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Introduction: About Tailwind

Tailwind, a B2B SaaS, uses AI to help small businesses plan, create, execute, and optimize world-class marketing campaigns on digital platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

  • Headquarters: Tailwind, 111 Harrison Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
  • Latest funding raised: Series B $9.7M (2023)
  • Segment: Social media management software
  • Team: 80+
  • Use base: 1,000,000
Edward Angstadat Artboard

Edward Angstadat

Chief Growth Officer, Tailwind

❝We don’t call Content Beta an agency. We call them our own design team with a Creative Director. They’re like our extended marketing team. The Creative Director is always listening to our needs and making sure all our needs get implemented across the board. It’s a big difference from before, and we really appreciate having them on our side!❞

Here is how Content Beta helped Tailwind

Tailwind began as a Pinterest-focused marketing platform, but it’s come a long way since then. It was a single-channel marketing tool, but now it’s giving big names like Canva, Klaviyo, Buffer, and Jasper a run for their money. That’s pretty impressive!

But here’s the thing: with all these new features, getting the messaging right was a real challenge. They needed someone who could dive deep into their product, understand all its intricacies, find ways to simplify their messaging, and communicate through their website, campaigns, and brand.

Before working with us, Tailwind’s lack of an in-house designer held back their creative production and caused delays in their campaign launches. As they started pushing more campaigns through the pipeline, they realized they desperately needed a reliable designer to keep up with their demand for top-notch creative assets.

Their past designers handled content creation, but they couldn’t find someone who understood their product inside and out despite their efforts. They weren’t just looking for any old designer – they wanted a dedicated creative director who could go layer by layer into the product, understand its nuances, core messaging, and ideal customer profile, and create assets that accurately communicated all three aspects.

Tailwind was devising new marketing campaigns at a rate approaching the speed of light, but it couldn’t scale its asset creation because it simply didn’t have the manpower. It also didn’t want to go on a hiring spree because that would have just added even more time constraints to the mix.

As soon as Tailwind started its subscription, Content Beta had a dedicated creative director and team ready to go. Talk about hitting the ground running!

1. Supporting Marketing Team

Initially, Content Beta created all kinds of content assets, from videos to website graphics, to help Tailwind shift its brand identity from a Pinterest-focused tool to an all-in-one marketing powerhouse. They also jumped in to help the product marketing team with product GIFs and explainer videos.

2. Scaling Customer Videos

But that’s not all – Content Beta also helped Tailwind create remote video testimonials to boost their social proof game. Tailwind provided a list of clients, and Content Beta took it from there. They picked one, crafted the perfect questions based on the customer’s story, and even shipped a complete testimonial recording kit with everything from cameras to lighting and microphones. Their dedicated producer interviewed the client’s schedule, and then they turned the raw clips into a polished video testimonial, the whole nine yards.

But Content Beta didn’t stop there. They repurposed those customer videos into graphic assets for blogs and social media. They designed multiple social media assets for various campaigns, especially on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. They even created a product video to accompany the campaign.

3. Conversion-focused Ad Creatives

When it came to ad creatives, Content Beta shone. They made UGC video ads for Tailwind’s TikTok campaigns, handling everything from concept to script to actor onboarding. They also created static ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that were all about conversion. They did their homework, studying Tailwind’s competitors and ideal customer profiles to create ads that hit the mark.

All in all, Content Beta has been a one-stop shop for Tailwind’s creative needs. They’ve delivered social media ads, both static and video, sometimes working from Tailwind’s concepts and other times providing their own. They’ve created video case studies, demo videos, and catalog imagery showcasing Tailwind’s product’s value. It’s no wonder Tailwind is so happy with their partnership!

“Content Beta does an excellent job providing estimated times for completion and delivering the projects within or before that time period is over. We have a bi-weekly meeting with them, which is also instrumental in helping us plan. During that time, they consistently offered suggestions that helped move our graphic design function forward.”


Business Impact

Phase 1 - Performance Marketing

Before Content Beta came on board, Tailwind’s average click-through rate (CTR) was around 2%. Once they started using the ads created by Content Beta, that CTR shot up to an impressive 7.5%. That’s a huge jump!

And here’s the best part: not only did more people click on the ads, but more of them signed up for Tailwind’s service. And because the ads were so effective, Tailwind was able to get those signups at a lower customer acquisition cost (CAC). In other words, they got more bang for their buck.

“The ads they created for us have the highest CTR of all ads in our TikTok account and the lowest cost per result in Facebook advertising.”

Phase 2 - Brand

Their customers and teammates are genuinely thrilled with how much better their content looks. It’s like night and day!

And you know what? That improved aesthetics has done wonders for Tailwind’s user engagement. People are interacting with their content more than ever before, thanks to the impressive visuals created by Content Beta.

All of these improvements have translated into accurate, tangible results for Tailwind’s business. Sales have gone up, and customers are happier than ever. It’s a win-win situation all around.

“They provide an exceptional service at a great price. We were able rely on them as a true partner in our design. They are easy to communicate with and responsive to our requests and feedback.”

Phase 3 - Scaled creative production using gen AI

Tailwind, a marketing platform themselves, knows just how important it is to have original and authentic content, whether banner images or videos.

So, when it came to creating ad creatives, Content Beta knew they had to think outside the box. Using stock footage wasn’t going to cut it. They needed something fresh and unique.

That’s when Content Beta’s team had a brilliant idea. They decided to bring in heavy hitters like Adobe Firefly and Illustrator to elevate the quality and aesthetics of the creatives. But they didn’t stop there.

They took it a step further, built a custom-trained model using the same tools, and based it on custom instructions relevant to Tailwind’s brand. It allowed them to generate multiple iterations of AI images in a fraction of the time it would have taken to create them traditionally. We’re talking about saving an extra 2-3 weeks!

The result? The ad creatives had a consistent color scheme and zoom levels that tied everything together. It was a total game-changer.

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Content Beta’s Creative-as-a-service provides you with a dedicated team of vetted designers, motion artists, and video editors for a flat monthly fee. No hiring. No contracts. No hassle. Get a 1-2 day turnaround on small projects. 

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