15 Best Social Media Video Examples

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May 31, 2024

15 Best Social Media Video Examples

B2B marketing doesn’t always equate to viral content, but who says it can’t?

Imagine a B2B video challenge that reimagines a complex industry concept in a fun, shareable way. Like the #IceBucketChallenge raised awareness for ALS, the right video could create major enthusiasm around your brand and its offerings.

  • What are the key differences to consider when developing social media videos for B2B audiences versus B2C audiences?
  • Which social media platforms offer the most effective reach and engagement opportunities for B2B video content?
  • Beyond organic posting, how can B2B brands best utilize paid social media advertising to amplify their video reach?

Remember, audiences often crave valuable information. This educational content is both shareable and establishes you as a thought leader.

For example, consider creating insightful and short social media videos that offer actionable tips, explain industry trends, answer frequently asked questions, or even highlight inspiring social media video examples from other B2B companies.

Let’s look at social media videos a little more in detail.

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    What is a Social Media Video?

    Any video content specifically designed and published on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc, is a social media video.

    Video in social media marketing is tailored to the unique styles and audiences of each platform, aiming to maximize engagement (likes, comments, shares) and drive brand goals.

    Videos for social media range from social media short videos like short-form viral TikToks and Instagram Reels to educational YouTube tutorials and customer testimonials on LinkedIn.

    Why is Social Media Video Important for Brands?

    According to Sprout Social, 81% of consumers want to see more short-form videos from brands in 2024. This proves that short videos for social media are increasingly powerful and, if done right, can serve all the right purposes.

    1. Attract the Busy Audience

    Videos on social media break through information overload, grabbing your target audience’s attention with dynamic visuals and storytelling. A social media video effectively conveys complex information in a digestible and memorable way.

    2. Makes your Brand Feel Like a Friend

    Behind-the-scenes glimpses, team introductions, and thought leadership videos put a face on your company. This helps build a sense of approachability that relates to potential clients. Consider creating similar social media video examples to start a sense of community around your brand.

    3. Shows your Experience

    Explainer videos, product demos, and case studies show the solutions you provide. It allows decision-makers to assess the potential value of your offering and imagine themselves as your successful customers.

    4. Quantifiable Results

    Through insights on views, engagement, and click-through rates, social media video content enables you to track performance and understand what connects with your audience. This will enable you to continually optimize your content strategy for maximum impact.

    Top 15 Social Media Video Example

    Videos on social media are incredibly diverse in style and purpose. Below are some social media examples that will help you understand how each brand approaches and posts on different social media platforms and the variety of videos they post.

    1. Google

    Duration: 1:22

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: A true bestie always makes you look great. Tag the friend you count on to take your 🔥 pics.

    Overview: This social media video is an advertisement for Google Pixel. They made the ad interesting and engaging by putting the iPhone next to Pixel.

    They used personification and gave both phones lifelike qualities, which again added to the video’s charm. The video tried to show how Google Pixel’s amazing features stand out compared to the iPhone’s. The video ends with a famous song showing that both phones are happy because of the Pixel’s smart features.

    2. Semrush

    Duration: 0:22

    Platform: Tiktok

    Caption: Digital Marketers 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼 Keeping the department afloat

    Overview: This is a funny meme-like social media short video that shows behind the scenes of an employee who wears multiple hats (roles) in the office.

    The video is very brief and done in minimal time and it has a good sense of humor to it. It is not a surprise that the video garnered 1.7 million views.

    3. Tailwind

    Duration: 0:44

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: Are you spending evening and weekends managing your business’ social media accounts? Interrupting suppers with family and friends to market your launch, store, or products?

    Take back your life (& dinner with the people you love!)

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    🎧 by Cute EDM(1033122)

    Overview: This video provides a brief glimpse of the app Tailwind and how it can help you schedule your social media postings. Both narrators play the role of the couple on a date and the video is short and interesting, which makes this a very good social media video example.

    4. Adobe

    @adobe Maddie's new title: Senior Barketing Manager 🐶 Tap the link in bio to make your own #AdobeFirefly ♬ original sound – Adobe

    Duration: 0:41

    Platform: Tiktok

    Caption: Maddie’s new title: Senior Barketing Manager 🐶 Tap the link in bio to make your own #AdobeFirefly pet portraits with Structure Reference!

