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$580K - $600K Amount Saved

30,000 Pages / Slides Processed

27 episodes Customer Podcasts Produced


ServiceNow is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps companies automate and manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. Here are some quick stats to understand the scale of their operations


Santa Clara, California, United States

Market Cap (Oct 2023)

$115 billion

Subscription revenues (Q3 2023)

$2.2 billion

49 customers with more than $20 million in ACV (Q3 2023)

Works with 80% of the Fortune 500 companies

❝ Wow, talk about hitting the ground running! The team we got on Day 1 felt like they’d been with us forever—they just got our branding right off the bat. Super impressed and grateful for the amazing work. Keep crushing it! ❞
Shyam Nadig
Customer Success Content Lead, ServiceNow

Content Beta isn’t just a team of designers and video editors. Our focus on B2B Tech businesses allows us to understand exactly what works at big events like Google Next.

1. Brand Alignment and Asset Modernization

🡪 Client Context

In the second half of 2022, ServiceNow initiated a rebranding exercise. This meant a revision of all their existing assets to match the new branding standards.

🡪 The complexity of scale and detailing

ServiceNow possessed thousands of content assets. For example, ServiceNow’s NowCreate is a collection of proven best practices for implementation. They had over 800 presentations, totaling approximately 30,000 slides. Their additional assets included whitepapers, infographics, spreadsheets, and process documentation. All these required updates to align with the latest branding guidelines. Many of the older assets also needed modernization. For instance, understanding the portfolio managers’ technical briefings to update presentations and documents with new illustrations.

🡪 Content Beta’s Solution

Our “Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS)” offering enabled ServiceNow to gain access to a dedicated, full-time design team. This team was operational within two weeks following the initial go-ahead. The team included a dedicated account manager to ensure quality control and smooth completion. ServiceNow utilized Content Beta’s cloud-based digital asset project management platform to upload its assets. This platform facilitated real-time work status visibility, established priority sequences, maintained task-specific conversation threads, and provided progress updates.

2. Accelerating Customer Education with Product Videos

🡪 Client Context

As part of its innovation initiatives, ServiceNow frequently launched feature releases and product updates. This required rapid production of customer education product videos for its customers.

🡪 The complexity of scale and detailing

We needed to interpret the technical briefings from ServiceNow’s Product and Portfolio managers and communicate them to our team of scriptwriters, storyboarding artists, a UX writer, and a video editor. The tight deadlines meant we had to get it right the first time to keep minimal back-and-forth.

🡪 Content Beta’s Solution

The ServiceNow product team captured short, informal Zoom recordings of new releases and uploaded them to the Content Beta app. We then provided them with scripts, storyboards, and video drafts in that sequence. This way, they had visibility into the progress and sufficient details to provide real-time feedback. Each video took between 5 to 7 working days to complete.

3. Amplifying Customer Success Stories

🡪 Client Context

ServiceNow was keen to use customer success stories (video podcasts) to reach a wider audience across multiple platforms, such as YouTube and Linkedin. The aim was to create an inaugural season of 12 episodes.

🡪 The Complexity of Content Curation and Storytelling

The project wasn’t just about recording conversations; it involved transforming the podcasts into carefully crafted, short-form video episodes featuring engaging conversations. The content needed to be repurposed in various formats for different platforms. The primary challenge was understanding the intent and making on-the-spot decisions to minimize back-and-forth communication during production.

🡪 Content Beta’s Solution

Our podcast production services cover everything from recording to editing and repurposing. We utilized the video footage to create short-form clips and LinkedIn posts. Additionally, we delivered:

  • Cleaned audio files with the intro and outro
  • Show notes
  • Quote Graphics
  • Teaser video
  • Mashup videos

Click Here to check all the episodes.

Our team went beyond production/post-production. We focused on getting the distribution right. We repurposed the content into short-form content like clips and LinkedIn posts so we can leverage the host and guest’s network.

1. Brand Alignment and Asset Modernization

🡪 Achieving $600K in Annualized Savings

ServiceNow hired Content Beta’s design experts instead of doing their rebranding work in-house. This collaboration reduced team costs and led to savings in recruitment, office setup, software, and retention expenses. Moreover, the rebranding was completed efficiently and on schedule.

2. Product Videos

🡪 76% faster turnaround

The product portfolio management team achieved a 76% faster turnaround with higher-quality video production. They could produce the videos in just 5-7 business days, compared to the previous 25-30 business days. The key secret was minimal back-and-forth communication during the production process. Understanding the context and the intent without too much handholding is one of our biggest strengths.

3. Podcast Production

🡪 2 Seasons. 27 episodes

Each episode of Season #1 garnered an average of 300 downloads within the first week. After Season 1 concluded, the podcasts achieved over 4,000 downloads between April 2022 and July 2022. The success of the podcast led to Season #2. The production started in September 2023.

❝ Saved me and my team hours of editing, branding time, and engaging with the marketing team. ❞
Jerry Campbell
Director of Customer Success, ServiceNow
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