24 Sales Deck Examples That Effectively Woo Prospective Clients

A sales deck is a vital tool in the domain of sales. Well-crafted sales deck examples can persuade potential clients about the merits of your product or service.

You might be wondering:

  • What are the various elements of a sales deck?
  • How can your sales deck stand out among its competitors?
  • What makes a client remember your sales pitch deck over others?
  • And how can you convey your company’s value proposition convincingly?

We’ll be answering these questions in this blog.

We are going to discuss 24 sales deck examples,including B2B sales deck examples. They display a variety of formats, approaches, and designs. As we go through these successful sales deck examples, you’ll discover valuable pointers and insights.


What is a Sales Deck?

A sales deck, also known as sales pitch deck, is a presentation that helps you explain your product or service to potential customers. The sales deck design must be aligned with your brand guidelines as it provides an overview of your business. Its purpose is to provide a quick snapshot and illustrate why it’s a good investment or why your product or service is valuable.

Your product sales deck should help your customers see why it is the best choice for them. It can be a effective tool to increase your sales. The main aim is to provide an engaging, concise, and persuasive narrative about your business or product.

What should be Included in a Sales Deck?

A sales deck should include the following:

1. An introduction

A slide about your company, including its name, mission, and vision.

2. Problem

What problem your product or service solves

3. Solution

How your product or service solves the problem.

4. Product/Service Details

More specific details about your product or service, how it works, and its unique features.

5. Market Size

Information about the size and value of the market you’re targeting.

6. Business Model

How your company makes money, including pricing and revenue streams.

7. Competitive Advantage

What sets your company apart from the competition.

8. Marketing & Sales Strategy

How you plan to attract and retain customers.

9. Testimonials/Case Studies

Accounts of actual customers who have used your product or service and achieved positive results.

10. Team

Information about the key members of your team, their backgrounds, and roles.

11. Financials

Past performance and future projections, if applicable.

12. Call to Action

What you want your audience to do after the presentation (e.g., invest in your company, sign up for a demo, etc.)

The sales deck design and its specific content will depend on the industry, audience, and specific objectives of the presentation. Keep your sales pitch deck easy to understand and visually appealing.


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24 Examples of Successful B2B Sales Decks

We have compiled a list of 24 greatest sales deck examples here. Take a look –

1. Turning Customers into Subscribers - Zuora

Zuora’s sales deck stands out with its image-rich backgrounds and minimal text. The sales pitch deck emphasizes its unique offerings in commerce, billing, and finance. It emphasizes the importance of adaptation in changing times, presenting Zuora as the perfect solution for potential clients.

2. The Transportation Virus - Uber

Uber’s sales deck example presents its growth model and solution to the taxi industry’s challenges. The deck highlights its unique features and addresses safety and policy concerns.

It uses a central image, minimal text, and bullet points for clarity. The inclusion of customer testimonials provides a powerful closing note.

3. Predict and Personalise B2B Sales - LeadCrunch

LeadCrunch’s sales pitch deck focuses on the introduction of their latest product. It uses large fonts and icons for visual impact. The uniform color scheme contributes to a seamless and professional appearance.

4. Best-in-Class Productivity for the Modern SMB - Office 365

Office 365’s sales pitch presentation example stands out with its vibrant color scheme and attractive graphics. The deck effectively communicates its message. It highlights its features and uses pictograms to simplify data understanding.

5. Omnichannel Marketing Platform - 150birds

The sales deck example of 150birds stands out for its simplicity. It uses a minimal color palette and recurring bird motifs for visual unity. The use of a mascot effectively draws attention. The use of icons, infographics and bullet point format ensures easy understanding.

6. The World’s Most Loved Product Management Software - ProdPad

ProdPad’s sales pitch deck features a minimalist design. It engages the audience with its friendly, informal tone.

The sales pitch presentation example uses short sentences and insider-like content to introduce the product. It also visually represents solutions to the target market’s issues with bold fonts and fun images.

7. Advertisement Sales Pitch Deck - Reddit

Reddit’s sales deck example is characterized by custom memes and humorous images. It showcases its strength as a competitor in the advertising and marketing field. The enterprise sales deck maintains Reddit’s brand identity while using data and pop-culture references to draw in the audience.

8. Advertising Sales Deck - Snapchat

Snapchat’s sales pitch deck is direct and impactful. It emphasizes its appeal to the 13-34 age group. Despite Snapchat’s complex user interface, the deck effectively explains its features and usage in detail. It uses bold, highlighted text to guide readers through the material.

9. Web In-Stream - Tumblr

Tumblr’s sales deck example effectively uses visuals in the introduction of its new ‘web-in-stream’ ad product. The brief six-slide sales pitch presentation gets straight to the point. It explains the value of in-stream ads for brands.

10. Connect to Opportunity - LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s sales pitch deck uses full-size graphics and concise language to tell a story. The presentation is lengthy, but holds the audience’s attention with a blend of information, visuals, and graphs. It shows the power of a well-crafted, professional enterprise sales deck.

11. Expand Your Market Opportunities - Cisco

Cisco’s presentation is distinguished by its consistent color scheme. The sales deck example utilizes white space, graphics, and dynamic content. The meticulous choice of colors across graphs, maps, headers, and images ensures a seamless visual experience.

12. Premium Overview - Asana

Asana takes a different approach to their sales pitch presentation. They embrace detailed content in their over 40-slide sales deck. They provide an in-depth look at their premium service. They ensure the audience has a clear understanding of their offering.

13. Trello for Enterprise - Atlassian

The sales pitch deck for Trello by Atlassian showcases minimalism. It features a plain navy-blue background, sans-serif white text, and brief content on each slide. The playful addition of a Siberian Husky brings a light-hearted element to the otherwise straightforward sales pitch.