    Overview: This video on social media is an ad on Adobe Firefly, which can be used to make photos and portraits look refined and attractive.

    The video discusses the various options and choices available in Adobe Firefly for editing and effects, making it one of the best social media video examples.

    5. Gong

    Duration: 1:58

    Platform: LinkedIn


    Last month we hosted a webinar with Gong CRO, Shane Evans, to ask him your hard-hitting questions.

    When asked about how a CRO might find value in Gong’s Ask Anything feature, here’s what he said. ⬇️

    Overview: This video features the Gong CRO discussing its most beneficial features, which will save a lot of time during webinar sessions. It is a live-action video with clear voice modulation and subtitles.

    6. Zapier

    Duration: 2:00

    Platform: LinkedIn

    Caption: OpenAI’s text-to-video model, Sora, is still in testing, but the early results are impressive.

    Overview: This video gives a first-hand opinion and usage of the new AI app Sora and its capabilities. It is a live-action video in which the narrator refers to Zapier’s blog, where they have written more on Sora and its usage with examples.

    Imagine content repurposing of this video into short, engaging social media video examples to promote Sora’s features across different platforms.

    7. Grammarly

    Duration: 0:46

    Platform: Facebook

    Caption: No more playing hide-and-seek with your documents.

    Overview: The highlight of the video is that it is a live-action video with screen shares in between and a convincing narrator. The video discusses a pain point customers face and how a new feature in Grammarly can help with that.

    8. Canva

    Duration: 0:19

    Platform: Facebook

    Caption: Finding the perfect font pair is like solving a puzzle …

    Overview: This video displays the beautiful font combos you can try out in Canva. They are accompanied by aesthetically pleasing backgrounds and soothing music. It is a short but informative and attractive video. Canva has some of the best social media video examples.

    9. Atlassian

    Duration: 1:08

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: This just in: the Team ’24 hype video is here!

    Overview: These social media video examples are promotional videos for an event (in this case, an Atlassian event happening in Las Vegas).

    The video has vibrant color tones, a catchy beat sync, and bold, kinetic typography that makes it look interesting. It also gives a brief view of what to expect and what to gain by attending the event.

    10. Crowdstrike

    Duration: 1:01

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: What an incredible showdown. And the game’s not bad either.

    Overview: This social media video content employs a storytelling approach with a Mexican rodeo theme. It’s short but powerful, showing how Crowdstrike is unique compared to its competitors.

    Their brand guidelines were reinforced by cleverly infusing their mascot (an eagle) in the video.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    11. Figma

    @figmaofficial @radnolan is back with more auto layout (and autotune). 😎 He’ll show the design workflow he uses in Figma with auto layout. Comment; what other Figma features do you like working with? #uxuidesign #autolayoutfigma #autolayout #designworkflow ♬ original sound – figma

    Duration: 1:09

    Platform: Tiktok

    Caption: @radnolan is back with more auto layout (and autotune). 😎

    He’ll show the design workflow he uses in Figma with auto layout.

    Overview: UGC videos are the most popular social media video examples because of their realistic and raw appeal. This UGC video has many word puns, and the narrator’s auto-tuned voice changes, which makes it fun and funny to watch.

    The video is informative because it explains how to auto-layout step by step in Figma. The visuals are colorful and clear, making it easy to understand.

    12. Slack

    Duration: 0:51

    Platform: Twitter

    Caption: Time is valuable. Slack AI gives you more of it.

    And starting today, every Slack user on a paid plan can start getting more time back with AI that works right where they need it to (in Slack).

    Overview: This video on social media introduces Slack AI for daily use. It employs a screen-sharing model where all the new features and shortcuts are clearly visible.

    They have used their brand color throughout the video and added a good beat sync in the background as well. Such videos are ideal examples of short videos for social media.

    13. Airtable

    Duration: 1:43

    Platform: Instagram

    Caption: “To be able to consolidate multiple tools into one and have those be customized – that’s pretty priceless.”

    How Vimeo used Airtable to reduce tool sprawl and create custom apps that deliver real ROI.

    Overview: This social media short video is like a testimonial for Aitable by Vimeo. Both Vimeo’s VP of customer experience and Director of customer experience talk about how the integration helped them do things faster and more efficiently.

    Features like Instagram stories for business further help elevate this kind of video for B2B.

