand their roles and responsibilities and increase their motivation and enthusiasm for their work.

In today’s modern world, where there are a lot of advancements, corporate training videos will be a blessing, saving time and effort and still making employees engaged, entertained, and educated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Corporate training videos are video training material used to train and educate employees engagingly and interestingly. You can combine elements in your corporate training videos, such as animation, effects, sounds, and visual features, enhancing the employee’s experience.

Saas corporate training videos can be compelling, especially in training and explaining the hows and whys of the product to the employees. Since SaaS business depends significantly on their end users using their products, creating corporate training videos for their employees will ensure they can handle and solve all their client’s queries.

Corporate training video production companies should have engaging and exciting videos. They may utilize this as a demo video to attract potential clients. They may also add testimonials from current clients as proof of their excellent and successful services.

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