How to Use Testimonials in Marketing? (with Examples)

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June 11, 2024


According to G2, 92% of B2B buyers are likely to make a purchase after reading a trusted review from peers. How can you use this key insight in your marketing strategy?

Start by exploring testimonial marketing. The approach spotlights real customer stories – thus building trust. It answers buyer doubts with genuine, unscripted approval for a product. At the same time, it speeds up referrals through users.

Marketers often make the mistake of over-polishing testimonials. It dilutes the raw persuasiveness of a customer-delivered story. Instead, try plugging in first-person narratives from users. In some cases, minimal post-production work creates maximum impact.

Here is one way to do that:

Testimonials reinforce viva voce – the power of word-of-mouth. Even if they come from people, we do not know. 70% of audiences trust reviews and recommendations from strangers. Want to see how that makes marketing more reliable?

We will take inspiration from some marketing testimonial examples listed later in this blog.

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    What is Testimonial Marketing?

    Testimonial marketing refers to the use of customer endorsements across marketing collaterals. It includes – social media posts, emails, webpages, pitch decks, etc.

    In B2B, testimonials deliver proof-of-concept for products/services most effectively. Various types of testimonial content are:

    • Quote: It includes praise from customers.
    • Social media post: Socially shared testimonials are re-shared by the business. It could be – quotes shared on X, Instagram story, or LinkedIn reposts citing the endorser.
    • Case study: It covers in-depth usage stories. There are stats and timeframes to highlight positive results.
    • Interview: Q&A responses on record can be best used in video testimonials marketing. Turn them into 60-second spots, long-form videos, and Instagram Stories.
    • Influencer endorsements: Posts on a product by social media handles with large followerships become source materials. Especially for digital marketing testimonials.
    • Peer reviews: User-submitted star ratings/comments are featured in testimonial videos.
    • Image: Includes photos of interaction with products.

    In testimonial marketing, real users add external credibility to your otherwise faceless business.

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    11 Best Testimonials Marketing Examples

    This compilation of testimonial marketing examples shows how it is happening in fresh styles:

    1. Content Beta’s “Wall of Love”

    Type: Quotes

    Posted on: Landing Page

    What works?

    • Selected quotes highlight hyper-specific points of benefit for customers in this marketing testimonial.
    • The placement of company logos shows Content Beta’s clients in SaaS and software startups.

    2. Okta’s LinkedIn Repost

    Type: Social Media Quote

    Service Provider: Okta

    Client: Intrinsic

    Posted on: LinkedIn

    What works?

    • This example of linked testimonial marketing highlights praise from a C-suite executive.
    • Shows the spirit of collaboration and highlights mutual benefits.

    3. Veeva’s Testimonial Video

    Type: Interview Video

    Duration: 25 seconds

    Service Provider: Veeva Systems

    Client: Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

    Posted on: LinkedIn

    What Works?

    • This example of testimonial video marketing uses the interview format to bring out customer reactions to specific outcomes of the service.
    • The caption for the post indexes what the business can do for clients with similar profiles.

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    4. Square’s Peer Review Showcase

    Type: Peer Review

    Posted on: Landing Page

    What Works?

    • Use of testimonials to show peer appreciation.
    • Ratings from Trustpilot to quantify the impact of the business.

    5. Uber’s Influencer-led Post

    Type: Influencer Testimonial

    Posted on: Instagram

    Service Provider: Uber

    Client: Tabitha Brown

    What works?

    • Use of ‘Instagram Collaboration’.
    • Natural narration by the customer and influencer.
    • The picturization of the video shows the car interior on an Uber ride.

    6. Kartra’s Email Newsletter

    Type: Email Newsletter

    Service provider: Kartra

    Client: Agency owner

    What works?

    • Intelligent placement of a testimonial in marketing.
    • Clear call-to-action after the placed testimonial, creating immediacy to subscribe.

    7. mercu’s Pricing Menu

    Type: Quote

    Service provider: mercu

    Client: Guzman Y Gomez

    Posted on: Pricing page

    What works?

    • Engaging use of client quotes on the pricing page.
    • Dispells doubt about pricing by showing a customer testimonial.

    8. Podbean’s Podcast Episode

    Type: Podcast

    Service provider: Podbean

    Client: Slalom

    Posted on: YouTube

    What works?

