Best Video Distribution Strategies For Video Testimonials

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June 11, 2024


You have happy customers who have provided testimonial videos showing how satisfied they are with your solutions. Now, you want to share these with potential customers to increase trust and encourage them to consider your product or service.

To achieve this, you need a good distribution strategy. Without it, your video testimonials may not reach the right people and won’t be as effective.

You might be wondering – how effective can a distribution strategy be? According to, nearly 50% of marketers saw a significant conversion boost of over 25% when they used video testimonials as social proof in their social media campaigns.

Therefore, by strategically sharing these video testimonials, you can attract high-quality leads and increase conversions.

Now, you might be thinking:

  • What social media platforms are best for distributing video testimonials?
  • What tools are best for tracking the performance of video testimonials across platforms?
  • How can I repurpose video testimonials into different formats for diverse distribution channels?

Below, you will find various strategies and best practices for distributing video testimonials across platforms and achieving better results.

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    Examples of Video Testimonials Distribution Across Various Platforms

    Distributing video testimonials across various platforms and channels requires strategic planning to maximize engagement and reach.

    Here are some examples of how and where to use testimonial videos to reach target audiences.

    A. Social Media Channels

    Video testimonials on social media platforms include Instagram, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Facebook and TikTok.

    • Repurpose and share snippets of video testimonials as short-form clips.
    • Add relevant hashtags to increase visibility and reach within specific communities or topics.

    1. Instagram: Slack

    Testimonial By: Salesforce

    Video duration: 1 minute 19 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The video description briefly outlines the achieved results using Slack as the solution in a Q/A format.
    • All the testimonial videos posted by Slack follow similar visual and text styles. (Format repetition is effective for brand recognition).

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video includes emojis and a bold text overlay. It shows the testimonial provider, a list of features, and the UI of the Slack platform.
    • The background colors in the video match Slack’s brand colors, accompanied by upbeat instrumental music.

    2. LinkedIn: Zoom

    Testimonial By: Vensure Employer Solutions

    Video duration: 34 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • Includes description detailing Zoom’s work for their customer, customer’s intro, and a CTA link for the full story.
    • The video, description, and engagement are visible in one fold. They have included appropriate hashtags and also tagged the customer.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video begins with a collaborative image of Zoom and their customer, showing the customer’s workspace with professional corporate-style footage.
    • The background music used is upbeat and encouraging.

    3. Twitter (X): Airtable

    Testimonial By: compilation of 8 companies

    Video duration: 1 minute 35 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The video description includes the customer’s impact statement and a CTA link to a dedicated customer stories page.
    • They uploaded the previously filmed video with seven companies. Then they added one more customer to the video and reposted it. Both of them are available on their Twitter page.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video displays logos of all the customer companies and is overlaid on various pastel backgrounds.
    • Few impact statements are highlighted with special clips featuring bold text in quotes. The audio used has a rhythmic beat and a pop-style sound.

    4. TikTok: Mailchimp


    Club Soda creates personalized messaging with customer journeys, so their customers can get the right support in their quest to drink more mindfully. See how Mailchimp keeps their communication organized and effective. Learn more at the link in bio.

    ♬ original sound – Intuit Mailchimp

    Testimonial By: Co-founder, Club Soda UK

    Video duration: 31 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The caption has a brief story of how the customer used Mailchimp and a CTA to check out the link in the bio.
    • This same video has also been repurposed and posted to Instagram reels.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video includes footage of the customer and their workspace, as well as snippets of the Mailchimp UI, with modern jazz-style music.
    • The video has captions and a description encouraging viewers to explore the feature (customer journey builder) discussed by the customer.

    5. Facebook: Zoho

    Testimonial By: Sparex, UK

    Video duration: 1 minute 52 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The captions provide information about the customer, the tool they used, and a CTA link to the full-length video.
    • The video is optimized for mobile viewing and is also shared on Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video showcases the customer, their workspace, and the user interface of Zoho’s analytics tools.
    • The audio used is string instrumental-style music.

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    B. Landing page

    A landing page is often the first point of contact for potential customers. They can create a strong first impression by offering social proof.

    • Embed the video testimonial close to the CTA button or link.
    • Display video testimonials in the first few folds (visible without scrolling) to ensure they are seen right away.

    1. Shopify

    Testimonial By: Founder, Muck N Brass

    Video duration: 59 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The video is shared on Shopify’s landing page, close to the continuous CTA crawl bar.
    • They dedicated a section (Meet the people who choose Shopify) of their landing page to testimonials.
    • The video is on auto-play without the sound.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video follows a narrative, has vibrant colors, includes props, and fast transitions. It also includes clips of the customer using Shopify tools.
    • It uses energetic pop music as the soundtrack.

    C. Case studies

    Video testimonials offer a visual representation of the information presented in the case study document. This visual element adds depth and authenticity to the case study.

    • Use video testimonials within case studies to validate the effectiveness of your solutions and the results achieved.

