Testimonial Landing Pages: The Key to Trust and Conversions

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April 29, 2024


For any business, testimonials are necessary. They instantly provide credibility that your product or services are purchase-worthy.

It is essential to place them strategically and share them with potential customers to show your brand can solve their problems. Now, where can we share these customer testimonials so that they have the most impact?
They are most effective when shared on the main pages or dedicated testimonial landing pages.

When people visit your website and find these testimonials, it makes them trust you more. Result? More leads and conversions. In fact, according to BigCommerce, 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business.

Now that you know landing page testimonials work great for businesses, you might be curious about:

  • What kinds of testimonials should go on landing pages?
  • What are the best practices and the ideal spots for placing them?
  • How frequently should testimonials be updated to keep them relevant?

Let us see what kind of benefits testimonials provide and a few examples of them on landing pages.

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    What is a Testimonial Landing Page?

    A testimonial landing page is specifically for testimonials and case studies. it is generally accessible from the main page. Alternatively, businesses also use a section of the main page to display customer testimonials and stories.

    They are best used at the awareness and discovery stage in a customer’s buying journey.
    These videos persuade visitors to take specific action, such as signing up for a free trial, requesting a demo, or making a purchase.

    Best practices:

    • Keeping the testimonials authentic
    • Use real names, photos, or videos of the individuals providing testimonials.
    • Consider using specific details about how the product helped instead of general statements.

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    20 Testimonial Examples Used on Landing Pages

    These testimonials can be of any format ‚Äď video, audio, text, image, etc. Here are examples of different styles of testimonial landing pages for various businesses.

    1. Content Beta

    Customers explain how Content Beta helped them save time and money.

    Header Image:

    Testimonial Image:

    Content Beta Testimonial Image

    Headline: Engages prospects by inviting them to explore customer experiences, emphasizing a customer-centric approach.

    Style: The page is neatly divided into sections of testimonials with an eye-catching color scheme.


    • Images, names, and job titles of the testimonial provider are added.
    • The images are¬†cohesive¬†and include the company‚Äôs logo.
    • A simple yet impactful title is added above the testimonials.
    • A line on what customers say about Content Beta is added below the images.

    2. Loom

    Customers talk about how Loom increases employee productivity and builds better products for clients.

    Header Image:

    Testimonial Image:

    Headline: Straightforward and effectively communicates the core benefit of the service.

    Style: This customer testimonial landing page is modern and minimalistic, with a spacious layout. The colors used are soft and pastel shades.


    • Each testimonial is divided into¬†separate cards.
    • Includes the client‚Äôs brand logo, a summary, and a ‚ÄúRead more‚ÄĚ (CTA) button for a complete story.

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    3. Zoho

    Clients share how Zoho assisted in reducing processing time and enhancing workflow efficiency.

    Header image:

    Testimonial Page:

    Headline: Emphasizes vast user base and gives assurance about the company.

    Style: Grid layout, muted colors, professional and corporate appearance.


    • Filters are used on the left to sort them based on¬†Industry, Product, and Country. This shows the versatility of the company.
    • Images, logos, and the name of the individual providing the testimonial are added. This makes them trustworthy and authentic.

    4. Elementor

    Customers talk about how Elementor helped them change their website to match their new business style.

    Header Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Simple, Inclusive, and empowering.

    Style: This testimonial landing page example has bold colors and graphics. It uses a large, impactful font. Large geometric shapes to draw attention.


    • Each¬†fold features one testimonial.
    • They included a picture, name, tagline for the customer, and a link to read her full story.

    5. Zapier

    Customers talk about how integrating Zapier helped them automate processes and made their work lives much easier.

    Type: Text testimonial on the landing page


    • Carousel format
    • Includes small profile pictures for authenticity
    • Display of¬†customer name and user ID¬†for trust
    • Strategically placed near the CTA button

    6. Airtable

    Customers talk about how Airtable is customizable, versatile, and time-saving.

