10 Best Startup Explainer Video Examples

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June 13, 2024


We checked some key statistics on videos by startups. It turns out that 85.7% of them make at least one video for business purposes. Curious how explainer videos can benefit their businesses?

Get this – the primary target of a startup explainer video is rarely the end user. Rather, it is potential partners and investors.

Startup explainer videos highlight a fledgling company’s vision and business model. In context, they also touch base on main product offerings. The focus remains on how a company getting off the ground will potentially fill a gap in the market.

This aspect appeals most to investors and partners. They want to measure the startup’s potential for success. It is this understanding that influences the decisions to fund or establish partnerships.

An explainer video also lets the ICP identify the startup as a change-bringer. Many marketers create explainer videos in the startup phase despite the financial challenge.

In this blog, we discuss the strengths of different explainer videos. All of them are made by companies in their startup phase. Keep reading.

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    What are Startup Explainer Videos?

    A startup explainer video demonstrates a business or a business-related idea. It typically has a runtime of 60-120 seconds. Simple animation covers most of the visuals. In some videos, live-action snippets are used.

    An explainer video for a startup usually does the following:

    • Specify an industry problem: Name the specific industry or market gap that a launched product will fill. This interests potential investors.
    • Demonstrate the solution: Show and tell how their solution is unique. Use a screen-recorded demo for the same.
    • Spotlight traction: Show testimonials from early users. This signals a positive impact by the startup, promising rapid growth.
    • Explain competitive advantage: Articulate what makes their solution unique. Or, more advanced than others.
    • Include clear CTAs: Such as “Sign Up Now” or “Start Free Trial”.

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    10 Best Startup Explainer Video Examples

    An explainer video for a startup is created to inspire trust in a brand.

    We have compiled ten examples that do just that —

    1. SaraWorks

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Title: SaraWorks Product Explainer Video

    Duration: 1:44 minutes

    Objective: Highlights the product’s use cases and its capabilities.

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Smooth transitions with 2D animations, icons, and motion graphics.
    • Use of high contrast and muted blue and brown colors to enhance product capabilities.
    • The tone used is positive and encouraging.

    2. Cred

    Title: Payments Protected: scan and pay with CRED

    Duration: 0.27 min

    Objective: To give assurance of safe transactions with product

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Imitation of “swipe” gestures with motion graphics
    • Use of vibrant colors contrasting with a black background
    • The clinking sound of coins is used for the effect

    3. Accord

    Title: Accord: The Customer Collaboration Platform

    Duration: 1:33 minutes

    Objective: Demonstration of product capabilities

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Shape-based simple animation reflects a startup ethos
    • Detailed narration explaining product capabilities

    4. Cast AI

    Title: CAST AI – Combine the benefits from multiple cloud providers in any way you want

    Duration: 1:10 minutes

    Objective: Highlighting a unique problem-solution

    Features that Stand Out:

    • This startup explainer video is divided into chapters, enabling easy skimming
    • Even-paced animation to show continuous processes
    • Use of problem-solution format to address a glitch faced by cloud technology users

    5. Beyonk

    Title: Discover Beyonk: The Easy Way To Sell Tickets Online

    Duration: 1:13 minutes

    Objective: To promote their visitor experience platform

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Utilization of bold typography with smooth transitions.
    • Usage of a monochromatic green color palate throughout the video.
    • Incorporated linear icons and snippets of the app’s UI.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    6. Xangle

    Title: Xangle: Animated Explainer Video

    Duration: 1:52 minutes

    Objective: Demonstration of product capabilities

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Digestible video script explaining complex crypto-related concepts for visual learners
    • Expressive 2D vector animation
    • Use of product interface design mock-ups

    7. WorkSmarter

    Title: WorkSmarter | The Smarter Way to Manage Your Team

    Duration: 1:47 minutes

    Objective: Market their service as simplifying HR.

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Presentation video with slide-show-style transitions
    • Usage of neutral tones of white, deep blue, and green with circular icons and smooth, curved lines dividing the screen.

    8. Bushel

    Title: The Bushel Platform Made Simple

    Duration: 2:14 minutes

    Objective: To project the startup as a change-bringer

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Playful 2D animation in this startup explainer video highlights the importance of community
    • Streamlined script with even-paced narration

    9. Grammarly

    Title: How Does Grammarly Work?

    Duration: 0.53 minutes

    Objective: To give a sneak peek into product functionalities

    Features that Stand Out:

    • Animated screen captures showing app UI
    • Clear and persuasive CTA in narration toward the end

    10. Adalo

    Title: Introducing Adalo | Create Your Own App Without Code

    Duration: 2:20 minutes

    Objective: Demonstration of product in use

    Features that Stand Out:

    • This startup explainer video narrates a step-wise demonstration
    • Type on screen paced with narration

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    Startup explainers highlight vision, product strength, and long-term viability. The examples in this article show marketers have options. An explainer video startup can be created with various design aesthetics. The range covers motion graphics to hand-drawn styles.

    The approach in style depends on budget, brand personality, and targeted viewers. Yet certain best practices apply across the board. Keeping it concise, actionable, and benefits-focused.

    As startups scale, so can the polish in their videos. For founders strategic about messaging, these videos show differentiation from competitors. They make abstract ideas and traction exciting for external stakeholders.

    See a startup explainer video as something to create interest and trust in your venture.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A startup explainer video can benefit a business primarily by informing prospective investors and partners about the startup. The videos also attract early adopters to the product.

    The ideal length for a startup explainer video is between 60 and 120 seconds.

    Startups can create live-action explainer videos, animation explainer videos, and hybrid-style explainer videos.

    Yes, startup explainer videos can be used for investor pitches. The video format limits scopes of interactivity or interruption. It removes the chances of derailment of a pitch and allows it to be a successful delivery.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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