14. Winning Talent on Glassdoor

Glassdoor’s sales pitch deck strikes a perfect balance between graphic-heavy and text-heavy slides. The deck uses standalone images to give the audience a sense of Glassdoor’s operations. The detailed text slides deepen the audience’s understanding.

15. Delivering Applications at the Pace of Business - Accenture

Accenture Technology’s sales deck example breaks away from the common minimalist style. Instead they opt for a vibrant and energetic style. The dynamic background graphics and the use of a range of colors in the text add a lively element to the presentation.

16. Why BuzzSumo?

This sales deck blends playful elements with consistency. It uses fun Sumo caricatures to highlight the company’s significance and detailed service descriptions. This balance of creativity and tradition keeps readers intrigued about BuzzSumo.

17. It’s Time to Look at a New Class of Inkjet - HP

HP adopts a bold approach throughout this sales pitch deck. It is a strategic choice for a printing press promotion. The use of bright colors in the title and end slides reassure audiences of the presses’ ability to produce vibrant prints.

18. Renewal, Rebranding, and Reinvent - Autodesk

Autodesk’s sales deck example is perfectly aligned with their brand guidelines. The primary brand color palette works as an accent on the dark background. It includes a business model and detailed chart on profitability that catches attention.

19. B2B Demand Generation Powered by AI - Lead Crunch

LeadCrunch is an AI-based platform for generating quality B2B leads. It effectively uses font styles and sizes to create a reading hierarchy. The 20 slides long sales pitch presentation example maintains interest with colored backgrounds and charts.

20. Optimize Operating Models Using AI - Accern

Accern prioritizes its branding in its sales pitch deck. The deck features distinctive design elements that standout. They use customer case studies as social proof of its tool’s success. The presentation provides a general overview, increasing engagement and potential to purchase.

21. Redefining Customer Acquisition for the World’s Top Brands - Leadnomics

Leadnomics has skillfully incorporated its brand identity into its sales deck example. The presentation reflects its sleek, tech-oriented brand. It gives prospects a glimpse into both its offerings and its brand philosophy.

22. CallTools Sales Deck

CallTools’ sales pitch deck proves that you don’t need a background in graphic design to create an effective presentation. The deck stands out due to its clear and concise delivery of the tool’s unique features.

23. Spectrum Sales Deck

Spectrum Magazine skillfully creates beautiful images in its sales deck example. It perfectly reflects the magazine’s approach. The professional layout of the deck would appeal to any potential clients.

24. Do Good Work for Good People - MEOM

MEOM’s sales pitch deck is notable for its straightforward and easily digestible format. They keep the deck simple, ensuring consumers can easily absorb the information. The deck presents one main message per slide with additional details in a smaller font. It also features a detailed staff profile.

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Creating a sales deck requires a balance of creativity, clarity, and strategic messaging. As we’ve seen in these 24 sales deck examples, greatest sales decks not only present the product or service. They also tell a story, engage the audience, and differentiate the brand.

Sales deck examples effectively woo prospective clients through the use of striking visuals, compelling narratives, and data-driven insights. The key is to understand your audience, talk about your unique selling proposition, and maintain a consistent brand identity.

With these elements in mind, you can craft a sales pitch deck that captures attention and helps convert prospects into clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The purpose of a sales deck includes:

  • Communicating the value proposition of a product or service
  • Persuading potential customers
  • Highlighting the unique features and benefits of the product or service
  • Leading potential customers towards making a purchasing decision
  • Sharing testimonials or case studies to build trust and show real-world success.

A sales deck should include:

  • Company Overview: An introduction to your company.
  • Problem & Solution: The problem your product solves and how.
  • Product Overview: Details of your product/service and its benefits.
  • Value Proposition: What differentiates you from competitors.
  • Testimonials/Case Studies: Real-world success stories.
  • Pricing: Cost of your product or service.
  • Team: Key team members.
  • Call to Action: Guidance on next steps for customers.

A sales deck should ideally be between 10-20 slides. The length can vary depending on the complexity of the product or service.

A pitch deck is primarily used to present a business idea to potential investors with the goal of securing funding. It focuses on the business model, market opportunity, team, and financial projections.

A sales deck, on the other hand, is used to present a product or service to potential customers with the goal of making a sale. It focuses on the product features, benefits, the problem it solves, and customer success stories.

Including pricing information in your sales deck can be beneficial as it sets clear expectations with potential customers. However, the decision depends on your sales strategy.

If your pricing is complex, varies by customer, or if you prefer to discuss it in person to handle objections or negotiations, you might choose to leave it out of the initial deck.

Storytelling in a sales deck can be used in the following ways:

  • Problem-Solution Narrative: Present a relatable problem your target customers face and demonstrate how your product/service provides the solution.
  • Customer Success Stories: Share real-life examples of customers who have benefited from your product/service.
  • Company Story: Share your company’s journey, mission, or the inspiration behind your product/service to build an emotional connection.

Yes, including customer testimonials or case studies in your sales deck can be very effective. They provide actual evidence of your product or service’s success and can build trust with potential customers by demonstrating the value you’ve delivered to others.

You should update your sales deck regularly. Ideally every quarter or whenever significant changes occur in your product, market conditions, customer feedback, or company strategy. Regular updates ensure your sales deck stays current, relevant, and effective.

Yes, you can send your sales deck to prospects both before and after a meeting. Consider the nature of your product, service, and sales process when deciding on the best approach.

Sending it beforehand can provide context and prepare them for the discussion. Sending it after the meeting serves as a reminder of key points discussed and can facilitate further conversations.

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