10 Best Testimonial Advertising Examples

Do you think about ways to increase authority and credibility for your brand? It takes more than a great product and a marketing strategy. To get customers to trust your brand, testimonial ad examples can be very impactful. They show how satisfied the customers are with your solutions.

Testimonial ad examples influence what customers choose to buy because individuals tend to trust other people rather than a brand promoting itself.

According to Big Commerce, 72% of customers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more. Testimonials shift the focus from detailed product features to their impact on solving the customer’s problems.

Adding testimonial examples in advertising and using them in your brand’s messages shows customers how effective your solutions are. This makes your ads more convincing and trustworthy.

An effective testimonial will address the following:

  1. The common concerns of the customer and how the problem is resolved.
  2. Advantages of using the product.
  3. Best aspects of the products.
  4. Who is it ideal for?
  5. Impacts and results after using the product or service.

Here are a few questions you may have about the impact of testimonial ad examples on potential customers:

  • What various forms can testimonial ad examples be presented in?
  • Where can these testimonial advertising examples be placed for a greater effect on the customer?
  • What role do testimonial ads play in the decision-making process of customers?

It is beneficial to study testimonial ads examples to understand how customer experiences can influence other prospects.


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What is Testimonial Advertising?

Testimonial advertising is a marketing strategy, where businesses use customers’ positive experiences and opinions to convince others to try their product or service. It is straightforward yet very effective.

Testimonial advertising stands apart as customers prefer relatable, authentic experiences over a mere sales pitch.

Testimonials go beyond product features. They offer insights on

  • Benefits to the customer’s business.
  • Problem-solving capability of the product or service.
  • Overall user experience.

Importance of Testimonials in Advertising

Using Testimonial advertising is non-negotiable for businesses for various reasons:

1. Provide social proof

Testimonial ad examples act as social proof. They show that others have succeeded with your product. This encourages new clients to make a purchase.

2. Positive impact on brand

Testimonial advertising examples show the satisfaction of customers and the effectiveness of the product, contributing positively to the reputation of the brand.

3. Provides authenticity and credibility

Authentic customer stories give credibility. Beyond just praising a brand, testimonial advertising examples involve actual benefits and results that customers have noticed.

4. Subtle advertising

In contrast to direct marketing methods, testimonials are unbiased. They influence potential buyers without being too forceful.


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Types of Testimonial Advertising

There are different ways to create testimonial advertising, and each method has a specific purpose. These approaches help us connect audiences in unique ways.

A few commonly used testimonial advertising examples are:

1. Video Testimonials

Testimonial video ads are highly captivating and offer the highest level of credibility since they cannot be fabricated. Video testimonials bring a human touch to your brand.

2. Quote Testimonials

Quote testimonials are easy to acquire as the customers don’t have to invest much time or effort. These testimonials provide a strong message in just a few lines.

3. Image Testimonials

Unlike text-based testimonials, these include an image that creates a visual interest. They are often paired with a narrative and an attractive design. Image testimonials require less effort but provide high value.

4. Influencer Testimonials

Leveraging influencers or user-generated content (UGC) can significantly increase your reach. Companies collaborate with industry influencers or encourage clients to share their experiences on social media. They give social proof for your brand.

5. Audio Testimonials

They offer significant benefits since customers don’t need to appear on camera, increasing the likelihood of them providing a testimonial. They are highly credible as the customer’s voice is included.

Other testimonial ad examples include case study testimonials, authority testimonials, blog post testimonials, and press review testimonials.

With testimonial advertising examples on multiple platforms, you can give a good reason for customers to believe you.

When a brand gains authority, it can convince customers to make a purchase. Below you will find examples of testimonial advertising.

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Top 10 Examples of Testimonial Advertising

Here are a few best testimonial ads by various brands presented in multiple formats.

1. Fortress Shoes for Slack

Fortress Shoes explains how Slack helps them organize two separate channels for two shoe brands they run and for inter-company decision-making.

  • Type: Video testimonial
  • Service provider: Slack
  • Client: Fortress Shoes
  • Posted on: LinkedIn

2. Sip Herbals for Shopify

Orleatha Smith, Founder of Sip Herbals, explains how Shopify Capital provided funding and resources to expand the production of the brand.