    1. SentinelOne

    Testimonial By: Canva

    Video duration: 2 minutes 23 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The video is shared with a brief description of how SentinelOne helped Canva.
    • A CTA button “watch now” is placed beside the description.
    • Case studies of other companies are included below in the “Related Resources” section.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video includes the name and role of the testimonial provider, footage of their workspace, and the UI of SentinelOne.
    • The benefits and features mentioned are highlighted with a text overlay.
    • The background music is corporate style and does not interfere with the speaker.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    D. Video streaming platforms

    Uploading video testimonials on video streaming platforms extends reach, improves visibility, and encourages social sharing. Video streaming platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.

    • You can create playlists of video testimonials specific to the industry.
    • Use relevant keywords, tags and optimize them for search engine visibility.

    1. YouTube: Zapier

    Testimonial By: 3 brands (compilation)

    Video duration: 1 minute

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The video description includes a 14-day free trial CTA link.
    • They have included key moments for convenient navigation through each customer’s story.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video features three different customers discussing how pleased they are with Zapier.
    • The audio used in the background is upbeat and encouraging.

    2. YouTube: Content Beta

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    Testimonial By: Kissflow

    Video duration: 1 minute 46 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The video description includes the name and role of the testimonial provider at Kissflow.
    • The CTA link is provided for the full story.
    • The description also describes the problem and solutions provided in brief.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video has animated elements, icons, and simple transitions (colors complement Content Beta’s brand style)
    • The clips of customers discussing how Content Beta has helped them are placed as an overlay in the video.
    • The audio style used is classic corporate/business music.

    3. Vimeo: Zendesk

    Testimonial By: Freese and Nichols

    Video duration: 49 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • Zendesk’s achievements and overview are written in the channel description and a CTA link to the website is also included.
    • The same video was also uploaded to Zendesk’s YouTube page.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video shows the customer discussing how they used Zendesk for different purposes.
    • A few of the customer’s impact statements are highlighted with bold text for higher impact.
    • The audio used is Retro-style electronic music.

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    E. Blog

    Search engines often prioritize websites with diverse multimedia content, including videos. It can improve SEO for the blog.

    • Use video testimonials as supporting evidence to reinforce key points made in the blog post.
    • Video content can increase dwell time on blog posts, as readers are more likely to engage with multimedia content.

    1. Content Beta

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Testimonial By: Lawcus

    Video duration: 1 minute 15 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The video is added to the blog “Outsourcing video testimonials services”. It is placed just above a CTA button.
    • The video reinforces how Content Beta has helped Lawcus.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The video is straightforward and includes the UI of the Content Beta page.
    • The thumbnail includes the testimonial provider, their name, and their role at Lawcus.
    • The background music is subtle and corporate style and does not interfere with the speaker.

    F. Events/ Webinars

    Attendees may relate to specific challenges or successes shared in the testimonials. This helps start conversations, knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration.

    • Integrate video testimonials into live presentations and webinars to reinforce key messages and provide social proof.
    • Share relevant video testimonials with event attendees as follow-up material.

    1. CrowdStrike

    Testimonial By: City of NY

    Video duration: 40 minutes 7 seconds

    Distribution Analysis:

    • This particular segment is from the Fal.Con conference.
    • The video description includes how CrowdStrike was able to help keep systems and citizens secure during the pandemic.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • It is a webinar-style video in which two people discuss various aspects of cyber security.
    • Cinematic-style audio is used in the introduction section of the video.

    G. Third-Party Review Sites

    Video testimonials influence purchase decisions. These platforms often have a large user base actively seeking product or service recommendations.

    • Third-party review websites are trusted sources of information for potential buyers.
    • Many third-party review websites have strong domain authority and are optimized for search engines.

    1. Survey Monkey on G2

    Testimonial By: Icon Resources, Airbnb, etc

    Video duration: 2-3 minutes

    Distribution Analysis:

    • The videos are placed before the customer’s written reviews.

    Video & Audio Elements:

    • The videos are straightforward and do not have heavy editing or visual effects. They are authentic and recorded by the customers themselves.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    H. Email newsletters

    Incorporating video testimonials increases the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Subscribers are more likely to click and watch a video than read through text-only emails.

    • Embed video testimonials directly into your email newsletters.
    • Tailor video testimonials based on subscriber segments or interests to deliver more relevant content.
    • Include clear CTAs in your email newsletters so customers can take the next step.

    I. Sales Calls

    Using video testimonials during sales calls strengthens your sales pitch.

    • During virtual sales calls, sales representatives can show video testimonials directly on their screens to reinforce trust.
    • Choose video testimonials that are relevant to the prospect’s industry, pain points, or needs to make the content more relatable.

    J. Video ads

    Targeted ads are already reaching prospects who have demonstrated some level of interest in your offering. When people see that others had a good experience with your product, it helps validate their interest and reduces skepticism.

    • Choose video testimonials that have compelling visuals and storytelling techniques for video ads.
    • Include clear CTAs in your video ads for viewers to take action, such as visiting your website, signing up for a trial, or making a purchase.

