15 60-second Explainer Video Examples You Can Copy

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Rishabh Pugalia

June 13, 2024


Explainer videos have redefined the way businesses do their marketing. You no longer have to suffer from low conversion rates. Wasted marketing and advertising budgets on outdated methods are a thing of the past.

Instead, you have the best explainer videos with a running time of 60 seconds or less to several minutes.

If you thought 60 second explainer videos were hardly sufficient to promote your product, brand, or service, think again. It’s time to adapt and invest in strategies that align with better ROI.

You would be amazed to learn what a skilled explainer video company (even if it’s a remote video production agency) can do to your business with a 60-second explainer video.

In this guide, Content Beta presents a list of 60-second explainer video examples from around the world.

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    Why are 60 second explainer videos effective?

    According to The HubSpot’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report, 90% of marketers who use short-form videos plan to increase or maintain their spending next year. Additionally, 21% of marketers aim to start using short-form videos in 2023, marking the highest growth for any trend.

    All the stats clearly show how explainer videos help businesses to communicate their value proposition effectively. The short format aligns well with the decreasing attention spans of online audiences, allowing marketers to make an impact in a brief window of time.

    These 60-second or less videos have gained immense popularity for their ability to convey a message quickly and engagingly. A perfect example of this is the rise of YouTube Shorts.

    The reason why 60 second explainer videos are effective is because they are:

    • Short and Clear: 60 second explainer videos deliver core messages quickly, catering to shorter attention spans ensuring the content is easily digestible for B2B audiences.
    • Gives Higher Engagement: The shorter format of a 60-second explainer video ensures higher retention rates, leading to increased user engagement and better ROI.
    • Cost-Effective: The 60 second explainer video cost is often lower than the average explainer video cost, making it a cheaper explainer video option with a favorable return on investment.
    • Optimized for Sharing: 60-second videos are ideal for sharing on various platforms, reaching a wider B2B audience.
    • Resonates with Decision-Makers: Concise videos address B2B pain points, prompting action from key decision-makers and increasing ROI.

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    Our list of Well-made 60 second Explainer Video Examples

    1. Chip app

    Company: A personal finance app that automates savings and offers investment tips.

    Captions: Chip in 60 seconds

    Why we picked it: We chose this 60-second explainer video from Chip for its clear message. The video advises viewers to be wise with savings without being overly strict. It highlights Chip’s benefits, like the best rates, easy withdrawals, and the potential to save extra annually using AI.

    Chip positions itself as an easy alternative, suggesting that banks and comparison sites need to be updated. The video is fast-paced but effectively communicates the app’s features.

    2. ManyChat

    Company: A Facebook Messenger chatbot that automates acquiring and retaining customers.

    Captions: ManyChat for Customer Support Takeaways

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Why we picked it: This is one of the 60 second explainer videos that also serves as an onboarding guide. This video showcases the signature style of Content Beta: sleek graphics, a clear design, professional narration, and helpful on-screen text.

    It emphasizes the value of customer support in businesses and highlights the efficiency of chatbots in assisting visitors promptly. The video guides viewers on crafting their support flows and concludes by directing them to additional resources and help.

    3. Beforepay

    Company: An app for early salary access and financial planning.

    Caption: How Does The App Work?

    Why we picked it: This video is another in our list of 60 second explainer videos. The video cleverly presents the problem of unexpected expenses and the pitfalls of other solutions (hidden costs and confusing interest rates).

    This short form video also promotes financial education, covering topics like budgeting and spending insights. It concludes by showcasing the peace of mind Beforepay offers.

    4. Microsoft

    Company: A tech company known for Windows and Office software.

    Caption: How AI Can Help You Keep Up With The Pace of Work

    Why we picked it: In our series of 60 second explainer videos, this video talks about data overload and how AI can help. The video effectively uses Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index to highlight this challenge and introduce AI as a potential solution.

    By leveraging AI, professionals can filter out the noise and focus on what truly matters. The video’s clear message, backed by research, makes it a compelling watch for anyone looking to improve their work efficiency.

    5. Salesforce

    Company: A CRM platform for managing customer relationships.

    Caption: The CRM Bringing Companies & Customers Together

    Why we picked it: This video effectively uses a split-screen technique to showcase the entire process, seamlessly transitioning from one scenario to another. On one side, we see the initiation of a task, and on the other, its continuation or response, creating a visual story.

    A standout feature is the Salesforce mascot, a teddy bear in a Salesforce t-shirt positioned centrally. The pleasant tune accompanying the visuals further enhances the viewing experience. This video brilliantly demonstrates Salesforce’s capabilities in bringing companies and customers together.

    6. SPP

    Company: Software for service providers to manage invoicing and projects.

    Caption: SPP Product Marketing Video

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Why we picked it: This SPP video uses good beat-sync to grab attention.The typography highlights key points and the video effectively shows how the app works. It’s one of our 60 second explainer videos that feels like a live demo.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that the SPP video you just watched was crafted by the creative minds at Content Beta?

    7. Zoom

    Company: A video conferencing app for remote meetings and webinars.

    Caption: More than Zoom

    Why we picked it: We chose this video for its clear message on Zoom’s offerings. With tools like Team Chat, Phone, AI Companion, and more, Zoom positions itself as the go-to platform for seamless work collaboration.

    The video shows that Zoom is not just for video calls but a complete platform for work collaboration.

    8. Grammarly

    Company: A writing assistant for grammar and tone checks.

    Caption: Close More Sales Deals

    Why we picked it: This video is another good example of 60 second explainer videos. The video highlights how Grammarly aids in producing clear, effective, and error-free content across different platforms.