  • Type: Image testimonial
  • Service provider: Shopify
  • Client: Sip Herbals
  • Posted on: Instagram

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3. SoftServe for Gong

Amy Kostek from SoftServe said how she spends time on Gong to lead her team and track the progress of deals.

  • Type: Image testimonial
  • Service provider: Gong
  • Client: SoftServe
  • Posted on: Instagram

4. Mogul Millennial for Zapier

Brittani Hunter, Founder of Mogul Millennial, talks about how Zapier helps streamline her business.

  • Type: Quote testimonial
  • Service provider: Zapier
  • Client: Brittani Hunter, Founder Mogul Millennial
  • Posted on: LinkedIn

5. Loyal Customer Cristy for Headspace

Loyal customer Cristy talks about how Headspace supported her in her mental health journey.

  • Type: Image testimonial
  • Service provider: Headspace
  • Client: Cristy, a loyal customer since 2020
  • Posted on: X

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6. Chris Evans, a customer for Loom

Customer Chris Evans says how Loom helps them record personalized videos.

  • Type: Image testimonial
  • Service provider: Loom
  • Client: Customers Chris Evans and Bryan Suellentrop
  • Posted on: Instagram

7. Inovus Technologies for Monday.com

John Chlopek from Inovus Technologies says Monday.com is their growth engine.

  • Type: Video testimonial
  • Service provider: Monday
  • Client: Inovus Technologies
  • Posted on: LinkedIn

8. Club Soda for Mailchimp

Dru Jaeger, Co-founder of Club Soda UK talks about how the customer journey builder in Mailchimp helps him send personalized messages to customers.

  • Type: Video testimonial
  • Service provider: Mailchimp
  • Client: Dru Jaeger, Co-founder of Club Soda UK
  • Posted on: Instagram

9. The Information Collective for FreshBooks

Samantha Simms, CEO of The Information Collective talks about the simplicity of using FreshBooks which saves her a lot of time.

  • Type: Image testimonial
  • Service provider: FreshBooks
  • Client: Samantha Simms, CEO of The Information Collective.
  • Posted on: Instagram

10. Convera for Zoom

Chris Blackstone from Convera talks about Zoom’s AI companion on meeting summaries and smart recordings.

  • Type: Image testimonial
  • Service provider: Zoom
  • Client: Chris Blackstone, Convera
  • Posted on: X

We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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Where do testimonial ads appear?

Testimonial advertisements should be put where customers can easily see them. Effective placement ensures maximum visibility and increases the chance for customers to move forward.

You can feature testimonial ad examples on various platforms, including:

1. Landing page

It is a good idea to place the testimonial advertising examples on the homepage as it’s the initial point of contact for customers. There is a good chance that a potential customer considers you to solve their problem after watching the testimonial ads.

2. Testimonial page

Many brands also use a dedicated page for testimonial ads, making it convenient for prospects to access and review numerous success stories. Here you can compile many different types of testimonials and case studies to show how well you solved a problem.

3. Product page

Consider placing the testimonial ad example on the product page of the website. It will show the potential customer how the product will help them to solve their problem. Ensure that it is positioned near the Call-to-Action (CTA) section on the product page.

4. Social Media Platforms

Posting testimonial ad examples on social media channels increases visibility and engages the audience where they are most active.

5. Email Campaigns

Add quotes and image testimonials in your email campaign to give potential customers a personalized solution for their problems. This visual element adds to brand credibility and makes your communication more impactful.

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Testimonials in advertising do an effective job of promoting your brand’s products and services. When prospects look into the success stories, it gives them a solution for their pain points. They will eventually want to invest in your brand.

These testimonial ads examples can be posted across multiple social media platforms. They increase the reach and show how effectively your solutions resolve their problems.

Incorporating these testimonial ad examples across various channels increases the brand’s authority. When customers face challenges within your sector, your brand will be the immediate solution they think of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best platforms to display testimonial advertisements are LinkedIn, X, Instagram, the Brand’s landing page, and the testimonial page.

Some common mistakes to avoid in testimonial ads are indulging in fake endorsements, excessive focus on features, and not specifying the solution provided.

A written testimonial advertisement should be under five lines, and a video testimonial should be under 90 sec.

The costs involved in producing testimonial advertisements are from $3000 to $5000. It can vary depending on the type of testimonial and where it is posted.

We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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