    Best Practices and Strategies for Testimonial Video Distribution

    Before sharing video testimonials with potential customers, develop a distribution strategy and follow helpful tips for the best results.

    1. Set your goals

    Begin by defining clear objectives for your testimonial video campaign. The common goals can be to:

    • Support product launches or campaigns
    • Provide social proof
    • Address objections
    • Strengthen trust and credibility

    Setting specific goals will guide your distribution strategy and help measure success.

    2. Video length

    When posting testimonial videos on YouTube and Vimeo, they can be longer and discuss more details about problems, solutions, and results.

    However, for social media channels, ensure the videos are under 1 minute and highlight the results and benefits.

    3. Segment and Target

    Segmenting and targeting prospects helps you reach your audience more quickly and effectively.

    • Start by analyzing your ICP. Identify different segments based on demographics, behaviors, preferences, and needs.
    • Research which platforms your different customer groups prefer for watching video content.
    • Select the most appropriate channels for distributing your video testimonials. Choose based on where your customers are most active.

    4. Customize the video for each platform

    Tailor your video format, length, and style for each platform.

    • Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter: Use shorter, engaging snippets optimized for mobile viewing.
    • LinkedIn: Focus on professional presentation and industry-specific messaging.
    • YouTube: Upload longer-form testimonials and optimize them with relevant keywords for search.

    You can repurpose video content as well. Use longer videos by extracting the sections that focus on product benefits and results as shorter video content.

    5. Add subtitles and captions

    Before distributing your videos, be sure to include captions. You can use automated captions or AI tools such as SubtitleBee,,, etc to assist in their creation.

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    6. Short explanation in the description

    In the video description, include:

    • A concise summary of the video content.
    • Details about the featured product.
    • Information about the customer providing the testimonial.
    • Call-to-action (CTA) link.

    7. Utilize video thumbnails

    Customizing thumbnails for your video testimonials can help with clicks and improve viewer understanding of your content.

    • Use high-quality images and make sure thumbnails are the right size.
    • Include the faces of satisfied customers from your testimonials.
    • Use large, easy-to-read fonts and limit text to a few words.
    • Avoid overcrowding the thumbnail with too many elements.

    8. Post on various channels

    Potential customers may be using different platforms, so it’s a good idea to share your testimonial videos across multiple platforms, such as:

    • Website
    • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), etc.)
    • Video streaming platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia)
    • Email newsletters
    • Third-party sites

    This helps you reach various demographics and maximizes exposure.

    9. CTA in captions and descriptions of the video

    It is important to have a call to action (CTA) at the end of the video. However, when sharing testimonial videos, add a link in the description, caption, or interactive elements (clickable elements).

    Also, place the link in your brand’s social media bio to encourage viewers to take action. This makes it easier for them to take the next step.

    10. Create playlists and share the videos in order

    You can create a playlist of all the video testimonials on your YouTube page and make a series to share in your email newsletters.

    11. Monitor video metrics

    Track metrics like views, likes, comments, watch time, and shares to assess the effectiveness of your distribution strategy. Use this data to refine your approach.

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    A strategic distribution plan ensures that video testimonials reach the right audience, such as industry professionals, decision-makers, and potential clients.

    Utilizing multiple channels such as websites, social media platforms, YouTube, and newsletters maximizes visibility and engages diverse audiences effectively.

    Make sure to maintain a consistent visual theme across all content types (thumbnails, images, etc.) for better recognition and engagement.

    Release testimonial videos strategically to align with product updates and campaign goals. Regular releases with notable client testimonials can increase the impact and credibility.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Platforms that are best for distributing testimonial videos are:

    • Social media platforms – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), TikTok, Facebook
    • Video streaming platforms – YouTube, Vimeo
    • The landing page of your website
    • A dedicated testimonial videos page on your website
    • Email campaigns
    • Blog posts

    You can measure the effectiveness of testimonial videos by analyzing:

    • Views and Engagement rate: Track likes, shares, reactions, comments, watch time
    • Conversion Rates: Measure how testimonial videos influence conversion rates (e.g., purchases, sign-ups).
    • Audience Feedback: Analyze audience sentiments through comments, surveys, or direct feedback.
    • Website Metrics: Monitor changes in bounce rates, time on site, and other relevant metrics after adding testimonial videos.

    You can use paid or organic strategies to distribute testimonial videos. The decision depends on your budget and objectives:

    • Paid Strategies: Use paid advertising on platforms like Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, or LinkedIn Ads to reach a broader audience quickly and target specific demographics.
    • Organic Strategies: Leverage organic methods like sharing on social media, optimizing for SEO, and nurturing email subscribers. This approach requires more time but can build long-term credibility.

    You should release new testimonial videos based on your product releases, notable client testimonials, and campaign needs:

    • Aim to release a new testimonial video every two weeks or monthly.
    • Coordinate testimonial video releases with product launches or major updates.
    • When notable clients provide testimonials, leverage these opportunities strategically.
    • Be flexible with your release schedule to accommodate specific campaign needs or seasonal promotions.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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