    • Here, the nature of customer testimonials marketing appears organic. The podcast style adds naturalness.
    • Strategic selection of the guests on the show. We are hearing about the benefits of the service from an executive decision-maker.

    9. Splunk’s Customer Story Blog

    Type: Blog

    Reading Time: 1 min

    Service provider: Splunk

    Client: Fanny Mae

    Posted as: Blog

    What works?

    • Case study with quotes by client.
    • Delivery in a blog format for a detailed understanding of the service benefits.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    10. JotForm’s Reel

    Type: Reel

    Duration: 2:30 min

    Service Provider: JotForm

    Client: Pasadena City College

    Posted on: Instagram

    What works?

    • Good shareability of a ‘Reel’ for testimonial marketing.
    • Precise overview of challenges faced and solutions found with the service.
    • Environmental shots of real-world workspaces bring credibility.

    11. Pylon’s Blog Using User Quote from Slack Channel

    Type: Blog

    Service Provider: Pylon

    Client: Semgrep

    What works?

    • Highlighting a mention from an executive group (Slack).
    • Appropriate placement of the testimonial in context.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    Benefits of Using Testimonials in Your Marketing

    Promotional hard selling risks getting perceived as dishonest. It creates doubts in the minds of the audience. In testimonial marketing, this negative effect is bypassed with users endorsing product claims.

    There are some undeniable benefits to this approach:

    1. No explicit promotion

    Self-made product claims are contrary to how B2B marketing works. In marketing testimonials samples, we see public validation from an executive peer.

    2. Relatable customer language

    An ideal client testimonial template keeps it real and unfiltered. There is no lifeless jargon.

    Think of yourself as a customer. When giving a testimonial, you will likely not use broad, Lingo-heavy statements. Like: “This (product name) leverages real-time analytics for enhanced scalability.”

    3. Authenticates content

    Users mention timeframes and usage context in a marketing testimonial. This grounds the content in a practical usage scenario.

    4. Customer loyalty

    Testimonial marketing increases a customer’s emotional bond with a business. They feel appreciated and ‘heard’ to speak for a business.

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    Using testimonial marketing techniques requires practical know-how and structured processes. You need to take care of how the client is going to speak. Select an apt delivery format to publish it. And get creative with using testimonials. We know how hard that can become.

    At Content Beta, we have extensive experience in creating remote video testimonials. We customize our testimonial questionnaires for each case.

    Our Creative as a Service (CaaS) team offers you the expertise of creators who have worked with over 150 clients across several video and design projects.

    What do you get?

    • Transparent and clear pricing upfront
    • Access to safe and secure cloud space for all brand assets
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    • Unused credit rollover

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    Testimonials are influential social proof. Consider this: real customers, just like your target, share their unfiltered experiences. It turns out more convincing than a claim a business makes on its own. Spread these genuine stories across various collaterals. Right there, you are checking the box for non-salesy content.

    Now, think of a testimonial marketing strategy. Find those glowing customer stories that connect with your audience’s needs. And aligns with where they are in their buying journey. Let them find themselves in those success stories.

    Weave these real-life validations into your narrative tactfully. Make sure the voices of satisfied customers are heard loud and clear. They are passing on the good word themselves. This way, you’re not just selling.

    But building a community that values and trusts each other. Testimonials in marketing are effective because they create a bond. That takes a customer/ prospect relationship with your business beyond a single transaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Testimonials are customer endorsements. They improve credibility and appeal to buyers’ emotions. Testimonials are powerful social proof of the effectiveness of your products or services.

    Testimonials are detailed endorsements, often story-like. Reviews and ratings are usually shorter and more direct. The latter often uses a star-rating system.

    You can request testimonials from a client at the time of:

    • Product purchase or first-time use
    • Social interaction with the business. This is when a customer leaves a positive comment.
    • Online testimonials feature social media mentions. Also – snaps of texts and emails.
    • Product delivery or service completion

    Here are 3 ways using testimonials can improve SEO:

    • Keyword Optimization – Work high-value target keywords into credible customer quotes. This helps content rank for valuable search terms.
    • Backlinks – Feature testimonials linking back to your site from reputable third-party sources like recognized publications and influencer blogs.
    • Social Shares – Compelling testimonial content drives viewers to naturally share across their social networks. More social promotion signals relevancy to search algorithms.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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