Ten well-made 90-second Explainer Video Examples

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Ten well-made 90-second explainer video examples

In this guide, we will look at some good examples of 90-second explainer videos that caught our attention for several reasons.

Is 90 seconds a lot of time? Here is a site that tells you what happens around the world every second, in real-time.

With explainer videos, however, you have your work cut out, considering that often,

“THAT’S the amount of time available to you to explain how your SaaS product works and convince people to buy it.”

In the highly competitive world of the best explainer videos, some of which have been made by the top explainer video companies, one needs to be creative and professional to do the job in 90 seconds, or sometimes even less.

Some videos cut no ice with viewers, while others manage to do it effortlessly. Let us look at the ones that do work using:

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Our list of 90-second Explainer Video Examples

1. Toggl Track (90)

Product: This is a time-tracking tool that fits into any workflow, making time tracking simple. Once the time-consuming business of time-tracking is out of the way, the teams can concentrate on more important matters like getting the work done on time!

Available for tracking on the web, with desktop apps such as Windows, macOS and Linux, Android and iOS mobile apps, and browser extensions.


What makes it work: The funky background music adds to the peppy mood this 90-second SaaS explainer video example seeks to create. The app urges users to recognize the way people work has changed, and why they should use tools that help them work better.

Having established the importance of tools in the workplace, the video presents an overview of the tool—its ability to account for everybody’s time.

The next step is to explain the ease of use—using just one click to get started. Should you need a report of all the work-related information, that is easy to create too.

You can find out how profitable you are or reassign workloads among your teams to get the best out of your employees. Next, they reassure you that their clientele is made up of companies across geographic locations around the world.

The CTA tells you how you can start a free trial and try their product. Good graphics and helpful on-screen text make this video great to watch.

2. Auto Insurance Specialists (AIS)

Product: AIS uses skilled licensed insurance specialists to provide customers with the best coverage at an affordable price by partnering with high-profile insurers like Mercury, Travelers, National General, and MetLife.


What makes it work: The video starts by explaining how to find an affordable insurance provider in 3 hard steps.

Yes, that’s right!

  1. First, the protagonist uses ‘Zoogle’ to find the cheapest insurance, and the search engine coughs up about 1,234,567 results!
  2. Next, he visits the website of the best-ranked companies, one by one.
  3. Finally, he calls these companies one after the other.

The funny and breezy voice-over remarks that if the searcher does not pass out from his exertions, he might just find such a provider eventually.

The scenario presented is instantly recognizable and relatable. The narrator then goes on to explain how AIS makes the job of getting the best deals easier by guiding the users at every step.

This is a good example of a 90-seconds animated explainer video that presents the problem with a touch of humor. The top-notch animations enhance the quality of the video further.

3. Zendesk

Product: Zendesk is a customer service and CRM tool that offers a free trial.


What makes it work: The video, The Zendesk Omnichannel Approach, takes a slightly different approach to make their pitch. Instead of talking about difficulties, they explain how their product can do the job better and importantly, how it can make your customer service people happy because they can be more productive.

How do they do it? The app organizes all the messages sent using different channels like email, WhatsApp, or Twitter into a single interface, making it easier to stay organized.

This example of a 90-second SaaS explainer video uses good-looking visual assets, and the overall quality is top-notch.

The calm and deliberate voice-over explains how customer service can be improved, no matter what channel customers use to seek help. The narrative manages to convince frazzled customer service agents that the app can make their lives easier.

4. Sisense

Product: Sisense is a business intelligence (BI) tool you can use to collect information from all your sources into a single repository.


What makes it work: This example of a 90-second SaaS explainer video presents the potential pitfalls of offering your customers too many insights into their data, as it can force you to do a balancing act to meet demands for more analysis and reports from your customers. This could force your headcount to go up to service those additional requests.

The video uses quality graphics to describe the chaos that might ensue, using the analogy of a country fair with a circus as the main attraction. People want to see different performances, which the performers are unable to meet. The result is dissatisfied customers and overworked employees.

Toward the end, the video again uses the example of a circus, this time more organized and focused with one artist performing at a time, commanding the full attention of the audience, and giving them what they want to see.

The audience can better relate to what is being given to them, and they even stand up and applaud the performances in the end!

The narration ends by telling how the customers can use the tool to securely share data and insights using a variety of options, depending on their needs and preferences.

5. Phonexa

Product: An all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting for direct advertisers, and lead generators.


What makes it work: This 90-second SaaS explainer video example explains how the application helps marketing teams across all businesses and industries to make smarter optimizations and increase their ROI.

The 2D animation explainer video addresses the question straightaway—how companies using multiple channels to launch your campaign know if they are getting their money’s worth.

This is a real and all-too-common situation faced by marketers and business owners. The problem statement makes the aggrieved parties sit up and take notice at once.

That’s half the job done.

The narrator goes on to explain how we can use their customizable tools to maximize workflow efficiency and revenue by optimizing inbound web and call campaigns, outbound calls, emails, and SMS campaigns

The 2D animation uses Illustrator and Adobe After Effects to create smooth animations and a competent voice-over to complement the action.