    Header Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Emphasizes that these testimonials are authentic narratives from actual users

    Style: This testimonial landing page has a modern, clean design and high-quality visuals. The colors are vibrant but balanced, with a white background.


    • Testimonials are divided into separate blocks. Each of them includes the company‚Äôs logo and a one-line description.
    • A¬†clickable CTA¬†link is provided to read the complete story.

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    7. Upwork

    Customers discuss how Upwork assisted them in discovering individual talent for global collaboration and diverse perspectives.

    Header Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: It is simple and to the point.

    Style: Clean, organized layout. A stock image and a carousel for multiple stories are added. The colors used are contrasting.


    • The page is¬†split into two¬†parts. A stock image is featured on the left, and the results are on the right.
    • The page includes trust signals through logos of well-known companies.

    8. Adobe

    Clients talk about how Adobe assisted them in cutting expenses and increasing efficiency.

    Header Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Shows how Adobe’s products contribute to achievements and positive outcomes.

    Style: This testimonial landing page has a polished and corporate look. It uses a grid layout and features images with logos on them.


    • There‚Äôs a search and filtering system based on product, topic, and industry.
    • Each¬†card acts as a clickable element¬†to read a more detailed customer story.


    The customer discusses how is trustworthy and their efficiency in work management.

    Header Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Type: Image Testimonial on the landing page


    • Carousel format
    • A link is added to access¬†additional success stories
    • Images of satisfied customers, along with text are added
    • Included client‚Äôs company logo, partner name, and designation
    • Highlights¬†USPs
    • Prominent CTA button below the testimonials.

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    10. Zoom

    Customers share how Zoom supports seamless communication and Large-Scale Participation.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: The headline on this testimonial landing page is uplifting and motivational.

    Style: The page is modern, minimalistic, and professional. The colors are muted.


    • A search bar and categories are included for a¬†customizable user experience.
    • There are various types of stories, including videos and text. Each card has a¬†stock image/thumbnail with a logo.

    11. Slack

    Customers share how they use Slack to connect quickly, work cohesively, and share knowledge.

    Type: Video testimonial on the landing page


    • Video testimonial with accompanying text for a comprehensive story
    • Percentages and stats to showcase efficiency
    • Inclusion of client‚Äôs company logo, testimonial provider‚Äôs name, and designation
    • A link is provided for exploring other customer stories

    12. Ahrefs

    The customer talks about how Ahrefs is an essential part of their marketing toolkit.

    Type: Image testimonial on the landing page


    • Carousel format
    • Categorized testimonials by specific industries
    • Includes profile image of the client and the company name
    • Vibrant images with contrasting colors for impact
    • Additional ratings¬†below the testimonial for reinforcement

    13. SentinelOne

    Customers describe how SentinelOne offers robust protection and easy management.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Shows how the company prioritizes and values its customers. It establishes trust that they are effective in the cybersecurity space.

    Style: Bold, with monochromatic colors that match the brand’s identity.


    • The central part of the page features grids of video testimonials.¬†Play buttons¬†are placed on the thumbnails to view the full story.
    • Beneath each video, a brief description/context about the testimonial is provided.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    14. Coupa

    Customers talk about how Coupa positively influenced teams by providing useful, real-time data.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Highlights how Coupa helps in cost savings and efficiency gains.

    Style: Consistent use of the company’s branding and color scheme. They used relevant images corresponding to each client.


    • Filters on the top to sort testimonials by business size and industry, allowing for a more tailored visitor experience.
    • Includes the client‚Äôs logo, a brief statement, or a summary of the client‚Äôs experience.
    • Clickable cards are indicated by the arrow for the full story.

    15. Headspace

    Customers share how Headspace provided support through a personal care team, sleep resources, and meditation sessions.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page

    Headline: Shows how HeadSpace brings change in everyday lives.

    Style: Use of vibrant and bold orange associated with positivity and energy and Headspace’s brand identity.


    • The testimonials are results-oriented, with clear metrics to demonstrate the program‚Äôs success.
    • CTA at the end for a detailed story and video.

