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Should Our B2B SaaS Brand Be On TikTok? Here's Proof

TikTok For B2B SaaS: 6 Tips To Creating Binge-Worthy Videos

Should Our B2B SaaS Brand Be On TikTok Here's Proof

No matter the industry, marketers are always faced with the challenge of sales.

Today’s B2B marketing relies less on a sizable database and countless hours of cold calling and more on being authentic online and forging real connections with other brands.

According to studies, B2B buyers use social media on the internet 75% of the time before making a purchase. Furthermore, 77% of B2B buyers declared that they would not even engage a salesperson before conducting their own research.

This implies that having more channels than just your website to communicate with prospects is essential because customers will only buy your product if they see it on their feed and interact with it.

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Why Are TikTok Videos All The Rage?

The numbers speak for themselves.

Outracing Mega Apps like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok was the most downloaded app by the end of 2021, reaching over 3 billion downloads globally. The momentum of which has not yet slowed down. Which stands to show just how popular the app is.

Many social media platforms launch with little to no success, but TikTok has managed to stick around while so many others have simply faded away.

But why is that?

TikTok videos capitalize on what was once so alluring about platforms like YouTube and Vine: the potential to go viral. This is part of what attracts users to TikTok.

Cross-platform promotion is another factor in TikTok’s rising fame. On Twitter and Instagram, users discover and share trending videos all the time. This not only helps TikTok videos trends spread to other platforms and attracts new users to the app, but it also accelerates the rise of popular TikTok creators.

Now that you know what TikTok is and why it’s so famous, let’s discuss its potential as a B2B SaaS Marketing tool for your social media marketing strategy.

Why Should Your B2B SaaS Use TikTok videos?

The numbers speak for themselves.

Outracing Mega Apps like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok was the most downloaded app by the end of 2021, reaching over 3 billion downloads globally. The momentum of which has not yet slowed down. Which stands to show just how popular the app is.

If your business model is B2B, consider this: People support businesses that require your goods or service. They might just stumble upon your brand’s social shorts or social video ad while scrolling at two in the morning, form an emotional bond with your brand, and decide that your company has what they need.

Businesses must be willing to adapt quickly, as the social media marketing landscape constantly changes. Building up your B2B TikTok account is an investment that will pay off.

B2B SaaS brands like Shopify and Adobe are testing the TikTok waters with their product marketing TikTok videos, as they should. Brian Piper, director of content strategy and assessment says

“Everyone recognizes the power and effectiveness of the TikTok algorithm. Any content marketer that isn’t at least exploring ways to leverage that channel is leaving revenue on the table. I’m not saying that every brand should have a channel on TikTok, but every brand should at least be thinking about how they can leverage TikTok.”

Best Practices for Successful B2B SaaS TikTok Videos

It can be difficult to know where to begin, even if you feel ready to start. Integrating TikTok videos into your B2B Social media marketing strategy can seem like a task. Both the platform and the content that performs best on it are distinctive. Here are the top tips for TikTok B2B social media marketing to get you started:

1. Show Your Quirky Fun Side

TikTok doesn’t necessarily have to maintain the formal and businesslike vibe that B2B brands frequently do. After all, the platform is a place for people to enjoy themselves and be entertained. In fact, a Semrush study discovered that humor-related social shorts on TikTok are the most popular and that the top emotion elicited by these videos is happiness.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to show off your playful side, even if it means slightly changing your product marketing videos, if you want to connect with your audience on TikTok. To correspond with the type of audience on each social platform, it is frequently necessary to modify your brand voice to fit the platform. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your audience as they switch to more entertaining content.

This does not necessarily imply that you must completely alter your brand identity in order to establish a presence on TikTok. All you have to do is observe what other B2B businesses are doing in their Tiktok videos and what the platform’s users are interested in. Take a look at this brand’s TikTok page:

Brand: Morning Brew

2. Hop On Trends

Trending sounds, hashtags, and social shorts can all be found on TikTok, providing content marketers with quick starting points. If there is a hashtag or sound that is currently trending that is related to your business, join it as soon as you can.

TikTok will prioritize promoting vertical videos to larger audiences when something is trending, giving accounts a great chance to broaden their audience.

Your TikTok video strategy may differ slightly from a B2C approach as a B2B organization, and that is totally acceptable. To reach the right audiences, don’t be afraid to creatively share statistics, jokes or news in your industry with your product marketing videos.

Enjoy yourself while providing value. TikTok marketing for businesses is expanding, so sign up right away to avoid missing out. With Brand’s like Adobe already onboard, you surely don’t want your brand to be left out of the game.

Brand: Adobe

3. Use TikTok Business Tools

The platform gives businesses management tools like metrics for tracking ad performance and user demographic data. These tools can give you insights into the effectiveness of your content and advertisements and point out areas for further improvement.

Additionally, TikTok has a video scheduling tool that allows you to schedule the release of your product marketing videos and plan out your social media content in advance. This enables you to record peak periods, which may occur on the weekends, on holidays, or outside of regular business hours.

