Ten 60-second SaaS Explainer Video Examples You Can Copy

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Ten 60-second SaaS explainer video examples you can copy

In this guide, Content Beta presents a list of 60-second explainer video examples from around the world.

Explainer videos have redefined the way businesses do their marketing. No longer do you have to suffer from low conversion rates or wasted marketing and advertising budgets by using outdated methods that are no longer relevant or successful in the fast-paced digital era.

Instead, you have the best explainer videos that have a running time of 60 seconds or less to several minutes.

If you thought 60 seconds is hardly sufficient to promote your product, brand, or service, think again.

You would be amazed to learn what a skilled explainer video company (even if it’s a remote video production agency) or a freelance professional can do to your business with a 60-second explainer video.

Have a look at this collection of explainer video production that pays handsome ROI for the respective businesses:

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Our list of Well-made 60-second Explainer Video Examples

1. Chip app (60)

We start our list of 60-second explainer video examples with Chip

Product: Chip is a savings and investment app.


Why we picked it: This 60-seconds SaaS explainer video starts with some good advice: That we need to be smart with our savings but not be unduly hard on ourselves while we are at it.

Next, they promise the viewers the best rates, anytime money withdrawal, and saving an extra £3,000 per year without having to do any additional work—using their AI technology.

They go on to explain to you how Chip automatically builds your savings—based on your spending habits—with the tap of a button. They also dismiss the competition such as comparison sites and banks as old-fashioned and no longer relevant to your needs.

Furthermore, they assure you with the help of the awards and certificates they have won that your money is safe. The narrative is breathless as you might expect in a 60-seconds explainer video example but clear enough to give you a good overview of the app’s capabilities.

2. Beforepay

Product: Beforepay is an app that working professionals can use to access a part of their pay beforehand. They can also track their spending habits and learn budgeting.


Why we picked it: This 60-second SaaS explainer video example starts off with a woman sitting in perfect tranquility on a Yoga mat in a state of financial Nirvana—with eyes closed, smiling, and without a care in the world.

Or so she thinks. She is jolted back to reality; the reality of wedding invites and her planned trip to Bali. The next moment, she finds herself—with mat and all—adrift on a choppy sea, with sharks circling her mat for good measure. Now, that’s a great way to present a problem to your viewers!

What about alternative solutions? There is none, the video assures you, because there are always hidden costs and confusing interest rates to deal with.

And Beforepay’s solution? They offer a part of your next pay for a flat 5% interest rate. Moreover, they will let you borrow only what you can afford. They go a step further and teach you about financial discipline. You will also learn about spending insights, budgeting tools, and installments.

The video ends the same way it began, with the lady once again happy and relaxed, knowing well she can trust the app to look after her finances.

3. Freighty

Product: A store owner can embed the Freighty app into a site checkout to allow customers wanting to add insurance to their shopping to do so by entering the necessary information.


Why we picked it: This SaaS explainer video example was produced using Illustrator and Adobe After Effects and hand-drawn storyboards.

The video starts with a statement that finds a responsive audience in eCommerce store owners. After all, which store owner would not want to make a big sale, make customers happy, and make them revisit. So far, so good.

Then comes a quick dampener, which reminds them about the zillion things that could go wrong when you ship the merchandise—from missing or damaged orders to delivery truck breakdowns. The result is angry customers, loss of business, and damage to reputation.

Now the stage is set for the solution: a shipping insurance app and its myriad benefits.

That’s an effective use of the PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) framework in action. The crisp animation and smooth voice-over make this a fun watch!

4. Pixoomer

Product: This family planner app allows you to add photos to calendar events, tasks, alerts, and location information.


Why we picked it: The SaaS explainer video example starts by explaining how to tackle the real problems faced by real families. People always have trouble remembering birthdays and anniversaries, bill payments, and doctor’s appointments.

The problem statement readily resonates with all the members of the household because everybody can identify with the described scenario, one way or the other.

The solution they offer is to store the important information as an image-based wall in the digital diary and get notifications and alerts. You can even share calendar reminders with your family and friends and also use tags.

This 60-seconds SaaS explainer video example features a friendly voice-over and uses a combination of quality graphics and animations to explain how useful this app can be for families.

5. Airbnb

Product: Airbnb connects people to incredible places around the world. Using this service, they can stay at interesting places by renting an apartment for a week or a castle for a day and can do amazing activities at those places.


Why we picked it: The explainer video, What is Airbnb? | Travel Tips | Airbnb is a colorful and vibrant creation of all the beautiful things around us.

It is appropriate that, being a travel company, they portray the world as a small place because travel makes the world smaller, broadens our horizons, and enables us to shed our prejudices.

The video depicts the viewer riding a train and exploring the world of miniature replicas of the company’s properties, including castles, jungle lodges, big-city apartments and so on.

The breathless action and the relaxed voice-over work together well and entice the viewer to want to pack their bags immediately to experience it for themselves.

This 60-seconds explainer video example was created back in 2014 but looks fresh and relevant. The YouTube view count when last checked was about 5.75 million.