    16. Canva

    Customers explain how Canva helped them with scaling design work and reducing design tickets.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Emphasizes the use case of Canva for team-based projects.

    Style: This testimonial landing page has bright and engaging colors to grab attention.


    • Each card displays an image representing how they used Canva.
    • They include¬†industry tags for each testimonial¬†to showcase Canva‚Äôs versatility.
    • Dropdown filters for region and industry.

    17. Vanta

    Customers discuss how Vanta automated solutions for compliance management and reduced the need for manual efforts.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Shows how customers got success and growth using the service.

    Style: This testimonial landing page is minimal and organized. Pastel background emphasizes the testimonials.


    • Each testimonial has the company logo, a brief description, and a CTA.
    • Filtering options based on specific frameworks, products, industries, locations, or company sizes, indicating a user-centric approach.

    18. Zendesk

    Customers discuss how Zendesk assisted them in enhancing visibility and improving processes.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Highlights that top businesses choose Zendesk for their services. Emphasizes the quality of Zendesk’s services.

    Style: Follows brand color scheme. Emphasizes clarity and professionalism with interactive elements and high-quality images.


    • The testimonials are organized in a grid layout.
    • Each card represents a customer story, with the customer‚Äôs name and industry category and a story summary.
    • Dropdown filters for Industry, Business Challenge, Region, Product feature, and Company size.

    19. Workday

    Customers talk about how Workday helped free up time for employees by automating tasks.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline: Shows how happy and motivated customers feel about using Workday.

    Style: This testimonial landing page has a corporate and modern look. It has whitespaces between elements to enhance readability.


    • Each card includes a stock image, a one-line description, and a company logo.
    • Every testimonial contains a CTA, some featuring both a¬†narrative and a video.
    • A search bar and filters for topic, industry, and outcome are included for customized experience.

    20. Gong

    Customers talk about how Gong helped them overcome challenges and grow revenue.

    Headline Image:

    Testimonial page:

    Headline:¬†The headline mentions core offerings and uses the word¬†‚Äúfans‚Ä̬†instead of customers.

    Style: Clean and professional, with each card using a light color from the brand’s primary palette.


    • Each card features a brand image with a logo on it.
    • Various¬†tags of country, use case, and industry¬†are included. It also has a summary of the customer story.

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    Why should You Include Testimonials on Your Landing Page?

    Having separate testimonial pages is beneficial because it puts all client feedback, completed projects, and associated benefits in one place.

    1. Increase Trust and Credibility

    Testimonials establish credibility and trust. People tend to rely more on what others say than your self-promotion.

    2. Increases Conversions

    A testimonial landing page provides social proof that others have seen results. This helps potential customers be more confident to take action on your landing page.

    3. Brand Recognition

    When customers tell their success stories, it strengthens your brand’s reputation and reliability. So when prospects look for similar solutions, they immediately turn to your brand.

    4. Addresses concerns

    When prospects look at how your brand helped others, it immediately removes their hesitations and concerns.

    5. Eases Decision-Making

    A landing page with testimonials makes it easy to look at your solutions for problems in a similar industry, business type, etc. This eases their decision-making process.

    Why Choose Content Beta?

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    The testimonials landing page is a compiled resource for potential customers. They provide a genuine and relatable perspective that contributes to a positive brand image.
    This makes potential customers trust your brand.

    Create a testimonial landing page for customer stories and arrange them based on types and industries. This helps everyone see how well your product works for different people and keeps things clear and organized.

    However, it’s essential to maintain authenticity and relatability in your testimonials. Incorporate real names, photos, or videos, and emphasize how the product benefited customers. This eases the decision-making process of prospects.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Include customer testimonials on a separate landing page. Include one on the main page with a backlink to the separate testimonial page.

    Yes, there are legal considerations when using customer testimonials. Get permission from customers to use their testimonials.

    No, avoid negative testimonials on your landing page.

    Yes, there are many tools and platforms for managing customer testimonials. At Content Beta, we provide high-quality remote testimonials.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    "Fast turnaround" "Easy to work"

    Content Beta