6. Dollar Shave Club

Product: The company delivers shaving and personal grooming products via mail to the user’s doorstep.


The explainer video makes it to almost all the top video lists—just like its motion picture counterparts, The Shawshank Redemption and Citizen Kane. The ad was a path-breaking concept and kind of in-your-face video that uses expletives, a taboo in advertising.

Note: Content Beta does not condone the use of expletives, offensive language, or insensitive visuals nor will we ever make use of them in our work.

For this list, however, we cannot ignore an explainer video that has notched up close to 27.78 million views on YouTube. Created back in 2012, the video has aged well and has played a big role in launching the company’s sales to the stratosphere.

What problem statement does the video present to the viewers? That the shavers are being ripped off and being sold things they don’t really need. That immediately strikes a chord with the viewers, especially the older guys, who have spent a small fortune on grooming products.

The solution? Get high-quality razors delivered to your doorstep every month for just ONE dollar!

Even the copy at the end of the video—Shave Time. Shave Money—is a good example of the effective use of wordplay.

7. Zoho One

Product: A suite of online productivity tools for businesses who want to go to the next level.


What makes it work: This 90-second SaaS explainer video example, explains how multiple departments such as sales, HR, marketing, and finance tend to work in isolation, with each one pulling in a different direction. The result is chaos and reduced productivity, which is all too familiar a situation for corporate people to identify with.

The narration follows the classic style of identifying a real issue the professionals face every day and how the top management despite being aware of the lack of synergies is bringing down efficiency and productivity but is unable to fix the problem.

To keep the video within a minute and a half but still provide relevant information, a scrolling wall of text has been used, which makes it easier for the viewers to digest the information.

It uses a simple flat design with frame-by-frame animation using Adobe Animate to create a seamless flow from the start to finish.

8. AiChat

Product: Facebook lead-capturing app.


What makes it work: This 90-second SaaS explainer example video created by Content Beta starts with numbers and statistics about why you should use the app. Having done the preliminary work, it proceeds to explain how people’s preferences for doing business are changing.

The next minute or so is devoted to describing the features, how those features are capable of addressing users’ pain points, and the purposes for which the app can be used with use cases and examples.

The production values are top-class. The video does not look as if it has been crammed with more information than you can digest in 90 seconds. It is unhurried and well-paced. The flow, graphics, and transitions speak well for the expertise and creativity of the production team.

9. Astra Life

Product: Life insurance and investment products. Life insurance and investment products.


What makes it work: This 90-second SaaS explainer example video is about families going through various situations at different stages of life. As they do, they constantly worry about bearing the expenses of family vacations, children’s education, birthdays, weddings, and so on.

The video talks about the importance of being ready to meet the expenses with the insurance and investment products the insurance company provides.

The animated explainer uses the national language of Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia, as the voice-over. Does it make a difference to the viewers who are not familiar with the language?

The answer is negative because creative work should work across all barriers—cultural, geographical, and linguistic. In this case, the viewers might mute the video and still get the core message. The eye-pleasing visual assets and the flow of the video add value too.

10. Lyne

Product: AI-powered sales personalization that can improve cold outreach response rates.


What makes it work: This video created by the explainer video company Content Beta, tackles one of the toughest jobs in sales and marketing—the cold email outreach.

The cold outreach can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Your approach might leave your prospects cold and or have you breaking out in cold sweat. As a result, you might even develop cold feet to approach people, as the on-screen narrator warns you.

But there is no escape from the reality that stares you in the face. After all, no matter what, you have to meet your monthly targets.

Having set the mood for the video, he goes on to explain how you can reduce negative responses and low responses using the app’s personalization features, among other things.

Next, the conventional and existing solutions are dismissed as being too generic and ineffective.

This 90-second SaaS explainer example video explains how the product takes a new and proven approach to the problem. The crisp graphics and effortless transitions make watching the video a pleasant experience.


Before we wrap up, let us first quickly look at what B2B SaaS explainer videos as a genre have to offer to marketers:

  • They give a great overview of your products and services in an engaging way.
  • They help companies build a brand like no other media can.
  • They help acquire new customers.
  • They help companies to reduce marketing costs.

Finally, it makes excellent sense for your business to invest in explainer video production. We hope the examples presented here have given you the confidence to go ahead and create your own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A video that showcases cloud-based software as a SaaS product, an on-demand solution used by businesses, companies, and start-ups to deliver software over the internet. According to Wyzowl, 83% of businesses are happy with their homepage explainer video’s performance.

The following are some explainer video types: 2D and 3D animated Explainer Videos | Motion graphics Explainer Videos | Whiteboard/Sketch Explainer Videos | Whiteboard Explainer Videos | Live-screen Explainer Videos | Screencast Explainer Videos

  • Create a good script.
  • Get to the point straightaway.
  • Pay attention to technical details.
  • Always add a call-to-action.

The explainer video pricing depends on what type of video you want to create, and whom you want to hire—in-house, a freelancer, or an animated explainer video company. A hybrid 90 second explainer video cost can be anywhere between $600-$3500 from the remote video production company Content Beta

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