6. Powtoon

Product: Powtoon is an online animated video and presentation software maker and positions itself as the best alternative to PowerPoint and Prezi.


Why we picked it: It is a perfectly good idea to demonstrate how to make effective explainer videos using—well, your own product. This explainer video offers three tips, namely grabbing attention using catchy music and lively and expressive cartoon characters, explaining the problem being solved, and lastly, telling you how you can solve that problem.

All the tips they offer are evident in the explainer video. You are also introduced to the tool used to create the video and its easy-to-use interface. This 60-seconds SaaS explainer video example manages to drive home the point that if you have a good script, it is just a matter of dragging and dropping the characters, scenes, and other assets on the canvas to create a video.

The voice-over is fresh and takes you through the video effortlessly. There is an effective CTA too about how to get started with a free account.

7. WhatsApp

Product: WhatsApp is a free instant messaging and voice-over-IP service for smartphones, owned by Meta (Facebook).


Why we picked it: The WhatsApp Promo SaaS explainer video was created back in 2018 when the now ubiquitous and much-loved—and maligned—app was not as big a phenomenon as it is today. Today, people are so used to the app that an explainer video to tell them about it sounds, well, a bit of an overkill.

This 60-second SaaS explainer video example does not have a voice-over. It uses graphics and on-screen text to explain various features of the app, such as sending and receiving long audio recordings, setting the account status, sharing live location, setting privacy options, and so on.

In fact, this approach can work well for any product or service. No animation overuse or overbearing voice-overs to distract you from what is shown on the screen.

8. AllTrails

Product: A fitness and travel mobile app for outdoor activities that you can use to access a database of trail maps and related information.


Why we picked it: The Animated Explainer Video is a masterclass in creating the right mood with the right choice of colors, voice-over, and characters.

This is an uplifting app that features holidaying families, the lush green outdoors, and an unhurried and calm voice-over. The simple problem they are trying to solve is taking the uncertainties out of finding new trails for hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. And although it is stated up front without much fanfare, a hiker would understand what value the app has to offer.

The app provides detailed maps, ratings, and since family and children are involved—safety tips. Their attention to detail is sure to strike a chord with parents, who constantly worry about safety.

This example of a 60-second SaaS explainer video uses green and yellow as the predominant colors to create a feeling of joy and highlight the theme of the app. The video comes out as clean, smooth, and elegant, and would make people reach out for their phones to download the app.

9. Spotify

Product: Spotify is an online music streaming service that allows you to listen to thousands of songs. It can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Why we picked it: The SaaS Explainer video is part of a campaign that helped establish their brand motion identity and grew its paid subscriber base substantially.

By the way, motion identity is used to determine whether the animation concept supports the overall branding strategy.

The voice-over takes an interesting approach to addressing the potential subscribers by calling them true music lovers and identifying themselves as the folks who make their favorite tunes.

Having established the rapport, they remind the viewers that the service is perfectly legal and provides access to not just music for every occasion but other types of content from artists around the world. They remind you that there is no constraint on the device you can use to steam the content.

This 60-second SaaS explainer video example instantly appeals to the young audience, their core subscribers, because of the content, style, and freshness it brings to the business of accessing good music.

10. ManyChat

Product: A Facebook Messenger chatbot that automates acquiring and retaining customers.


Why we picked it: The SaaS explainer video, ManyChat for customer support takeaways, is part of a customer onboarding video series and explains how to get help from customer support.

This 60-second SaaS explainer video example is a special one because it is a content Beta creation. It bears all the hallmarks of our work: clean and minimal graphics, uncluttered feel and look, professional voice-over, on-screen help text.

The video talks about the importance of customer support for businesses, and how chatbots can play a significant role by providing the visitors with a way to interact with your business, without wasting any time. It also tells you how you can create your own customer support flows.

This example of a 60-second SaaS explainer video ends by telling the viewers how to get help and access blogs and other resources.


Before we wrap up, we would like to mention that the one-minute videos are ideal for a series of videos on a given topic, as they are ideal for conveying only the necessary information without overburdening the learners.

The 60-second explainer video examples in our list should give you an idea about how to be creative in the 60 seconds or so available to you.

We hope the learnings each video has to offer will inspire you when you plan your next explainer video with one of the top explainer video companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A short, informative video that introduces a product, service, or idea to prospects or customers. You can use them if you are creating a series of videos on a given topic and make it easy for learners to digest the information in bite-sized pieces.

A 1-minute Explainer Video Costs between $3500 – $5500. The explainer video pricing depends on whether you need a motion graphic video, a simple 2D animation video, or even a hybrid video. Content Beta charges $500 to $3500 for hybrid SaaS explainer videos.

 If you go to an animated explainer video company, they usually advice you to keep the video as crisp as possible. Ideally, your script should have around 140-150 words to be effective because a rule of thumb with video in general is that ‘shorter rather than longer’. To create a quality explainer video, you also need good-looking visual assets, smooth transitions, and coherent narration.

An ideal example of a 1-minute explainer video should have a clear script of between 140-150 words, a well-paced narration, the extra information accommodated using the on-screen text, and a clear call-to-action.

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