To make influencer marketing simpler, they have also integrated a Creator Marketplace and a set of campaign management tools. Based on their industry, region, budget, and business objectives, brands and creators can be matched by TikTok, and brands can keep the creation and review processes in one place. Even shopify is sharing their TikTok videos!

Brand: Shopify

4. Collab With Creators

Building relationships with creators is where B2B brands on TikTok have the most opportunities. It’s not just a B2C influencer-only world; the creator economy is expanding in B2B. Any social network where you spend some time will have B2B creators who are attracting sizable audiences.

According to TikTok’s What’s Next Report 2022, Branded content coming from creator collaborations shows a 27% higher social video ad recall, and Partnering with creators on TikTok boosts view-through rates for TikTok specific ads by 193%.

Brand: Square

5. Repurpose Your TikTok Videos

TikTok loves to make it simple for users to share their videos with one another. TikTok social shorts have proliferated all over as a result of platforms making it simple for users to share content both within and between them. They can reach a wider audience by using messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram in addition to competing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

On TikTok users enjoy humor, but they also enjoy learning about new products and services. According to laterblog, TikTok is 1.7 times more likely to be used as a tool for product discovery than other platforms.

You can create social shorts showcasing how your product works, user testimonials, social video ads, vertical videos and introduce new features. Content Beta helps you create videos that drive engagement, improve conversion rates and cut down time to value.

You don’t need to spend time explaining how your product works to them.
They’ve spent years experimenting and perfecting the process as a team of UX writers, software engineers and video marketers.

They’ve helped 100s of B2B software companies and take a look at what they have to say about Content Beta’s service:


6. Show Behind The Scenes

TikTok vertical videos’ informal style also makes it possible to include progress shots or behind-the-scenes peeks. Making your audience feel like a part of your business through this strategy is higl;y effective. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to openness and your desire to forge a genuine connection with your audience.

Share social shorts of the workspaces and working methods of your team, the manufacturing process for your goods, or the event planning process. Sharing “day in the life of…” videos, in which one of your team members demonstrates what a typical day looks like for someone in their position, is a fun way to take your audience behind the scenes.

Brand: Grammarly

7. Amplify Brand Voice Through Paid Ads

By combining your B2B social media marketing with TikTok social video ads, you can go even further. This enables companies to increase user engagement and draw in users with greater intent.

Having influential accounts share their honest opinions about your product would accomplish this. Using this social video ad format, you can then promote those TikTok videos to a larger audience. Even though you can use this format for branded product marketing videos, creator content has a much bigger impact because of its authenticity.

Brand: Canva

Future Of TikTok Videos

TikTok is currently experiencing rapid growth, and the platform marketing is still in its early stages. However, you can anticipate seeing more tools that are helpful for businesses, like the ability to track data, stats, and metrics, as more and more brands use the platform for communicating with their audiences.

This is a great time to jump on board because, based on TikTok’s performance in 2022, we can only anticipate these trends to continue.

Although platforms like LinkedIn continue to set the bar for B2B social media, it never hurts to try something new if you have the resources at your disposal.


TikTok has the potential to close the emotional gap that traditional B2B marketing frequently leaves behind and can offer a useful creative outlet for those looking to shake up their strategy and differentiate themselves from their rivals.

B2B TikTok content should ideally indirectly sell by showcasing your company’s personality and domain knowledge, boosting brand awareness, and inciting viewers to proceed through your sales funnel.

If you’re still not convinced that TikTok fits with the image and goals of your business, reconsider.

TikTok is about showcasing your unique selling proposition to customers, just like any other component of your marketing strategy.

Why not come up with a fresh perspective and show your rivals on TikTok how it’s done if you don’t like what you’ve seen from them?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

First off, TikTok social shorts enable an emotional connection that is frequently overlooked in the business-to-business sector because it is simple to forget that companies are made up of people with ideas, emotions, and preferences. What do people want, then? to have a sense of trustworthiness before using a good or service.

Additionally, despite the fact that TikTok is still primarily used by younger, less affluent users, there is a lesson to be learned from this platform that applies to all of us: education through entertainment allows for extreme creativity and focused peer-to-peer interaction, and this approach has far more impact than any advertisement ever could.

By regularly posting videos on TikTok, you can reach a large audience of potential customers and inspire and motivate them to engage with your brand. You can interact with your audience by using TikTok’s platform, TikTok for Business. The most important aspect of your TikTok marketing strategy is user engagement with your content.

Additionally, it’s simple to use TikTok’s features for businesses to build your brand, spread your message, and expand your enterprise.

Sharing content that your audience can relate to is one of the best ways to engage them. And with the popularity of “POV” vertical videos, TikTok provides the ideal platform for B2B brands to do that. In these vertical videos, a character plays out a hilarious scene to illustrate a relatable situation that is described in text overlaid on top of the video.

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