Sales Enablement Playbook - Gaps, Content & Metrics for 2023

Get set to dominate sales in 2023! This playbook isn’t here to play nice – it’s your secret weapon for success.

Calling all sales champs, marketing pros, and rookie hustlers – this ain’t your grandma’s playbook. Uncover what’s really holding back your sales game. From killer content that’ll have prospects sliding into your DMs, to plugging those strategy gaps like a boss – we’ve got the insider scoop.

Join us on this ride to sales supremacy and turn missed deals into dropped jaws. Ready to slay? Let’s do this! 🔥🚀

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Cracking the Code: Unveiling Sales Challenges

Hold the phone & brace yourselves! 📞💥 A staggering 28% of savvy insiders spilled the beans on the gnarly value struggle. A cheeky 13% threw shade at lackluster sales content.

Navigating the sales landscape is a complex choreography. Stats paint a vivid picture: 28% grapple with articulating how their offering trumps competition, unlocking the door to triumph. Meanwhile, 13% wield compelling content like ammunition, aiming to ensnare and enchant prospects.

In the spotlight at 10% is the challenge of sustaining prospect engagement, a crucial feat with fleeting attention spans. Yet, this stage is brimming with further obstacles: extended sales cycles, rival differentiation, grappling with unqualified leads, and more.

Content That Wows: A Sales Game-Changer

Listen Up, Tech Titans! 🎧👾 A whopping 40% spilled the tea on the game-changing mojo of real success stories. Hold tight, ’cause 16% are vibing with product videos that snag and seal prospects’ gaze.

Insiders are spilling the beans! A whopping 40% give a nod to the magic of authentic Case studies/Customer testimonials – these real-life tales paint a vivid picture of product impact, stirring prospects’ success dreams.

Then there’s the savvy 16% who’re all about educating and inspiring with industry insights and building trust like a boss. Hold up – the same score for captivating product videos that seal the deal with flair. But that’s not all, folks.

Emails and interactive goodies also take the stage, proving it’s all about flexing a diverse content toolkit to stand out and make waves in the sales hustle.

Bridging Sales Strategy Gaps like a Boss!

🔥🎯 Brace for impact: a bold 42% are all about whipping up enablement magic – think blogs, vids, onboarding docs, and product training vids.

Ready for the sales scoop? An impressive 42% swear by beefy enablement content, arming sales squads with the ultimate ammo for wooing prospects.

But hold up, it’s all about the personal touch – 11% call for content that vibes with prospects’ needs at every stage. And get this, 15% are all about the training hustle, ensuring sales aces use content like champs. But that’s not all – there’s more wisdom to sip on, from case studies to content audits, demos that dazzle, and messaging that slays. It’s time to unleash that content magic!

Metrics that Scream Sales Victory!

💥📈 Heads up – a solid 30% are going all in on Conversion Rates and the juicy Outreach vs. Meetings booked ratio!

In the grand sales symphony, 30% of the tribe raved about Conversion Rates, eyeing the ratio of outreach to meetings booked.

This juicy metric unveils the outreach magic and prospects turned pals. Speaking of speed demons, 16% were all about lead response time – ’cause in sales, swiftness slays.

Another smart 13% shone the spotlight on long-term customer value, showing us the money. But hold up, we’re not done – there’s a treasure trove of metrics from pipeline speed to deal sizes, all aimed at winning that sales game!

Content Beta’s Sales Enablement Playbook 2023 is your ultimate savior! 📚

So, if you’re a sales hotshot hungry for glory or a newbie with fire in your belly, grab your gear, rev those neurons, and let’s dive into the sales frenzy.

Get set to bridge gaps, conquer like a boss, and make 2023 YOUR sales playground! 🔥🚀

Sales Enablement Playbook cover
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