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6+ Videos Produced

Zero Number of Zoom Calls

6+ Videos Produced

5 days Fast Turnaround

6+ Videos Produced

Zero Number of Zoom Calls

5 days Fast Turnaround

Zero Number of Zoom Calls

Zero Number of Zoom Calls

5 days Fast Turnaround


Searce is a modern technology consulting firm that empowers clients to futurify their businesses, leveraging cloud, AI & analytics. They specialize in modernizing the full-scope of infra, app, process & work.


Houston, Texas, United States



Revenue (2023)

$100 million

Content Beta exceeded my expectations with their rapid turnaround time. They delivered high-quality content quickly and efficiently.
Aishika Bhattacharya

Global Marketing Business Partner

❝ Content Beta exceeded my expectations with their rapid turnaround time. They delivered high-quality content quickly and efficiently. ❞
Aishika Bhattacharya
Global Marketing Business Partner


Searce Marketing team


Create marketing videos for an upcoming event (Google Next 2024)


c Expensive video production options
🡪 Agencies and other resources not accurate and quick enough
🡪 Heavily reliant on external creative input owing to the time sensitivity of project

Content Beta isn’t just a team of designers and video editors. Our focus on B2B Tech businesses allows us to understand exactly what works at big events like Google Next.

1. Agile Video Production

Our team of designers and video editors completed 6 videos using the agile frameworks.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it worked.

The client came back with raw whiteboard drawings of their vision, and the team got to the storyboard right away. The team edited a set of 5 whiteboards together and shared it with the searce team for review in parts, not when fully complete.

This allowed the client to give precise feedback with minimal back-and-forth and also cut down immensely on the editing hours.

So, with less than 15 days until the event, the team completed all of the copywriting, storyboarding, voiceovers, animation, and editing in just 5 days.

You see, speed is a major roadblock that B2B marketing teams face, especially when collaborating with an external creative production partner. Without our agile framework, it would have been impossible to deliver 6 videos within the given timeline.

2. Understand the problem

Searce had a 45-inch screen at their booth to showcase explainer videos. They aimed to not just demonstrate the capabilities of their Happier Work platform but also communicate how it addresses the healthcare industry’s challenges.

3. Optimize for engagement

Since it was an outdoor, in-person event, it was imperative that the video caught the attendees’ attention.

While the video is just a part of the whole event marketing strategy, it can be really effective in getting you plenty of footfall.

One can see from the setup that these explainer videos were the centerpiece of the searce booth. Content Beta team with the input of the searce team and their own years of experience crafted each word, visual and sound to build a beautiful story that was sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Searce participated in the Google Next tradeshow in Las Vegas on April 9, setting up a 20×20 booth.

They were not just looking for this video to draw people into the booth, but also to demonstrate their data and analytics capabilities and show how they are solving for industry problems.

Their goal was to create videos that could play with or without sound, so they could reuse them in other channels outside of Google Next.

Hear what the team had to say about the final output

❝ Started to see the fruits of Content Beta’s work right from the get go, the videos were snazzy ❞
Kayla Speiss Artboard
Kayla Speiss
CMO, Searce

searce had an amazing event overall, where they were even presented with the Google Partner of the year award.

We work with 120+ SaaS and Software tech companies. Our team has extensive experience understanding their challenges, what works, and what doesn’t.

What does this mean for any clients working with us? Minimum hand-holding throughout the project duration.

The deliverables were beyond what an in-house team could handle—both in terms of quality and quantity within the given time frame and no lead time. The project started as soon as the brief was shared with Content Beta.

While traditional creative agencies take 10 to 40 days to turn around such projects, Content Beta could deliver the same in < 5 days.

Discuss your content needs for creative needs with us.

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