    14. DocuSign

    Duration: 0:39

    Platform: LinkedIn

    Caption: Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) is the talk of the town 🗣️ Our own Brittany Casey hears from Pandy Buske and Kevin Bohnert of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, at Momentum24

    Overview: This video is a live interview at an event. It is very short, and just one question is asked to both attendees about their favorite features of IAM. The interviewer has an excited and engaging voice that goes well with the video.

    This shows us that any type of video can be a part of social media video examples and can garner interest. It’s all about doing it differently or uniquely that get the viewer’s attention.

    15. Zoom

    Duration: 1:13

    Platform: Facebook

    Caption: Welcome to Zoom Workplace, your AI-powered collaboration platform. ✨

    Overview: Zoom videos are usually very attractive because they try to incorporate their branding colors in most of their videos and have a very interactive narration. The narrator wears contrasting colors and is not static in one place, which adds to the video’s charm.

    The video talks about AI features and shows how to use them best using screencasts and examples.

    How to Measure the Effectiveness of a Social Media Video?

    It is good to have a regular posting practice that your audience can expect. To measure the effectiveness of video in social media marketing, there are some metrics we can consider like:

    1. Awareness

    Awareness metrics, like impressions and reach, show your brand’s visibility and the potential size of the audience exposed to your content.

    Key metrics: Impressions, reach, engagement, etc.

    2. Engagement

    Engagement reveals the true depth of your audience’s interaction with your content, going beyond simple surface-level actions.

    Key metrics: Likes, comments, shares, retweets, post-engagement rate, account mentions, etc.

    3. Conversions

    Conversion metrics directly measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns in driving tangible business objectives, whether it’s lead generation, website traffic, or sales.

    Key metrics: Conversion rate (the percentage of users who take your desired action), click-through rate (CTR), and bounce rate work together to reveal your social media ROI.

    4. View Count

    View count offers a basic understanding of how many times your video was seen. However, views alone don’t equate to business impact.

    5. Play Rate

    Play rate goes beyond views. It reveals how many people intentionally clicked ‘play’ on your videos, showing active interest in your content.

    6. Audience Growth Rate

    The audience growth rate tracks the expansion of your social media following over time. It allows you to assess the success of your content and acquisition strategies.

    7. Amplification Rate

    Amplification rate measures the frequency with which your followers share your content and extend your reach organically.

    8. Video Completion Rate

    Watch time and video completion rate reveal how long viewers engage with your video content, providing insight into its ability to hold their attention.

    9. Social Share of Voice (SSoV)

    Social Share of Voice (SSoV) tracks the volume of online conversations about your brand compared to competitors. This offers a benchmark of your brand’s relevance and visibility within your industry.

    10. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score directly measures how happy customers are with your product or service, providing a clear link between customer experience and your brand’s reputation.

    11. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) assesses customer loyalty and checks their capability to actively recommend your brand to others. This forms a strong predictor of future growth potential.

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    To truly understand the impact of your videos on social media, set clear goals from the beginning (like leads, website traffic, or webinar signups). Use trackable links and analyze not only views but also engagement metrics like watch time, shares, and click-throughs. Where possible, survey your audience for qualitative feedback as well.

    Most importantly, connect video (social media video examples) performance to business results. Do viewers who engage with your videos turn into qualified leads or customers? This holistic approach will reveal the ROI of your B2B video efforts, helping you to create even more effective content in the future.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, there are many user-friendly options that exist for basic editing needs, such as trimming, adding text/music, and applying simple filters. Popular choices include platforms like Canva, InShot, iMovie, Capcut, etc.

    Generally, social media videos should be 15-30 seconds long on TikTok/Reels and under 2 minutes for platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn. The ideal length also depends on the platform and content type.

    You can find free music and sound effects for social media from some popular options, including YouTube Audio Library, Bensound, and Freesound. Several royalty-free music libraries offer free tracks and sound effects for your videos. Look for sites that clearly state their licensing terms.

    You should often post social media videos daily to a few times a week, depending on your resources and the platform's best practices. It is good to have a regular posting practise your audience can expect.

    You can use the same videos across all social media platforms but it's best to tailor your videos for each platform. Consider the audience expectations, optimal video formats (vertical vs. horizontal), and length preferences on different platforms to maximize engagement.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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