    It positions Grammarly as an essential tool for academic and professional writing and encourages viewers to try it out for free.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    9. Freighty

    Company: An insurance platform for shipped goods.

    Caption: Freighty – Explainer Video

    Why we picked it: This video begins by addressing eCommerce store owners, highlighting their desire for successful sales and satisfied, returning customers. The video shows shipping problems and offers a solution: an insurance app with benefits.

    The video effectively uses the PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) strategy, and with its sharp animation and attractive voice-over, it’s informative and enjoyable to watch.

    10. Pixoomer

    Company: A quick photo editing app for social media.

    Caption: Pixoomer Explainer Video

    Why we picked it: This explainer video effectively addresses common challenges families face, such as forgetting important dates or appointments. It begins by painting a relatable picture of everyday forgetfulness many households experience.

    The proposed solution is a digital diary that allows users to store crucial information and receive notifications. With a duration of just 60 seconds, the video combines graphics, animations, and a warm voice-over to showcase the app’s benefits for families.

    11. Airbnb

    Company: A platform for booking travel accommodations.

    Caption: What is Airbnb? | Travel Tips | Airbnb

    Why we picked it: As a travel company, Airbnb aptly showcases the world as a close-knit space, emphasizing how travel can expand our views.

    The video takes viewers through miniature models of various Airbnb properties, from castles to urban apartments. The dynamic visuals and a calming voice-over create a powerful narrative, inspiring viewers to start their travel adventures.

    12. Powtoon

    Company: An online tool for creating animated videos.

    Caption: Explainer Video Examples

    Why we picked it: The video provides three straightforward tips: capturing attention with some good music and animated characters, defining the problem, and presenting the solution.

    These guidelines are seamlessly blended into the video, offering viewers a live demonstration. It introduces the tool’s user-friendly interface, highlighting the simplicity of creating a video with drag-and-drop actions.

    The fresh voice-over guides viewers smoothly, and the video concludes with a call-to-action, inviting users to start with a free account.

    13. AllTrails

    Company: An app for finding and reviewing hiking trails.

    Caption: Vidico — Animated Explainer Video: AllTrails

    Why we picked it: We chose this Animated Explainer Video for its exceptional ability to set the right ambiance through color choices, voice-over, and character design. The video addresses a straightforward yet relatable problem for outdoor enthusiasts: finding reliable trails for various activities.

    In this video, the app’s benefits are subtly but effectively highlighted through features like detailed maps, user ratings, and safety tips, which appeal to parents. The green and yellow colors in the video result in happiness and align with the app’s outdoor theme.

    14. Spotify

    Company: A music streaming service with personalized playlists.

    Caption: Spotify Explainer video

    Why we picked it: The voice-over smartly connects with music lovers, positioning the brand as their go-to music source.

    Compared to the other 60 second explainer videos, this video connects more with young music enthusiasts. This video stands out for its contemporary style and fresh perspective on music streaming.

    15. WhatsApp

    Company: WhatsApp is a free instant messaging and voice-over-IP service for smartphones owned by Meta (Facebook).

    Caption: Whatsapp Promo Explainer video

    Why we picked it: This video uses graphics and on-screen text to explain various app features, such as sending and receiving long audio recordings, setting the account status, sharing live location, setting privacy options, and so on.

    This approach can work well for any product or service. No animation overuse or loud voice-overs to distract you from what is shown on the screen.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    How much does a 60 second B2B explainer video cost?

    For a 1-minute tailored explainer video, prices range from $3,500 to $5,500, based on the project’s complexity and style. Cheaper 60 second explainer video options with freelancers or online platforms can cost between $500 and $2,500.

    Some factors to consider while choosing an explainer video company:

    • Timeframe for video completion.
    • Type of Visuals needed (Choice between animation or motion graphics).
    • Length of the explainer video.
    • Specifics on style, format, and other preferences.
    • Overall cost and payment terms.
    • Review of past work and client testimonials.
    • Quality and frequency of project updates.
    • Number of allowable edits or revisions.
    • Support with video promotion or SEO.

    Why Content Beta?

    Making 60 second explainer videos sounds easy, but it’s often more time-consuming and complex than anticipated. Without the right touch, your video might not resonate, leaving potential leads unengaged and opportunities missed.

    With Content Beta’s expertise in B2B marketing content, we can give you concise and compelling explainer videos tailored to your business.

    Our Creative as a Service (CaaS) plan ensures you have a dedicated video and design team at a monthly rate.

    Is there anything unique about us?

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    Before we wrap up, we would like to mention that the 60 second explainer videos are ideal for a series of videos on a given topic, as they are ideal for conveying only the necessary information without overburdening the learners.

    The 60-second explainer video examples in our list should give you an idea about how to be creative in under a minute.

    We hope the learnings each video has to offer will inspire you when you plan your next explainer video with one of the top explainer video companies.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A 60 second explainer video is a short, informative video that introduces a product, service, or idea to prospects or customers. You can use them if you create a series of videos on a given topic and make it easy for learners to digest the information in bite-sized pieces.

    For a 60 second explainer video prices range from $3,500 to $5,500, based on the project’s complexity and style. Cheaper options with freelancers or online platforms can cost between $500 and $2,500.

    A 60 second explainer video script has 150 – 180 words approximately. A typical one-minute script contains 150 words, equating to a speaking pace of 2.5 words per second.

    An ideal 60 second explainer example would need the following:

    • Writing a concise script focusing on the problem, solution, and call-to-action. Aim for 150-160 words.
    • Creating a storyboard to visualize each scene. Use simple, engaging visuals.
    • Opting for a professional voiceover that aligns with your brand tone.
    • Using smooth transitions and animations to keep the viewer engaged.
    • Adding background music that complements the voiceover and visuals.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Content Beta